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Adjusting to City Life After Moving From the Country

It’s a tale as old as time — the country bumpkin moving to the big city to chase their professional and personal dreams. Professional movers see clients every day who move to the city with little to no expectations and end up shocked at what they find. With over fifty …

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Moving Tips: How to Protect Your Home While Moving In

How to protect your home while moving in

When moving day arrives, you should be all packed and ready to go. However, there is one thing that you may or may not have thought about. You need to protect your new home from damage during the transition. To start, always ask the moving company what kind of protection …

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Avoiding Tourists A to Z: A New York Map for Residents

New York City Moving Cartoon map and camera with location icon sticking out

  When you are visiting NYC as a tourist, your task is easy—grab a New York map, hit all of the famous landmarks, take a picture, and go home. But when you live in New York, much of your daily life is lived with the goal of avoiding tourists as …

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Moving Out of New York: Mapping a Route for A Long Distance Move

Cartoon street map of Long Distance New York City Moving

So you are finally doing it—leaving New York City. You are probably feeling a bittersweet mixture of excitement and sadness that is making it difficult to plan anything properly. But, plan you must, or this big move will be a lot harder than it needs to be. Any long distance …

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NYC life on a Dime: The Best of New York on a Budget

Cartoon New York City Budget skyline

  There are a lot of great things about NYC life, but the high rent prices and cost of living is definitely not one of them. Still, millions of people are able to enjoy the benefits of living in New York City, despite not earning a fortune in wages. For …

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