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A nice move deserves a nice tip

A nice move deserves a nice tip

Wondering, ‘How much should I tip the movers?’. Our helpful guide provides clarity on thanking your movers for their efforts and shows proper appreciation.

Some Tips on Tipping

When it comes to recognizing exceptional moving service, tipping is a meaningful gesture. Our guide helps you determine the appropriate movers’ tip amount, as it is not included in the estimate. Moving is not an easy job, and your gratitude goes a long way.

For Local Moves 10%-20% of the total move cost. Your movers will be forever grateful.
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For Long Distance or International Moves 5%-10% of the total move cost per moving team at pick up and destination.
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For Office & Commercial Moves 10% of the total cost. Acknowledge their hard work and dedication.
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If your movers have delivered service that exceeds your expectations, a bigger tip will undoubtedly make their day. Good vibes all around!

Things to Consider When Tipping

Determining the perfect tip for your movers involves considering a few factors. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Movers arrived on time.
  • Movers were professional and respectful.
  • Movers handled your belongings with care.
  • Movers followed safety protocols such as wearing their PPE equipment.
  • Movers provided outstanding service.

Consider the size of your home, the number of items being moved and the fragility or weight of your items. If you have delicate or heavy belongings that require special care during the move you may want to show your movers appreciation for the hard job.

Whether you moved just a few blocks away or embarked on a cross-country adventure, the length of the journey influences the tipping consideration. For longer distances, it’s thoughtful to tip a bit extra. Additionally, if your movers put in extra workdays to complete the job, show them additional gratitude. (Extra miles + Extra days = Extra gratitude!)

While there isn’t a strict rule, a general tipping range can be helpful. Brace yourself, my friend! Typically, it falls between 10% to 20% of the total move cost. However, remember that this range is just a starting point. 

When it comes to tipping, cash is the preferred method. It enables you to personally express your gratitude and adds a special touch. It’s like a delightful surprise bonus for your hardworking movers!

If the moving crew has truly impressed you with exceptional service, consider tipping each mover individually. This ensures that everyone on your moving team receives the well-deserved recognition for their outstanding efforts.

Chat with the moving company before the big day. Have a friendly conversation and inquire about their tipping policy to stay informed. Knowing what is customary will ensure you’re prepared and informed for the day of the move.

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