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Movers With Storage Facilities: How Do I Find Them?


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When you hear the term “house move,” chances are you’re thinking of you and your family packing your things, moving them to a truck, going to your new house, and unpacking the same boxes to their respective rooms. Thing is, moving encompasses a lot of elements, and sometimes certain families and clients might need specific services outside the conventional full-service move. If you’ve ever wondered whether you can store your items somewhere for storage – be it for a move or other uses – you may actually hire movers to do that for you!

As it turns out, moving companies such as Roadway Moving have storage facilities to accommodate your various storage needs. However, if you want to find the perfect storage partner for your items, you might want to look into a few things first.

If you’re having a bit of trouble searching for reliable movers with storage facilities, here are some of the things you could do to find movers fit for your storage needs:

  • Consider your storage location and your place of residence. One of the most important factors when choosing movers with storage facilities is to first determine your place of residence and your preferred storage location. Remember, moving and storage services usually have various teams and various offices, but they also have specific storage centers. If you’re looking for storage near your home, you might want to look for local moving and storage. Likewise, if you want your things stored in another country, you might need to make arrangements with cross country storage options.
  • Reasonable pricing and accommodations. Aside from the actual service, you might want to look into how your prospective movers actually handle their storage costs. For instance, it might help to ask for a quotation in order to have a more concrete idea on how they calculate storage cost effectively. In order to improve your moving experience, you may also want to look into other options they have such as discounts and promos. That way, you’re aware of exactly how much you might be spending and what other costs you may have to look into in the long run.
  • Multiple storage options for your needs. It’s important for your movers to have various storage solutions for your needs. For instance, aside from secure storage, your movers should also be able to offer storage be it for those who simply want to store their items or for homeowners who need to store their items as part of the moving process. These storage options can include storage in transit, climate-controlled storage, and even joint moving and storage options. A reliable moving company can offer you a wide range of services you can choose from to accommodate specifically what you need for your home.
  • Capable of storing your specific items. A lot of people rely on storage facilities and storage services for different reasons. For instance, companies rely on special corporate storage facilities to store their equipment and other valuable materials. Likewise, residential owners may have different items to store that may require different kinds of storage facilities that can store your belongings. Remember, heirlooms and fragile items might need special and even climate-controlled storage units. Likewise, things such as clothes and others that don’t get affected by being inside a storage room might have a more common form of storage. In the case of Roadway Moving, our facilities can house various forms of objects and we can help you acquire the right storage facility for your belongings.
  • Can adjust to your current situation. Great storage companies won’t just let you get ready to part with your items while they get stored in their facilities. Rather, these services should also be able to accommodate you even if you’re hiring them while you’re doing other things as well. For instance, if you’re conducting long distance moving, a reliable moving and storage company should be able to seamlessly coordinate how you can easily access your belongings in times of need. Likewise, these teams should have ideal moving and storage options that can accommodate short term and long term storage options. This way, your moving experience becomes convenient and at the same time covers all bases – from moving, to transportation, to storage. Thankfully, our team at Roadway Moving offers such comprehensive storage services that we can tailor-fit for your needs.
  • Superb customer service. Aside from the actual services, your ideal storage companies should have reliable and excellent customer service. Remember, the easier their representatives and moving agents can explain the process to you, the likelier they are to offer a convenient and comfortable storage experience. This should also be one of the things you should watch out for whenever you’re talking to other clients regarding the kind of storage services they use.

Finding Storage: Make It Work For You

With the above tips, it’s important to remember that you can actually rely on moving companies for storage services. Teams such as Roadway Moving have the appropriate facilities and personnel to be able to store and take care of your stored items. Moreover, our crew at Roadway Moving have the training and skills needed to ensure your items with us stay in top condition while they’re in our storage facilities. That way, when you claim your items, it’s as though they’ve never been stored in the first place!

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