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House Moves 101: Where To Get Moving Boxes NYC?


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If you’re planning on making a house move, it’s important to get all your things settled properly to avoid any hassle. Aside from your documents and other requirements, it’s just as important to secure the right materials and equipment in order to make your move as easy and comfortable to do as possible. Some might say that the “materials” that people really need in a house move are a ton of boxes and that they’re not as difficult to acquire.

However, it appears that acquiring moving boxes for a house move has a lot of elements and factors that people have to consider. When done right, movers nyc shows that people can answer where to get moving boxes in NYC with ease.

What to consider when acquiring moving boxes

Thankfully, acquiring moving boxes for your move isn’t exactly extremely difficult. However, it may be a bit challenging to identify exactly what kind of moving boxes you need for different types of objects you own. Here are considerations:

  • Determine what kind of items you’re moving first. If you’re planning on acquiring moving boxes, it helps to determine what kind of items you’re moving first. That’s right – certain items needs certain types of moving boxes. For instance, there are things such as specialty boxes, a wardrobe box, and even a box for moving fragile items. You need to determine what items you plan on moving and then ask your NYC moving companies as to what kind of boxes you need. You can then narrow the search from there.
  • Check if you have spare boxes first. Before you determine where to get moving boxes NYC, it might help to check your own backyard for any of these useful boxes first. You might be surprised that you may have still kept the boxes of fragile items, your old flat screen, and other heavy items at home. They may not be in the best of conditions, but they may just be durable enough to help you hold non-essentials such as clothes in one piece. That way, you can cut a bit of costs in terms of acquiring moving boxes.
  • Check your moving and storage teams for wholesale recommendations. Before proceeding to commercial outlets, you might want to ask your moving companies where to find various packing supplies and packing materials wholesale if you’re planning to avail their services. Sometimes, these companies have contacts that also relate to the moving process, and they may be able to help you get in touch with wholesale sellers of boxes that can give them to you at a fraction of your moving cost. That way, you can have easy access to a lot of moving boxes without having to buy them in bulk.
  • Buy from hardware stores and nearby depots. If you can’t have a wholesale option, it can help to find moving boxes from your depots and hardware stores. It helps to check prices across different depots and hardware stores to know just which boxes match best with your moving quote. This is likely the easiest option as to where to find moving boxes in NYC, but it’s certainly not the craftiest. Only consider this as your most likely option, but don’t immediately buy boxes. Keep your price list as reference to know just how much these boxes are if you really need to buy them.
  • Consider getting free boxes. Interestingly, you also have the option to consider getting boxes for free – if you know where to look. Remember, places like grocery stores and liquor stores in New York City almost always have deliveries everyday. And these deliveries come via boxes, of which they might not have enough storage for. With these in mind, it helps to ask them if they have some boxes to spare that are in good condition. Chances are, they’ll give you these for free, and this can immediately contribute towards cutting moving expenses and cutting moving inconveniences.

The Right Moving Boxes: Make Your Move Count!

With the above tips in mind, always remember that it is completely possible to acquire different sets of boxes for your move that have their own unique purpose. While this might seem overkill to some, having special boxes for special kinds of equipment and belongings might actually make your move much easier to handle and lessen the risk of anything getting broken along the way.

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