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certificate of insurance (coi)

Certificate of insurance personal guide.

To prioritize transparency and safeguard our clients’ interests, we provide a Certificate of Insurance for moving as proof of our quality service and coverage.

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COI personal guide

certificate of insurance (coi) FAQs

Why COI matters, discovering the essentials and answering your questions.

Everything you need to know about the certificate of liability.

COI acts as an official document consisting of important information that the building manager needs to check before granting any move. COIs assure building management companies that the moving company you’re hiring is insured to handle all potential damages during moving activities so that they won’t be held liable for anything inside their property.

Your COI will include:

  • The address of the property in which the move is taking place and the name of the person authorized by the building to oversee the move.
  • Confirmation that the movers are insured to move from that specific building.
  • Amount of coverage provided.
  • Overview of the current condition of the property.

You can request COI samples or templates from your current and new building managers. At Roadway Moving, we issue COIs from our insurance company and provide them to clients as needed. Our team will have a physical copy of the COI on moving day, so if your building manager or doorman asks to see it, rest assured, we’ll have it ready.

We aim for a smooth, damage-free move, but acknowledge unforeseen circumstances. Our comprehensive COI meets state liability coverage requirements. If damage occurs, we promptly address it, initiating insurance claims or taking responsibility to ensure your peace of mind. At Roadway Moving, our COIs cover $10 million to ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible.


Everything you need to know about the COI and its importance.

A Certificate of Insurance is essential for both our customers and us. Here’s why:

Peace of Mind

For local or long-distance moves, Roadway Moving provides peace of mind through appropriate insurance coverage. Our certificate of liability insurance safeguards you against liabilities, ensuring protection during the moving process.

Compliance with building regulations

Some buildings require moving companies to have a COI before they can move furniture in or out. This is to protect the building and its residents from damage.

A moving partner verification

Building managers, landlords, and partners often require a COI to verify our insurance coverage for access on moving day. We provide this document to streamline the process, ensuring a smooth relocation experience for all parties involved.

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Enhanced Trust and Credibility

Possessing a valid Certificate of Insurance boosts our credibility and builds trust with our residential and business clients. It showcases our commitment to professionalism and responsible moving practices.

the roadway coi process

Get a Certificate of Insurance today.

Getting a COI is quick and easy, and it can help to ensure that your business is protected in the event of an unforeseen event. Follow these 5 steps and get your certificate of insurance easily!

More to know about COI

More about Certificate of Insurance (COI) insights.

Discover additional key information about COI, providing you with valuable insights to enhance your understanding of this important document.

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Ensure peace of mind: ask your building manager about COI requirements. Even if not mandatory, getting a COI protects you from financial risk.

At Roadway, we handle your COI needs and paperwork for a stress-free move.

Our COI comes with the move package and we do not charge for COI. Some NYC buildings may ask for additional endorsements that are not on a normal COI template.

In this case, movers will charge between $250-$1,000. Roadway will always cap endorsements at $250.

Your moving company shouldn’t charge a fee for a COI. Insurance companies don’t charge moving companies for a COI, so your mover shouldn’t charge you.

Obtain a paper and email copy and have your COI readily available in case your building manager requests it before the move.

Ensure COI coverage meets your building’s minimum requirements. COIs typically offer $1-2 million coverage per move.

Verify your building’s required amount and ensure your mover has equal or higher coverage. Commercial buildings may have higher requirements. 

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We provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for moving, verifying our insurance policy.

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