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There’s no reason you should feel stressed moving to the Sunshine State from nyc, we’ll do all the heavy lifting while you enjoy your new home. Book a consultation with our expert team of NYC Movers and we’ll ease any worries you might have.

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Roadway Moving is proud to be the most trusted moving company in the Sunshine State. Not even the alligators can keep us away.

Now let’s Check out the average cost of NYC to Florida moving companies

Average Cost To Move From New York to Florida

Finally ready to leave the New York winters and high living costs behind? Then you might be one of the many NYC residents looking to fly south for the warm Florida shores. With great weather, low taxes and affordable living, it’s no huge surprise that its population grew by 11.6% last year compared to New York State’s 2.4%.

From quintessential Southern towns to energetic beachside cities, Florida has so much more to offer than just Disney World and Daytona Beach. Whatever change of pace you’re seeking, the Sunshine State has it—and likely at a MUCH cheaper price than New York City.

But what exactly does it cost to move from NYC to Florida?

As a diverse state with more people and space than New York, there is simply no one-size-fits-all answer. However, there are plenty of tips and insights that’ll not only guide you on how expensive it is to move to Florida but also how to save money on the way.

Here’s what it typically costs to move from New York to Florida, plus a few good ideas on how to move long distance the smart way.

Expenses to Hire an NYC TO FL Long-Distance Mover

As you’d likely expect, hiring a full service moving company with packing services, moving trucks, materials and more will cost more than moving on your own. And if you’re used to local moves, then the price of a professional relocation to Florida might be a sticker shock.

Example: Relocating from NYC To Miami

To relocate from NYC to Miami, hiring a moving crew to haul your stuff will likely cost between $2,500 to $6,000, depending on factors like distance, the total weight of your belongings, additional services and more.

That price tag might sound hefty, but when you’re transporting your things hundreds of miles across several states, expertise on carefully packing, transporting and unloading precious belongings is often worth every penny. Just be sure to hire a moving company with proven long-distance experience. Then you’ll have complete peace of mind that your stuff will arrive safe and sound at your new Florida home.

Also, hiring a moving service allows you to enjoy the ride to your new home stress-free. Cruise down the beautiful Eastern Seaboard and explore small towns, stunning scenery and historic cities along the way without worrying about driving a rental moving truck.

And hey, just think about the money you’re saving by making the move out of NYC. You’ll make up for the cost of moving in no time.

Choosing Where to Live in Florida

At over 5,000 square miles larger than New York State, Florida is huge! Not only will the place you move to determine the culture and weather—it’ll also determine how much it will cost to move and live there.

For example, moving from NYC to Jacksonville equals a drive of 900 miles, and the average cost of a house runs at around $172,500. However, heading as far south as Key West or Miami Beach will not only add another 500 miles to your car’s (or the moving truck’s) odometer—you’ll also likely be spending more to buy a home or pay rent as both of those cities boast median home prices exceeding $410,000.

There are also countless options in-between. Gainesville is a bustling college town with a legacy of great football and education. Winter Park, an Orlando suburb, is a fantastic place to raise a family. Or soak up a seaside lifestyle on Cocoa Beach’s six miles of shoreline.

Consider Your Commute

If you’re like many New Yorkers, especially those living in NYC, there’s a good chance that you’re living life car-free—or at least taking advantage of public transportation regularly. If so, don’t expect to get around your new hometown in the same way. Florida is very much a car-centered culture and it’s important to budget for that in your new cost of living.

As a driver, you’ll not only need to pay for a new car, gas, insurance, upkeep, etc., but also consider the distance of your new home to important locations like work and school. Though this may not be an issue in smaller towns, remember that much of Florida is sprawling and traffic in some areas can even rival that of the NYC area.

Make sure to get exact quote’s from your NYC TO Florida movers

Lastly, keep in mind that every move is different. To see exactly what it’d cost to move your stuff from New York to Florida, get an instant free quote now from Roadway Moving. Ready to make the move from the East River to the Everglades? Then trust NYC-based Roadway Moving. With years of exceptional moving experience for long-distance moves, including to Florida, the Roadway team provides commercial and residential customers an incredible, professional moving service. Call us at 212-812-5240 or request a free online quote anytime. We can’t wait to move you.

We’re here to take away that stress of moving from nyc to florida – no worries.

Roadway Moving cares about one thing: giving you the best NY to Florida moving experience possible. Part of that is giving you a fair price with no surprises. When we quote you a price for an interstate move, we stick to it. It will include everything you asked for and expect and nothing more. Your comprehensive price quote will be easy to understand and if you have any questions, a member of our sales team will be happy to walk you through it.

Florida’s hometown mover.

No matter how big or small the job, our quality service is unmatched. We’ll go as far as setting up your entertainment system, before the Dolphins game. Roadway cares to give you the best moving experience, we have no doubts you’ll feel satisfied. If we can win the hearts of New Yorkers, means we’re doing something right.

And we love Florida!

We know reputation is everything in Florida. That’s why Floridians rely on Roadway for all their moving needs, whether it’s a local house move, a long-distance in-state or out-of-state move, or a specialized service such as a piano move or art installation. No matter what you need Roadway Moving has the trained packers and movers to make your Florida relocation a success.

We know how to make you smile.

Our customers are very, very satisfied. Here’s why…Once you give us a call, we send an on-site estimator to your home to take inventory of your possessions and review your property. No need to list items for the movers—that’s our job now. On the day of the big move, our company-owned trucks will be there right on time so you can spend less time waiting, and more time enjoying your new home. Because we guarantee your satisfaction, we take the extra precaution of protecting your belongings at no extra cost. Our quality control checklist ensures no item gets damaged during the move. Under the unlikely circumstances that an item doesn’t make it to you in one piece, we will purchase a replacement-guaranteed!


I’ve moved From NYC to Florida with Roadway. I wouldn’t recommend any other NY to florida mover to my friends.

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To ensure the safety of your belongings, our advanced technology scans and tracks all units. We have cameras and GPS capability to make sure your items make it securely.

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