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A Guide to Moving Into a College Dorm or Apartment

This summer over 2 million students will enroll in their freshman year of college. This huge transition comes with mixed emotions and a ton of uncharted territory. Many students will be living away from home for the first time ever and may be leasing an apartment or dorm room. This can be …

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Long Distance Moving: How to Make it Work for You and Your Family

Moving can be a project, no matter how far away you’re going. However, additional stress can come into fruition when you’re embarking upon a long distance move. Fortunately, as long as you are aware of the issues that may arise, you can take steps to prevent them from causing chaos for …

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How to Avoid Damages When Moving Appliances to Your New Home

If your moving day is fast approaching and you’re planning on moving appliances from your old home to your new home, you likely have a few key concerns on your mind. You want to avoid damaging your new home during the move while also avoiding damage to the appliances being transported. Avoiding injuring yourself or …

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How To Prepare For A Pre-Move Garage Sale?

Do you want to earn some extra cash and lighten your load before moving day? A pre-move garage sale can help you get ready for the big day, and it can put some much-needed cash in your pocket. To be successful, you must plan your sale carefully. There are so …

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5 Moving Supplies That Every Moving Company Uses

Moving has never been an easy task. However,  there comes a time when you must move to build a career somewhere, introduce your children to new schools or to just try out life in a new location. The good news about moving in this century is that there is almost …

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