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Moving 101

Let’s make your next big move easier.

Simple tips and tricks that will help bring joy to your move.

Want some great tips for making your next move easy? Start out by trusting Roadway Moving with your move. We’ll ensure a safe and reliable relocation for your home or office, freeing up your time and energy for more important matters.

It’s essential to use sturdy boxes and other packing materials to make sure your stuff is well-protected during transport.

Call us at 212-812-5240 and we’ll deliver the highest quality boxes to your door. Trust their strength to easily carry your heaviest and most fragile items. 

Did you know that some days are less expensive to move on than others? In some parts of the country, moving gets exponentially pricier during the end of the month. So call ahead and book your move at a time that is cheaper.

Residential building supervisors, doormen, and property managers typically anticipate receiving prior notice from tenants who are moving in or out. This allows them to prepare and facilitate smooth move-in and move-out processes. During a move in, this initial interaction holds significant importance as it shapes first impressions. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure a positive start by providing advance information. Additionally, it’s customary to acknowledge the assistance provided by these individuals with a gratuity for their services in aiding your relocation

To satisfy your property manager’s requirements, it is essential to provide them with a current Certificate of Insurance (COI) from your moving company. This document serves as proof that the moving company has appropriate insurance coverage in all crucial areas. Moreover, the COI will outline any specific requirements or limitations imposed by the movers or the building management. Ensuring the submission of an up-to-date COI demonstrates compliance with the necessary insurance protocols and helps establish a smooth and secure moving process

If you are fortunate to have a functioning elevator at your new place, it’s important to remember to schedule its usage in advance for your move. This proactive step ensures that your move won’t coincide with someone else who may also be moving in or out at the same time. Additionally, many apartment complexes take the initiative to pad the elevators when they are aware that they will be used for moving purposes. This protective measure safeguards both your belongings and the elevator itself, minimizing the risk of any damage during the moving process.

Hiring a moving company helps ensure your property is safely moved into your new home. Including the hiring of a moving company into your overall moving budget provides added convenience and security for your most prized possessions. DIY is not the way to go with moving. Give us a call and we can talk about how we can bring more joy and peace of mind to your move.

When selecting a moving company, it’s crucial to consider various factors to ensure you make the right choice. Here are some key questions to ask yourself: 1) Certification, licensing, and insurance; 2) Reviews from online platforms and personal recommendations; 3) Employee background checks; 4) Extensive training, customer service focus, and follow-up sessions. Roadway Moving excels in these areas to provide a reliable and satisfying moving experience.

Though tipping is not officially required, moving is a lot of work! Assuming your movers did a decent job, we do recommend providing a tip as an appreciation of their service.
For a local move we suggest between 15-20% of the entire bill, 5-10% for a long distance move. Then you can adjust from there depending on the level of service or difficulty of the move itself.

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