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Obviously, you want to ensure the safety of your antiques all throughout the move. However, the process of moving these valuables is known to be quite risky. There might be circumstances beyond your control that can damage your vulnerable delicate items. After all, no amount of money can pay the value of your treasured items, which is why you should make the earnest effort to keep them safe during the transition. Read on this article as we’ll tackle the essential tips when it comes to moving and packing antiques.

1. Inventory

Moving extremely delicate items such as antique can be a challenging task to do. With this in mind, you have to be extra careful of your precious possessions before, during and after the relocation. Make a detailed list of inventory of your antique pieces to keep a better track of them. Walk through around your house and be sure to write down all the vintage pieces that you see. Include the name as well as the description of the antique’s current condition in your inventory. If you see any damage, it’s better to specify them in your record so you’ll have a strong evidence whenever you need to file a claim against your mover.

2. Appraisal

Your antiques aren’t ordinary items that you should take for granted. In fact, any item with an exquisite value should be properly appraised. Whether it’s local moving or not, you need to get an antique furniture appraisal to verify the value of your valuables. Be sure to find a licensed and trustworthy antique furniture appraiser. You might even want to obtain more than one appraisal.

3. Insurance Options

When it comes to moving your pieces of antiques, it’s always wise to have these belongings fully insured against the insurance policy. Together with your appraisals, talk to your insurer before you move so you’ll know your available options. But, if you plan to hire professional movers, you might want to discuss whether your antiques are covered by the company’s liability insurance. To make sure all these items are insured while in transit, purchase the insurance coverage which is the most appropriate in your situation.

Moving and Packing Antiques

4. Packing Protection

This includes the proper way of packing up your antiques. Every homeowner wants their valuable possessions to be transported to their new home without any damage. To attain that goal, you need to use the right packing materials to ensure their protection. You can take advantage of a protective wrap to keep your items clean and safe. For shock and vibration protection, the best thing to do is have your antiques covered with blanket, foam and even a bubble wrap. On the other hand, small items such as glassware and dishes should also be boxed properly for extra safety. But, for personal items like watches and jewelry, it’ll be safe to keep these things close to you at all times. If you think you can’t do the packing alone, it’ll be less stressful if you hire the packing services of a moving company.

5. Proper Planning

When moving, proper preparations prevent you from having unexpected troubles. Before you move, make a floor plan of your new home so you can directly take your antiques to their correct locations once you arrive. Not only it’ll minimize the unnecessary shuffling but it’ll also ensure that these items will fit through your doorways without any problem. If you relocate with the help of a mover, discuss with them the safe route to take from your old home into your new one. You can also arrange a specialized moving service to make sure all your vintage pieces will arrive safely to your destination.


Now that you have these moving and packing tips on board, you can rest knowing that all your antiques will be taken to their designated locations undamaged. From the packing to the actual transportation of your belongings, you need to be extra cautious. And if you want to curtail the risk of damaging your treasured furniture during the move, you need professional assistance. Hiring a company for your long distance moving is the most convenient and safest way to make the entire transition a successful one.

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