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What is a certificate of insurance for moving and do you need it?

Certificate of insurance for moving

If you are planning a NYC move or a move from or into a building or condo, you may have been asked to get a Certificate of Insurance or COI from the moving company. Most of the property and building management companies in the New York metro area require these …

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How to Evaluate a Good Local Moving Company

Local Movers

Let’s be real. Even moving locally is a pain! Between tirelessly searching for decent quotes, to packing up endless boxes, and then hauling them across town, most events rank higher on the list of “Things I’d Rather Be Doing” than moving. We can’t promise to make the move itself the …

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What Can a Moving Company Move?

Moving Company

Understanding what is and what isn’t allowed to be moved on moving is not something you should wait to find out when the truck arrives. Planning in advance is crucial for a stress-free day. Here are some of the most often asked questions regarding moving specific items. Keep in mind …

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Moving From New Jersey to New York City

Moving From New Jersey to New York City

The Garden State is well known for its tree-lined streets and suburban swank. Over nine million residents call New Jersey home. The state is neatly dispersed across a variety of neighborhoods from the mansions of Essex County to the more urban flare of Newark. New Jersians have a lot to …

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Crucial Tips for Packing and Moving Delicate Furniture

Packing and Moving Delicate Furniture

Any moving day is filled with excitement, but there’s also stress and anxiety from dealing with the unknowns that are bound to occur. If your move is to, from, or within the NYC area, you can count on even more unique challenges with traffic, building access, and parking. Now layer …

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