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The Roadway Story

Moving. Storage. Logistics.
We do it all with heart.

Moving an Industry.

Roadway’s founder, entrepreneur Ross Sapir, worked at a moving company when he first moved to America from Israel. Business was good, but “everyone was so unhappy. The customers, the employees. I decided to change that…it was time for an NYC moving revolution.”

Ross created the Roadway Moving brand to be focused on customer service first and foremost. “We have a 99.3% on time delivery rate(better than Amazon). People have such low expectations in this field, and then you bring them in and you wow them and it’s a win-win. You go to a great hotel because of the experience. The way they treat you, greet you, they remember if you’re a regular. I wanted to bring that feeling to the moving industry.”

What is the Roadway Difference?

Good question. Other than the best logo and cleanest trucks in the moving world, there are a few things that set us apart. Hover over the hotspots to discover more.

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Roadway Moving Family
We’ll make your move stress-free, so you’re all smiles on moving day.
You’ll actually like our movers. You might not want them to leave.
We like what we do. Our movers are happy and that matters.
We offer add-ons like packing and VIP. To make your move that much easier.
We put love into everything we do. Including the hotspots on this website. We’ll put that same love into your move.

Beyond Roadway

We’re moving more than boxes and furniture. We’re moving your life. Veteran Movers and RedBin are powered by Roadway, to ensure you have
the best moving experience.

Taking care of our Veterans

We have Veterans in the Roadway family

Veteran Movers is operated by U.S. veterans and we’re proud to have the company as part of Roadway. We wanted our veterans to have a production life after the military. The story is pretty moving.

Veteran Movers Dog
Redbin Moving
Need more storage?

The most fun (and red) way to store your stuff.

Roadway is proud to have RedBin Storage as part of our overall storage solution. You’ve got some stuff? Grab a bin, or two, or ten, and we’ll store it for you.