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Tell Us You’re From Miami Without Telling Us You’re From Miami


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Once again, let’s talk about what makes someone a real Miamian. How can you tell who is the O.G. and who is faking it?

Miami Beach
Miami Beach, One of the most famous streets on east coast of USA. Morning vibes at Ocean Drive. Beautiful Art Deco Historic District.

Roadway Moving comes to help since we made a second part of a list of all the things only real Miamians experience. You can again use it as a cheat code to quickly try to become a real Miamian. After that, you can call us since we are always happy to help people move to their Magic City adventure!

You are a real Miamian if…

  1. Your routine at one point consisted of Cubano and Cafecito.
  2. You hate the vacation season.
  3. You either can’t live without mangos or despise them.
  4. You think 9 dollars for a drink is a jackpot!
  5. Lunch is often a fried chicken basket from Publix.
  6. You thought about getting a ‘305’ tattoo at some point.
  7. You know that the only name for a sandwich from Cuba is sandwich from Cuba. Calling it Cubano is a mistake tourists make.
  8. What are the turn signals, you wonder.
  9. Everything below 75 degrees is winter, and you know to dress accordingly.
  10. You never say ‘folks’ or ‘dude.’ Never.
  11. All of your money goes to spf.
  12. ‘I am almost a fluent Spanish speaker as well….’
  13. You know no one was born and raised in Miami when you ask them.
  14. You are finally suspicious about the seafood from a car truck.
  15. You sometimes crave getting out of Miami so badly that tourists will never understand that.
Downtown Miami
Sunshine Miami. Located in Downtown Miami, Florida, USA.

Now that you have the theory is time to take some action. Call us; we promise to make your moving to Miami adventure cozy and unforgettable! Te estamos esperando!

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