Our Story

Bringing the joy back to moving day.

While working as a foreman in the moving industry, our founder saw unhappiness and stress on moving day. Our goal is to disrupt the moving industry with joy. Moving day should be a time to start a new chapter, grow your family or relocate after getting a new job. We want you to enjoy moving — not be stressed about it.

We first got
moving in

We started with one truck and a team of great movers. Our mission since then is to bring stress-free moving experiences to our customers. We soon became Roadway Moving and brought in the best people in moving and other industries to help make our vision a reality. Our team of professional movers deliver a seamless and relaxing move experience that is designed to take the pain out of moving day. Think hospitality for the moving industry. Everyone should receive a 5-star moving experience no matter how big or small the move.

(and happiness)

As the top-rated moving company in NYC, Roadway guarantees your satisfaction with every move and we put that in writing. The Roadway Nice Move Guarantee gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing there is a full customer service department behind you that will not leave any issue unresolved.

the Roadway

We could go on and on about our top-rated service (just read what our happy customers say about us), but the only way to truly experience it is to move with us. Experience the difference that years of service perfecting a personalized touch can mean for you and your family and find out why Roadway Moving is a nicer way to move.

We stand out because
of what we stand for.

In a crowded and highly competitive moving industry, Roadway Moving stands out. The reason we stand out isn’t our fleet of brightly colored trucks you’ve probably seen on the streets. It’s Roadway’s people that make us stand out from the rest. From our movers to our operations team and sales staff, we have the most qualified and dedicated people in the moving and storage industry. Roadway Moving was founded by Ross Sapir on the principles of accountability, kindness, and generosity. Those principles translate into happy employees and satisfied customers.

Roadway Moving Family
We’ll make your move stress-free, so you’re all smiles on moving day.
You’ll actually like our movers. You might not want them to leave.
We like what we do. Our movers are happy and that matters.
We offer add-ons like packing and VIP. To make your move that much easier.
We put love into everything we do. Including the hotspots on this website. We’ll put that same love into your move.

We have veterans in
the Roadway family.

Veteran Movers is operated by U.S. Veterans and we’re proud to have the company as part of the Roadway family. We wanted our Veterans to have a productive life after the military. The story is pretty moving.

The most fun (and red)
way to store your stuff.

Need more storage? Roadway is proud to have Redbin Storage as part of our overall storage solution. You’ve got some stuff? Grab a bin, or two, or ten, and we’ll store it for you.

With Roadway Movers,

Moving can actually be a pleasure.

So unless you’re into pain, we wouldn’t even consider moving with any other company. We have the best people in the entire moving industry ready to give you a great moving experience. From the moment you call us to the moment we unpack your last pair of socks, Roadway is a nicer way to move.

NYC movers latest technologies

The Safest Way to Move

From enhanced cleaning protocols to virtual estimates, Roadway Moving doesn’t mess around when it comes to your safety.

Pain-free NYC moving company

Pain Removal

It all starts with customer service. Any problems or concerns we are all over it. Moving should be a joy, not a pain.

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Great People 

We have 280 amazing people devoted to making your move stress-free. We think you’ll really like them.