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Moving can be a project, no matter how far away you’re going. However, additional stress can come into fruition when you’re embarking upon a long distance move. Fortunately, as long as you are aware of the issues that may arise, you can take steps to prevent them from causing chaos for you and your family.

Visit the Area

When you’re in the early stages of deciding to move across the country or to another state, you should make a visit to the area together. Taking in some of the tourist attractions is enjoyable, but you should also try to get a sense of what it would be like to live there for a day. For example, consider visiting restaurants, houses of worship, delis, malls and other places that you would if you were a resident there. Doing so can help you to get a sense as to whether or not you could live there.

Get Insider Information

If you’re moving to the next town over, you probably already have a sense of what it would be like to live there. The same isn’t true for long distance moves since you aren’t near or in that community all of the time. Make a list of what your priorities are in a new neighborhood. For example, many families are concerned about the school districts and the crime rates. Speaking with people who live in the area and reading reputable reviews online can help you to determine how the area performs in those categories.

Make a Solo Trip

Traveling with the whole family is useful when you are just starting to plan out this move, but you may also need a trip by yourself to really figure out if living in the area is right. You can better investigate topics such as local politics, crime rates and the resources the schools have to offer if you don’t have kids with you. Also, in the event that you know someone who lives in the region, consider meeting with them to ask some questions.

Rent an Apartment

Choosing a home from another part of the country can be difficult. When you first move to the area, you may want to consider living in an apartment instead. Choose one that doesn’t have a huge lease agreement attached to it. Instead of spending the money on a house in an community that you might not love, you can do a trial. While you’re living in the apartment, you can be scouting out houses.

Time the Move

Ultimately, you will likely have to move when your current house sells and when you can procure a new dwelling in the community. However, you can do your best to try to time it correctly. Moves tend to be difficult for children, and starting a new school in the middle of the year might greatly upset them. Learning how to deal with change is important, but starting the school in the fall can help to alleviate some of the tension they may feel.

Enlist Assistance

On the day of the move, you may need assistance watching your children and pets. In fact, you may want to fly out with them earlier in the week and ask a relative to watch them while you and your partner get settled. Moving to a new state, especially one that is far away, requires a great deal of attention and energy, so you want to make sure that you have the focus to do it.

Don’t Race

Once you are in the new home, you may want to unpack everything all at once and get settled right away. However, you’re probably going to be tired. You want this transition into a new home to be peaceful. Consider trying to follow a routine from the old place instead. For example, if you read a story to your kids before going to bed, continue to do so; make sure their books are packed at the top of a clearly labeled box.

Explore the Community

To both you and your family, the world outside can seem overwhelming when you don’t know what is out there. While you don’t want to see all that there is in your first couple of days there, you should explore the community. You may find a new place where you will grow to love to get your morning coffee, or you might discover a summer program with some seats left that you can enroll your kids in so that they make friends quickly.

Moving far away tends to seem a bit scary to adults and to children. You may not be able to eliminate all of the anxiety that comes along with this type of move, but you can take steps to make the process easier and to acclimate to your environment at a more rapid pace.

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