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Choosing the Right Movers in NYC

Most people think moving is hard, but most don’t have to do it in New York City. Relocating in our mega-metropolis multiplies the stress and complexities ten-fold in comparison to anywhere else in the nation.
From getting your couch up a ninth-floor walkup, to sorting out the great moving companies from the shady, and so much more, it’s never just a simple relocation here’s a complex urban journey.

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Planning Your Move


Stock Up On Moving Boxes

Your big move is coming up and that means you’ll need boxes—lots of them. Acquiring high-quality boxes is essential in ensuring your stuff is well-protected during transport. Are the few bucks you’ll save reusing boxes worth the risk of them finally giving out, causing your precious possessions to crash onto the floor?

Instead, call Roadway Moving at 212-812-5240 and we’ll deliver the highest quality boxes in NYC right to your door. Trust their strength to easily carry your heaviest and most fragile items. Roadway’s box delivery also simplifies your move by eliminating the issue of how to get the all those boxes to your home in the first place.

Choose an Affordable Moving Date

Did you know that some days are less expensive to move on than others? That’s right! Since the majority of leases in NYC start and finish at the end of each month, moving gets exponentially pricier during the month’s last week and weekend.

If you can be flexible, try to move in during the earlier weeks of each month. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars and give you better options when it comes to moving services as you’ll have less competition.

Talk To Your Super/Doorman/Property Manager/Etc.

Most residential building supers, doormen, property managers, etc. expect their incoming and outgoing tenants will give them a heads-up well in advance of their upcoming move. This allows them to ensure everything is ready for all move-in/move-out procedures, as well as eliminate the surprise of an unexpectedly hectic day.

This is especially important upon move-in as it’s often where you make your first impressions. Don’t start off on the wrong foot. Also, it’s very common that whomever is assisting you will expect a tip for the additional services they provided to help you move.

Request a Certificate of Insurance

If you’re hiring a moving company for an NYC move, chances are that your property manager will want proof that they have an up-to-date Certificate of Insurance, also known as a COI request. This provides the manager proof that the moving company is properly insured in all essential areas. It will also layout any requirements or limitations on behalf of the movers and/or the building itself.

As every COI request must be processed by the insurance company, always allow for at least 5 business days or the move may not be guaranteed. If a moving company says they can’t provide a COI, refuse to hire them.

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Booking an Elevator

If you’re lucky enough to have a place with a working elevator, don’t forget to book the time to use it for your move well in advance.

This ensures that you’re not trying to move in or out at the same time as someone else. Many apartments will also pad the elevators if they know it’s being used for moving, protecting both your stuff and the elevator itself.

Also, measure your biggest items and the elevator to see if everything will fit. If not, you’ll have to either disassemble your oversized objects or come up with another strategy to get it moved.

Hiring a Moving Company

Why Use a Moving Company?

Especially in a crowded place like NYC, it’s highly recommended that you hire a moving company to ensure your property is safely moved into your new home. We get that urban living often means a tight budget. However, including the hiring of a moving company into your overall moving budget provides added convenience and security for your most prized possessions.

Isn’t moving hard enough already? And just think—If you were to do it all yourself, how would you get your dining table or cabinetry from Bay Ridge to the Bronx? And do you really want to take your grandmother’s fine china on the subway?

Instead, trust a company that’s dedicated to moving New Yorkers and their things as safely and stress-free as possible to their new homes.


Picking the Right Moving Company

There are many moving companies in NYC, so how do you best choose which one is right for you? Here are a few questions to ask yourself when choosing moving companies:

Are They Fully Certified, Licensed and Insured? If a company has any hesitation in providing proof that they are certified, licensed and insured, which guarantees your property’s protection, mark that as an immediate red flag.

How Are The Reviews? Online and word-of-mouth reviews are some of the best way to vet a potential moving company. Yelp, Facebook, and simply talking with friends or family that have recently moved in NYC are great ways to gain insight on real world moving experiences.

Do They Conduct Background Checks? All companies should run thorough background checks on their employees and be able to explain to you how they are completed. After all, these people will be in your home and handling your things. A good company will respect that and fully assure you that your belongings are in great hands.


Moving and Storage Service
Packing and Moving Services

Moving Day

It’s finally the big day. The lease is signed, boxes packed, and elevators booked. If you decided to hire a mover, consider most of the hard work done!

At this point, your moving company should have already let you know when to expect their arrival and provided you an estimate of how long the move will take. Once they do arrive, they’ll prepare a full inventory and check for prior damage to any objects.

After you approve their inventory and prior damage, just sit back and relax. That’s what you’re paying them for, right?

When everything has been moved into your new place, check everything for damage while checking it off the inventory sheet. Now you’re finally home sweet home.

Tipping the movers

Though tipping is not officially required, moving is a lot of work! Assuming your movers did a decent job, we do recommend providing a tip as an appreciation of their service.

Opinions do vary on an appropriate tipping amount. Generally speaking, we suggest between 18-20% of the entire bill for the whole team, or $10­­–$15 per worker for any move that lasts a day or less. Then you can scale from there depending on the level of service or difficulty of the move itself.

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So unless you’re into pain, we wouldn’t even consider moving with any other NYC moving company. We have the best people in the entire moving industry ready to give you a great moving experience. From the moment you call us to the moment we unpack your last pair of socks, Roadway is a nicer way to move.

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The Science of Moving

Our state-of-the-art scanning and inventory technology is unmatched, and we have cameras and GPS on all units.

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Pain Removal

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