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Do Moving Companies Disassemble Furniture?


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Moving can be an extremely complex process, especially if you know you have a lot of things to pack and unpack in your new home. However, it can get more overwhelming when you realize you also have to consider what you have to do with your furniture to get them brought to your new house. Do moving companies disassemble furniture? Turns out, it depends.

Different movers have varying approaches to their services and other offerings. In this case, to check if moving companies do disassemble furniture, you may have to consider some points

  • Understand why furniture may need to be disassembled. When you ask your moving companies regarding their services, one of the things they may mention are their furniture assembly and disassembly offers. Whether you’re doing local moves or a long distance move, this is something that can make moving more comfortable for you. Furniture may have to be dismantled as not all kinds of furniture can fit inside a moving truck in the best way possible. This might make common items such as plastic bags with your other belongings incapable of fitting inside trucks properly. Movers often have to disassemble your furniture to maximize the space inside moving trucks and to be able to move as many items as possible. 
  • Consider the type of furniture you want to move. Before asking your moving company to disassemble and assemble your furniture, consider what kinds of furniture items you want moved first. Large furniture tend to be the ones that need dismantling, which means you should consider assembly and disassembly services if you have dining room tables, shelving units, and bed frames. 
  • Check if your existing large furniture are still usable or if you should just buy new ones instead. Availing furniture dismantling services may cost extra for your move. Before you do this, see if your large furniture is still in good condition to be brought to your new home or if you might as well just buy new sets of furniture instead. This is important especially if you want your new home to follow a particular design. Money you’d otherwise spend for your furniture disassembly may be more useful for new furniture.
  • Furniture disassembly may incur additional costs and fees. A lot of furniture you have in your house will likely not need disassembly for you to move them properly. However, some larger furniture may have to be dismantled to make sure they’re moved safely. You should consult your movers’ moving guide or talk with your contact if they include their disassembly and reassembly services available within your current contract or if you have to pay for that separately. Fees you may need to pay can range from the usual hourly rate for intrastate moves and modified rates for interstate moves. 
  • Getting furniture disassembled may take longer. Another consideration to check when having furniture disassembled is the time and money it would cost you to have this done by movers. We’ve covered the money side above – but we should also remember that having our furniture disassembled, brought to our new home, and reassembled will take more time than usual. This means you should only consider having your moving company disassemble your furniture if you’re not in a hurry. If you do have to move in a rush, you may want to pay extra for your moving company to allocate more manpower or time for your furniture needs.

Movers and Your Furniture: It Depends on Your Needs

With the above taken into consideration, we should always take note of what services we want our movers to do to ensure we get the most done out of our move. Interestingly, movers don’t just provide transportation services, we may also trust them to help us disassemble and reassemble our furniture, should we need them to. Circumstances surrounding this “extra” service depends from company to company, and we’ve highlighted the gist of things you should consider with our points above. Happy Moving!

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