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Roadway Moving isn’t NYC’s #1 rated mover for no reason! We have developed the right formula to give you the best move. Don’t believe us just yet? That’s okay. See what our customers have said about us so far.



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TJ Lee

The movers were INCREDIBLE. At the start they set me aside to tell me to relax cause they got it covered. Within the first hour everything in my closet was packed. They were so efficient and speedy. When they were packing my kitchen they wrapped each items so carefully I was SO impressed. All my furniture was also padded and wrapped. They were so friendly and smiled through the whole thing. They made the move day So stress free and I'm so thankful for them!

Erin Eagle

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I had never used a moving company before, which has resulted in extremely stressful and time-consuming moving processes in the past.

Using Roadway Moving for my recent move in NYC made the experience completely stress-free (which I never thought could be possible!!).

Their communication is top-notch and the staff is extremely professional – every single detail of the move was covered. Even before the move, the staff coordinated everything and was responsive and helpful in answering any questions I had.

They arrived on time, did all of the heavy-lifting, and perfectly handled and protected every single item including my fragile mirror, lamp, table, and even the walls and floors of the apartment. They made sure I was happy with the placement of items in the new space and went above and beyond to make the experience pleasant and easy.

I couldn’t have done it without Roadway!

Christina Carmona

Positive: Professionalism

Service: Local moving

Roadway moved me from my first NYC apartment to my second! I absolutely couldn't have been happier with the service. I truly had no idea what to expect. I was blown away by how thorough they were planning and during the move. I selected the service for them to pack and unpack my belongings. Nothing was broken, damaged, and everything was packaged in an organized manner. The movers were respectful and very efficient. They were cautious of all safety precautions, maintained social distance at all times, and were very friendly! I would honestly recommend Roadway and plan to use them again in the near future for an office move. Thank you, Roadway! You make a truly stressful time for me a little easier and brighter!

Jeremy F.

They helped me with my move from NYC to Austin, TX back in 2017. Very professional and everything arrived safely. They also reassembled my big items like bed, couch, etc. and took the packaging with them. Would 100% recommend based off my experience.

Tal O.

Here is what I think: If it looks great, it sounds great, and everybody writes that it's great then - it's GREAT! On the day of the move the crew showed up clean & uniformed and in a brand new truck. We had read reviews online and knew we'd hired a reliable company to move us yet we still feel that our crew exceeded expectations, they did EVERYTHING to please us, and always with a smile and a positive attitude! Everything was packed and wrapped quickly, thoroughly and professionally - needless to say not even one single damage! Every time we called the office, a courteous rep picked up the phone and addressed any question or concern we had. Opposed to a lot of companies out there, with Roadway it was easier and faster to reach the customer service dept after the pick up date than it was to reach the sales department before we booked. Bottom line - Roadway moving was worth every penny we paid, I usually try to find the best deal financially but when it comes to your movers the best deal you can have is a deal with a company that delivers their promises and Roadway did it BIG TIME! We will definitely use them again and recommend to anyone we know!

S K.

This moving company was unlike any other I ever dealt with. Everything was perfect. Nothing lost, nothing broken, guaranteed price, Adrian and his crew; Angelo, Diego, and Marius, took great care and made the whole process completely painless. We had them do the packing and it was well worth it. Highly recommended.

Mariam L.

The move teams on both sides were punctual, professional and courteous. There is not much more we could have asked from them. The crew leaders on both sides were dynamic and had the respect of the rest of the team. A very easy group of people to work with on both sides. The teams demonstrated integrity and honesty. The only room for improvement would be more punctual and accurate contract documentation. Bottom line, this is a moving company with whom we had a great experience and we would not hesitate to recommend them.

Maddie Touma

Positive: Professionalism, Value

Roadway helped me move from Manhattan to Brooklyn so quickly and efficiently! The movers were kind and respectful, they made my move a breeze!

Lucas Shap

Roadway is the best! They were so fast and easy to work with. NOTHING was damaged. They bring all of the boxes and pack everything for you. They communicate very well before, during and after the move. We did a local move but they also have long distance moves. They took all the safety precautions for COVID. I could go on and on about how awesome they are. 100% recommend.

Amanda B.

We used Roadway to move us out of the city to Virginia, and used them to pack as well as load. After a few estimates, we went with Roadway because their price was comparable to the other companies we asked for estimates from, and they agreed to move us immediately (instead of waiting goodness knows how many weeks for our furniture to be delivered). The area we moved to was right on the cusp of being considered a "long distance" move, so I was relieved that they agreed to move us quickly. We were a little nervous because their insurance is not great, but our experience with the company was professional and pleasant all the way through-- how many times can you say that about any move?! The person who did our estimate ended up underestimating a bit (but we had a contract so only paid the original agreed upon price), but the five guys who showed up to do our (3rd floor walk up move) made it work really well. They were incredibly nice, professional and we were so impressed with them. The only thing that broke was our children's tea set), and those guys worked their tails off, packing and loading in one day. They met us in Virginia the very next day, and we had all of our things expertly unpacked in hours! I would definitely use them again.

Greg P.

The only complaint I could have is that I underestimated the number of boxes I would have so that the move ended up costing a lot more - I should have had them come out for an estimate. That said, they did a good job packing things up and considering that it all had to go into storage then get put on a x-country truck and delivered to my new home there was almost no damage. Which is pretty impressive. I would definitely use them again (except I have to decided to NEVER MOVE AGAIN.)

Sid Banerjee

Roadway moving did a great job of moving me to my new spot in La. Super professional and really fast! Would recommend them to anyone!

Ben R.

I highly recommend these movers. They handled all of my furniture and boxes with care, arrived early, and their estimate was accurate. Very happy with their service!

Osman J.

This is the best moving company I have ever dealt with in my entire life, which I have moved a bit now around the country, so I know how much a pain it is to move! Our movers - Avi, Alejandro and Ben - are speedy, professional, diligent and nice - hands down to these guys who did everything right from packing, disassembling, assembling to cleaning, I absolutely loved them and would recommend them to everyone I know. Ken, the specialist who coordinated my move, takes care of all the condo requirements and made everything happen seamlessly, thank you Ken! The price they quote, in my opinion, is truly worth it.

Sonia R.

Excellent... Very smooth, The team they sent me were fantastic.

Tara Sowlaty

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

The ABSOLUTE BEST moving company around. Professional, fast, efficient, seamless and so pleasant. Roadway is the best in the business, specifically Elliot and his team in Los Angeles - you should definitely ask for them!! We’ve never enjoyed moving with a team as much as them. They had the best attitude and made us feel very taken care of, during one of the most stressful times of all. Highly highly recommend them :) Will definitely use Roadway when we move next, and you should too.

Lee N.

I loved this team of movers! It was my first time moving apartment in NYC and they handled everything great. The team was fast and very careful with my items. When we got to my new apartment my couch didn't fit up the stairwell (my fault for not measuring) the team disposed of the couch for me at no extra charge. Since a majority of the moving cost was from the couch and moving it up the 5 flights to my new apartment they took that off my final bill! I didn't even have to call and request that be taken off, customer service called me after the move to discuss and they immediately changed the bill. I highly recommend booking them!

Sean B.

Can't overstate how excellent my experience was. They were ultra-professional, reasonably priced, and communicative every step of the way. My belongings were picked up in NYC and dropped off in Chicago 3 days later without any problem whatsoever. And a special shoutout to Ken - he was the coordinator for my move and went above and beyond to help me. Thank you, Ken!

Ria H.

Moving is the worst, and these guys made it the most painless part of the process! Prompt customer service, transparent quote build up, professional service on the day of and no surprises (I.e broken items). You're in safe hands and the peace of mind that comes with the roadway experience is invaluable. They are on the pricey end, but everything will be done up impeccably (and I'm one of those nit picky people who ask to see the manager a fair amount...)

L Ts


Fair. I will give them kudos for getting things here without damage. However, their attitude leaves a lot to be desired. No matter how many times I pointed out things which I did not want packed, they packed them, and then could not locate them in order to unpack them. They insisted I sign off on everything having arrived before they would even unload the truck. This should not be allowed. They did not deliver two of my very expensive ( over $500 each) specimen plants in their equally expensive planters. I can not even replace them because of their rarity. The "foreman", a very young guy, insisted that the scratches in my bed frame were not only there before it was moved, but that he had pointed them out to me before taking it to the truck. Not true. There were also a bunch of sticky patches on top of my dresser. The piece de resistance was when I asked them not to put things on top of my bedroom dresser while they were packing because it was an expensive piece, and this foreman told me I had enough money to replace it. Totally uncalled for statement, and I did register a complaint about it with the company. To say he had nerve would be putting it mildly. As movers go, at least this time I had no broken items, but the loss of those plants and the big mouth of the foreman, coupled with the total lack of paying attention to what I did or did not want packed can not be excused. Are they very expensive? You bet. Would I use them again? No.

Pam T.

Smoothest move ever!

Mike T.

Great experience. Jose and crew were wonderful. They were on time and the move was as they promised. I recommend wholeheartedly.

Andrew A.

From estimate to the final box delivered these guys were great. My wife and I had Avi and his crew of two guys. They were professional, diligent, friendly and treated all of our things as if they were their own. They worked quickly and carefully. I would definitely recommend Roadway to anyone.

Rosanna W.

Excellent service and super speedy too! The movers were complete professionals. The leader of the group took the time to explain the insurance and paperwork as well as go over how the move was going to be done. They also took the time to repack some of the more fragile pieces better than I could have. The only small hiccup was that they didn't get my notes on how to get to my apartment so the guys were a little confused by the local streets. I would definitely use them for my next move!

Anna Kostenko

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I was pleased with the Roadway's job. Beginning with my ordering the move over the phone and finishing with the packaging of my belongings. Moving is quite stressful for me, but Roadway made every effort to keep me as comfortable as possible. Everything was excellently organized. I am grateful to the guys who transported my things with love. They gave me confidence that my belongings are safe and taken care of. I highly recommend the Roadway Moving team!

Thenia Pearls & Brandy

We just moved from NYC metro (NJ) to LA with Roadway. Overall, I was very satisfied! I have a 2yo boy and the decision to move across the country was very sudden. As you can imagine, I was very stressed and believed it wouldn't be possible to move in such a short notice. Thankfully, Roadway helped me all along and they made the move an enjoyable experience for me :)

We did a virtual tour of our apartment, and they offered a competitive quote very quickly. They provided a certificate of insurance as mandated by our building, and were very professional - arrived in time, took all necessary health precautions for COVID-19, and finished earlier than I expected. They packed everything in the apartment with care, and all furniture was wrapped with blankets, tape, wrap and corner cardboard.

In the end, a day I was dreading proved to be a day I had fun watching the Roadway movers and truck with my little son!

Joni K.

Moving is terrible and stressful, but Roadway made it significantly less so. The initial quote was precisely what we were charged. The movers in NYC worked tirelessly all day and packed up our whole apartment--we had a full pack and own a lot of dishes and glassware. They communicated consistently about the date our belongings would arrive in San Diego, and the NYC movers who led the team here unloaded everything, and put together all the furniture, in a professional and efficient manner! So far (we haven't unpacked everything yet) everything has survived the move, which speaks to the excellent packing skills of the team! Highly recommend and more reasonably priced than other big moving companies.

Abby I.

Yass! TTL a professional moving company!! Hired Roadway last minute after firing International Van Lines due to posting fake positive reviews. Roadway agent Joy came to my rescue -fit my move in at the last minute. 4 professional packers arrived two days later lead by the awesome Avi. They packed and wrapped everything to perfection. (Only negative is no liquids were packed due to policy). Received a call 24 hours later with an early delivery window for next week!! I'm so happy ; )

Kelsey A.

Overall ended up being a fantastic experience! They clearly value customer service above all else and any company like that is one that I would use again. I'm impressed.

Jenny Jaucian

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We are SO happy to hired Roadway Movers to do our move for us! They came to 2 different locations to pick up furniture for a local move to LA. They came on time and were so friendly and helpful. Their attention to detail to making sure all pieces were wrapped up nicely was incredible. I will definitely be hiring them again for my next move. Thank you Roadway!


This moving company is one of the best ones I have worked with. They are so professional and so organized with how everything goes and it was great having the opportunity to work with them. they handle everything for you and make your moving process so much easier, it's so stress-free. if you're moving weather is nearby or four I highly recommend choosing roadway moving !

Yasmine Sahid

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Amazing experience with these guys! The team was highly responsive and the moving process was as smooth as possible. As a first time user of any professional moving company I highly, highly, suggest this one!

Telmo Accioly

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

The best experience I ever had with a moving company. Absolutely fantastic. Those guys were carefull, organized, fast and very nice people. Thank you so much!

michelle wozniak

Great move! Wrapped up my couches, bed frame, mattress, even fixed my ikea desk that I built terribly! set back up my bed frame and mattress and couches. Very nice movers and fast! 10/10 experience

Becca Bastos

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I recently moved out of my apartment that I've lived in for the past 3 years. I had accumulated SO much over the past years that I was dreading moving... but Roadway made this move the easiest and enjoyable move I've ever had. The communication beforehand was treated very professionally and was much appreciated, with multiple check-ins that all was set and ready to go for the day of my move, which made me feel very confident and comfortable that it would go smoothly. The moving team was on time, kind, and incredibly helpful and patient. They went above and beyond in making sure all of my boxes were labeled, all of my fragile furniture was properly wrapped, and handled all of my items with care. It went SO smoothly and I couldn't have asked for a better company or team to handle my move. Thank you so much! Would absolutely use again in a heartbeat.

Judy L.

I hired Roadway to do a cross-country move from New York to California. Needless to say, a long distance move like that is very stressful. Roadway made it as painless as possible. The visited me well in advance of the move, gave me a fair estimate, and on the day of the move three guys showed up exactly on time. They were very careful in packing everything up and told me my furniture would arrive in two to four weeks. My moving date was July 18, so I could expect all my stuff between the end of July and the middle of August. August 9 I received a call that my furniture and everything would be delivered the next day. Promptly at 10 a.m., the moving van arrived, and as all the furniture was being unpacked, it turned out that somewhere between New York and California, the movers managed to break three glass furniture tops, one picture frame, and two lampshades. The movers took photos of all the broken items and I contacted the business office thr next day to inquire about restitution. Two weeks later a guy from Roadway came to my new home and measured the furniture for new glass tops. These were fabricated and installed a week later, along with the broken picture frame which was completely repaired. The company reimbursed me fully for the broken lampshades and threw in a little extra. I has assessed the cost of the lampshades at $150 and they sent me a check for $200. So -- the broken items were a major annoyance but Roadway did repair and return them promptly at no cost whatever, and reimbursed me for the lampshades that couldn't be repaired. The movers were prompt and efficient, and the office staff was polite and professional throughout. Special shout-out to Shari Chichester and Krystal Gonzalez who guided me through the whole complicated process and kept my from losing my marbles. All was well that ended well. The move-out went smoothly, the move-in went well, and the damaged and broken items were all repaired and compensated. Overall, they did a very good job. Five stars.

William Versfelt

Our moving team, led by Lucio, was highly professional and a pleasure to work with. It was our first time using movers, and I appreciated how they put us at ease. For instance, we had a couch that had been a *very* tight squeeze when it was delivered to our apartment, but the team patiently moved it out and treated it (and all our other items) with great care. Furniture items were wrapped in moving blankets, and Raul even disassembled and reassembled our queen-size storage bed, which was really helpful. The move was expensive, but it seems like it's one of those "you get what you pay for" experiences, and I highly recommend Roadway.

Steve Ferreira

Roadway was professional and their crew worked quickly and carefully to move our belongings into our new home. They were also punctual and the bill was what they said it would be, no surprises at the end when the move was all said and done!

John T.

That turned out very well. They were very efficient and were extremely careful in how they did things. We were satisfied. What we were really happy about was they were particularly careful with glass items. They were expensive but they were good. They were really good. They were very good with responsiveness. They were there on time. We knew when they were coming.

John C.

We had a move involving a pick up in Manhattan before starting the main move in Hoboken. I had a good experience speaking with Ken to arrange for the service. We negotiated a flat rate fee, which I thought was fair. On the day of the move, the movers called me to say they were on their way to the first location and called upon their arrival. While I completed paperwork with one of the movers, the other two began work. There was a little confusion, but the mover called the office and it was resolved quickly. The movers worked quickly, completing the entire move within the estimated time frame. They were courteous and professional. I gave them a good tip to show my appreciation. I highly recommend Roadway's moving service.

Lauren O’Malley

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We had a great experience with our moving team. They were on time, quick and thorough with packing all our belongings. They created a stress free experience and moved everything perfectly! We definitely would use them again and highly recommend for future moves!!

Mikaela Osborn

Literally the best moving company hands down! I don’t know how I would of moved without them. They showed up early to get a head start on the moving process, and packaged my stuff so quickly. Their team was so polite, kind, and professional. I am so impressed!! Their team was absolutely amazing and so helpful with asking me questions about where everything should be placed when we arrived at my new home. They really take all the stress and headache out of the moving process. They gave me the absolute best customer service and really cared about me throughout the whole move experience. I already recommended them to my family and my good friends who are looking to move soon. So if you’re looking to move locally or even long distance you got to check out roadway moving. I know my next move I’ll be using them again :)


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Roadway helped me move my belongings from New York to Houston. Every representative that I spoke with was super professional and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. They arrived on time to pick up my items from the origin location and to drop items off at the destination location. When they dropped my items off they made sure to protect my floors. All of my items can in tact. Would highly recommend for a short distance or long distance move!

Kristin Schuppert

Hands down the best moving experience I've had. The staff was so friendly and personable. The work they did was efficient and very careful, so I didn't need to worry a bit about anything getting broken during the move (they made sure everything was extra secure and cushioned before handling). The entire process was seamless. Highly, highly recommend!

Hannah Cormier

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

The most seamless, professional, and easiest move I've experienced!! I used them for a local move in LA and the entire move, from packing my 2 bedroom apartment in Studio City to their perfect placement of furniture and boxes in my new DTLA apartment, took less than 5 hours!!! The entire crew deserves 5 stars!! I will use Roadway for every move moving forward

Vel D.

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Highly, highly recommend Roadway Moving! Foreman Howard, driver Pedro and helper Jorge were top notch. Professional and friendly, my scheduled move on Saturday 6/27 went smoothly from start to finish. I was amazed how sharp and fast they packed, delivered and unload items in my new apartment with ease. Perfect! Definitely will contact them in the future!

Greg T.

Wow, these guys were excellent! I'll admit, I was pretty nervous about packing up 8 years of NYC living and crating it off to SF, but every single item ended up in our new apartment unbroken and on time. These guys were very professional, hustled, and very communicative (and dealt with crappy movers before). Furniture gets entombed in moving blankets, plastic wrap, and tape. Each item or box gets inventoried and bar code scanned when it changes location - from your apartment to a truck or from one truck to another so they can easily keep track of your stuff and, in the event something does go missing, they know where it happened. Tip: when you deal with the office, try to talk to the same person each time. If you don't, the new customer service rep will have to read through your account notes to figure out what's going on with your move. Would highly recommend these guys, especially for a cross country move to SF!

Caila Q.

SO well! The punctual team was so sweet and made the entire process of moving stress free <3

Sara R.

I moved from NJ to TX about 3 months ago. Roadway helped to make the process an easy one. Since the first time I was in communication with them, they had assigned Chris Buck to my move, and he was great! He ensured to follow up and answered all of my questions, we reviewed my move list over and over to ensure that I get the best quote for the cubic meter space that I needed. All my items made it to TX in ONE piece and within the timeframe that I was promised. The movers did a great job packing and boxing my belongings, as well as unloading them. If I ever move again, I'll make sure to call Roadway.

waldina Espinoza

Carlos Colon

Daniel W.

I am writing the for my mother who used this company today. The 2 movers, Pedro and Drago, were outstanding. They were very responsible, kind and hardworking. My mother highly recommends those 2 movers.

Jaycee C.

The move was beyond my expectations and "flawless"- The location in NYC was very challenging and the moving team prepared very well and showed up exactly on time. The care to wrap and move some very difficult pieces was great. I thank Tony for setting it up and George for leading the moving team and driving the truck for an early delivery into Maine the very next morning. You can definitely trust Roadway--They were recommended to me by an art auction house--The ONLY company they would recommend for interstate move.

Kari S.

Perfectly! Would definitely use again!

Katherine P.

Although my move will not take place until tomorrow, so far so good. Very please with Ruth who estimated my move, not only with her attention to details, but also in response to a panic call from me today for additional help with packing. Ruth is just wonderful and has help reduce my stress level considerably. Please note, this company provided the 2nd highest quote I received, but I am getting my money's worth....... and that is very important to me. I feel safe with the company and other companies that provided much lower quotes had very poor and some very horrible reviews on other sites.

Carl M.

Smooth...on time, no damage, no issues, completed promptly. Jesus, Eric, & JoseLuis were great. Very polite & accommodating.

Tal A.

I don't have enough words to express how lucky we were to find them here. Ultra-professional and friendly crew, did the job faster than anticipated and when the job took longer because of issues with our building they didn't charge us extra. Aaron, Juan and co. were great and the office was very helpful and responsive. Prices are fair and you pay what you were promised you'd pay and not a cent more. I wouldn't move with anyone else.

Nicole Barclay

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We were referred to Roadway by a friend and it was money well spent. So glad we decided to go with them. The process was so easy, professional and stress free from start to finish. Raz and his team arrived on time, they handled our stuff with care like it was their own. Everything was packed and wrapped perfectly. They kept us updated throughout the entire process and made sure everything was set up to our liking before leaving. The entire process showed that they truly cared about making sure the move was as stress free as possible. Thank you to Raz and his team for their kindness and hard work.

Maggie Soffer

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We just moved from NYC to MA and the Roadway team was amazing. They moved our furniture like it was there own. The team was super friendly and responsive. They arrived on time in both locations. We had a coordinator who made sure both us and their team were prepared. We are so happy we chose Roadway and will recommend them to anyone else we know who is moving.

Christina Elezaj

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway Moving made my move an absolute breeze. My boyfriend and I felt overwhelmed and underprepared to move and the guys from Roadway got us out and into our new place quickly and without incident. They were also both very nice and polite. I couldn't imagine a better experience, if i could give 6 stars, I would! Use Roadway Moving, you won't regret it!

Zachariah Porter

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Working with Roadway Moving has been amazing! I moved from Massachusetts to New York so naturally I was nervous. Roadway Moving was super responsive to all my questions and concerns. The day of my move they packed everything up perfectly and got it into the truck in about two hours. I couldn’t believe how fast they worked. The next day they dropped off everything on time. Nothing broken, everything is in perfect condition. Chris and his team went above and beyond. They were efficient, super nice, and hard working guys. They even took my empty boxes on the way out! I can’t thank Roadway Moving enough for making this huge move so seamless. 10/10 would recommend and will definitely being using them again for future moves! Thanks guys!

Herbert D.

A small local move, smooth as a finely tuned violin. Early arrival, everyone in sync, personable team leader, no surprises, neatly and cleanly executed. I highly recommend Roadway.

Ed H.

Excellent service. Price was competitive. Pickup and delivery were within the stated windows. Nothing was damaged. Communication was good. What more to say?

Maria Chan

Fantastic service and professionalism since the moment you contact them to get a quote. It gave such a peace of mind! They handle everything with care and the movers were the nicest persons ever (shout out to Richard!) would definitely hire Roadway again for my next move.

eden M.

Very well. The movers delicately packed everything, moved everything, and unpacked everything. They also reassembled all the furniture and put everything where I wanted it. I would definitely use this service again.

Emily Vlass

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway moving was incredible from start to finish. They gave us tons of options - our favorite being that we could “partial pack” and choose which parts of our apartment we wanted assistance in packing. Our representative was accommodating and delivered us boxes promptly. Our moving team was kind, fast, and efficient. Everyone was extremely professional. We are so thankful to have chosen roadway moving for a great experience!

Elana Fishman

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Moving (especially in NYC) can be extremely stressful, but my husband and I had the absolute best experience with Roadway during our recent move. Communication was stellar throughout the booking and planning stage, and our assigned team arrived right on time on moving day. Their packing services are worth EVERY penny; everything was wrapped and boxed with the utmost care, and they even created a custom box for our giant TV (my husband's pride and joy) to safely transport it to our new place. Plus, Richard (our team leader) and his crew were so friendly and kept us laughing the whole time they were packing our stuff; exactly what you need when you're emotional about leaving your apartment of over a decade! Once we arrived at our new home, they helped assemble everything and get us set up — and when we decided to part with one older piece of furniture that didn't quite fit the vibe, they even carried it downstairs to the curb for us. We're not planning to move again anytime soon, but one thing's for sure: We'll be using Roadway again the next time we do.

Bruce C.

Our recent move with Roadway was flawless from beginning to end. Their responsiveness and genuine care went way beyond our expectations. The movers were extremely skilled, professional and passionate about their jobs (which is very rare these days ). We were billed for exactly what we were quoted. We only wish we could give them 6 stars! Without reservation I would highly recommend them to anyone who is moving.

Ariel Scheer Stein

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I just moved from Brooklyn to NJ on Monday and Roadway Moving took all the stress out of our move! From start to finish, everyone at Roadway was incredibly professional, helpful, communicative and warm. I’m SO grateful that they did all the packing for us and made our move to the suburbs so smooth and easy! We will definitely be using them if/when we ever move again!

Diana Bekesh

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Look no further... you found your movers! Roadway was professional, and attentive to detail. From Alex's help with my quote to, customer service from Chaquetta, Luciano, and Guadalupe! Not to forget Eduardo, who led his team with our move. Rarely do I write a review, but had to thank Roadways team!

Eric Sedeno

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness


They did a great job! The guys were super friendly and moved my things down 5 flights of stairs with no damage. They also worked super quickly, I was done moving in 3 hours! Great experience and I would definitely recommend

Naya Ashley Ford

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Roadway moved my entire storage unit in literally 30 minutes. They were quick and efficient and made my move extremely easy! Very communicative the entire way.

Stephen Krugle

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

This month has been so incredibly busy. We decided to move locally to a new place, and I'm so thankful for our movers from Roadway Moving. They truly made the moving process so much easier and way less stressful. The team worked so quickly and efficiently while also taking great care of our belongings. Thank you so much Roadway! Y'all were truly amazing! I will absolutely use them again for any future moves!

ashley N.

Roadway moving is the absolute best! I have now used Roadway Moving three times for three major moves, the most recent being my biggest move to date leaving NYC (in the midst of a pandemic!) and moving to Texas. Each time I have worked with Roadway their team of men have been extraordinary, incredibly professional, efficient and friendly. They have taken some of the most stressful days of my life and made them easier - these guys are genuinely wonderful people who are there to help take the stress out of moving. Their efficiency is unbelievable, they packed my entire one bedroom apartment and loaded it in under 3 hours - that is absolutely incredible. Not to mention they hand wrapped all of my breakable items to ensure their safety (and yes they arrived with all of the materials to pack me up!) and labled my boxes so that I could easily access what was a "priority" when they arrived at my new home in Texas. I've said it now for over two years and will continue to say it, these guys are the best and the Roadway Moving team does incredible work.

Raymond K.

Roadway moving made my move from NYC to Miami a breeze. They were professional, courteous and very understanding with respect to timing and logistics. I spoke with Ken and he walked me through the whole moving process and made me fully aware of the costs behind the service and ensured that there would be no hidden fees at the completion of the move. The movers called to give me 24 hours advanced notice of the move and gave me a 2 hour time window as to when they would show up. I requested the earliest time available on a Saturday morning on the first weekend of August (a very busy moving month) and the company was very accommodating as the movers showed up at 10:00am on the dot. The movers took great precaution and care when handling and packing my belongings and it took approximately 2 hours to pack everything inside a 1 bedroom apt. My belongings arrived in Miami a couple of weeks later and again, I was given a 24 hours courtesy call, informing when my things should be arriving. The movers were very courteous and professional. I asked them to unload everything upstairs and to be mindful of leaving any scuff marks on the floors and walls as they moved my stuff inside my new home. They had no problem obliging to my request and were very conscious about leaving any unwanted marks behind. All in all, I had a great experience with Roadway Moving and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional moving company. Their prices were competitive and their quality of service was unparalleled. 5 out of 5 stars.

T S.

Very trying time for my aunt when my uncle passed away but needed to get a moving company to get her items to her new apartment in Arlington, VA. She wanted to make sure that the guys would be honest, polite and understanding of her situation. Their pricing was competitive and were much more responsive to any questions we had. Their communication alone made them hands down a 100x's better than the other companies we contacted. Jose and his crew arrived early and were extremely efficient. Everything was packed up and in the truck before we knew it. They were very good at keeping a smile on my aunt's face despite everything. We contacted Mario to make sure the items would be received within the time frame the sales person had given us. She was extremely happy to know that her items would be arriving a lot sooner than anticipated. What pleased her the most was that the same guys that helped her were there to deliver the items. She said that they had everything done in no time and that she couldn't have been more pleased. From the pricing to the communication to making my aunt feel a bit more at ease during a tough time, we couldn't have asked for better service.

Trevor Holmes

Roadway Moving is hands down the best moving company. I actually got scammed by another company before, then a friend recommended Roadway and I couldn’t have been happier with their service. They are extremely professional, and kind. What else can you ask for from a moving company? Highly recommend!!!

Megan Uy

This was my first time ever using a moving service, and I don't think it could've gone any better. The service was speedy, organized, and delicate—special shout-out to Lucio, Antonio, and Sefereno who are real-life superheroes. But also the behind-the-scenes process of setting up everything so that all went smoothly was incredible thanks to the sales and marketing team Roadway. I am more than pleased and am so happy I trusted Roadway. You must work with them if you're moving any time soon!!

Ashley N.

I have now used Roadway Moving three times for three major moves, the most recent being my biggest move to date leaving NYC (in the midst of a pandemic!) and moving to Texas. Each time I have worked with Roadway their team of men have been extraordinary, incredibly professional, efficient and friendly. They have taken some of the most stressful days of my life and made them easier - these guys are genuinely wonderful people who are there to help take the stress out of moving. Their efficiency is unbelievable, they packed my entire one bedroom apartment and loaded it in under 3 hours - that is absolutely incredible. Not to mention they hand wrapped all of my breakable items to ensure their safety (and yes they arrived with all of the materials to pack me up!) and labled my boxes so that I could easily access what was a "priority" when they arrived at my new home in Texas. I've said it now for over two years and will continue to say it, these guys are the best and the Roadway Moving team does incredible work.

Aja O.

These guys were professional and easy to work with when we moved my mother in law from NYC to New Mexico. Her stuff arrived intact (with very few glitches) and the movers brought it right to our door, moving it in fast. They were really helpful, and we're so grateful for their reliable services and good communication. Highly recommended.

Princez D.

I recently moved from Bk to NYC, and the team at roadway made this transition seamless. They sent a consultant to my apartment to discuss my upcoming move and then sent boxes to assist with my packing. Everyone knows that moving isn't fun, but somehow this company made it easy for my husband and I. When we arrived at our new apartment, all the boxes were in the correct room and ready to be unpacked. Overall, I was highly impressed with this experience and would recommend them in the future.

Koka T.

Great service, clean move, everything done accurately and on time

Judith H.

I purchased an Angie's List Big Deal for this service and they are going to be doing work for me this weekend. It went very well and they set up the coupon. The company representatives have already called me as far as times. They have provided excellent, excellent service.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Great move with roadway moving. Drivers kept me updated with their eta as they were a bit behind schedule but they made up for it with their speedy packing and wrapping. Amazing staff and dispatcher who called to confirm the move a few days prior. Overall great experience and highly recommend.

Ilana Dunn

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I truly could not have asked for a better move!!!! From start to finish, the Roadway Moving team was an absolute dream. They dropped off boxes weeks in advance, stayed in contact to confirm moving details throughout the month, arrived right on time, were so friendly, wrapped everything with such care, and made our moving process as seamless as possible. I can't believe I'm saying this but my move was actually completely stress-free. My movers were so nice and encouraged us to sit back and relax while they took care of everything. I can't recommend Roadway more highly if I tried. Thanks for helping my boyfriend and I move in together!!!!!!!

Molly C.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

First of all, thank GOODNESS, for Roadway Moving! We had booked our move with another moving company who ghosted us after taking our deposit. I called Roadway in a complete panic one day before our move. Ken, the representative, was so kind, sympathetic, knowledgeable and helpful. He arranged an entire move for us in less than 24hrs and we were able to get out of our apartment on time! Tino and his crew packed all of our things quickly and with great care, reassembled everything and were they were all pleasant people. Nothing was broken. Best of all, there was no up-charging. The price I was quoted was the price I paid. I also really appreciated that Michelle from the client success team checked in on me throughout and after the move. Communication with this company was excellent. I am so grateful to them for turning a very stressful situation into a success. Thank you!

Kaiti Yoo

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

I was really nervous for this move as it was my first "adult" move after graduating from college so I had no idea what to expect, but the Roadway moving staff was incredibly kind and made me feel very at ease. They were gentle with all items and waited patiently while I sorted out logistics with storage unit staff, apartment doormen, etc. Thank you Roadway Moving for making this transition memorable and special in the best way!

Katie Thurston

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

I've hired movers in the past but nothing compares to the level of the service and care I received from Roadway Moving. They took extra care of my items during a move and storage job I needed. I fully trusted my items to be stored safely and delivered a week later. I will be using them again!

What E.

Great moving company, on time and very professional. I highly recommend this company. Took great care of my furniture.

Laura G.

I called and requested a quote from Efrain. He was nice, professional and efficient on the telephone. The quote was the second highest of the 10 that I had requested from various companies, but we decided to go with Roadway because of their excellent reviews on Yelp. The process with Efrain of setting up the move and all of the paperwork went very well, I did feel like Efrain went out of his way to help us in a "trusted friend type of way." The day of the move the moving team of Avi and his workers carried our items down to the truck with care, wrapped the furniture and other items with equal care, and were nice, professional and efficient in getting the items out of the apartment and into the truck. I think they did an excellent job, they seemed to take care of our belongings in a kind and considerate way. We were home one day and I got a call that the furniture and boxes would be delivered that second day. The boxes and furniture were delivered exactly as promised by Elad and Dakota. They carried the furniture and boxes in with the same care as the NY team, and had to carry them up one flight of stairs to the second floor. They did an excellent job of putting everything where I wanted it ((I was a bit fussy about this). They really worked hard to please me and I am so thrilled that my belongings are here in NC in great condition and nothing was lost. In summary I am happy that I did the research to find a company that put my belongings on one of their own trucks and then transported it to another state on one of their trucks with their employees. This was the reason for the price difference, but I truly believe that you get what you pay for and I wanted a reputable company to do my move as my belongings are very important to me and I did not want them lost or broken.

Melanie white

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway Moving made my move SO easy! They packed up all of my items perfectly and quickly. I never lifted a finger and was so relaxed throughout a process that is usually so stressful. The movers were very personable and arrived early to make sure they were all set up and ready to begin. The idea of having someone pack my belongings for me was making me nervous but the movers made me feel very at ease and I couldn’t have asked for a better moving team. All of my items were packed with enough padding to keep everything safe during the move. If you are looking for a stress free move, I would highly recommend Roadway for your next move!!

Jessica R.

Once again these guys didn't disappoint! I can't recommend them enough and will continue to use them for all my moving needs. In fact, I've recommended them to everyone I know. They are very accommodating on every level. They are courteous and polite and really alleviate much of the stress of moving. From communication to scheduling to the actual movers themselves, it all flows seamlessly. Such a nice experience in a city that can be so treacherous. Kudos again roadway and thank you for making my move ever so easy!

Noah Beck

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway Moving made moving easy! They were efficient and careful with all of my belongings as well as personable and responsive. The team was great from start to finish, responding to our initial moving request quickly to the actual move a week later. I definitely recommend Roadway for your next move!

Lucy L.

This is the 2nd time we have used roadway moving so my expectation was high and boy did they delivered. The service was nothing but superb, nice respectful people from office to the young men that moved our stuff as I was handling the pickup end of the move and my husband already started work in CA When I called their office for a new quote, as I thought it would be the same stuff as last time I asked for a price quote over the phone and my representative was able to look up the info from my last move and gave me a new quote for this cross country move, I was hoping it was that easy but since I had asked about storage and packing, Ken was quick to offer and stop by my home to price out the different service options One of the best thing I liked about this company is their straight forwardness with no BS in their pitch, in the past whenever I had to get 3 quotes for my employer they always picked the cheapest and worst company leaving me with headaches and broken stuff, now my husbands employer knows better and let us do what we need to do On the pickup day, Adrian and his team arrived early to my home and did a beautiful job packing up our furniture, electronics and kitchen (we did our own clothing and linen this time), something new I noticed that they carry a iPad with them to scan and label my stuff with barcode on it (didn't have that in my last move but I suppose because it was because of a shorter distance) they worked hard throughout the day and didn't finish until early evening Fast forward to today as I was shopping with my son my husband called and told me the good news that our furniture were delivered in Cali and surprisingly the gentleman who delivered our stuff Sengame and his team was even managed to fix the mystery sound that our recliner sofa makes for the longest time Thank you roadway for another smooth relocation service, we paid exactly the same as quoted, stuff arrived relatively quickly with no drama or issues

Terry S.

Jose and his crew moved my apartment this afternoon. They were very efficient and did a great job. Now I wait to get my furniture in AZ.... Hopefully it will be just as smooth.

Casey Purlia Johnson

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Definitely 5 stars, all the way! This was my easiest, quickest, and efficient move I've ever been a part of (and I have moved many times). The communication is unheard of with a moving company. The customer service team is super transparent with you from the beginning about what the job will entail and locks in a price at how much you can expect it to cost. The movers came in with the best positive energy, and made sure every single item was safe and tucked away. They boxed and wrapped extra stuff I didn't even ask them to. Seriously sooo easy and stress- free!

David V.

Roadway was great, they came in under their maximum estimate by 2 hours, the crew was friendly and prompt and the service provided by the staff was solid. Nothing came out broken or missing, and it was really refreshing after working with some other companies on getting quotes. I couldn't recommend them more.

Bobbie K.

I needed to move a 3 bedroom home from CA to NY. I got a quote from the local company I had used a few times, my gf told me that using pods was the way to go and finally Roadway. The first company came onsite to take an inventory of all of my stuff (why did I own so much stuff). After learning about all their great reviews and awards I decided to go with them. Interestingly enough I had to call for confirmation a few weeks out and we realized that no one sent me a contract! Luckily I was moving mid-month so it was not a problem. The guys arrived EARLY (7:30am before I had my coffee) and helped me a lot since I was only about 85%. Santos, the foreman, was great. I had my 11 y/o son give them a steady supply of gatorade and then I asked them what they wanted for lunch. They were all done by 3 or 4 and I gave them all a nice tip. I have 3 items that a precious to me, an Italian made china cabinet with big glass doors, a large handmade stain glass mirror and my glass top dining room table. EVERYTHING was in perfect condition on the NY side! I will make sure my mom uses this company when she moves to her condo in a couple of months, thank you.

Rachel D.

I have nothing but amazing things to say about my recent move with Roadway (and I never write reviews). I was seriously traumatized from using a different company in NYC (Katz moving) for my last move and was so nervous. However, Diego and his team absolutely went above and beyond. I moved from Brooklyn to Weehawken (2 bed, 2 bath) and they started at 9 am and were done by 2:30 pm. I was completely shocked and cannot recommend them enough, esp Diego's team. Our last experience took over 12 hours because the movers continuously disappeared...moving is stressful enough without worrying about the reliability of the crew. Also, our move cost was exactly what we were quoted, they didn't add any additional fees on at the end. Cannot recommend Roadway enough!!

Daijin K.

Came and packed up our 2 bedroom apartment in NYC, and moved it all over to Queens. They reassembled the main furniture, and everything went well. Would definitely use them again for a future move.

Mari Llewellyn

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Roadway Moving made our move into our new home so easy, we can't thank them enough! The team was incredibly professional and efficient. We anticipated the move to take all day, but the team was super quick and we were done before we knew it! Thank you so much for making this experience so pleasant and stress- free!

Maddie Tsang

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

Service: Local moving

I've moved a lot in the past several years, but my move a couple of days ago with Roadway Moving was by far the smoothest. Richard + the team were right on time at 9am in the morning, and got all of my boxes and furniture out of my old apartment in the East Village within an hour and a half. From there, I met them at my new apartment in Kips Bay, and they had everything there within the next hour and a half.

All of my furniture and boxes were transferred safely with no breakages, and Richard + team also helped me to break down and re-place my furniture. The team was extremely friendly and helpful and I felt super comfortable having them handle all of my things. Also, the team wore masks the entire time, as an extra COVID precaution.

I would absolutely use Roadway Moving again in the future, and can't recommend them enough!

Marla F.

Okay little weird that I'm leaving 5 Stars even though I ultimately didn't decide to hire Roadway Moving... Why you ask? I'm compelled to write an excellent review for them after a phone conversation I had with an employee yesterday afternoon. I'll be moving from Gramercy to the UES (about 45 blocks away) within the month. I found Roadway Moving on Yelp after searching the hella saturated market for a few days. I used the Request A Quote feature which was effortless. My move is a bit niche because I'm not moving any furniture except a standing mirror, small end table and medium sized bench-- so I really just need someone to help transport maybe 10-15 boxes. Rewind to yesterday when I got the call from them asking for more details of the move. I WAS SO IMPRESSED WITH HOW THIS EMPLOYEE CONDUCTED HIMSELF! I've been speaking with several NYC movers trying to find the right business to help me with my very minimal moving needs with no luck and a bad taste in my mouth. Lots of high pressure, some harassing by back calling nonstop, etc. The quote I received from them was around $900 which I immediately explained was way out of my budget due to the minimal nature of my move. The male employee was so professional, kind and courteous. We agreed it wasn't the right fit and he proceeded to give me some helpful moving tips by recommending renting a U-Haul instead since it's such a small move (they really specialize in giving more economical prices for larger moves). He gave me the best city to pick up a truck because they're pretty scarce in Manhattan at the moment. The point is-- he could've easily hung up but instead he chatted with me for a few minutes just to help me out. This is important! Every other NYC moving company please take note: Although they weren't the right mover for me at this time, based on how genuine, professional with no hard pressure, you bet I'm going to blast this company to all my friends and family for when they move. This is how you win referrals and scale your business organically, these guys truly have their priorities in check by focusing on the customer's needs first. So with that, bravo! And to whoever I spoke with yesterday-- thank you for your help. It was a breath of fresh air to speak to someone who wasn't hammering me with pressure into paying for more than what I really need.

Douglas C D.

Roadway and their employees were some of the most professional, courteous and hardworking individuals that I have ever worked with. They made the hard work seem easy. It all started with Tony Jeter, continued with the packers and a great ending by the actual movers. I should have copied their names, my bad on that mistake. I have never been more satisfied with movers especially with all the negative info you hear about moving companies. Roadway communicated with me at least 15 times, wow! No wonder they have so many trucks, a lot of people use them. They gave me an arrival window and were there in the early part of window to our surprise and Joy.

Katie Tutrone

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

I could not emphasize enough how easy Roadway made moving in NYC. I've moved every year for the past 5 years and it's normally a horrible experience moving in the city, but Roadway really turned that around and made it into an entirely stress-free more. First off, they showed up early to secure a spot and then were ready for move on the dot. We were so ahead of schedule the entire time. I never had to lift a finger!! While they were so fast at packaging every single item, they were even faster at undoing everything on the other side - I could not believe it! Not to mention, Carlos and the rest of the movers were great vibes and very kind and thoughtful throughout the whole process - asking where each item went and offering to package up miscellaneous items. Big thanks to Roadway for making moving an actually enjoyable experience.

Dominek Tubbs

Services: Furniture assembly, Local moving, Moving-related packing

Can we talk about moving? It is stressful and I am past the age of inviting some friends to help us move and the payment in the form of a pizza and soda.

My husband and I recently found an apartment three blocks away from our apartment and our busy work schedules would not allow for us to rent a truck and move our own items. Roadway came recommended by a friend and it was the second-best decision I made this month next to picking our fab apartment.

The movers arrived on time, wore masks, and practiced social distancing the entire time. We opted to pack our items but we had several miscellaneous items when the Roadway team came and they quickly boxed those items in a SUFFICIENT amount of padding to protect our values. We have a two-bedroom apartment and they were able to pack up the whole apartment in under two hours. The team took about an hour to move our belongings into our new apartment and even offered to take some of the boxes we broke down during the delivery.

Using Roadway allowed me to have a stress-less day so I could focus on the larger tasks associated with moving.

Thanks to Diego and his team for moving us this week and putting us at ease!

Leah S.

This is the first time I have used a moving company. Now I think "is there any other way" NO not if you use these guys. They made my move seem like a day in the park. Polite, pleasant and could not have been more helpful. Not one broken or missing item. I felt like we were all good friends by the end of the day.

Mark S.

Just fine. Roadway's great. You should use them!

Jhoan Estrella

Grace Tran

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I had a local move in Los Angeles and decided to hire roadway moving to do the job. Let me just say— Wow! I was impressed. The movers are so fast and efficient. Moving is never fun, but I am so grateful they made it so easy. I’ve moved 3 times within the span of 2 years and had hired 3 different moving companies, and roadway moving by far is my favorite. I will definitely be hiring them again for my future moves! Thank you roadway moving for doing such a great job and making things go so smoothly!

David “All or Nothing R.C.” Scanlon

I got the job

Kylie Ramos

My roommate and I had such an amazing experience with Roadway Moving last weekend. I’ll be the first to admit that I hate moving, but Rodrigo and his team made it SO easy. We were moved and settled all in a day! I can’t imagine doing it without them honestly. Thank you guys so much!!!! I’ll be back :)

Mivian P.

I booked Roadway because I had to move unexpectedly in short notice and I couldn't have possibly done it myself. I packed most of my things but when they arrived, they helped me pack the few items I had left quickly. The foreman, Richard was amazing and he assured my family that our things were in good hands. They even moved our refrigerator down the stairs with no problem! When we arrived to our new house they didn't waste no time and got straight to bringing our stuff upstairs. Although we had so many items they managed to get everything done in just a few hours. I've moved around a lot when I was younger but never with a moving company. I would definitely hire them again in the future because it made everything stress free. A job that would have taken my family a week to go back and forth from the old house to the new one only took them a few hours with their truck. I'm super grateful for everything they've done and so happy I can settle into my new house without worrying about bringing more things.

Avery Rizzotto

Positive: Professionalism

Roadway Moving made it so easy for me to move all of my furniture from my home in Florida to my new apartment in New York. The movers handled all of my belongings with care and even wrapped and protected my furniture to ensure no damage happened during the moving process. As a first time mover, this was such a breeze and made it so seamless to get my things across the country. I recommend Roadway to anyone who is looking for a kind staff, great price and extremely professional service.

Andrew W.

We just moved with Roadway last week and it was awesome. We went with the full-pack, and moving has never been easier. The last time we moved 5 years ago, we did a self-pack and for an entire week we were packing. This time, Roadway packed and moved us all in one day. The team wore their masks and kept their distance, I only wish I had mapped out where to put the boxes in our new house better

Ambreen Q.

BEST MOVERS EVER! This was my first time moving and I was in excellent hands with Carlos, Colon and Efrain. I will only move with them in the future - they were EXCELLENT, efficient and so very nice too. They took such great care in moving everything and even tried their best to help solve a missing key issue. Don't move with anyone else!

Hélène Heath

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Services: Moving-related storage, In-state moving

Every step of our move with Roadway was super seamless and exceeded any expectations we had. I've moved a lot in my 10 years in nyc and have used several moving companies. Roadway is BY FAR the absolute best i've ever used. From my initial contact with their team until the very last, every person I dealt with was incredibly courteous and helpful: the guy coordinating everything, the customer service people, and the 2 different moving crews we had. They handled all our stuff with such care and went above and beyond to make it all as smooth as possible. Can't recommend them enough.

J G.

I've used Roadway Moving about 6 times over the last year to assist my client's with their moves. I have to say that moving is not something I generally look forward to doing. Always wondering what's going to go wrong. I've definitely had issues with other moving companies over the years but I have to say that by far Roadway has definitely set themselves apart from many other companies out there. They have been there when promised and done exactly what had been discussed. Always professional and courteous. I have been dealing with Joseph since my first move and he has absolutely made sure to be accommodating with anything that I need. Definitely a five star moving company!

Taylor Casey

I had an absolutely incredible experience working with Roadway Movers, specifically with my moving team Raz, Yuri, and Sergio. They went above and beyond to ensure that my moving experience was stress free. They were incredibly detailed oriented, handled all of my items with care, and were extremely personable. I can easily say with no hesitation that I will specifically request working with Raz, Yuri, and Sergio for my next move. I feel so blessed to have been assigned this team and look forward to working with them in the future.

Jody A.

Just had my items picked up to be moved across the country. Communication from the very beginning has been great. Was open to pickup dates and they tried different dates and offered me the better price which was only two days later than a date we picked. Pickup crew was on time, courteous and efficient. Handled my possessions with care. Emails with updates were sent. Would use them again if we need a mover.

Jacob J.

This is the best moving company hands-down I have ever used! I needed a technical piece of equipment moved for my bosses company. Not only is this machine heavy (more than 2500 pounds) it is EXTREMELY sensitive. I was so impressed with this company. Not only did they move the machine without a problem they did not change the price or add any additional fee like all the other movers we have used over the years. The staff are super professional and after they left I was so impressed I had to write this review. They really are as good as it gets!!!

Patricia W.

Moved household from NY to Arizona. Outstanding experience.

Dan G.

I recently used Roadway Moving, for my cross-country move from New York to Louisiana, and had an excellent experience. I think I ended up calling ~8 companies, and received quotes from $4.5k to $12k, with Roadway moving coming in at the lower to middle end. After speaking with Joseph in their sales department, I must say, he was true to his word. Not only did he guide me through the entire process, and what to expect, but he was easily reachable, at multiple points, throughout the planning, moving, and follow up process. Given the wide range of quotes, I was a bit nervous that Roadway would try to find some way to increase the cost for one thing or another, so I requested a person to come and offer an in-person quote (in addition to their online quote). I was very surprised to see that their estimate did NOT change. On moving day, the Roadway Moving team came on time, were friendly, and did an excellent job disassembling packing our heavy, solid wood, furniture, and electronics (along with boxes we packed ourselves). To give them even more credit, one piece of furniture we had (a custom made desk) - ended up having a loose leg prior to the move, so they ended up removing it to prevent it from completely breaking (And provided recommendations on delivery to get it fixed without a problem). After they picked up our furniture, it ended up taking ~10-12 days to get everything in Louisiana. The delivery team was just as friendly as the pickup team, and they went through each and every item on the list to ensure nothing was missing. I must say, I was honestly quite surprised at how smoothly the process went, and how nothing went missing, the price did not change, and we didn?t run into any hassles. We chose Roadway Moving as they were one of the best rated firms on Yelp?.and honestly, it?s for a reason. Joseph and his team did an excellent job, and I?ll be sure to make sure that everyone knows it.

Lois w.

They came on time. The movers too care to carefully wrap all the furniture pieces. They went above and beyond with all aspects of the move. The price quoted , was the price charged. Not the cheapest, but with movers, you definately get what you pay for. Very professional.

Glenna G.

Very professional,accommodating, and on time. Would use again and absolutely will refer to friends in the future. Crew was great and Efrain was extremely helpful. Made what could have been a very stressful time much easier.

Victoria P

The best moving experience ever. The Roadway team helped me move from Chicago to Nyc and the entire process was perfect. Their team was in constant communication with me from the initial reach out to letting me know when my items would arrive in nyc! They know exactly how to handle every item with care from small artwork to desks, couches and beds. We truly love to see it. Highly recommend going with Roadway for your next move, they are the best there is.

Olivia McDowell

Had the best experience moving with Roadway, they handled all of my items with so much love and care! I moved units within my building and they were able to complete the entire move within 45 minutes!

Nicole R.

Using roadway was a BEYOND wonderful experience. They were professional, friendly and extremely efficient. They came on time, took apart my furniture and handled my items with care. They were patient and hard workers. I highly recommend them for any move!

Pamela M.

My move isn't complete yet so this is slightly premature, but so far so good. They came and got everything and were flexible with me about holding things in storage for an indefinite period of time before moving it from Philly to my destination. The moving guys were patient and responsible and took good care of my stuff, including many family antiques I was fretting about. The only problem is there was a miscommunication and they moved the stuff down to Florida before they were supposed to and without notifying me ahead of time. However, so far, they have been civilized about rectifying the situation, putting the stuff in storage in the area for the same price we had agreed on in Philly, and if it turns out my move lands me in New York instead of Miami I won't be charged for the distance portion of that. We shall see. But they have been easy to reach, forthcoming, and apologetic, so I am not too worried. I will have to see if all my stuff made it through the move with all the different pit stops, but so far I would recommend Warner's to others.

Allison McWhite

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Too good! After five moves in New York this is the only one I have felt good about. Roadway took care of my items, packed for me and even fixed my vintage dresser. (Within two hours I might add) Alan also made this experience especially good for us. Can't wait to move again and use them!

Shonit Sajip

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway moving made my move easy. They were very professional, took good care of all the items and transported it safely. I would highly recommend this company.


Wonderful experience. The team was very nice, respectful, and enjoyed their help. I have very expensive furniture that is very fragile or bright white and the team took amazing care of everything. It was wrapped nicely. No damages and no stains. Will definitely be using them again for any future moving needs!

Chloe C

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

I had a move today,10/6/21, and I had a great experience with Roadway Moving. They came on time and made my move seamless and super quick and easy. I literally did nothing as they packed everything for me and transported it into my new apartment! They even built my bedframe for me which was so nice of them. I truly recommend their moving company to anyone looking for movers. They are the best!!!

Darrell H.


Donna G.

relocated my entire household contents from new York to Florida

Claire Manship

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway Moving completed my move yesterday and it was so easy and quick! The movers were kind, professional, and caring of my stuff. They asked questions regarding my preferences for packing, and gave me clear timelines and expectations throughout the process. I'm unpacking the boxes today, and I'm so impressed with how efficient and careful the movers were with everything from lamps to artwork to fragile boxes. I would definitely recommend using Roadway Moving for short or long distance moves!

Melissa F

I have used Roadway Moving for 3 of my moves now. They’re super professional, always arrive promptly and overall make moving day an easy experience. All of my furniture arrived safely. They even took apart and built the bigger pieces for me at my new place. They are the best and I will use them again on my next move.

Christina Redd-King

This was by far the easiest and most seamless move of my life. The staff were professional, efficient, and friendly. Can't recommend Roadway moving enough. Hopefully I won't be moving again for a while, but they are definitely a company I would use again in the future.

Danielle K.

One of the best experiences I have ever had with a move , roadway guys went above and beyond , wrapping and boxing all of my furniture labeling everything and making this move so easy and stress free. Upon delivery they had a check list for me with all of my boxes and furniture to make sure nothing was loss . They helped me unpack and build all furniture. These guys also had mask and took all appropriate precautions to ensure the safest move .

Beth C.

I was very impressed with the protection of my furniture. 5 men on pack-up of relatively small home. Wrapped everything triple times. I had one thing damaged and they reimbursed me in a timely manner and I think that was only because the unpacking was a little less fantastic then pack up. Only two guys came and I felt like they really had to kill themselves to get it done. I would definitely use again but ask for at least 3 men on delivery especially since my move included a baby grand piano. Overall best movers I ever had and I have had many.

Christina Harris

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

This was my second time doing a move with Roadway & once again, I was not let down. I moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn with them. They showed up to my apartment promptly & were able to wrap everything up for me & get everything loaded into the moving truck within an hour. Once we got to my new home, the unloading/unwrapping process was just as quick. My move started at 9AM and it was fully completed by 12PM. Richard was absolutely incredible, him and his team were so attentive in terms of making sure everything was taken care of. I would absolutely use Roadway again for my next move!

Kelly Wakasa

Roadway was an absolute breeze working with! Easiest move i've ever done and i've moved 5 times in the last 5 years! I've never seen people pack more efficiently and carefully. This moving process I didn't have to lift a finger and was pleased with the entire process. If I ever move again I know who to call!

Elmie F.

Have you heard stories of a psycho hormonal #prego lady moving? Well, that was NOT me! Miguel Rivera and his team handled my every request and solved every hint of a problem before I could formulate a full sentence explaining it. They were so sweet with my 3 year old daughter, she felt like a star the whole day. Roadway conducted a walk-through appointment via Zoom beforehand, and after the sales person took a note of everything we’re moving, I was given a guaranteed quote that doesn’t change regardless of the time the move would take. I loved not feeling rushed. The guys worked very efficiently but also took extra care of all of our stuff. Our “new” apartment is actually located in an old pre-war building with no elevator. All of our furniture and boxes had to be brought up 3 flights of stairs. The “highlight” was the couch not fitting through the apartment door at which point Miguel took the door off instead of unwrapping the couch which would most likely damage it. 2 doors and a few tight turns later, the couch stood intact in the room of my choosing. After which my husband ran to the ATM because the suggested tip amount that we prepared didn’t seem sufficient to express our gratitude. I highly recommend Roadway to everyone who wants the least stressful move.

Rose H.

The move was perfect in all ways. They have the best people working for them! Great communication, pricing and customer service. Truly the best!

Branford D.

Very honest, very polite and professional. The 3 men assigned to the move were excellent. They were considerate and efficient. I labeled all 60 of my boxes and each piece of furniture. The guys organized everything as they took it off the truck and put everything in the proper place. They deserved a good tip, which I was happy to give. One thing that isn't explained up front is that moves are priced by cubic feet of space they take up in the truck. Give an accurate account of what you have: count boxes that you pack, specify each piece of furniture, mirrors, flights of stairs and if they are packing anything or if you will pack. Confirm it the day before so the price can be adjusted accordingly and there will be no surprises.

Raya H

Absolutely the best moving company I’ve ever used! They were kind, communicative and made sure all of my furniture was packed up safely and with care. Carlos was especially amazing! They are so quick too! I’ll NEVER use another moving company again.

Amy Ordman

Great people, fast move!

Jimmy M.

Moved my one bedroom apt from NYC to the suburbs on short notice and under the original budget. The guys on the truck were great. The office was a little slow to confirm issuance of the certificate of insurance but otherwise fine. The total bill was about half of one other estimate and nothing was damaged.

Jazmine Garcia

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I cannot say enough great things about Roadway Moving. I’ll be the first to admit that moving is a nightmare. The decluttering, packing, moving heavy items, hauling it to the new space, figuring out which box belongs in what room… it’s just not fun. Roadway Moving actually made the move exciting. Marcos and his team were incredible from beginning to end. They showed up charismatic and ready to get to work. They packed everything with the ultimate care, laid out a runway mat to avoid damaging floors while rolling boxing and heavy furniture out, and just all around SO kind and so patient. You can tell they really care about making the customer happy and leaving them stress free. Everything was organized and they were so meticulous and even did a video walk thru at the end to show they packs everything since my boyfriend and I couldn’t be there in person. They genuinely went above and beyond. I can’t imagine ever working with any other moving company again. Roadway Moving is the BEST OF THE BEST.

Jazmyn Smith

I was so nervous to have my stuff moved but roadway made it so easy and took care of all my items. I will absolutely use them again!

Hunter M.

My husband and I travel a ton for work so we were dreading the moving experience but when we came across Roadway moving later relocation service we had the biggest weight lifted off our shoulders. Alon and his team came in to our apartment and packed up everything (perfectly might I add) top to bottom. From our couch, to our dishes, to my clothing. Then they moved everything and unpacked!!! They were quick, efficient, and such a pleasure to work with. My husband and i were actually able to look forward to moving because the experience was so seamless and gave us such a peace of mind.

Donna P.

They moved us into our new city apartment and were fantastic from start to finish!! I have many moving nightmare stories from all of our previous moves but this is the first time that I hadxa stress-free moving experience. Soooo great!!

Kelly Tyson

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, , ValueResponsiveness

We had the most seamless moving experience with Roadway. Andrew, Salamanca, and Juan were our moving team and they were amazing. They were on-time, explained everything to expect, packed everything with care and made the move quickly. I cannot recommend them enough!!

audrey k.

I've used Roadway twice in the past six months, once for a local NYC move and once for a long distance NY-CA move. Both times they were hyper-professional, transparent, responsive, and really a pleasure to work with. Both the sales team (Chris Buck) and the day-of movers (Ionut, Zurita, Doru) were terrific. The move was crazy efficient - they had my 1-bedroom packed and totally emptied in 3 hours (not to mention they showed up RIGHT on time, even a couple minutes early, so I wouldn't have to wait around). Super pleasant and bend-over-backwards accommodating. At first the price might seem high in an absolute sense, but if you think about all of the time, energy, and labor they save you, it's absolutely worth it - and not more expensive than everyone else. If you want it to be as low-stress and low-risk as possible, I'd recommend working with Roadway.

Aviel M.

My experience was very positive, The company sent 5 guys to pick up my stuff from Florida and 3 back here in Jersey. The crew was very carful and worked non-stop for several hours till my house was completely empty. I was very satisfy especially because my previous experience with moving companies are bad. This guys are very organized, from the first phone call I knew Im working with professionals, They came on time and surprisingly did not brake anything - thats really all I care about. I would defiantly used them again if needed!

Tilden B.

I worked with Roadway Moving the previous year when moving from NYC to Hoboken & it went so well that I couldn't think of another moving company I'd rather use again for my move to the suburbs! Our movers were so professional and made the entire process way less stressful; they even helped us pack some of our last minute items (probably better than we would ourselves.) During these COVID times, it was so reassuring to know we could safely work/move with a company that cares about the comfort of its clients so strongly. Will absolutely hire again for the next move in the future!

Megan P.

Absolutely amazing, roadway was a dream to work with. They were COVID CAUTIOUS and super respectful to me and my things. The team was enjoyable to talk to and super efficient.


The experience was very, very positive. The service was simply impeccable. Both pick-up and delivery were performed on time, in an orderly, neat, careful fashion. At pick up, all my items were carefully packed, or wrapped, and barcode labeled. At delivery, all the items were unpacked, or unwrapped, and all the packing and wrapping material was neatly taken away. Every single Roadway's employee I interfaced with was courteous and professional. All the promises made to me by Roadway's salesman, Ken Chen, during my initial telephone conversation with the company, which resulted in my choosing them, were kept. I will use them again and I highly recommend them.

Al C.

Very professional crew. Did an excellent job in packing and delivery. Would recommend them highly to my friends

Ethan Pine

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I could have been better prepared for my move but the crew worked with me to get everything packed and moved as fast and as thoroughly as possible. Made what could have been a stressful experience very straightforward and easy. Five stars.

Eric Biggerq

Positive: Professionalism

Roadway Moving service was amazing and efficient! They were on schedule and made it easy for me moving into my new place. They set up everything perfectly and was a big help with hanging things up on my wall, etc. Thank You, Roadway Moving!!!!

Dani Calleiro

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway did an incredible job with my move, they took care of all of my stuff, the movers were timely and friendly, and they took COVID precautions seriously which I appreciated. They also wrapped up my stuff with blankets and plastic, they placed my furniture and they even gave me some extra boxes for something I needed. Overall a great experience and I would use them again!

Honey I Dressed the Pug

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Very stress free and professional move. Nothing was damaged, movers were friendly and accommodating of requests. They did all the packing and overall seemed like one of my easiest moves yet, highly recommen!

Jose M.

They were excellent. Managed to move from a one bedroom apartment into our new home. We were not fully packed but the team easily finished the job and helped us on our way. Moving is always an extremely stressful process but Roadway helped make the transition much better.

Mariana Morais

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I can simply not say enough amazing things about this company! They were so attentive to my every need, and made my moving experience very pleasurable. Everyone worked diligently to get the job done. I would use this company with every single move

Lish L.

Ken was awesome setting me up, and everything was efficient and as they quoted. No hidden fees and very nice and quick service. Nice work!

Nicole S.

Excellent service! Reliable and professional. Definitely will call these guys again for any moving in the future! Highly recommend

Deandra Kanu

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Let me start by saying I wouldn’t be leaving this review if the service I received wasn’t notable. I am a single female who had to move apartments and the whole process stresses me out. When I booked with roadway I knew people said good things about them but I didn’t know to what extent. When the movers arrived (Marcus and Ezekiel - ask for them) they made me feel comfortable and at ease from the moment I met them. They wouldn’t let me lift a finger and took care of every single thing. When we arrived at my new apartment I had some furniture waiting that I had ordered in advance. No where in my contract did it say they had to help me with these items - however they took it upon themselves to help me ASSEMBLE ALL OF MY FURNITURE. On TOP of moving all my things. I honestly want to cry tears of joy because without them it would have taken me days to do it alone. For women especially having people in their home alone can seem scary, but I TRUST this company. Trustworthy, professional, punctual, communicative and all around an amazing experience. Highly recommend. I would literally have not spent time typing this if I didn’t.

Jim Jubb

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Services: Vehicle transport, Interstate moving, Moving-related packing

Roadway moving is the best. I never thought I would be excited about a moving company as I figured how can moving companies be different? They are detail oriented, responsive, polite, and customer oriented. The customer care staff would call me everyday to see how the packers were doing and if I had any questions. The staff was phenomenal: they asked questions during the packing and worked efficiently as a team. The items were wrapped, sealed, and protected which you can’t experience until you hire them. All the employees were polite, courteous and efficient. They even drew pictures on the moving boxes which were already clearly labeled. I highly recommend them and trust me I’m very picky. You will not be disappointed!!!!

Annie W.

I used Roadway for my apartment move for the first weekend in June 2021. While Roadway is one of the more expensive moving companies they were worth every penny. With the other moving companies I reach out to for a quote you have to list every item in your home including how many boxes you will be moving. Those companies came back with lower quotes but I often forgot to add all my belongings to the list. I was worried that they wouldn't move the items I forgot. Roadway instead does a virtual walkthrough of you apartment. I didn't have to send in any lists because their account rep, John, took note of everything. I was confident that everything was accounted for. John took his time explaining the entire process to me. The phone calls and the virtual walkthrough really put me at ease. A few days before the move I was contacted by Shari. She confirmed the move date, answered a few questions I had. Now on to the move. The movers showed up about 15-10 minutes early. The foreman, Diego, did a walkthrough of my apartment and even helped me track down my super to get access to the freight elevator. Diego and his team were amazing! They took were swift and efficient taking care of packing our items. My husband is a fine art handler who deals with artwork with millions on a regular basis. He knows how things should be packed and handled. For me to be impressed is one thing but my husband was equally impressed. From the first knock on my door to the movers placing the last box in my new apartment it took 5 hours (yes I timed it). This included travel time from the Bronx to Queens. After my move Shari contacted me to follow up to make sure everything went smoothly. I went on vacation so it took me some tome to get back to her. Shari continued to follow up until we spoke to ensure I had a perfect move. Thank you John, Shari, Diego and the entire team of movers. If I ever need to move again I will defiantly use Roadway. PS. All you potential clients out there, whether you use Roadway or not, be kind to your movers; give them water, for goodness sake let them use your bathroom and tip well.

Dakota L.

I have moved with Roadway before, and was extremely satisfied with their services! At the beginning of the summer I moved out west to LA for work, and recently was moved back to the east coast. There was no question on who to hire! I immediately called Roadway and was blown away again by the professionalism, tact, and speediness of the whole operation. Arriving at my home in LA on time, protecting my shipment to a T, and continuing to keep me informed until arriving at my new home back in NYC. The crew arrived all in uniform, again on my EXACT preferred move-in date and time, and went to work on my 5 story walk up. They seemed to complete the job with ease, it was apparent that they are highly trained and skilled in their line of work! All of my items in my bedroom were reassembled and placed and then re-placed. (I was picky about the set up of my bedroom) My office desk was also reassembled to perfection, a huge task in itself. I am so grateful to roadway and their team of professionals. In my line of work, I move around a lot. I will never have to worry about a bad experience moving again. I recommend roadway to anybody and everybody!

Zohar Dayan

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Our 5th time working with Roadway, by far the best and most professional movers out there. Crew is super responsive and caring. Can’t recommend them enough. Will definitely choose them again in the future.

Krysellie Rosa

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Service: Interstate moving

I was so impressed by Roadway from the start ! Their organization is impeccable. From the check-in phone calls, to the email confirmations, starting from the day I booked to the day of my move... made me completely stress free! I especially loved how on time and efficient their movers were! They came in , explained how it all was going to go down & executed beautifully! I am 7 months pregnant, and felt completely safe having them in my home wearing their masks correctly & practicing social distancing. I would recommend and use this company again & again !! Thank you sooo much Roadway, for a smooth transition!

Katie B.

After having a nightmare move a year ago with a moving company that turned out to be a broker !!, I was determined to find the best moving company I could . This company , service , staff were all amazing from beginning to end . They moved us from an NY apartment to DC , and delivered by 10am following day . We are facing another move later this year to Boston and hope to request Xavier and his fabulous team . Thanks so much for a stress free professional job

Tina K.

NEVER USE ANYONE ELSE. This is our second time moving with them and they are just the best. The crew did our 1 bedroom move in under 4 hours. Total came out below what they quoted. George, Diego and their colleague (sorry we did not get his name) were AMAZING. Punctual, efficient, professional, careful, no complaints at all, etc. So if you are looking around, you can stop now and just book these guys!

Charisse F.

Excellent movers!!! You guys were fast, prompt, helpful, and courteous!!!Thank you so much!!!!

Elly Steffen

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway moving was a lifesaver for me! I had to move last minute and they were able to find availability in their schedule within 3 days. They will pack and unload all of your items in such a timely manner. The movers were friendly and efficient. They were also very communicative on their arrival time. I definitely would recommend to my friends and family and will be using them for any future moves!

Pau Maldonado

Roadway moving made my move super easy. They were professional and on time, they worked fast too. I recommend them

Bryan Hwu

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I never thought I'd be writing a review for a moving company, but I need the public the know about this company. My girlfriend and I used Roadway to move from San Francisco to New York. We initially chose Roadway because it had the least negative reviews on Reddit and Yelp. But after our experience, if anyone is willing to pay a little more money, it's well worth it. Our move costed a bit over 8k (a moving pod was quoted to be 7k).

Quoting - When you ask for a quote, you video chat with a member of roadway who inventories everything that you plan on moving. The best feature was that our quoter, Justin, happily adjusted this quote and let us know much each item costed to ship. This way, we could make a decision on whether it was worth it to ship or if we should just sell it. Once we agreed on a finalized inventory list, that price is what we paid. I believe there's some additional fees if there's situations like your moving truck needs to park more than 100 feet away, etc. But if you're moving to NY, the quoter will look up your address to see if this might be an issue and let you know the cost in advance. The quoter said that it rarely is an issue.

Pick up - The movers spent over 7 hours thoroughly packaging up all our big items (tvs, beds, desks, nightstands, tables, bikes, etc). Everything was wrapped in blankets, then shrink wrapped. Our movers also took a look at our self packed boxes and taped any of them up using their higher grade tape.

Drop off - The movers dropped off and reassembled everything they had to break down during pick up. They even worked with us to adjust furniture to any array we asked. It took less than 4 hours but you could tell they were handling everything with care.

There was minimal damage and the service was through and through excellent during the whole process. My only small complaint was that they could only initially provide a 2 week delivery window and once our stuff was on the road, we had to call a few times to get status updates to time our flights properly. I would recommend letting your Roadway quoter or moving coordinator know in advance if you'll need a longer notice prior to the exact delivery date. They usually try and give 1-2 days but we were able to give us 3 days.

Can't recommend this moving company enough. For any significant cross-state move, I'll be using Roadway going forward.

Alec Maternowski

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Amazing job moving me from LA to Milwaukee Wisconsin. They worked efficiently and kept all my items intact throughout the move. Overall a great business to work with, extremely pleased.

Vanessa G.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to the team at Roadway Moving. Ross (the owner), Jose (the 16 year veteran in charge of the crew that moved me) and the whole team of guys that busted their behinds all morning in moving did a marvelous job. There are times that it hurts shelling out money to pay a move or tip movers, but not this time. It was worth every penny and perhaps more. I have moved multiple times - Houston to Mexico City, then back, then Houston to New York - and this was by far the best experience. They didn't stop. The guys were like an army of ants that swarmed my apartment grabbing anything and everything in sight, quickly and efficiently, but delicately if there was a fragile item. They worked so effortlessly, that it was as if my apartment was being packed by some kinds of magicians. That term ("as if by magic") while accurately conveys how un-stressful and happy the experience was, would not give the guys the full credit they deserve. You could tell they know how to work hard and do not stop until the job is complete. Yet, they are cheerful, pleasant to be around and while extremely hard working, had fun with each other. Thank you Roadway Moving for making this moving experience so phenomenal. Special thanks to Ross for being so attentive about his customers and making sure they got a happy and stress free experience. You can tell he really cares about making his customers happy and isn't afraid to step up to fix anything straight away. Great company to work with. Customer for life here.

Matthew U.

The move went great! From the initial assessment to determine the breadth and cost of the move to the move itself, Roadway was very professional and did a great job. Here's what Roadway did right: 1. The person who came by to assess the moving job (how much stuff we had, how much it would cost, etc.) was quick and very accurate in his assessment. 2. On the day of the move, Roadway sent 5 movers who arrived early! 3. The movers worked very efficiently, were very cooperative, were very careful and respectful of our belongings, took great care in wrapping and moving our furniture and other more delicate items, and they were friendly. 4. Whenever, the movers weren't sure of something (whether to take a box to the truck, where to put a box in the house when unloading, had to move a mattress a certain way to get it upstairs) they always asked us and checked with us to make sure that we were ok with what they were going to do. Overall, we were really pleased with Roadway's service and would definitely recommend them to anyone requiring moving services.

Michael Choi

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I always have a great experience with Roadway moving. This last move was the 3rd time that I’ve worked with them and each time reenforce how Roadway is not your typical moving company. They really value the customer and make sure to provide excellent customer service. This is such a refreshing thing with a moving company because moves in general are stressful enough… so a pleasant experience during the move is really appreciated. My last move happened in two different days and I worked with Osvaldo’s team on the 1st day and Raiza’s team on the 2nd day. But teams were very courteous and efficient and did a phenomenal job. The quoting process is easy and fair and when I actually had less furniture than anticipated (due to someone wanted to buy some furniture so I left some behind), I actually got a refund. For these reasons, Roadway is my go to moving company.

Christina Grasso

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality

Service: Local moving

I recently moved and had my second experience working with Roadway. Moving in New York City is usually a whole other level of stress, but I can truthfully state that in my experience with them the actual move was the least difficult aspect. They are always on-time, friendly, professional, careful, and extremely quick! It was such a pleasure and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

L C.

This is a long overdue review. In August, I moved from NYC to New Orleans. I went with Roadway based on Yelp reviews and crossed my fingers. I mean, moving is so stressful and I have heard so many horror stories from friends who used highly Yelp rated places too. Anyways, I asked for them to spend one day packing my apartment and the second loading. I got the quote from Ben and it was a very reasonable price. I still worried about the company getting there on time as my building is strict. But Avi and his crew were outstanding. They arrived exactly on time, (even offered to bring me coffee!), kept me in the loop and packed and moved with great care. They actually finished loading the truck early the second day. Of course, I still worried about losing a box, breakage and other unforeseens on the long haul down. However, the crew at the other end, Sharpa and colleagues, were equally as excellent. They moved me in with great care, put everything where I asked and again, kept me in the loop. I think I only found one tiny insignificant piece of kitchenware chipped out of the massive amount of stuff I had. And every box was scanned in and out so not a one was misplaced. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. It was almost a pleasant experience, if one can ever say that about moving. Wouldn't dream of using anyone else.

Linda C.

I had to find a mover to bring some of my parents items from Brooklyn to Oregon. At every step of the way, Roadway Moving was fantastic. Totally responsible, responsive to all my questions , they packed perfectly, got here on time to the dot, and the two men who were the movers were just the best. So honest, willing to go the extra mile, friendly and so very careful. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Danielle O.

Jesus and his crew were amazing. We had a large move with two stops. They were professional and not one item was damaged. I would recommned them to anyone and want the same crew for our next move.

dawn C.

Excellent - professional and courteous Highly recommend

Lee A.

I read some remarkable reviews on Angie's list and was so impressed I called them. Unfortunately like most people, and maybe I hear more than most, as I'm a hairdresser, I have heard over the years horrific stories about people moving and what can happen to your possessions. From the very first phone call I knew I was dealing with an outstanding company and very remarkable people. They patiently, and calming answered all my questions in a very professional manner and with actual experience with dealing with a very nervous and concerned customer. They in no way discounted my concerns, or even made me feel foolish for having them. And, believe me my concerns were many. They e-mailed me an inventory list so that I could give them an idea of exactly what I would be moving. After reviewing my list, they called me to discuss each item and then gave me an estimate of the move. Then Dave made an appointment to come to my home, to evaluate my furniture and to see what needed special handling. The estimate was right on the money. Anthony, who is a complete angel, kept in constant contact with me. They arrived on the date actually before time and worked steadily all day and did not even take any breaks. They treated my furniture with complete knowledge of what had to be done. My husband and myself were amazed with how they worked and the care they took with my furniture and my home. They left not on scrap of paper anywhere, and were neat as pins, for the considerable work they were doing. I could not praise them more, nor could I say enough about this entire operation. They accommodated me in everyway they could and went above and beyond the call. I would not only recommend them but I myself would use them again, if God forbid, I ever move again. This was a first move in 31 years, so it was emotional, as well as, physically draining. I highly recommend Roadway and I have to thank my best friend for recommending Angie's list....I now a believer.


The company was very professional, timely and reasonable. We asked them to come to the apartment to give us a binding quote and they did. The staff was courteous, timely and professional in wrapping furniture and loading truck

Paul Butcher

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

They were amazing and efficient. The whole team is so kind and made our move seemless

Nadezhda Khandueva

After my first experience with the Roadway Moving Company, I will say this. If I ever move again within the NYC area, they will be the first ones I call/consider. Customer engagement, service and personality on top of professional movers who showed up on time earned an honest 5 Stars! they were very supportive and kind and very understanding of my need for social distancing, they wore their masks the entire time, were extremely professional, And even paid attention to some of the more small details that I think I would've even not noticed!

James C.

Great service and communication from start to finish. The arrangement process was quick and organized, the follow through went exactly as planned and the offload was easy and 1 2 3 they were done! We had a great experience with Roadway and I highly recommend them.

Rachel Katz

I moved from CA to TX, which is stressful enough in itself, but Roadway Moving made it SO MUCH less stressful! It literally took them 2 hours to pack up all of my stuff and get it out of my apartment on moving day. Everything arrived safely and they even made my bed for me. The only thing that they broke was one of my tv's, but they promptly made the arrangements to replace it for me. It can be really scary trusting all of your valuables with a moving company, which is why I would 100% recommend Roadway Moving to ANYONE because they are honest, trustworthy, efficient, and just the greatest! I'm so grateful- thank you <3

Joseph L.

Jose and his crew were awesome. They showed up early, worked efficiently, and were very respectful of our house/belongings. It was tough work and they offered advice when asked. Would definitely hire again. The entire crew really worked well as a team.

Charles C.

This company is truly professional in every aspect of their business. They recently transported my father's belonging from his address in Bloomfield, NJ to a storage unit in Castle Rock, CO. Upon arrival, they scanned everything before loading and were very efficient in the transfer. Once in Castle Rock, they unloaded everything into the unit before I arrived and it didn't take more than one hour. The whole trip took about a week with additional stops. They are reasonable priced and very responsive throughout the move. I would like to give Angelo, Jesus, Eric, and Kelvyn, a personal thank you for his hard work and passion for what he does.

Martha R.

I just moved again with Roadway. They were just as great this time as the last. Friends of mine have told me horror stories about their moving experiences so I feel like I have really lucked out. This company truly puts their customer first.

saptarishi baruah

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

The team of Raz, Sergei and Yuri from Roadway Movers was unbelievably professional and effectively in our move. They went out of the way in not only doing the job, but also in their demeanor while interacting with us during the process. They were excellent ambassadors of the company.
Overall, the entire process from getting a quote to the actual move was a great experience and I couldn't recommend these guys enough!

Michel Janse

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

I loved working with Roadway for my CA to TX move. John was incredible at facilitating the move and consultation, a truly kind guy. Carlos who packed up my CA home was a ray of sunshine and had a wonderful attitude. Linda helped me with a claim and was beyond understanding. Overall, they made this entire process much less stressful. I appreciate all of the kind personalities I met along the way!

Sydney Morgan

Positive: Quality

I absolutely loved roadway moving and was very pleased with their services. My team in particular was super helpful, quick, and careful with all of my things. Made my moving process as stress free as possible. Highly recommend!

Annie H.

These guys are amazing! In time, friendly, professional and quick. I moved from Manhattan to Queens on a cloudy morning and was unloaded by 2:30 pm. Ian, Eric and Dave worked really hard to get it done. I highly recommend them.

Gabriela F.

This was my first real big move. We had bought a house smack in the middle of the holidays and we were nervous enough about moving out of our 2 bed/1bath/LR/DR/EIK from Queens to our new home in Long Island. After getting quotes from many other companies and comparing reviews on Angies List we decided to use Roadway. Well best decision ever. They literally were the best. They made the move so smooth and easy. Honestly, I was so nervous leading up to the move but they were so amazing, it was the least thing I worried about on that day. They were supposed to arrive between 9:30-10 but they showed up at 8:30 (of course, it was the coldest day of the year) and asked forgiveness for showing up early and even offered to come back at 10. We didn't mind at all and they started right away.The foreman informed us that he brought an extra 2 guys for the job because he thought the job was underquoted. Honestly, we are so glad he did. I don't thine didn't mind at all and they started right away. The Foreman and the other 5 guys were seriously so nice and courteous. Always asking permission to do anything, even to get a piece of bounty to wipe his hands. We had a lot of the apartment already packed up. So they cleared all the boxes out of the way and then started with the furniture. Within the hour, the place was almost cleared out! We had paid an additional packing fee for them to pack my kitchen and china cabinet and that took them a longer time. Actually, there was a snafu with that - it was in our contract but not theirs and they just went ahead and honored it (we did pay though). They didn't scratch any walls or the hallway and were very careful with our things. When they got to the house in LI, they quickly unloaded our stuff and rebuilt/reassembled all our furniture in the exact rooms we wanted. They even moved our dining table a few times until we got it exactly where we wanted it. The guys were absolutely fabulous. I couldn't recommend them enough. They were amazing and respectful and courteous. And best of all, they really took great care of our belongings and everything made it in one piece. Plus when I opened all the kitchen and china that they packed, it was meticulously wrapped and packed. Well worth the service and additional price. Highly recommend.

Sumiti Uppal

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

For the first time ever, I can say I had a stress free move. Starting from my booking experience with Steve, my overview call with Alejandro and my move with Raz and his team. Everyone was extremely professional, communicative and helpful. No surprise fees at the end and transparency throughout. They wrapped everything carefully and truly treated our belongings as if it were their own.

Truly happy I went with Roadway and will definitely be using them for the second half of my move. Roadway, thank you for being professional, transparent and kind!

Jan Jensen

We have used Roadway three times now--from Queens, NY to Boulder, CO back to the Catskills in NY and now to Los Angeles. Adrian Tarnovetchi has been our point person on all the moves and he's been great. Super responsive, nice and thorough.

This last crew was run by Abdel, and he and his team were super buttoned up and by far the most conscientious packers we've had. Extremely considerate and careful, taking extra care of our things, but also efficient and courteous. All really nice guys.

I highly recommend this company--their employees take pride in their work and it shows in their performance, giving us peace of mind and taking away the stress of moving cross country.

Erik P.

Let me just start by saying these guys were absolutely amazing! My wife and I live in a old pre war building (walk up 5 flights; not to mention she is pregnant!) so we moved into a bigger apartment to accommodate the new member of our family that will be joining us at any moment. Well, as many of us do..I work extremely long hours and travel often for business and my wife has been working between the office and home these days so it has been difficult finding the time to even start packing boxes. Thankfully after doing some research online I found Roadway. And let me say, their reputation speaks for itself. Not are they only extremely knowledgeable but super friendly and great people period. I spoke with Efrain who went over everything for me and presented all of my options. I told him we wanted them to pack everything, as we had no time to really take care of this ourselves and getting my pregnant wife to do this was not going to be the easiest task at hand. He took his time and explained and discussed everything right over the phone in terms of how long it would take, and a full price breakdown. We even agreed that after scheduling the move that they could send a representative by to double check our stuff to make sure we had accounted for everything. For the most part we were on point except a few items I thought we would not be taking that my wife decided she still wanted to keep. Long story short. 4 guys came on the day of with all the materials needed and did the entire move for us. Packing of all the boxes, wrapping of the furniture. You name it these guys were top notch! We didn't lift a finger! Needless to say we are now in our new apartment and couldn't be happier. These guys are great and would recommend to any member of my family or close friends. Thank you so much again.

Miriam Y. Cohen

I had a great experience with Roadway! I'd been carefully socially distancing for so long and wasn't sure what a move would look like in the heart of a global pandemic. From Ruth's virtual in-home estimate to Marius and his crew arriving punctually in full personal protective gear, I was really put at ease. They used all new boxes and materials and were so careful with my belongings. I've moved a few times before within NYC and no other crew was this friendly or well-orchestrated.

Jae Y.

Roadway moving moved me from NYC to San Diego. From the first phone call, they were very professional and straight forward. I was impressed by the speed at which they loaded up all my stuff including delicate furniture. Everything arrived perfectly near the projected arrival date and they unloaded everything very easily. These people are fast, professional, and efficient. I would definitely use them again.

Maddison Hewitt

WOW WOW! All I can say is WOW. From beginning to end Roadway Moving were professional, efficient and organized. When meeting Adrian on the first walkthrough/quote appointment he was kind and genuine and I felt that I was his priority, he ensured all my needs were met for this move. Then, meeting Jose who was in charge of the labour and all the guys involved, he was just incredible. I was confident that my house was going to be packed and moved in only the best quality. Jose constantly checked in with me throughout the move making sure I was happy along the way -- which was obvious! Jose was also flexible with last minute requirements that we did not foresee; such has building a couple of crates for precious items on the day of the move. He got the job done, and done superbly. I'm now sitting in my empty house, more than content, ready to unpack it all in my new home. Thank you Roadway Moving, would highly recommend you to anyone!

Dominic Milan

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Genuinely one of the best companies I’ve worked with. The amount they did compared to what I thought they would was amazing. They packed and wrapped EVERYTHING! And I mean EVERYTHING! I did not have to do anything!

Janet D.

Very Well.

Danamichele B.

Absolutely perfect. I was blown away and wish there were more stars to give these good folks!! I've moved several times in the past 3 years - have had some AWFUL experiences with antiques broken and bikes STOLEN! YES! I WISH I had found Roadway a long time ago! Every aspect of their service was A+++. First, Jeff Cadwallader came to our house and estimated the costs based on looking at everything. His prices were very, very reasonable and he was extremely prompt in getting us all ready to go. Then the team that came to pick our things off, Domenic, was incredibly professional. They packed everything very well and were very nice and clearly cared about what they were charged with. They made the drop in New Jersey with no problems at all. Then, today, Romero and Marcela arrived with the truck in Florida. Other moving companies complained about the trees in the road, but Romero maneuvered the big truck just fine! And then the proceeded to remove everything - and NOTHING was broken! I know that seems like not much to ask - but given my previous experiences, we were unsure. I can tell you for certain, that I will NEVER use any other moving company again! Roadway cares, they are professional, reasonable in price and are a true blessing to people needing to trust folks to move their precious stuff.

Revian Chang

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

The best moving experience! They packed up my apartment and moved me into my new place in the city with ease. The movers were very professional and kind. I don't think there is a better moving company in NYC! Will definitely be re-using Roadway Moving for future moves for their ease and professionalism.

Ginger Lu

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Service: Interstate moving

I cannot say enough things about how amazing Roadway Moving is! From the moment I called them to get assessed, to the day of the move, to after, they have been the most professional and amazing movers I've ever had! A cross country move is typically associated with an incredible amount of anxiety and all my fears were mitigated once my lead mover, Luis showed up. He was incredibly attentive, packed up all my things with care, and was able to navigate my tricky hallways and staircases. We had all our stuff packed up and shipped off Friday afternoon and by Sunday morning our items had already arrived! It was incredible and I could not be happier with my experience. Worth every penny and prices were even lower than some other companies I talked to!

Jon Bouffard

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

When my Wife and I decided to move across the country from VA to LA we didn’t factor in the time crunch we were in. Luckily Roadway was available to provide assistance with our long distance move with only a few days notice. The Roadway team demonstrated professionalism as well as provided quality packing of all of our items. From start to finish there were no hiccups when it came to our move. I will absolutely use Roadway again with any future moves we may have!

Mark Dohner

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

The movers were great! Showed up on time, worked fast & were fun to chat with! Overall, good group of guys who worked efficiently. They wrapped all of my furniture thoroughly to protect it from being damaged, labeled everything & cleaned up everything at the end. 10/10 recommend!!

Anna Roisman

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I've moved a billion times in my life and I have never felt as confident and taken care of as I did with Roadway. These guys are LEGIT! My movers (shout out to Lucio) were incredibly kind, worked fast, and wrapped up everything with such careful attention. I couldn't recommend them enough, and I will absolutely be using them for my next move!!!

Monica Bedi

Positive: Professionalism

This was the most seamless move I've ever had! My items were stored securely and the process was quick and efficient. I was left so impressed and grateful that I chose Roadway for my big move!

Carrie Murray

The most incredible experience I’ve ever had moving. My stuff was so well taken care of and the movers were extremely efficient. Could not recommend them enough!!!

Daniella Grace

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

This was hands down the BEST moving experience of my life! The staff was so kind and friendly. They took such great care packing up all my belongings. I didn’t even lift a finger.. In all my years of moving I’ve never experienced such a seamless, easy and professional move! I will only be using Roadway from here on out! Thank you guys again!

Cole & Charisma

Positive: Professionalism

We just moved across the country and had the pleasure of working with Roadway. There were very communicative, efficient, and we felt confident that our valuables would be safe. Roadway saved us so much time, stress, and effort, and we couldn't be happier with our decision to hire them! 10/10 would recommend.

Christy W.

This is my best moving experience. Alon team is amazing. They came in on time, quickly wrap my furnitures, also brought boxes for some of my small things, set up wardrobe box, and help me move my clothes in the box. They are polite and quick the whole time, I finished my moving within 3 hours! They also pay very good attention when moving in/out the building, if your building have higher requirement for movers, they are the best choice! I'll def recommend my friends for their moving service!!

Edward J.

Every detail of my move went perfectly. The movers arrived on time and started right away. Marco and his crew were total professionals and didn't waste any time during the move. All the furniture was wrapped for protection and carefully loaded and unloaded. This is the second time I've used Roadway and I also recommended them to a relative. I would not hesitate to use them again.

Alexandra Einertson

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Using Roadway Moving was a game changer for my NYC move! The company was beyond easy to work with, the movers were fast and efficient, and they even were able to bring everything up a 5th floor walk up! I am beyond impressed still with the entire experience & will be a forever customer from here on out! If you’re contemplating what company to use, I would recommend this one to just about anyone! I could have never done this alone due to having a torn hamstring during the moving process! Thank you Roadway! I love ya!

Elianna Aaa

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Heard lots of great things about Roadway moving so hired them for one of my first moves in LA, and they did not disappoint, They were very communicative from the start! Erica was super helpful and patient with me during the whole process. Roadway moves were super fast and took very good care of all my things. Wardrobe boxes were also offered and were a huge help to easily move my clothes. I will definitely use roadway moving again in the future!

Darcy Weber

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Services: Moving-related storage, Residential, Warehouse storage services, Moving-related packing

I was blown away by the professionalism of this company. The attention to detail, follow-up and customer service I encountered was seriously better than other business has ever provided. I’m not just comparing Roadway Moving to other moving companies. I’m comparing them to all businesses as a whole. They were impeccable to work with. The owner has created something special, especially in an industry that isn’t known for its customer service. I hired Roadway to pack up my entire apartment and move everything into storage. I did not lift one finger. They took inventory of everything and had photos to back it up. The movers arrived an hour early and were waiting outside patiently until I asked them to come in. They made the moving process actually pleasurable.

Kate Supple

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Our Roadway moving crew set an incredibly high standard for moving. Chris and his team went above and beyond in every way possible to make sure our move was smooth and efficient, and were friendly and communicative during the entire process. I can’t describe how different the move with Roadway was from every single other moving experience we’ve had. I will never, ever use another company and would recommend Roadway (and specifically Chris and team) to anyone/everyone.

Valerie Fiordaliso

Positive: Professionalism

Service: Interstate moving

I hired Roadway to move me out of state, it was hands down the best experience. This is my 2nd time using them and they do not disappoint. They arrived early with three movers who were friendly, professional and all wearing masks. I highly recommend them and could not have done this move without them.

Metro J.

Excellent moving company. We moved further south of NY. They packed everything we had in our NY home with care and made certain that everything was well packaged for the trip. They used premium moving supplies and plenty of it. Absolutely the best moving company hands down. Prices are competitive, efficient, resourceful, punctual and excellent customer service ( a rarity and a plus in this industry). Would not hesitate to recommend and/or use again in the future.

Nancy P.

I was extremely satisfied with Roadway's service from start to finish. Everyone I dealt with with helpful & professional. The movers packed my belongings from a 1 bedroom apartment in NY, loaded onto truck, delivered to new apartment in Florida. I was given a 2 week delivery time frame but my delivery came in at the very beginning of that window which was the day after I signed my lease. The driver & crew arrived at the time they arranged with me. They couldn't get the truck into my apartment complex so they had to take the delivery in from the street & still managed to get all my boxes safely inside & my furniture assembled quickly. Roadway made what could have been a very stressful experience as seamless as possible. I would definitely recommend this company if someone needs a moving service.

Patricia G.

Excellent customer service! Extremely dependable. We scheduled the day for pick up, movers arrived when they were supposed to and ready to work. They moved my entire storage unit, re-packed some boxes, covered all my furniture neatly, carefully and organized in the truck all within an hour. They were smiling and pleasant the entire time. My stuff arrived 2,000 miles away in no time and way sooner than expected. They emailed me when they started their transit and made sure they called the day before they were expected to arrive. They kept me posted on where they were and what time they would arrive at my residence. From beginning to end, they always kept me informed. They delivered at the time expected and were in and out in no time. I HIGHLY recommend them as your movers!! I've had some bad experiences with others and Roadway Moving is by far the most dependable and experienced ones out there! I was left very impressed as was my friend that was with me. Go with Roadway Moving!!!!! Whether a big move or small, you won't regret it!

Isaac & Andrea

Roadway moving was amazing! This was our first time having movers and it is so worth it. They were very efficient, timely, and communicative during the whole process. They picked up boxes and furniture from two locations, dropped everything off at our new home and even rebuilt furniture that was taken apart. They also had floor protection to ensure minimal to no damage to our home and they packaged our clothes and even put them up in our new closet! This was such a stress free experience for us!

Harry Hill

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

I just moved with MUUV, Roadway's sister company and it was a breeze! The moving crew was nice, efficient, and careful with my belongings. If you're a content creator or just like aesthetics, MUUV comes with super cute boxes and a big purple truck, very cute for moving pics! Get MUUVIN

Mary Sullivan

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Highly recommend this moving company. They were professional, prompt, friendly, and incredibly careful with our things. We opted to do a full-pack and local move. The pricing is (in my opinion) fair, and representatives contacted me before, during, and after my move. Clay, Sasha, Chaquetta, and Eduardo and his team were all wonderful.

I have since recommended Roadway to friends and will use them the next time I move.

Mark Rogers

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

Roadway was FANTASTIC!! I could not have been happier with my move…not one single issue. Roadway is friendly, professional, careful and good value for the price.

I got estimates from 4 movers before Roadway. The other movers had enough horror story reviews that I was afraid to select them. I discovered Roadway on a TV ad and they had great reviews. Their price was middle of the pack. My video home walk through with John was easy and we set a date for the move

Moving day was amazing. Luis and his crew were on time. Walked in and started work like a tornado. It was interesting how little they needed to talk about what needed to be done. The crew just dove in and each tackled a different task. I packed all of the small things and they packed furniture, electronics and art work. Every piece of furniture was padded, wrapped in plastic, then cardboard then plastic. Very impressive how skilled they were. Art work was wrapped, divided with cardboard and boxed.

I put a $29 Apple Air Tag in one of the boxes and was able to follow my goods to the warehouse in the Bronx then across the country to Phoenix. Alejandro, my move coordinator, gave me a delivery estimate when it left the warehouse and I spoke with the driver the day before delivery.

The driver, Sumi, arrived on time and unloaded quickly. The crew put every box in the location requested and gladly moved boxes that were in the wrong room. All furniture was reassembled and placed where I wanted it. The numbered tags they used made sure every item was present. Sumi told me “of course it’s all here. it was counted when they loaded, when it was placed in warehouse, when it was loaded from warehouse and when it was delivered”.

There was one broken item…a cheap plaster statue that I PACKED. Not a nick or a chip on any thing else.

Roadway was AMAZING. I was so stressed by the many bad reviews of other movers…I expected the worst and got nothing but A+ service. I leave you with two words… CALL ROADWAY!!! They are everything they claim to be on their website.

Christina Harris

Roadway made my move 10x easier and left me and my roommate totally stress free! Moving (especially in NYC) can be such a hassle and is always stressful, but the roadway team assured us they would take care of everything for us and make it as easy as possible, and they definitely delivered! They showed up promptly on time, and packed up everything in our apartment for us with care, packed it all, and moved it all into our new place. The team was extremely efficient and careful with our valuables, and as stated before, made the whole moving process completely hassle-free. The four guys that helped us with our move were Alon, Jimmy, Mandale & Jose, so thank you so much to them for helping us! They were such an amazing charismatic group of people who not only helped us with the move, but we all definitely had some laughs along the way. I would 100% recommend roadway for anyone's next move!

Mariamu Sillah

First time using movers and will never go back! The gentlemen made this transition SO much easier as I was dealing with the loss of a loved one. They packed the things i could not get and got all of my things moved damaged free! Will recommend to all of my friends and family in the future.

Anthony Urbano

Roadway Moving did an excellent job! They delivered boxes ahead of time so I could pack. And on moving day they packed all my wardrobe boxes carefully and provided special wrapping for my fragile items like large mirrors, TV, and artwork. The team was super helpful and handled every detail of my move including assembling my bed and media console. They were super friendly as well! I would highly recommend them!

Michael Fisher

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

The only moving company I’ve ever used (and the only movers I ever *want* to use). For the third time in four years, Roadway treated my belongings with incredible care, and moved me into my new Brooklyn apartment even more quickly than I expected. Also? They’re just nice, professional people! Always courteous, always positive, always careful. Disclosure: Roadway gave me a big discount on my move in exchange for a few posts on Instagram, but I've paid to use their services in the past (when they had to manhandle two full apartments and a SUPER heavy sound booth across five states). And honestly? Even if I had to pay full price, they’d be my first call for future moves. Love this company.

Marcel Floruss

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I booked Roadway last minute after a failed attempt to use U-Box. Very happy with the choice I made, opting for quality and professionalism over a customer service nightmare. It was a cross-country move of a 1-bedroom apartment from New York to California. The movers arrived on time, were efficient, friendly, and ultra careful with packaging all of our stuff. A short 10 days later everything arrived in Los Angeles and was unpacked with similar ease to the packing in NYC. Communication was easy and fast -- overall 10/10 will use again if I move back to New York 😅

Stephen D.

Went great!!!!

Jill M.

Roadway was dependable, professional, patient, on time. Very happy with how they packed and unpacked. Would highly recommend them

Robert D.

They were very responsive, professional, competitive and delivered as promised. We were very happy with them!

Isabelle Sung

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway is great! Super helpful team that is very efficient and careful. They work well as a group and pay attention to details to make sure everything is in-tact and the walls are untouched. I got to sleep in my bed-frame before moving, and they unbuilt and built it within the same day so I didn't have to!

Umit Tacettin

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Great service, would definitely recommend. Excellent communication through the whole process. Milos and Nikola did an awesome job with our move from NY to CT. Efficient and friendly service, all items moved in perfect condition.

Caitlin S.

I can't say enough good things about these guys. We shopped around and these guys gave us the best price and were willing to negotiate. On the day of our move our guys showed up right at the exact time we discussed. Our movers were Walter, Jose, and Andres. They packed all of our stuff in a little over an hour and were ready to hit the road. We moved into an apartment in the 7th floor of a 7 floor walk up. These guys worked like a well oiled machine. It only took them about 2 and a half hours to get all of our stuff upstairs. They were all extremely patient and polite throughout the entire process. I'd highly recommend them to anyone.

John B.

From start to finish, the associates at Roadway were a pleasure to work with. Roadway movers were available to do our move on a Sunday, which we found was very rare when evaluating various moving companies. From the beginning, we worked with Joseph, who was very knowledgeable, straight-forward, and quick to respond to the various questions we had. With only an online inventory list (no on-site estimate, no setting up estimate appointment, no waiting at home for estimator...), Joseph gave us the best moving quote out of the five moving companies we researched. Joseph was confident and spot-on when calculating the length of our move. Despite the move taking place on marathon Sunday, Joseph assured us that Roadway would be there, and they did indeed arrive in a timely manner. The movers worked quickly but carefully and even asked if they could take a few of our items that we intended to take ourselves. We were a bit worried about all of our furniture fitting into our storage unit, but the Roadway movers are masters of Tetris! Upon arrival at our storage unit, the movers were precise and obviously experienced, placing pieces of furniture in thoughtful configurations that insured the best use of space with consideration to the furniture type and level of delicacy. We would definitely use Roadway again in the future! Many thanks to Joseph and the crew!

HJ Evelyn

Roadway Movers helped me pack my entire closet , pack my dishes, and transport all my furnitures all in a couple hours!! Mind you I have very fragile items and all of them were safely and mindfully packed. Thanks for such an easy move!!

Bevin P.

This company is spectacular. From the initial quote until my home was completely packed up, was seamless. The movers were kind, incredibly fast, careful with my things and very cautious in observing covid protocol. They were masks and maintained distance. I felt so taken care of, by everyone at Roadway.

Taryn K.

I went back and forth for a while about whether I was going to hire movers at all to move out of state, but I'm so glad that I did. And I'm so glad that I went with the full packing and moving service. It was amazing being able to literally just sit back and let the professionals handle everything, and it definitely reduced the stress of a seriously stressful time. The hardest thing was just getting reception at my new house to run the card, which obviously wasn't their fault! (All was well when we just got them on the wifi.) Great experience all around.

Richard D.

It was excellent. They were personable, courteous, and efficient. It was a great experience compared to some of the reviews, for other companies, that I have seen online.

Suzette L.

Moved from New York to Dallas.

Minnie Warren

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

It was my first time using a professional moving service and let me say, IT WONT BE THE LAST ! The customer service , attention to detail, professionalism, and overall experience was incredible and I 100% recommend!

Katie Molinaro

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway Moving helped me move into my one bedroom apartment last year and this year, helped me and my boyfriend move into our very own house. They moved two apartments in 10 hours and even packed, unpacked, set up beds and hung the TV. We were cozied up on the couch that night and it started to feel like home right away. Carlos and his team were fast and efficient and I would recommend them to everyone! We couldn't have done the move without them. Thanks, Roadway!

Anna B.

Hands down the best moving company I've experienced so far. Moved quite a few times and this company has very professional and very efficient movers. They handled everything with care and courtesy. I'm beyond pleased with this company. Thank you for your amazing service !!!!!!

Jeana Turner

Roadway was a lifesaver for me! I was in a crunch and had to move in short notice & not only did they come to my aid but also provided the most amazing and stress free experience I could have asked for. Not only that, I had a severely sprained foot so this would have been impossible without Roadway. The moving team wrapped and protected all of my valuables and kindly loaded up my old place & unloaded into my new place- they even hung all of my clothes out of the box! Thank you Roadway! I’ll be back & definitely recommending to everyone I know.

Jacqueline Landes

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Omg after being told our friends movers with A DIFFERENT COMPANY were slow complainers who ate into the house we were scared maybe that was the norm With movers. It’s not! With roadway moving. Estuardo Cristian and Panel were incredible and worked extremely fast and were some of the nicest, hardest working people I have ever met. We are so thrilled thank you!!

Sydney Silverman

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I couldn’t have imagined a more efficient, smooth, and easy move! They communicated so well through the entire process. I will never use another moving company!! I’m so so so happy I found them and am so excited about my new home! Thank you again Roadway!!

Virginia H.

I contacted approximately a dozen different moving companies for quotes. Roadway was the only company who reached out to me and offered to do a free on site estimate. Jeffrey, the company's Relocation Manager, came to my apartment to do my estimate. He was friendly, professional, thorough and completely candid about all possible moving costs. As my moving plans developed over then next few days, Jeff and other staff at Roadway were responsive and helpful in scheduling my move date, as well as answering any lingering questions. On move day, a crew of three arrived on time with a large Roadways truck. They swept in, itemized, shrink wrapped, boxed, moved and otherwise took care of business like total pros. They took great care with all my furniture. They were also patient in accommodating my small picky requests during the move. For example, I requested that my microwave placed inside a box and they were happy to do that with no additional charge tacked on. They also placed some shrink wrap around a delicate lampshade for me. While doing all this, they managed to clear out my 1 bedroom apartment in a little over 2 hours. Roadway then emailed me letting me know what to expect during the next steps of my move. Roadways then called me a few days in advance to confirm the day. The driver called me the day before and the day of the move to confirm his arrival time. The crew of two who moved me in NC were just as professional as the crew in NYC. Roadway's price was slightly higher than estimates I received from other moving companies, but I also felt their on site estimate was more thorough and accurate. I was never surprised with any hidden fees or unanticipated costs. It's also apparent that Roadway doesn't cut any corners when it comes to the quality of their service. So in the end I felt satisfied with the price. I couldn't have done it myself with a U-Haul for much less. Roadway did much more than move my stuff from point A to point B. They gave me peace of mind and helped make a difficult life transition a little (actually A LOT) easier. I would recommend Roadway to anyone. Keep up the great work guys!

Taylor Rosenblatt

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

This was honestly the best moving company I have ever used! They came with a smile, and helped me more than I could have imagined. They handled my things with such care. I appreciate all of their hard work! I cant recommend this company enough!!

Annie Rose Nelson

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

UPDATE -- second time using roadway was just as great! Totally seamless process. I genuinely will not move without roadway in the future. I didnt have to lift a finger and the crew was really efficient in moving everything. They packaged up extra items carefully so nothing broke in transit. Really great service

Roadway is the best! I just moved out of my apartment and couldnt have asked for an easier move. They arrived on time, moved all of my boxes super quickly, and we're really kind and attentive throughout the process. They ensured all of my glassware and fragile items were packaged safely, and thoroughly wrapped all of my larger furniture items to prevent damage. They made a normally stressful process a breeze - will definitely be using them again :)

Christine A.

This company was the only good thing about our move from Monterey, CA to North Bethesda, MD. We made a poor choice to use US Standard Moving company (look at their 75 complaints in 1 year on the BBB if you are even considering US Standard) not knowing they were a broker. They used 2 subsidiaries not of our choosing to complete our moving including Best Moving Van Lines (a 1 star rated company, check out their BBB complaints) to pack our items and "store" them for nearly a month without informing us this was their process. Roadway Moving was given the job to complete the move from a storage facility in CA to its destination in MD. Best Moving was the company that loaded our items into the truck so I can't complain about Roadway Moving losing my an entire wardrobe box containing my WEDDING DRESS, every formal dress I own, and 2 floor lamps, a queen sized bed frame, and other items. The 2 Roadway Moving employees were courteous, professional and efficient. They wore their masks the entire time during the move and they did their best to muddle through the mess Best Moving made of our items to attempt to provide white glove service. They even drove an hour away to unload more items to another household in Maryland and discovered Best Moving had loaded some of our items with this other drop off. Roadway Moving DROVE BACK to our house to deliver the items they found loaded with the other drop off! They could have easily left them on the side of the road and no one would have known. We have so many missing items that it is devastating, but I know Roadway Moving did their best to make lemonade out of a steaming pile of you-know-what that Best Moving Van Lines gave them. At least there was one shining light in this horrible moving experience we had. I considered deducting 1 star because they use the broker US Standard Moving for jobs. US Standard did not present itself to us as a broker and they told us they were a family owned company that had been in business many years. The truth is they have been in business 1 year and have 75 complaints on the BBB against them. But ultimately none of the bad experience we had was Roadway Moving's fault. They did a great job.

Tim J.

Disclaimer: I have moved many times and had decent as well as horrible experiences Bottom Line, best move of my life. Juan and crew were extremely efficient and courteous. I had them pack and box most of my things. Have never seen movers pack as thoroughly/carefully as these guys. Highly recommend (and for all you yelp haters, this is NOT a fake post)

Jay G.

Was given this option by a friend when I called my regular company of the last 5 years and they were booked up. I wasn't moving a tremendous amount but their service made me feel like I was royalty. I requested information on line and was contacted immediately for a quote. Their price was quite competitive so I booked a move with only 3 days notice and they still fit me in for a morning. My items were protected very well and I received them in the same condition. I am glad my friend recommended me to them.

Crawfish Platano

Roadway was heaven sent! Being 3 months pregnant, the last thing I could imagine doing is moving from Los Angeles to Dallas. So, I flew to Dallas and left my husband to take care of the move. He was very flustered and started looking up moving companies and found Roadway. Roadway literally said “I got you” and knocked out the move so quickly and with much care! All of our items were EXTRA wrapped including our brand new 75” tv, oversized mirrors, and 8’ tall clmbr exercise machine. The Los Angeles team led by Carlos were truly awesome! Now let’s move onto the drop off! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Roadway got our furniture here exactly when they estimated it would arrive. The drop off team were all Dominican (as am I) so we immediately hit it off. They literally worked til after dark to ensure everything was setup and assembled. Roadway was truly a lifesaver.

Maria R.

I cannot recommend this company enough!! Efficient and professional from start to finish. We opted for the packing and unpacking service and it was the best money we have ever spent (we have two little ones!). They packed up our apartment in less than 4 hours. Everything was moved without error and they also wore masks the entire time for safety. HIGHLY recommend!

Clare C.

We recently moved from NJ to a house in Florida and couldn't have been happier with Roadway. From the first contact with Ken, to the guys who packed our NJ house, customer service and the guys who delivered our stuff everyone was fabulous. No major casualities on any of our stuff (except one box that I did a terrible job packing). I cannot recommend them enough!

Maria R.

I cannot recommend this company enough!! Efficient and professional from start to finish. We opted for the packing and unpacking service and it was the best money we have ever spent (we have two little ones!). They packed up our apartment in less than 4 hours. Everything was moved without error and they also wore masks the entire time for safety. HIGHLY recommend!

Z H.

A few months ago we hired Roadway Moving for a 2 bedroom job from New York to California. I have moved several times in my life, and this company is by far the absolute best moving service I've ever used. Three people showed up in New York, we lived on the fourth floor with no elevator, that wasn't a problem for these guys. Straight up pros, great works who never complained once, they worked like machines. They got the job done in a few short hours and were on their way. Same story with the movers that showed up in California. We received all of our items in perfect condition. They use a labeling/tracking system to ensure everything is accounted for. One thing I noticed, they use blankets and extra boxes on anything that could potentially get damaged, it was unbelievable the amount of attention that went in to ensuring the safety of our items. This is a 100% honest review, I wasn't paid to write this. If you're looking for movers, do yourself a favor and call these guys up. Forgot to mention, as far as pricing goes, we called up several companies and found Roadway Moving to be on the lower side in terms of costs - so that's another plus.

Carlos Rosario

I don’t even know where to begin with how amazing Roadway was. As a teacher, I am all about time management and organization, and these guys checked all boxes. LED by the foreman, Diego, and his associates Patrick and Manuel, these individuals were on time, efficient, and super careful. They gave every single item in our home the white glove treatment. Even our plants moved in comfort. There was not a single item that was not wrapped, boxed or padded for protection. Not only was everything packed away and stored safely in the truck, but everything was also unloaded, unpacked, and unwrapped in their proper place in the new home. I’ve never been so happy to have had Roadway Moving take care of our move. I will forever be grateful and indebted to the family and crew in blue!

Luke Eich

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Just worked with Roadway Moving! They literally made my life so easy! Was stressed about moving to a new apartment and transporting things down 3 flights of stairs... But within 2 days, Roadway efficiently moved all my furniture, clothes, and everything I needed to my new place. They even set up my bed, desk, couch, etc. Highly recommend and definitely will be using them again on my next move!!

Danielle Guzzardo

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Roadway Moving did an AMAZING job with our move. The guys who handled our move were punctual and quick to get the job done while being super careful to make sure everything was handled carefully and professionally. They were beyond friendly and professional to make the difficult process of moving so much easier.

Kristen Levy

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

I cannot say enough good things about Roadway. I’ve moved many times in NYC and never had this good of an experience. They’re kind, efficient, very helpful and accommodating and truly allow for an stress-free move which is hard to come by. Everything was just such a breeze with them and I had so. much. stuff. If you need a mover in NYC, DEFFFF try roadway!!

Kimberly Corbett

I love Roadway, Soo professional, awesome customer service, great staff. If your moving, let's Roadway help you on your journey

Sandy Abraham

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Responsiveness

OMG! This was the best moving experience from start to finish. Everyone that we talked to was professional and extremely responsive to all of my emails/calls. The movers showed up 30 or 40 minutes early to look at the space and started promptly at 9AM - the scheduled start time. The movers were extremely careful with all my furniture. It felt like they were packing their own things. They did not waste any time. The whole process took 2 hours which is amazing! The movers were outstanding and made moving as stress free as possible. I will never use another moving company.

Geraldine C.

Roadway was careful with all of our things, and they were laser focused in organizing and transporting everything to our new destination safely. We had an amazing experience with these guys. They even helped us finish packing a box or two when they arrived at no extra charge. Having a 5 month old with me they really made the move so much easier and they were pleasant to with with. Not a single complaint. Highly recommend!

Brynne ODonnell

Roadway was the first moving company I’ve ever used and I’ll never need to look for another one! The workers were incredibly friendly and took the utmost care of all of me and my roommates belongings. They helped us pack up our last couple of items that we couldn’t do on our own and made sure everything was secure. On move in date nothing was damaged and boxes were placed in their specific rooms. They were sure to scan everything at each location which was incredible for my peace of mind. If you’re thinking about moving with Roadway 100% do it, they’re awesome!

Claudia Africano

Positive: Professionalism, Value

I could not be more grateful and appreciative for the Roadway Moving service. I am so happy that I chose to move with them for my move from New York to Chicago. Both the pickup and the drop-off teams were so thorough, careful, and efficient. All of my belongings came in perfect condition. I could not recommend Roadway for any/all of your moves. I will 100% be moving with them in the future!

Lilcoconut Z.

This review is long overdue from this summer but we just want to express how pleased and thankful we were in an otherwise could-be nerve-wracking cross country move. Roadway helped us move across the country and the entire experience was as seamless as it can be. Both the pickup and move-in experience was efficient, on time and stress-free. Andy and team actually drove our stuff from NYC over to the west coast! Communication was easy and they delivered within the promised timeframe. All our stuff was packed with care and intact. Highly recommend this team!

Laurie K.

I rarely write reviews, but DIEGO CAMAJA and his team from Roadway Moving were absolutely superb. From the beginning, working with Juan Aguayo to set up the move was absolutely seamless. On the day of the move, Diego Camaja arrived with four other men and loaded up an entire house with care and efficiency. We had two stops: a storage space up north and then my home in Dobbs Ferry. They kept it all straight what went where and not a thing was broken, lost or misplaced. Every box was marked with its contents. Furniture, sculptures, paintings, beds, were all shrink wrapped and for an 84 " TV they built a wooden box for so it would be safe in storage. Diego was absolutely terrific- as were the four other guys working with him. Not only were they thoroughly professional and excellent at their work- they were a pleasure to spend the day with. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You hear so many horror stories about movers that I am happy to recommend this company and the men they hire. You won't be disappointed!

Jamil P.

I can't say enough about the professional service I received from this company. The sales person over the phone Joe was helpful and responsive. The movers arrived on time and worked quickly. They arrived at the final destination and had everything unpacked and quickly reassembled with not one scratch to any of my furniture. Please give them a try and rest easy using this establishment! Special thanks to Avi,Manuel,Migule and Christian!

Suzanne G.

Roadway was excellent from day one all the way through the move. My mother who is not easy to please said "I could not have wanted or expected more. Every single person was fabulous". The service we got from the planning, estimate and final preping was compete; the movers were flexible, courteous, personable and professional. The price was very fair.

Austin Cho

I could not have asked for a more pleasant moving experience! Not only did I not have to lift a finger, but everything was packed/transported/unpacked with such care and efficiency. The team was so delightful and thoughtful and very much kept me in the loop of what was going on. I have to say, I don’t know if i’ll ever move without them!

Jennifer C.

Roadway was terrific. They packed everything carefully. Pick up and delivery right as they said. We had a bad moving experience in the past with a different company. We took more time to research this company and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Anna C.

I had a really great experience with Roadway Moving, they made my move easy, from the start of the estimate to the delivery. I worked with a very professional but friendly salesperson, Beth Pelloso, who made sure I understood all the contract terms and costs and answered all my questions quickly. The crew showed up exactly on time, packed up some things that I didn't have good packing materials for, and even moved the most awkward and difficult couch down my stairwell. They even took apart of put back together my antique kitchen table so it wouldn't be damaged! It was the smoothest move ever! I'd highly recommend them.

Will Wright

Roadway moved my son this past week and the experience was top notch! In my opinion, the most important parts of a move are the safety and security of your items, the timeliness of the movers, and the timely response from the moving company. Roadway earned 5 ⭐️s in each of these items. They allowed my son to continue working while completely setting up his household items trouble free. Great job Roadway!!

Austin Aaron

Positive: Quality

Absolutely sensational company! Sergio and his team were so efficient, friendly and hard working. Can’t recommend them enough anyone looking to move in the LA area should 100% go with Roadway! :)

alyssa A.

It went as well as it possibly could. Roadway Moving is staffed with true professionals that know how to get the job done on time and with a smile on their faces. It's always a pleasure working with them.

Gyasi Linje

Excellent customer service and care, they carefully packaged all of our furniture and miscellaneous belongings. Worked incredibly quick and efficient while making our move seamless.

Seoyoung Jang

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I am writing my first google review ever because I want to share the great experience I had with Roadway Moving. I had to do two moves, one to move out of my old apartment, then putting my furniture and boxes in storage for a few weeks, and moving into a new apartment. Roadway Moving took care of storage and all of my things came back in perfect condition. When my lamp was having trouble during reassembly, Andrew and his team (Salamanca and Eusebio) went the extra mile to take it to the warehouse and brought it back perfectly fixed. For both of my moves, the crew was communicative, on time, and very efficient. I had extra boxes I needed during my first move and they were prepared with wardrobe boxes to help complete the move. I really appreciate the crew that made my move so manageable!

Alison M.

Ok, Roadway, it took me 3 months, but here is my review! We had a local, last-minute within-NYC move back in August, and things went incredibly smoothly. From my first contact with the company, everything and everyone I dealt with was extremely accommodating and responsive. From the people I spoke with over email, to Chakira on the phone, to Adrian, who came to give us an in-home estimate, everything was incredibly awesome. Then, on moving day, Ionut, Doru, Petrici and their team showed up on-time (I had requested a reeeeeeally early start time because we were leaving a nasty landlord situation and wanted to get out without any drama), and they worked their butts off to get us out quickly. They consulted with me if there was any little question (one guy even asked if I minded if he used the bathroom - go ahead, dude! haha). A couple weeks after we moved, we received flowers from them which was cute but (imo) unnecessary (even though they were gorgeous and smelled GREAT) - save the money you spend on those and pass along the savings to the customer! :) As far as price, they were about in the middle range of the quotes I got, and I'd say WELL worth the price. This is a professional, top-notch company, and I'm very happy that we used them. I'll definitely use them again if I need to move...but as much as I loved you guys, hopefully I won't have to move again soon! :)

Clare F.

I recently moved from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. Roadway Moving made my move effortless from planning through execution. First, I had a detailed list of everything I needed to move (furniture plus 133 boxes). They provided a ?binding not to exceed? estimate over the phone (I was OK with this because I knew my list was complete). Also, I was able to pay for this move via credit card (no need to run to the bank for a certified check). They scheduled a pick date and a delivery date that worked with my schedule. They showed up on time, loaded the truck. The team was delightful and focused on their job. They delivered on time and accepted my credit card in payment for the ?binding not to exceed? estimate agreed to earlier. There was no breakage or missing items. I was thrilled with this experience (well as thrilled as you can be with moving), and definitely recommend Roadway Moving for a stress-free experience.

Lauren Wolfe

Roadway is the BEST! I was so stressed about my move but Lucio, Seferino, Antonio & Aaron were amazing. They were super nice, very very efficient and so hard working! I didn't lift a finger the entire time. Can’t recommend roadway enough. It made my move so easy

Jane A.

The movers were extremely efficient and professional. Never seen such great service!

miho c.

Andre and his team was efficient, professional, and elite. Nothing was damaged. Even my roommate and the doorman asked for their number. They are not the cheapest movers, but you'll not regret it.

Carrie Murray

The most incredible experience I’ve ever had moving. My stuff was so well taken care of and the movers were extremely efficient. Could not recommend them enough!!!

Alex Georgy

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I genuinely loved working with Roadway! They were so professional, careful, and attentive! They followed up and ensured I was set for my move which I really appreciated. They took such good care of my belongings and carefully wrapped each piece of furniture. I also love that they bring a runner so they don't ruin your floors. Best moving experience I've ever had, highly recommend them!

Madison Grey Media

When my husband and I decided to move across the country from VA to LA we didn’t factor in the time crunch we were in. Luckily Roadway was available to provide assistance with our long distance move with only a few days notice. The Roadway team demonstrated professionalism as well as provided quality packing of all of our items. From start to finish there were no hiccups when it came to our move. I will absolutely use Roadway again with any future moves we may have!

Ashley Klinger

I cannot say enough great things about this moving company! My Roadway team was awesome! They were on time, prepared with FIVE guys to pack my entire apartment, and were so thorough and caring with my belongings. I have an incredibly large wardrobe of clothes and shoes, and they packed it all perfectly like the experts they are! By the end of the day I was calling them My Wardrobe Gurus :-) Thanks again for a stress free move and a lovely experience!

Vanessa Ferraiolo

It was my first time moving out of state (from PA to FL) and hiring movers. Hiring Roadway Moving was the best choice I could have made. They made the move stress-free and seamless and did a way better job than I could have ever done packing up all of my furniture and items safely. Not to mention, they updated me throughout every step of the process from PA to FL. If you're looking for a moving company, Roadway Moving won't disappoint.

Gyasi Linje

Excellent customer service and care, they carefully packaged all of our furniture and miscellaneous belongings. Worked incredibly quick and efficient while making our move seamless.

Jalen Thibodeaux

Roadway came in so clutch and helped me move super last minute. We literally had a few days to get out of our LA apartment and they were so easy to work with. My wife was 3 months pregnant so I told her to let me handle it (bit off more than I could chew) but luckily Roadway helped me out big time. The LA team were dope and took their time making sure our expensive items were wrapped/crates properly. They brought a speaker and played some great music and I ordered pizza and we had a good time altogether! They even made our dogs feel at peace and fed them treats! I had no worries that everything would be safe in transit. They OVERWRAPPED our items and sure enough, when it arrived. EVERYTHING was in tact!! The drop off team reassembled everything and placed it in its proper area. We also ate some pizza again and had a good time!! Showed Roadway some good ole Southern Hospitality! When it comes to moving, there is no other option to consider!! 🔥🔥🔥

Lauren M.

Jose and his delivery team at Roadway were phenomenal. Their speed, handiness, and professionalism made for a seamless moving experience. Jose ensured that his entire team removed their shoes to keep our new rugs clean, and they left without a bump or scratch anywhere. On top of this, their customer service department provided excellent communication throughout the process, and even followed up with us during our move to ensure everything was to our liking. I would definitely recommend Roadway because they made things easy and stress-free.

Tatiana Rodionova

Moving can be one of the most exciting times in life, but it can also be one of the most stressful. Using roadwaymoving moving services took all the stress out of my move. They are professional, knowledgeable and most of all make a very difficult process simple . I highly recommend you this company! Thank you so much for helping me and my family!!

Sara Walker

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway moving is the best! They made my move so seamless and the movers were so nice and funny. They made an additional stop for me and couldn't have been nicer. Absolutely loved!!

Ashley Alexander

Roadway Moving was such a pleasure to work with! All items were wrapped and packed with care. The movers were very friendly and ensured that everything was done the way we wanted! We had a TON of furniture to move (and I mean a TON) and I was very impressed with their efficiency. This was by far the easiest moving experience of my life and I know I'll be using Roadway the next time I move!

Kayce Smith

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Roadway Moving made me realize moving doesn't always have to be a nightmare! We decided to move in the same building, but knew that we wouldn't be able to do it ourselves (especially while I'm pregnant!). I looked around at different companies but eventually found Roadway through other friends in NYC. And all i can say is that Roadway EXCEEDED all expectations!! Even with such a unique, short move! The crew was incredibly nice, showed up ON TIME (so rare these days!) and took care of everything without stress. From vacuuming out the furniture before putting it in the new place to dismounting/remounting the TVs to packing up the closets... the crew went above and beyond. We were so impressed. They even brought us coffee unsolicited!

Caroline Massey

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I had an incredible experience with Roadway! The entire team was so friendly and considerate - make sure you request Diego, he's the best! They packed all of my things and moved me which made the process seamless and stress free. I can never use another moving company after using Roadway!

Ellasandra Muse

Best move ever!! I have never had stuff a stress free move. I didn’t have to lift a finger and they kept all my stuff so safe and put it directly where I wanted it!! Hung up all clothes for me and were so kind the entire time! Couldn’t recommend more!

Kiara Horwitz

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway is hands down the best moving company in the Tri-state area. I have used them multiple times over the last couple of years and they are always super responsive, timely, professional and there to assist wherever needed! Richard is the best - definitely recommend requesting him!

Karalyn Zamora

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Service: Interstate moving

I had to move across the country during the pandemic and was looking for a safe moving company that I could trust. I found roadway through some friends and was really pleased with how they moved me. They took such great care of my stuff and extra wrapped my furniture and TV's since they knew it would be a cross country move. They also followed COVID protocols and moved me out all on their own. The team was super friendly. I would 100% use them again and I recommend them to all my friends who are looking for reliable movers.

Brooks N.

Roadway is hands down the best moving company!! They were super attentive and very careful will all my things! I can’t recommend them enough, they’ve done 2 move for me now and every single time, I’m more impressed than the last! The staff is amazing and very careful!

Jonathan M.

First time using movers and it was a phenomenal experience. Far exceeded all of my expectations. Jose and his team worked fast and efficiently, and finished in about an hour. Very helpful in making it the most economical and stress free moving situation. Highly recommended!!

Eliza Orlins

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I genuinely cannot say enough about how incredible Roadway Moving is. I just moved out of the apartment that I'd been living in for thirteen years and the whole Roadway crew was truly extraordinary. They arrived on time, they packed efficiently — I booked them for a full pack — and with huge smiles. We laughed and played music; this was my life's least stressful move. They took such good care of my things, they packed and unpacked my wardrobe boxes and my closets in my new apartment and reassembled my bed perfectly. It was genuinely the best move of my life. I'm so grateful for the whole Roadway team!

Monroe Capri

Roadway Moving helped me with my short distance move and it was such an amazing experience! They helped package up my entire townhome and got everything out within such a short period of time!! They unpacked and mounted all of my Tv’s at my new home which was amazing. They let me tell them how and where I wanted everything and finished so quickly I still had the rest of the day to relax and enjoy my new house!! Cannot stress enough how enjoyable this made my moving experience! Thank you so much Roadway!

Marilyn K.

The move from one part of Queens to the other was pretty much seamless. They introduced themselves and arrived ahead of schedule. They packed what wasn't already packed and made sure that everything moved safely. My belongings arrived intact and the movers were really efficient. I also appreciated that the company took the yelp coupon and that Jeff who did the estimate and James from customer service were really patient and nice. Especially since I was really anxious about this move and called a million times. I recommend this company and if I move again will defintely reach out to them again.

Janice K.

They took great care with moving us from NY to Louisiana. They were very professional and kept us updated. Awesome company, and I would highly recommend them!

Jason E.

The service provider was transparent and very upfront about the travel time.

Josh leyva

I had such a great experience with Roadway, from start to finish. They really made the process easy and stress free. The crew had such a great attitude and worked so efficiently. High suggest using them are your next move!

Melissa R.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Went above and beyond standards to ensure that every single possession was transported safely. They double checked what was for transport and what was for disposal. Mr. Valdez even found my lost ear pod, as well as a few stud earrings I lost months ago—all amid the mess of boxes and debris that comes with moving. They carried so much yet paid attention to the tiniest detail. That’s service. 110% recommend.

Nicole Stillings

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I LOVED my movers. They were the nicest, most helpful, most communicative team I’ve ever worked with and I moved 7 times in 11 years so you could say I’m somewhat of a pro. Roadway keeps you closely posted on the whereabouts of your things and the ETA they will arrive. I used them to move all the way from NYC to MIA and it was easy breezy. I highly recommend them for other people interested in a seamless transition to a new city or just a new apartment. Pedro & Edwin in the pic are the best!!!

Maritere S.

Very trying time for my aunt when my uncle passed away but needed to get a moving company to get her items to her new apartment in Arlington, VA. She wanted to make sure that the guys would be honest, polite and understanding of her situation. From the pricing to the communication to making my aunt feel a bit more at ease during a tough time, we couldn't have asked for better service.

Sanjana Nayak

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I had an excellent, smooth move using Roadway Moving. They sent me plenty of packing supplies ahead of time and arrived promptly at mine on the day of the move. We were able to move a furnished 1 bedroom across town within 1 hour. They unpacked everything at my new residence with ease and with no damages. I would highly recommend them for their efficiency, professionalism, and skills!

Duke Depp

Wow wow wow. Roadway was AMAZING from start to finish!! Everything about my move went so smoothly, timely delivery (CA to UT) and the entire roadway crew was super professional. I could not recommend them more and I will be using them again anytime I move!

Tiana K.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

My move was made SO easy by Roadway. They were so helpful and careful with all of my things. Nothing was damaged and they even helped assemble some of our furniture once we got to our new apartment!

Inquiries cr.com

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Roadway is amazing! They disassembled, packed, wrapped, and reassembled all my furniture! They were quick too! Would definitely use them again :) TY Roadway!!

Mivian Pena

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

I booked Roadway because I had to move unexpectedly in short notice and I couldn't have possibly done it myself. I packed most of my things but when they arrived, they helped me pack the few items I had left quickly. The foreman, Richard was amazing and he assured my family that our things were in good hands. They even moved our refrigerator down the stairs with no problem! When we arrived to our new house they didn't waste no time and got straight to bringing our stuff upstairs. Although we had so many items they managed to get everything done in just a few hours. I've moved around a lot when I was younger but never with a moving company. I would definitely hire them again in the future because it made everything stress free. A job that would have taken my family a week to go back and forth from the old house to the new one only took them a few hours with their truck. I'm super grateful for everything they've done and so happy I can settle into my new house without worrying about bringing more things.

Victoria Vesce

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

Roadway moving was efficient and amazing! Moving me during crazy weather in Florida, all my furniture was safe and sound even through the rain! I’m so grateful for a smooth and easy move! Thank you!

Stephanie Fabry

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Hands-down the best moving company in NYC and LA. I used them months ago, and can honestly recommend them to my friends. They care so much about your furniture and go the extra mile to ensure your experience is relaxing and stress-free. Thank you Roadway Moving!

Enid K.

It was the most organized, hassle free move of my life - and I've moved at least 20 times.

Hosoon Y.

Move my things to white plains and harrison. Very profetionaly and smoothly. very pleased

Anna Heid

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

I WILL NEVER MOVE WITHOUT ROADWAY EVERRR!! They made this process so insanely easy even on a 5th floor walk up in new york city! the crew is so nice and helpful and moves so fast i couldn’t even believe it. i love rosdway moving!!

Emily Tanner

I am so happy with Roadway Moving services. They are quick, professional, and easy to get in touch with. It was a seamless move and no damages. I would highly recommend their services for your next move!

Lily Montasser

Positive: Quality

Roadway made my move so easy and they were so fast! The movers were so nice and respectful of my stuff making sure nothing got damaged coming in or out.

Teale D.

I can't speak highly enough about this wonderful company! They gave me 5 star customer service from start to finish. I've used them to pack up my old apartment, store my belongings and then move me into my new place. I wouldn't have survived these moves without them! I am so thankful for the kindness and patience the entire team showed me. They truly treated me like family and I will never use a different moving company ever again! Definitely go with Roadway Moving!

Jesse M.

They were professional, efficient, and VERY careful. Gracious team, kept us in constant communication, and delightful to talk to while waiting for elevators.

Jessica Z.

To reiterate what many others have said in their reviews - was worth every penny! In addition to our fantastic customer service rep/coordinator (Angie), we couldn't have asked for more professional and courteous moving team (Walter, Jose H, Andres G). A truly great moving experience (which I previously didn't think was possible)! Will be referring them to everyone we know.

Kim Duong

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

I’ve used Roadway for my past two moves in NYC and I honestly could not recommend a better company. Hands down, they have turned what would normally be a super stressful situation and environment into a very chill and effortless one for me. They are respectful (and smiley!), gentle with your belongings, and speedy. They are masters at what they do (they’ll even disassemble and reassemble furniture on their own—no instructions needed). Big shout out to Alon, Hernan, and Juan for a job super well done. 10/10 would always recommend them.

Lauren Mazzei

Jose & his delivery team at Roadway were phenomenal! Their speed, handiness, and professionalism made for a seamless moving experience. Jose ensured that his entire team removed their shoes to keep our new rugs clean, and they left without a bump or scratch anywhere. On top of this, their customer service department provided excellent communication throughout the process, and even followed up with us during our move to ensure everything was to our liking. I would definitely recommend Roadway because they made things easy and stress-free.

Anjali P.

My husband and I moved from SF to Philadelphia about a month ago. The pickup crew was fast and professional - they knew I was pregnant and told me to just sit on the couch while they took care of everything. My account managers, Asaid and Alejandro were absolutely wonderful - they were responsive, handled all my questions and concerns patiently and provided frequent updates which is so helpful for a cross country move where you're waiting for your things for weeks! The drop-off was quick, they moved all our items within 4 hours, there were a few bumps along the way but Roadway's customer service team made it right. I've done a cross country move 3x in the last 5 years and would say that Roadway is transparent, competitively priced and their commitment to customer service is unparalleled.

Sarah C.

I have probably moved a dozen times in my adult life, and I have to say that the experience I had with Roadway Moving tops every other relocation I've ever had. Not only was their estimate the best price amongst other NYC movers, but their speed at communication and quality of customer service was top notch. I had the inconvenient moving date of December 30th, but the team didn't bat an eye, and when I mentioned I was moving out of a 5th floor walk-up to another 5th floor walk-up, it didn't seem to bother them at all. When the moving day came, their estimated time of arrival was 100% accurate, and upon greeting them, they were so pleasant and friendly, and yet they were eager to get started. I brought up to my unit, showed them everything that had to go, and within minutes, they started. I offered to help, but they refused and instead told me to make myself a margarita. :) When they loaded up the truck and I locked up my old unit, I walked over to my new apartment to meet them there (I was only moving 2 avenues and 8 streets away), and they were there within minutes of my own arrival. I showed them the new place, and again, they got started right away. Not only did they disassemble my bed for me, but they set it up for me in my new place. I allowed them the liberty to set up my furniture however they saw fit layout-wise, and a month and a half later, my place is still set up the way they laid it out for me. :) From the time they got to my first apartment to the time they left my second apartment, the whole process only took TWO HOURS. I was expecting this to be an all-day process and to be incredibly sore and physically tired, but in fact, I had HOURS to spare and I did practically nothing. The guys were friendly, patient, never once complained, careful, attentive, quick, and efficient. Not one piece of my furniture was damaged, and I'm not missing one piece of my belongings. The greatest and most touching part of this whole process was that I came home yesterday to flowers from the movers congratulating me on my new home. I have never, ever received such wonderful customer service and appreciation from any other company. I've sang this company's praises to everyone I know, and when the time comes for me to move in the future, I will absolutely be using their services again. Joe Deshet, Mike, Alex, Rolando, and Miguel--thank you for making my moving experience a breeze instead of stressful and full of anxiety. You guys saved my life!

Joan P.

Great team effort. Everyone was super nice. Took great care of our things. Placed boxes and furniture wherever I asked. If recommend them highly.

Kelli Williams

Roadway was incredibly helpful with my move from Nashville to New York, they were great with communicating and got my things to me quickly! I didn't have any damaged items, both the movers that loaded the truck and unloaded the truck were incredibly nice. Would definitely reccomend for anyone moving long distance!

Mary Ellen S.

They provided moving services for a bedroom set to Seattle area. Wrapped and protected all items. Courteous and friendly crew. Final review will be provided when the furniture is unloaded in Washington. |

Parinaz Ehsaei

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Roadway movers were amazing! They were very professional and took such great care in moving my items. NOTHING was damaged, which is a miracle these days! Highly recommend them!

Phoebe Z.

I am still blown away at how professional the movers are. They all came wearing masks of course due to COVID. The movers arrived at 1:30pm and and finished moving by 4:30pm from my old apartment to new apartment. I've never seen people move this fast before. They made sure to pad everything for extra protection and for the bigger furniture they help you unassemble and reassemble it which made the whole move more stress free. Highly recommend!

claire fountain

I moved from NYC to FL and after long distance moves before was concerned about time and care. I was super impressed with Roadway. They were kind, professional, worked quickly and everything arrived super timely to FL (sooner than expected!) They took special care of large mirrors and other pieces that needed care, and everyone on the team answered all my questions. Seamless move, which was appreciated as moving is hectic enough. Definitely will use them again and recommend to all my friends.

Tessa Barton

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality

Services: Moving-related packing, Interstate moving

We had an excellent experience with Roadway Moving, this is our second time using their service and I continue to recommend to friends. Our first move was a local move but this time we went from NY-CA and we are so impressed with how professional and organized the movers were. They arrived on time for the pack up and loading of the truck as well as for the arrival of the boxes once they made it to California. Everything was perfectly in tact and packaged nicely with care.

We were hesitant to undertake this move due to COVID19, however Roadway made us feel much more comfortable about bringing a moving team into our home and new home. All of the movers were wearing masks and gloves and kept social distance between us.

Would definitely use them again!

Mike Rooney

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We had an amazing moving experience with Roadway from beginning to end. From our initial assessment with Alex, support along the way from Krystal to the move itself with Luis and his crew, everyone was truly excellent. Can’t recommend them highly enough as it was easily the best move I’ve ever done.

Randy S.

Awesome job, very professional and prompt. Would use again. Great Service!!

Greg DelGenio

Roadway team showed up 10 minutes early to speak with my doorman about arranging elevator access, knocked on my door promptly at agreed on time, and got right to work. These guys know what they’re doing and we’re personable as well. Once they packed up and loaded the truck, I got a call from Roadway HQ making sure I was happy with the move (which I was) and this call shows how obsessed they are with customer happiness. The movers themselves were respectful, careful, and almost silent during the move. These guys are driven and committed to getting a job done right. If you’re moving in NYC, you have a few we’ll known options, but you can not go wrong with Roadway. I can’t imagine a better moving experience than I received today. Keep up the great work!

Keith G.

I recently used Roadway moving and I could not be happier. They were very personable and careful. They came to my house and assessed how much I had to move. In the end they did so much more than expected. Would not use any other moving company!

Kathy G.

Scheduling was fine and he was upfront about additional costs for additional time needed. There was some confusion on their end as to the address but they were good about accommodating needing to be rescheduled. They also wrapped needed items up such as the bed and other furniture they needed to be careful with such as a hutch. Nothing got broken and they were very responsive. The size of the truck was fine for living room furniture, bedroom furniture, etc. They overcame a spacing obstacle with moving a loveseat into the basement. Overall, they were very cooperative and I would recommend their services to others. I got other quotes and theirs was less expensive.

Alexandria A.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

This should be the first company you call for any kind of move. They helped me with a cross-country move and made what could have been a very stressful situation super easy and stress-free! I worked primarily with Scott in getting the move going. He was the best! Super professional, kind, and proactive when it came to communication. Asael then stayed in touch while my stuff was in transit and always checked in. Yusuf transported my stuff and delivered it to an empty apartment as I was not there yet. Even though I wasn't there, he left the boxes in each room they were labeled for, carefully placed the boxes and bulky fragile items, and even put together my bed frame for me, which I already wasn't looking forward to so it was a great surprise to see he had already done that for me. Everyone was so professional and genuinely kind to work with. You'd be doing yourself a disfavor looking anywhere else for moving help-Roadway is the best (and trust me, I've moved a lot)

Daniel S.

They were excellent in all aspects.

Ellen K.

This company's level of service and competence is what EVERY company in the U.S. should strive for. Too bad moving is such a rarity because I would be very happy to work with them again. I cannot praise them enough - Mike my main point of contact, Ari the foreman of the load out and every person that answered the phone and provided updates along the way. These guys are the best. Look no further.

Adrian F.

From start to finish, our move went very well. Efrain, the agent in the New York City office, was terrific. By the time I spoke to him, I was pretty overwhelmed with prices and promises I'd received from other companies. Roadway's price was on the low side, so I was somewhat nervous about hidden charges. The excellent reviews on Angie's List and Efrain's professional manner put me at ease. The moving crew on the New Jersey end were cheerful, efficient and professional. They shrink-wrapped and padded our furniture, including two antique pieces over 150 years old. The moving crew on the South Carolina end were just as great. They unwrapped our pieces, quickly assembled them, and put them in place. Everything arrived in great shape. Roadway's price was exactly as Efrain quoted. I would not hesitate to use Roadway again.

Lisa V.

They provided an estimate for moving service.

Fallon Carmichael Santiago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I just completed my third move with Roadway Moving and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. When we moved out of NYC, across the river, Roadway was there. When we then left all together during the Pandemic June 2020, Roadway was there and went above and beyond to not only move and care for our belongings but also go above and beyond to make sure everyone was safe and protected. Now for what may be our last move, as we just became home owners, Roadway was the only moving company we trusted. Their teams are extremely professional while also being personable and fun to work with. The go above and beyond to make sure all of your belongings are taken care of and I've never seen a team work faster!

Shemylah Hooda

Can’t recommend these guys enough if you have an upcoming move! My husband and I moved cross-country from San Francisco to Boston and the entire process from consultation to delivery was so seamless. We went with their full-pack service and it was worth every penny (they packed EVERYTHING for us, we literally did not pack a single box, so were able to enjoy the last few weekends leading up to our move instead of being stuck at home packing). Communication is key with a big move like this and despite the fact that we had so many moving pieces on both ends of our move, their customer service team was fantastic and never failed to provide me with updates or answers to the numerous questions I had along the way. On moving day, the teams were quick, efficient and so careful with all our furniture! Roadway is the most professional (and fun) moving company you’ll come across. They took all the stress out of packing & getting all our things to our new city safely — there’s no way we could have survived this cross-country move without them!

Chloe Chung

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

So glad I chose Roadway for my recent move! It was the best moving experience in my 10+ years in NYC. From getting a quote to actual move, everything was so smooth and stress free! They are super responsive and follow up with you multiple times prior to the move to make sure you have everything you need. The movers were on time and seriously super fast in moving things while being very careful with every item. The entire move from my fidi apartment to midtown took half the time compared to my last move..! Seriously, roadway’s the best!

Melany Cecilia

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Services: Moving-related packing, Local moving

My experience with roadway moving was like no other, they were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. The movers were very courteous and were sure to follow all COV-19 safety precautions. They arrived on time to both the pick up and drop off locations, handled all my furniture including frames and mirrors with great care, and even helped us pack a few last minute things. I cant imagine ever moving without roadway movers and will be sure to use them again on my next move!

Conrad S.

Ken Chen is true professional. He answered all my questions and gave suggestions. The moving men, Marcio (Supervisor), Julio, Paco and Luis were also true professionals. Well coordinated, did not waste time and knew what they were doing. The moving coordinator, in Kennett Square, PA, mentioned she never met such polite moving men. They arrived at the destination before us and began to move everything in.


Positive: Professionalism

Roadway made my move that much easier they were so much help. They assisted with packing and unpacking, they were quick, polite and respectful. Definitely will be calling them again in the future. Thank you Roadway Moving. I’m extremely satisfied!

Carly C.

My husband and daughter and I have used Roadway twice so far--once when we were pregnant (two years ago) and again recently, moving from the city to the country--and didn't even lift a FINGER, they took such amazing care of us and were so so so careful with our items. I would use them 10,000 times over; not to mention the prices we were quoted were reasonable and the experience was so very stress-free. Definitely hire them if you're looking for all-star movers, who are efficient, pack your items thoughtfully, and are just generally super careful while wrapping up and moving your things.

Amanda P.

My husbands grandmother recently passed away and he was left with furniture and other family heirlooms. We had moved from NY down to North Carolina; so I was looking for a company that would not only move a small amount of items, but that would also be helpful throughout the entire process working with us- even though we were not in NY. Before booking, I worked with Joy to quote and make sure everything we needed day of was included in the price so there would be no surprises. Day of pickup: the movers called ahead of time and confirmed the time that they would meet my mother in law at the house. The entire crew was unbelievably helpful and courteous to her while they packed dishes and wrapped the furniture. She was very impressed with the crew! I was expecting the movers to call me within a week or two with an update on the delivery time frame, but was blown away that I got a call the NEXT DAY saying they would be dropping off at our house in NC the following day. In looking at reviews of other companies, I was nervous because they package your stuff up and warehouse it until they have a completely full truck. Now mind you, my move was at the end of the month so I'm sure they had plenty of moves with mine- but I'm still so thankful I didn't have to worry about stuff sitting in a warehouse. Morning of the drop off: Francisco was amazing. There was another guy who was awesome but I'm forgetting his name. They were courteous, unpacked in a matter of two hours and unwrapped some of the very fragile furniture we had shipped just to be sure I was good with everything. Now I don't normally write reviews, but when they dropped off - I realized that they didn't have the wood crate we had ordered to protect the grandfather clock and had instead wrapped with blankets and boxes (which was perfectly ok- everything is in the same shape!). I let James, my customer rep Know and he submitted for the refund to be made for that wood crate cost a week ago. Today I receive the refund check and literally could not believe how quickly it was issued. Overall- best moving company I HAVE EVER USED and would 100% use them again for any future moves. They may be slightly more expensive, but take into account the headaches and heartaches of dealing with other shady moving companies, you won't regret it. Thanks again, appreciate your "customer first" organization!!!

Nicholas K.

Our move went several hours over scheduled but that was to no fault of their own. Moving just takes time. they still came around the estimate from Flat Rate. the 3 provided movers were friendly, quick, and professional. we've moved several times over the years and this was our most pleasant experience so far. I worked with Joe from the administrative end and he was very responsive and helpful.

Rae Hersey

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

So friendly and efficient! We moved from Manhattan to Jersey City with 2 different pick-up spots and we were all settled into our new place in 3 hours. I was so impressed with the speed and care Richard and his team took with our things. They were super friendly and made what could have been a stressful day so easy :)

Andrew Parker

The guys who helped us move were extremely professional, fun to be around, and quick! They did everything we needed within a few hours and answered any questions we had. The move would have been a nightmare without them. So glad we used Roadway!

Buddy Kenney

Andrew and his team of 3 were really awesome.
From the get go, the best moving experience that we have ever had.
Thanks to all, including Tony with the virtual quote and the entire customer service team too.

Matthew D.

The team of Roadway movers that packed is up today, Tudor, Iomut, & Doriam, were prompt, professional, and extremely accommodating. Moving can be such a stressful endeavor, but this trip of guys was such a huge help. I'd recommend them to anyone that's moving!


We all know moving can be really stressful, but roadway team Alex,Andrei and Fausto made so easy. They help me pack, carefully wrapped everything for me even my vacuum. That’s how you know they are taking care of their customer really good. Definitely 5 star worthy.

Cathy w.

Imagine a move where everything runs like clockwork, and you got this moving company.... So, going in reverse order, let's start with the move today, I had 3 young men, Jesus, Elvin, and Effrain, who moved some heavy furniture from the North Shore of Long Island to Manhattan( into an uptight building with a million rules). These three guys were terrific, they communicated when they were half an hour away ( they were on time), and moved a Grandfather Clock, two large chests and a very heavy metal baker's rack, along with taking down a chandelier!!!!! All was moved perfectly and without damage. Then, they helped move it around until I was happy with the placement ( yes, their first suggestion for where the chests should go was where they ended up). They were also incredibly polite and nice... Wow..... Muscle and manners all in one!!!!!!! Now, going back two weeks was the start of my move with a real standout Joy....She was amazing working with a very difficult building that has a lot of requirements if you replace a light bulb... So, you get the idea. She handled it perfectly and my building was very happy with the insurance being met and the movers doing it correctly today. She was also really patience with me setting up the move date as I was all over the map trying to figure out the day.... I spoke to her more times than you could imagine. THANK YOU JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All good. Highly recommend!!!!

Claire Lee

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

INCREDIBLE experience with Roadway Moving during my most recent move in NYC. Can't tell you how painless the moving process was. I didn't have to lift a finger or worry that my items would be in any way damaged. The crew was so unbelievably friendly, prompt, professional, and efficient. No detail was spared. Truly a new kind of experience that will change your view about moving being a massive source of angggsttttttt.

Russell Taylor

Editing a week and a half after my original review. Roadway was really impressive in their handling of our unfortunate damages. The agent who reached out was a pleasure to work with and we feel fairly compensated for the damages, plus it was all hassle-free on our end. I imagine accidents occasionally happen at all the best moving companies, and Roadway clearly excels in their handling of accidents when they occur. Original review: We were the unlucky customers who had their posessions broken. While the team was halfway done unloading our things from their truck, they had to pause to circle around the block to let another oversized vehicle pass. They failed to adequately secure our remaining items in the truck before this drive around the block, and our expensive coffee table we love had it's top surface broken in half, a large framed artwork we care a lot about had its glass shattered (luckily the art was undamaged) and a large potted plant was completely destroyed. We are currently in the claims process with Roadway, and they are attempting to fix the glass on our artwork in-house. The claims department seems promising, so I will update this review with more info and adjust the rating once all is resolved. Note that aside from this mishap, the movers seemed very professional, friendly, and were clearly experts at moving.

Elizabeth C.

Wow. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. It just seemed too good to be true...a smooth move with no hassle, no tricks on payment owed, and really nice movers. 2 days later and I am still amazed at this experience. I have moved a few times in the past and always a nightmare on estimate vs. what you wind up paying, and nasty movers. This experience was hassle free and top notch from the moment I called, until the moving truck drove away from the storage unit. First, I apologize to the movers for not remembering their names to include in this review (move was from apt. on 72 St in NYC to storage unit in NJ). These guys were so nice and professional. When they arrived, the estimate was higher than what I believed was agreed upon. The foreman immediately called the office and straightened it out. They had inadvertently included 2 fees we had agreed were already included in the flat estimate. They were quick and efficient. I still cannot believe how hard they worked and how good they were in fitting our furniture into a tight storage unit. The fee I was quoted by Ruth when she conducted the estimate was exactly what I paid in the end. That's a first for me! When the movers took a little longer in getting to the storage space in New Jersey, I wasn't stressing that I was being scammed so they could jack up the bill for hours worked (as has happened in the past). I cannot recommend them enough, and I can certainly skip all the research next time and come straight to them. Thank God for the internet. Years ago, you looked up movers in the yellow pages and didn't know what you were getting and there was no opportunity to do much research. Thank you to all who take the time to post so the rest of us can benefit.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I can't say enough positive things about my experience with Roadway. I collected so many estimates; not only were they affordable (for a x-country move!), every person I spoke with was kind. I received multiple calls on the day of pick up and drop off to communicate when the teams were en-route, estimated delivery time, and to ask about my experience. I don't remember my drop off team's names but they were very efficient and asked for the placement of every single item. My pick-up team was Elliot, Ever, and Lalo (Northridge, CA location). Respectful, clean (it started raining and they were prepared) and efficient, helped to make a stressful day that much better. All I had to do was sit with my cat and watch!

April Whitney

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Services: Moving-related packing, Local moving, Furniture assembly, In-state moving

I've moved many times over the years in NYC, and I used Roadway most recently. They were by far the most professional, kind and fast movers I've ever worked with. Their team was also in great spirits and made the process fun, which is something I couldn't imagine a move every being. They wrapped everything very professionally and took care of everything - it was so stress free, I did basically nothing. They also de-assembled my bed frame and re-assembled which was so nice. Nothing was damaged in the slightest, everything was handled with the utmost care. They really take care of you! Thank you Roadway, I'll be surely working with you again!

Michael G.

My wife and I are moving to Ohio from NY. As you can imagine it is a very stressful time to us both and moving our stuff is adding to the stress. However, we spoke to Adrian at Roadway to give us a price quote for the move. Not only was the price very competitive, but he provided us great insight on the type of boxes and how many boxes we will need to be cost effective. He is an unbelievable resource and so glad we are able to work with him. We have not moved yet, but if the movers are just as good as Adrian, Roadway should be your company of choice for moving short or long distances. Stay tuned for Part 2 for the actual move and their review!

Lynda C.

FANTASTIC, the crew dud a wonderful job!!! I've moved 5 times in the past 25 years and this was the best experience oby far. I recommend them to everyone. Even though I was on a tight budget they were worth the $250 tip.

Ana M.

Husband and I moved from Bronx, NY to Los Angeles, CA; our apartment in the Bronx was on the 5th floor in a 5 floor walk-up. The quote that David gave was the same price that we paid, was definitely much lower than any of the other quotes that I got from other companies. Mario's team picked-up our stuff on April 28 (with no complaints about the stairs! They also worked fast and efficiently bringing all our packed boxes and packing our TV, dressers and bed down to the truck), and we were told that our things will be delivered between May 4-19; it was delivered on the 15th. Our belongings, as far as we've seen so far were all handled fine [we haven't opened all the boxes yet, most of them are in storage]. The only problem I had with the company was, no one was able to tell me where the moving truck was and when it actually left NY. I had to call them multiple times in the days in between to get a direct answer. The driver of the truck to Los Angeles [I didn't catch his name] was also very professional and very nice [he was able to let me know that he was coming a day ahead and even worked with my hours] and got all our stuff in the storage. All in all, I'm very pleased with Roadway and will definitely use them again if I ever need to move.

Jeffery A.

They got me the estimate right away and were very responsive. Pricing was on the higher end with them.

Hilary R.

Our experience with Roadway exceeded our expectations. They were so responsive in helping us come up with a custom package for our move, which included boxing up all items (at a speed that was truly unbelievable, by the way!), moving them with care to our new condo, and unpacking them in record time. They even were able to accommodate a stop along the way to pick up items at another location. They kept every promise they made-they showed up when they said they would, took as long as they said they would, and took the greatest care of our possessions. Their service was worth every penny to keep our moving day stress-free. We can't thank you enough!

Melissa B.

I went with Roadway Moving based on the excellent reviews off Yelp, and I couldn't have made a better decision. I moved my 1-bdrm apartment from NJ to NYC. I scheduled my move with Scott and he was extremely courteous and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and reassured any concerns I had leading up to the move date. The day of the move went extremely smooth. Doru, Alejandro and Miguel arrived earlier than expected which was a huge plus as I was on a strict time clock with the building I was moving in to. The three of them were extremely diligent, hard workers. They made sure my belongings were wrapped and stored to perfection. They could've done it with their eyes closed, that's how meticulous they were. I was in good hands with these three and I was happily relieved once I realized the professionalism I was dealing with. Once we arrived at the new location, they unloaded and set-up my furniture exactly where I wanted it. Everything arrived in perfect condition. They went above and beyond any and all expectations and I'm truly grateful. Moves can be very stressful and they took the stress out of the equation for me. I hope I don't have to move again for a while, but if I do, I know I'm going back to Roadway. Like many other reviews, they're slightly pricey, but if that means peace of mind and true professionalism, I'll take that any day of the week!

Michael B.

This company is full of true professionals. I really cannot recommend this company more. We moved from Manhattan to Rochester. Setting up an onsite estimate was quick and easy. The price was more than reasonable (when moving all of your valuable possessions I do not suggest trying to cut corners and going for cheap. You truly get what you pay for). We got the packing service and had several very heavy items. I loved one of the movers responses when I warned him how heavy one of our pieces was: "there is no such thing as heavy sir." The packing and moving was flawless. I do have to report some hiccups but not enough to knock down to less than 5 stars. Sometimes my contact with the company was slow to respond to a few questions, but he would get back to me eventually and all questions were answered before the moving date. The delivery time I requested got mixed up and required several calls to fix it. It seems once a time is in their system it echos and is difficult to correct. But it did eventually get corrected. Lastly the time quoted to get everything packed and moved out of my apartment was underestimated. This was not a problem but they quoted that it would take 3 hours. It took 6. I accounted for this time because I predicted it would take longer but I think more accurate times should be quoted because elevators need to be held and reserved. Upon delivery the team did show up in the time window. All of the delivery crew were kind and professional. Nothing was damaged. I don't know what kind of training they give the movers but they all seem very zen and calm despite all the hardwork they do. Moving is stressful no matter how well things go but these guys really put you at ease. I cannot recommend roadway enough. Good luck with your move!

Laura S.

Wow did Roadway Moving make a usual painful experience very unpainful! From Angie who gave me a very reasonable quote and made setting up everything very easy to Manny and his crew that were both professional and efficient. They communicated via texts arrival times on both ends of move and were right on time and did an amazing job safeguarding and transporting our belongings. I highly recommend Roadway and would definitely use them again!

Ngan T.

The crew (Avi, Ahgle, Juan) were amazing in helping us move our apartment in Westchester area. We had some challenges getting the couches in at new place but the crew was super helpful and accommodating and tried their best to make it work. Great service and nice, helpful. Would definitely use them again.


Moved Two Storage Rooms of goods to our new, 3rd Floor Apartment. Everything went fine and within time frame.

Evelyn M.

Showed up as promised. Packed and moved belongings from East Coast to Ohio. Nothing was lost or broken. Delivered as promised on date promised. All personnel were polite and professional. Charged me the rate specified. This is an independently owned company -- I would definitely use them again.

Evgeniya D

Roadway moving did a great job on my move! they did a walk through before starting anything. They were so easy to work with, getting all set up for a move was really simple. They were also so careful with everything, treating our furniture like they were family heirlooms. I would recommend this company to everyone who needs a mover.

Joseph H.

FABULOUS!!! After nightmares with movers in the past, THESE GUYS ARE GREAT!! Moving is stressful enough without grief from movers, these guys went above and beyond to reduce the stress of moving. Aaron, Alejandro, and Ishmael were careful, pleasant, honest, gentleman that couldn't do enough for us. I hope management does the right thing for this crew at Christmas, because employees like them are difficult to find. Everything went smooth from the first phone call, when I requested an estimate, to when the truck pulled away from my new address. You owe it to yourself ,and your belongings , to use this moving company.

Megan T.

These guys were awesome! It was a last minute move and not only could they fit me in but they were really professional and very friendly to work with. Not a thing was scratched or broken and they were done sooner than I expected. I would definitely use them for another move!

Libby Thomas

Positive: Professionalism

We used Roadway/Veteran Movers for an inter-brooklyn move and would recommend! Osvaldo Martinez and his team were very efficient and took care with our items and made that part of the move relatively stress free. They were communicative and friendly (even though were were moving into a 4th floor walk up!) Beyond actual moving day I appreciated the pre-move video chat where our items were inventoried so we could get an accurate price quote, then a follow up a couple days before the move to make sure it was still accurate. No surprises, which is greatly appreciated during moving.

Peter Brereton

Truck 28 did an amazing job. They did great work and took care of everything. Thanks a lot!

Afia N.

This is hands down the best moving experience we have had in years. And we have moved several times in the last few years. From the time, their on-site assessor came till the time of the booking of the move and then to the actual move itself the process was extremely efficient. We were given a fixed rate for the moving project and there were no surprises on the day of the move in terms of cost. The moving team headed by George and his crew was extremely professional and fast. We have many, many heavy boxes filled with books and a lot of things we accumulated over the years. George and his crew of three men quickly emptied our walk-up apartment in Brooklyn alongwith the furniture and then also emptied a storage cell enroute to bring it to NJ. We had ordered storage bins for the move (from their sister company CityBins who were also thoroughly professional) and would highly recommend them as well. Despite a really long move day for them, George and his crew did a tremendous job.

Hanqing L.

I saw their big deal on Anies list, and the reviews are good. Then I contacted with them. The communications could be through phone and email. I got a pretty accurate quote. The person I contacted was very nice and professional. My apartment is a management building and requires the proof of insurance and labor comp. They can provide them without any issue. The movers arrived in time, and pack everything for us. They were very efficient and professional.

Stephanie T.

This moving company is so professional, hard-working and respectful. We have used them on several occasions and would definitely recommend them to anyone needing movers. Jose Riviera was the managing supervisor and made the move seamless, organized and lead the team incredibly well! Great people and company!

Wendy N.

If I could give them 10 stars I would! Alon, Kimmy, and Tino were amazing! We had to move during COVID and Roadway provided us with a thorough plan, made sure everyone had protective gear and were practicing social distancing during the move. Their truck and equipment were super clean and they did not reuse bins or boxes for the move. They wrapped up all of our furniture with so much care and dedication. The overall move was quick and painless. We're so happy and grateful for everything that they did!

Kevin B.

Very professional and responsible. Showed up on time for packing, loading and delivery. All were helpful and courteous. We would absolutely use them again.

Matthew C.

Loved these guys!

Rachel M.

I want to say a huge thank you to Roadway for helping us move during this difficult time and with such short notice. I highly recommend them and you can 10% off your move with code RACHEL10. A few things that really stuck out to me about their amazing job moving They were safe and effective wearing masks and gloves and taking all precautions due to Covid-19. True professionals in every sense of the word. We went with pack and move which was a DREAM! These guys are EXCELLENT packers they honestly packed better than I ever would have taking great care to protect fragile items and write IN DETAIL the contents of each box. They were FAST! They spent one day packing the entire apartment (and y'all know I got a lot of dresses ) and loading the truck (about 9am-3pm) leaving only the bed then they came 9am the following day and moved everything to the new place and were completely wrapped by 12:30pm) They were incredibly communicative - from the estimator who did the estimation via Zoom to price the move to all the movers, everyone was very respectful and communicative throughout the process. When they arrived to unload at the new apartment they asked where each item should go and diligently put each box in the proper place to make it easier for us to unpack. They use very high quality wardrobe boxes for all my beloved clothes which have a hanging bracket on the box so the clothes are hung on the hanger inside the box and upon arrival to the new apartment they unloaded all my clothes into the closet!! What a joy to have all my hanging clothes already hung in the new place! Honestly I've moved 5 times in NYC and this was the best experience by far they were worth every penny and I will be using them for any future moves! (transparency i received a discount on services in exchange for posting my experience on Instagram - all opinions my own)

Jessica G.

I really appreciate Curl's help today! He was friendly and really provided me with great customer service. Thank you so much!

Anthony L.

They were reasonbaly priced and nice.

Michael K.

These guys are great. They did a long-distance move for us and everything went perfectly. They made the move as painless as possible and were thorough and careful. Not a single item arrived damaged or broken. I would use them again, without hesitation, if I could. On the expensive side, but you get what you pay for.

Masahiro I.

At the end of January, my wife, our daughter, and I relocated from New York City to Tampa, Florida. After some in-depth research and in-home quotes, we chose Roadway Moving for their professionalism and incredibly competitive prices. It has been more than three months since our move, and we continue to appreciate the quality of their work, attention to detail, and budget-friendliness of this fantastic company and staff. All 40+ moving boxes were intact, along with various items from furniture to workout equipment. Excellent communication for clarity and timely updating. Flexibility and ability to accommodate last-minute changes or unexpected "hiccups." They truly defied the saying, "You get what you pay for." We were actually given far more than what we paid for. Sincere thanks to Roadway Moving.

Paula G.

It went very well, with great care over fixing the issue of hidden fees. To note, you want to make sure that the deal does not include tolls on the way to your location, or tolls on the departure from your location. I thought tolls only meant in between my two locations. But I insisted that they not charge me for that, and they complied. |

Judy G.

They were methodical, friendly, and competent. It all went as quickly as possible, given the clunkiness of the treadmill and the narrow staircase from basement to first floor. At the other end, the praise did not end, including the word "Mensch." That's a real compliment.

Magali C.

They were really generous with their time,supportive, friendly, and gave us good pricing.

Naomi B.

I usually don't like dealing with movers bc they're not very friendly or communicative but Roadway was a whole different kind of moving company. They were very communicative and clear with how the move was going to go, as well as pricing. They were on time, gave me a courtesy call before they came and they respected my house and my belongings as if it were theres. They laid down carpet on the areas they would be walking on so they wouldn't get the place dirty and even covered our entry door to keep anything from scratching. Not to mention they were friendly, fast, efficient and just overall professional. I would definitely use them and refer them again!

Anthony Crouchelli

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I had an INCREDIBLE experience with Roadway! From start to finish the team was professional, kind, and had my move feeling like a priority from the first phone call all the way to the final instal!

Thank you roadway!

Greg K.

First I must start off by saying I can not say enough good things about this company. Having used Roadway to move myself in the past, when my daughter told me that she had finally received the offer she had been hoping for from a potential new job, although it was going to be a bit overwhelming for us because it meant moving her so far away (almost 3000 miles away to California!) I knew that it had to be done right. We have moved many times over the years.. but long distance was something less familiar to us. I remembered after moving with Roadway recently that the foreman mentioned that they moved long distance and that he actually spent most of his time on the road doing those types of moves. I said to myself if they made me feel this comfortable moving locally, and these were the types of people that would be picking up my daughters stuff to move to the other side of the country. Then these were the guys that had to do it for me. It was a no brainer. When I called they walked me through the whole process explaining how they came up with the initial cost and explained to me the best way for us to be prepared and the different options they offered when it came to packing etc.. Let's put it this way. We couldn't have been happier. They did everything for us which is great cause my daughter has enough on her plate already with starting a new job and getting settled with her new apartment etc..These guys again made the process that much easier for us. They helped her pack almost everything except for a few things she wanted to do herself since she is very particular. Not to mention the most important part how efficient hard working, patient and friendly they were they were. From the moment we set everything up the level of service is truly refreshing. They might even be locating me and the wife out next after these last several winters. Thank you again guys, You definitely helped ease our stress.

Barbara L.

Though expensive, everyone at Roadway from people in the office, to estimators to the movers were totally responsible and professional. I would definitely use them again and recommend them highly.

Daniela Eichner

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Jorge, Julio and Sofia helped me move from Long Island to a three flight walk up in Manhattan and they were absolutely amazing! I could not have asked for a better moving team ever and I have moved over 15 times all around the world. Very professional, very careful with my furniture, exceptionally friendly, fast, reliable, a total dream team! Ask for these three and you will get the best of the best movers around NY!

Jackie Stauffer

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Services: Interstate moving, Oversized-item moving, Moving-related packing

Jose and the Roadway team were amazing! We had a multi-day multi-pickup move and these guys were awesome. We hired them for packing, transport and unpacking. Organized, prepared, professional, on-time, pleasant and helpful. They were super careful with our more fragile and valuable items (we have a lot of valuable art). They were also neat, always cleaning up, protecting floors, etc...They were so friendly, they made moving fun!! They handle moves all over the country. We had a wonderful experience with Roadway and highly recommend them to anyone!

Caroline with love

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

This is my first time using a moving company and I can't express enough how so impressed I am with this company. I have to pack myself on the back for doing research and picked a great moving company. I'm moving from NYC to Houston so this was a cross state move. Roadway Moving actually help you move, pack and assemble your things. My boxes came in intact. And, it only took them one week to deliver my boxes. Also they call you to update you on their whereabouts. Service was beyond excellent. All movers especially Jesus and Jhon were beyond helpful and sweet. I already recommended Roadway Moving to my family and friends. I will definitely use them again.

Samii Ryan

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Moving is usually stressful, but with Roadway everything was so easy and stress-free it was the best move I've ever had. Mark, Eduard, and Carlos moved our offices spaces fast, efficiently, professionally, and secure. The guys were so kind, very friendly and easy to work with. When we moved into our new offices they even helped set up our furniture for us. Whenever I move again I will 100% move with Roadway!

Carly Gropper

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

When I first inquired about my July move, the team called me right away! They weren't pushy and allowed me to ask questions and totally understood that I was still shopping around. When it came to making my decision of moving Roadway, the team was absolutely on it, they had all my information so nothing had to be repeated. Everyone was extremely kind over the phone. 2 days before the move, a team member had called to ask if I had any questions and also walked me through the moving timeline, which was wonderful. The movers showed up on time and worked SO fast, being BEYOND careful of my artwork, furniture, and fragile household items. I was blown away. The movers arrived to the new location quickly, OF COURSE rolled out the ROADWAY CARPET, unloaded everything, put my couch together, screwed my TV stands on, and completed the move with big smiles and high fives. I will 1000000% use them again, without a doubt!

Robert W.

Well executed move so far. Before, and during actual move. Storage and final move in are pending but have high expectations based upon performance thus far.

Yaron R.

I have moved several times over the last decade; and I must say I have never had such an experience with my moving company which I hired. Lot's of reviews summarized the great service, and products they provide which is true once everything goes well - Allow me to add a great review for Roadway which stepped up once, things didn't go well - And to me this when it matters the most. The short version; During the off load and the unpacking, for foreman discovered that few of the items were broken - he took it personally, and promised to take that to their workshop for FREE repair. Things got worst when Roadway lost these items.... However few weeks later once provided quotes for items replacement they paid for these items in full. Great customer service!!!! I will use Roadway again without hesitation.

Kristi R.

Leaving a second review because I am so impressed!! I got my stuff in 2 weeks from a cross country move which is unheard of. Not a single thing broke, and the crew was so nice and professional! Roadway is absolutely worth the cost and I can't recommend them enough!

john M.

roadway moved us before locally and was recommended by a friend that moved an office of 50 employees with them. this move was huge with full packing, we didn't have the time or the will to start pack and label so we asked roadway to do so. the job was well done , everything was scared and barcode including a color code system that they have. it was the smoothest move ever, you can even call it enjoyable move. its an A+++ service and product.

anne M.

very professional

Miss P.

Given how inconsistent moving services can be, and what a pain i the neck moving in general can be, I feel very lucky to have found Roadway Movers. From the initial contact with Erfain who booked my move, to Chakira who coordinated it and finally Alejandro and the guys who came on time and worked efficiently, we got outstanding service. I can't have been happier with how smooth it all went despite us having to re-schedule our move and do other last minute changes. Because of all the small changes we had to do, they called back several times for updates and to make sure everything was in order for the day of our move. Because of the nature of our move, we could only move boxes one day and furniture two weeks later. I called back to book a new move and Efrain got a group of men ready to move within 24 hours. He even helped me find other deals and checked with the owner if I could get a return customer discount since it had only been two weeks since we used their services. Seriously, what company helps you find discount deals AND provide high quality service? I highly recommend you choose Roadway movers for your move. They'll take good care of your belongings and give superior customer service. And if I'm really, really lucky they'd consider open an office on Hawaii so I can use them again for my next move :).

Amy L.

Their service was so good that I finally joined Yelp. Good service deserves to be recognized! I was moving from Jersey City to SF. I had asked for a quote online and was sent an email the next day. I followed-up with a phone call, and they gave me a quote after walking me through all of the items I needed to be moved. I asked around and altho they were $700 more than, the number of 5* reviews and SO FEW less than 4* reviews told me it was probably worth it. Movers came to my apartment exactly on time, despite the snow the night before. Their scheduled time as 9-11AM. They called at 8:15AM letting me know that they would be there by 9AM. They came and wrapped up all of my furniture with care, took them out on their own dollies. They were courteous & quick. They were out the door by 11:15AM. I was initially given a 2-4 week delivery window. Around 1 week in, i started getting calls letting me know that my stuff was already getting driven out to SF. About 2 weeks in, I started getting almost daily phone calls or texts from the driver letting me know where he was: Omaha, Nevada, California at another site... The only snafu was my neighborhood didn't allow 18 wheelers, so they had to transfer my stuff onto a smaller truck to delivery to me. They let me know 3 days ahead of time and still kept their target delivery date. The unpacking was smooth. Everything was put back together well, and on time. They called me that morning to confirm an around 1PM. At 12:30PM I got a calling letting me know it'll be closer to 1:30PM due to traffic.. They arrived at 1:35PM. Everything was ON TIME, and I was informed every step along the way. they're GREAT!

Terence Hsu (Terence)

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Our family has used Roadway more than 5 times and everytime we have been very impressed with the quality of move and responsiveness from both the relocation specialist as well as the moving team.

We just completed a successful move yesterday, and the team led by Oswaldo M. was very professional. They spent the time and effort to protect every piece of furniture, and rolled out protective floor covers and wrapped all the wall corners prior to moving things in and out of the unit. I highly recommend working with Roadway and asking for Oswaldo and his team.

Mădă L.

I had an excellent experience with warner's. From the sales representative to the movers ,they all tried to do their best. At the day of the move,the guys came on time and they worked clean and fast! Thank you Warner's for taking the stress away from me,because let's be honest,moving is such a stressful thing!

Smadar P.

Just moved to Florida from Long Island New York. This company is great!! They keep in touch with you from day one to the end. My stuff came to Florida in less then a week on time no issues what's so ever. I would recommend roadway moving to anyone. The price was reasonable the staff was very friendly. This was a very easy move. Thank you roadway

Michelle C.

I researched and called so many different moving companies, and decided to use Roadway for their excellent reviews, BBB rating, and focus on quality and customer service. No regrets at all! I am so happy with the pick-up by Mark, Ricky, Cezar!!! They were truly the best! So professional, polite, and skilled at packing all sorts of furniture types. They were right on time and started working immediately like a well-oiled machine! Every furniture was packed better than I ever expected - shrink wrapped, blanket wrapped, cardboarded, and then shrink wrapped again! It was better packaging than even the packaging by the manufacturer when I got the furniture! They handled every item with great care and labeled everything with a bar code. They were so helpful throughout the entire move from start to finish. It made the move infinitely less stressful. I loved their team work and how nice and friendly they are. Thank you Mark, Ricky, and Cezar!!! Ask for this crew if you have a move coming up!

Arun Kannan

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I moved from NJ to TX, Initially I was very nervous while selecting the moving companies, got quote from multiple companies and finally signed contract with Roadway based on review comments. I am glad that i took the decision to go with Roadway, very professional and understanding from day 1 when estimates very done. John & Shawnise were great in giving updates and very transparent on the process. On the day of moving, 3 guys from roadway did excellent job with packing & moving, it was like they were doing the moving of their own house. Kudos to the team and the same experience during delivery. No damages & no issues with costing, 100% recommend Roadway based on my experience.

Jiranya S.

Overall is good beside they leave some scratch on the hardwood floor.

Alex M.

Moved from CA to NY. Pick up was seamless, I I wasn't there at the time so that was very convenient. They barcode all items with stickers to keep track. Throughout the move I had a point of contact who was communicative and updated me twice, once a week prior to move in letting me know it would be sometime the following week, and once the day before move-in. It was right inside the estimated time frame I was provided. Move in - not one thing damaged (I had a lot of things and some very fragile) and the movers were on time and friendly, especially considering I'm on the fifth floor! Ran into a hiccup but my main point of contact was great and I truly felt like I had a team behind me. Overall, a great moving company that cares, which goes a long way!

Melina S.

Great Service

Valerie W (Trusted Travel Girl)

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Moving can be one of the most stressful experiences— but by experience with Roadway Moving was anything but stressful!
They were professional, very responsive, and my rate came with no surprise fees at the end.
I did the full service package with packing, and all I had to do was point out anything fragile and then leave my apartment while the team did the packing and heavy lifting.
Roadway called prior to the move to make sure I didn’t have any questions, and then called after to make sure I had a good move. They truly care about their customers, and I couldn’t imagine ever using another company after this experience.
Roadway customer for life!!

Kaitlyn D.

I'm going to start by saying that moving is STRESSFUL. I have moved several times over the past 3 years and its always awful. Once I had all my boxes packed for this move, the hard part was done. Cue Mark, Ricky, and Cesar, they were excellent. They were eager to get everything wrapped up and out as fast as they could but they also took their time to talk over the move and the destination with me. Mark also took the time to go over the inventory system with me. They wrapped everything up so well and so carefully and were truly wonderful. I would recommend them to everyone I know that is moving.

Ben B.

I had a great experience with Roadway, and especially with Agustin, Christian and Iosif. There was a miscommunication on quantity to be moved, and due to the fee structure of roadway we needed to change the amount billed on the fly. Once we figured that out the actual moving went as well as possibly could be expected. I was very happy with them.

William P.

The crew was great! Jose ran the job like a champ! Would highly recommend roadway again!

Robert B.

Roadway's service is excellent. Their customer service people are always available and quite knowledgeable. The estimate Walkthrough was detailed and included cubic foot estimates for every item and box. The quote that the estimator gives you is guaranteed, but you can adjust downward if you pack fewer boxes then shown on the estimate when you finish packing. However, the estimate will be adjusted upward if you add more items to the move list. In my case, Roadway picked up at our storage site first, then packed up T the house the next day. I needed ad was able to negotiate 2 weeks of in-transit storage as part of the estimate. Roadway customer service called to confirm pickup and delivery dates. Their move supervisors on both ends (Avi and Elad), and their crews were were great. The price was higher than other estimates, but I like companies that stand by their quotes. We experienced no breakage on anything that they packed, and they showed up when they said they would. Took Master Card, so no games with certified checks or cash on either end.

Lizette R.

From the moment I contacted Roadway my experience was wonderful. Joseph called me immediately to discuss the process. I especially want to mention I was working with a short time frame (a week!) - Joseph was thorough and explained how Angie's Big Deal worked and gave me a quote based on the info I provided. He made sure I had all my concerns addressed and questions answered. The day before the move I received a call from customer service to confirm - I had to make some slight changes and was connected to Joseph - who again, was so accommodating and assured me I had nothing to worry about. On the day of the move the crew called me an hour before arrival to check in - they arrived promptly at 9am and started working immediately - taking inventory, and reviewing the contract details again including any extra costs that may be incurred (i.e. if the move would take longer than the estimated time, additional items packed by them). They were professional and friendly - they worked around us (because we still had some last minute items to pack). They worked diligently, answering any questions I had. The movers handled a move from a 2 bedroom apt in brooklyn (2nd floor no elevator - stairs only) to our new home in NJ within the 8 hour timeframe that Joseph originally quoted. I would absolutely recommend their services. Thank you Roadway, Joseph, and the crew that handled my move!

Bennett Jordan

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I have moved so many times in Manhattan over the last 15 years, and I can promise you Roadway Moving is hands down the best in the game. From their responsiveness, coordinating every detail of the move, to the timeliness and care that goes into packing and hauling of your belongings, Roadway impresses every step of the way. They are reliable, safe, friendly, efficient, and a true pleasure to work with. When you are moving and have so many logistics and details to worry about, your furniture and belongings should be the least of your concerns, so save yourself the time and money of potentially being let down by others and go straight for the best: Roadway Moving has you covered, and you will not be disappointed!

Jillian – Marie Sayegh

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway Moving is the absolute best!!! I just had my first big move, which included extremely heavy vintage furniture. The movers were polite, and listened to my concerns on my pieces. Without hesitation, all my items were wrapped, and boxed with the greatest of care. All items made it up a third floor walk up without scratches - these guys were impressive! Wonderful customer service, with texts/calls before, and during the move to make sure I was satisfied, and to keep me up to date. Completely stress free! Would highly recommend Roadway Moving for your next move!!

David L.

Roadway has a very professional process, from start to finish. They have moving down to a science. They begin by doing a virtual walkthrough, so they can get a good idea of what you have to be moved. I believe this is what allows them to offer (and honor) a price guarantee; they see for themselves what you are moving. The salesperson I worked with, John, was responsive and reassuring -- which I appreciated, because I find moving very stressful. On the day of our move, Osvaldo and his team did a great job. The four men (counting Osvaldo) and one woman -- Osvaldo's wife, actually, who did the packing -- arrived early and worked efficiently. They took three hours (9 a.m. to 12 p.m.) to pack up our kitchen, which was the one room we asked them to pack, and to load all the rest of our belongings and furniture into their truck. Because I'm a bit of a pack rat, we had a LOT of stuff, even though we were moving from just a two-bedroom apartment, so this could have taken much longer. The kitchen items were packed safely; nothing broke in transit, even though there was a lot of glassware. (In hindsight, maybe we should have asked them to pack more, since they did it so quickly and securely.) In the middle of the move, Shari, who I believe works in customer relations, called to make sure that everything was going smoothly, which I appreciated. They are very committed to good customer service. This was a local move. It took Osvaldo and his team maybe an hour or so to drive from Manhattan to our new town in suburban New Jersey (only slightly longer than it took us to travel the same distance by car). At our new home, Osvaldo and his three colleagues (his wife didn't come for the unloading, since she just does packing) unloaded everything quickly but carefully, reassembling the things that needed to be reassembled. Throughout the move, they were very courteous and worked without complaint -- even though the heat was brutal that day, and the air conditioning on the second floor of our home was not working. They finished at around 4:30 p.m. (We had refreshments for them at both our old and new homes, which I think they appreciated; happy movers are better movers.) To be honest, I was a little paranoid about the moving process, having heard so many moving "horror stories" from friends, but we had no issues whatsoever with Roadway. Osvaldo and his team did not damage our items, hold our belongings hostage, claim that we needed to pay more, or demand an extortionate tip (but we tipped generously because we were very happy with the service). Everything was handled cheerfully and professionally. If you can afford them -- because they are not the lowest-cost provider, as others have noted -- you should definitely consider Roadway Moving for your move!

Marta L.

Everyone was excellent! I would not hesitate to hire them again. They are on the expensive side but extremely professional in every sense of the word. Moving is a stressful experience and Roadway Moving made it painless. Thank you!!

Mike O.

First time using professional movers and it was an excellent experience. The online ordering was quick and easy. Joselis, Anderson and Brahian were all very efficient and careful as they moved us from a 5 story walk up in NYC to NJ. They showed up early and once they got started they needed almost no direction. It was the most painless moving has ever been and well worth the price which I found to be competitive. I highly recommend them.

Denise D.

Alrighty , I have to tell you first that I consider myself somewhat of a moving expert. Over the last 30 years, we have had more than 12 corporate moves all over the country and dozens more local ones in multiple states and cities. So of course when my adult daughter was moving from place to place in New York City I felt I had to be there to " assist"! Well, there was absolutely no need . Miguel and Robert could not have been nicer and they whirled through everything all the while taking care of her things as if the came from the MET! Trust me, this young lady of mine thinks her memory box is just as valuable! Lol, they did a great job! I hate to say it , but we have had moves that cost more than a brand new vehicle. Roadway Moving was equally ( if not more so) competent and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Not a thing was broken which is almost unheard of and they were neat and tidy. Professionalism at its best. But the real test of how good a mover is? Remember I said I was an expert? How well the bed was put together! Everyone slept like a baby. Don't hesitate. The city is hectic enough. Let Robert and Miguel worry about your move.

Stacey O.

I highly recommend Roadway Moving. They were professional and highly communicative throughout the whole moving process from booking to moving day. Everyone wore their masks the entire time. They moved quickly, but carefully. It was a stress free experience!

toni H.

Great! Very fast, courteous, and super professional. Highly recommend Roadway!!


movers very professional. no damage to my belongings.

Mary T.

Could not have gone smoother. Well worth the price. Total peace of mind.

Joel S.

Move was as easy as could be, including 3 months of storage. Very very flexible and accommodating.

Rebecca L.

I thought the actual moving team was very professional and efficient. They got stuck in "Trump traffic" and kept be up to date at their arrival time. The cost of the move was probably more expensive than it needed to be (in all honesty) for an in-city move. This is my own hesitation to truly using them again for an in-city move. For the work they did and professionalism, i would consider them if moving farther away. In terms of contacting the main office, initially when I filled out a quote, it was assigned to someone. If I recalled, I emailed them and never got a response for a few business days. (Its always easier for me to communicate via email during work hours than to make phone calls). So when I called, my business was given to whomever was fortunate enough to answer the phone (not sure if they earn commission etc for their work) as I needed to get a mover arranged without spending/wasting more time shopping around. So that's my first small complaint is they need to be on top of their emails (and assume all customers could potential use their service). The other complaint is they never confirmed that the building I was moving out of AND into received and accepted their COI. So literally the day before the move, I had to contact everyone to ensure the COI was sent. It ultimately was (which my new building confirmed) but Roadway NEVER (to this day) confirmed that phone call and email. So that part I'm disappointed. The day before is too late to cancel on principle but if I encountered these issues, I would have done so earlier. The only saving grace was they DID SEND ME a copy of the COI so I just forwarded that to the buildling i was moving into. Luckily as mentioned, the moving crew was great, efficient and professional and easy to work with, so that made up for it all.

Jane G.

They were outstanding! The movers were punctual, courteous and very professional. This is the closest you can get to a painless move. Nothing was broken, and we have a lot of antiques. The price was very reasonable. They are the hardest working people I have ever met.

John K.

Excellent job

Ciara M.

Honestly the best moving company I have experienced in a long time. And I've moved many times over. They are so thorough and take their time with my furniture and all my belongings. I was feel a little overwhelmed and didn't have everything in a box when they arrived and Luis was so sweet and handled everything, even putting my things in boxes. They even held my stuff in storage since there was a 2 week gap between me moving from ATL to NYC. communication was on point at all time and the company made sure they called me a few days before pick up and drop off. They even called me during the move to ensure that it was going smoothly and to ask if I needed anything. Very happy with the results. And will absolutely use them again.

Ilan B.

Thanks to Roadway our move was smooth and with minimum stress. It was a pleasure to deal with their extremely professional and friendly employees and everything arrived in perfect shape and faster than promised. From my first call on they were prompt, accessible and knowledgeable. Roadway did the full packing for us and also dedicated a truck that moved our stuff directly from NY to Texas. This was an expensive mode of transportation, but we think it was worth it as we care very much about our belongings and this guaranteed zero harm and very fast transport. My first contact was with Adrian, who came to our home and made an accurate estimate of the volumes to be moved. Subsequently he was patient with my very many questions and requirements - I was very worried before I started the process, I was sticking for details and he was always available with all the information and changes that I needed. (thank you Adrian). The packers came exactly when promised and packed up the entire house in a day. They were supposed to move the next day, but knowing how anxious I was about the time table, they actually performed much more than a day's work in a day. They exhibited an outstanding team work and their supervisor, Jose, worked as hard as the others leading and coordinating the team. (thanks Jose). The last lag was the actual transport and delivery- as good as the other parts of the process (I have run out of superlatives). (Thank you so much Lewis). I hope not to move again, but if I do, it will be with Roadway. They are excellent.

Jackson Payne

Positive: Quality

Absolutely the smoothest moving process I’ve ever had. From pick up to delivery, they were very meticulous and careful with all of my items. The movers were very polite and respectful. I had an amazing experience!

Danielle Rudolph

Rodney and his moving crew were punctual and very professional. They were so organized, making our move feel so much easier than a big move one year ago. They handled all of our belongings with great care, and worked so hard to make certain that our labeled boxes ended up in their respective rooms. Hopefully we are settled for awhile, however, Roadway Moving will be our first call should we have to move again. Many thanks to the entire crew for making an overwhelming experience much better!

Tia at Freelancing Females

I'm hiring Roadway for all my moves! After moving 9 times, this has by far been the best experience I've ever had with a moving company. The 3 crew from Roadway were the sweetest guys and took as much care with our things as we would ourselves, if not more! All of our large furniture was wrapped to the nines. I'm so confident with our move now and stress has been shed away. Thank YOU Roadway. We can't wait to see you on move in day!

Lorraine B.

They were excellent! I would give them an A+++. Adrian and his team were the ones that did my work. They were professional and excellent and couldn't have been more helpful.

Omg U.

Moving apartments is a stressful deal, moving in the middle of a pandemic raised my levels of anxiety to another level. I have to say that back in June, Alex A. and his team did a superb job, and made this move an exceptionally easy and highly detailed project. I could have not been more satisfied with the entire move from start to end! I love recognizing quality and detail, and this is what these guys did! Thanks again for making my move a flawless process, and giving me peace of mind! I will without a doubt use this company for my next move!

Jean Z.

I have moved from many locations..from Chicago to L.A to NY and now back to L.A. and I must say this moving company has turned my nightmare into a stress-free ordeal. Chevron the customer representative is such a professional and understanding individual. She has been helpful in so many aspects. I can't begin to write enough great things about her. We had an accident where we had an item that should have been left at the previous house we rented and she was able to get a hold of the dispatchers and had them remove it immediately so that it didn't get shipped with the rest of our inventory to L.A. The communicating via email corresponding back and forth was an indication of how much she cared for her customers and she went above and beyond her call of duty to satisfy me. Why can't there be more people like her around? The movers also are so highly recommended because they packed our furniture with so much quality and so less time. If you want qualify, professional, friendly people helping you in a time of physical and emotional stress please have these people help you move. They are worth every penny!

Mary C.

I ultimately didn't use Roadway (long story, not their fault) but Ruth was patient and very responsive when I thought I'd need an emergency mover when the original mover was flaking out. The price was fair and I wish I could have used Roadway but the original mover did finally finish the job. I'll definitely be calling Ruth if I ever have to move cross country again.

Briana P.

We moved this past weekend with the dream team of Danny Salce (foreman), Juan Hernandez (driver), and Brandon Suarez (helper). They were right on time, and communication was clear and direct throughout. They made sure we knew what they were doing, how long everything would take, and that they were doing everything we needed. Danny made us feel at ease and like we were in good hands. They were efficient and quick, but also took care and made sure everything was packed well and made it safely down the stairs. Everything arrived in good order and they didn't leave until we were certain everything was in the right place. Would highly recommend!

Tami V.

Very professional and prompt. Service is impeccable. I thought the price was a bit high, but what you get in attention to detail throughout the entire process. Alex, George, Ben and Steve were so attentive and thorough. They were pretty great at taking apart furniture and putting it all back together. You couldn't ask for a better moving company. Highly recommend.

Suzanne W.

We hired Roadway for a cross-country move in February, in large part based on the reviews on Angie's List. We were not disappointed. Everyone that we dealt with was very nice and professional. When we called for an estimate, we spoke with a gentleman who became our "go-to" person for all things move-related--every time we called with questions or to talk about scheduling, he was there to help. He was extremely patient, courteous, and responsive. We also spoke with customer service and dispatch both before and during the move, and they were very helpful and pleasant, as well. The move went pretty well. The movers came on time and worked very hard to load up our things. On the other end, our things were delivered right in the middle of our "window." Everything arrived in good condition (there were a few minor dings on a couple of things, but that's pretty unavoidable). On the delivery date, the movers arrived on time and worked very hard to get everything unloaded and unwrapped. I would definitely use them again for a major move.

Kelcy Griffin

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Responsiveness

Services: Interstate moving, Moving-related packing

I really had a great experience with Roadway from start to finish! From the consultation and quote to them packing up my apartment and moving me across country! When my stuff arrived Louis and his crew were so kind and efficient. Everything made is safely! I would highly recommend!

Brooke Bailey

Positive: Professionalism

I wanted to let you know that Diego, Andrew and the entire crew that packed and moved me were phenomenal yesterday. They were all extremely pleasant, polite and professional. This is my 3rd move with Roadway and it has been a great experience from my initial consultation with Franklin to the end. I appreciate how my things are handled. Moving your life from state to state is stressful and can sometimes be a headache. Thank you for making my experience pleasant, comfortable and worry-less .

David Z.

Very respectful crew. Treated my stuff like it was their own. Worked hard. Did my job within the time promised. I can't thank you guys enough, I have suffered many times in the pst from other moving companies with fake estimates and bad service. Thanks for treating me with the respect and moving with responsibility and effectivity Will tell my friends

Daniel M.

Fantastic experience. I had a lot of concerns when I realized I have to move to New Jersey, I got some quotes from a few different companies, but Roadway left me with the best overall impression. The price was fair, and scheduling the service was very easy and fast. If I have to move again I'll definitely use these guys.

Andreas Z.

Was as pleasant as moving can be :-) They explained what to expect, they did what they said and besides minor damages everything worked out fine. Besides, they were pretty flexible when we had to change our plans (rental apartment instead of storage, different dates). overall: expensive, but I think worth it. $17,000 for 2600 cf (huge truck) including packing.

Leonard G.

The service went well. the quote was accurate and information provided was in the initial planning was accurate. they were flexible in scheduling and were able to arrange for this quickly. I was very please they were able to schedule this right away. The movers we very nice and helpful. They did a nice job. They called before arriving were about 30 min late but called to let me know and were accurate with the timing from when they called. The team did hit a few walls carrying items out - that was the only issue. I think it would be the same as any provider. Overall they wrapped items nicely, worked quickly and did a nice job.

betsy M.

Great very professional and polite.

Fabiana Faria

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We couldn't be happier with Roadway Moving. The crew was so professional and helpful. Everything was packed so well. But they also were cheerful and willing to help in any way possible. We couldn't recommend them more!

Denise C.

Absolutely one of the best experiences in using a moving company ! From my initial call and speaking with Joe , he just made this seamless. ( thank you ) This company was fast efficient.... and had an amazing rhythm of how they all worked ! They moved me from NYC to Florida . The final drop again was another set of great men . Thank you all for your hard work and making this a easy experience. Denise C

Jim F.

On-time, professional, very courteous and eager to please. Plus, a great price! Joselis supervised my packout and was outstanding. As others have said, read all your documentation carefully and you'll be fine. I have already recommended them to a family member.

Darcy W.

I was blown away by the professionalism of this company. The attention to detail, follow-up and customer service I encountered was seriously better than other business has ever provided. I'm not just comparing Roadway Moving to other moving companies. I'm comparing them to all businesses as a whole. They were impeccable to work with. The owner has created something special, especially in an industry that isn't known for its customer service. I hired Roadway to pack up my entire apartment and move everything into storage. I did not lift one finger. They took inventory of everything and had photos to back it up. The movers arrived an hour early and were waiting outside patiently until I asked them to come in. They made the moving process actually pleasurable and enjoyable. Thank you Roadway!!

Liz L.

I moved with Roadway on Friday, and could not have had a better experience. When initially reaching out to movers I was overwhelmed by the options, the cost, the EXTRA costs that could appear (travel fees, step charges etc) and a lot of places I reached out to didn't help any of my concerns. Not the case here! I spoke with Angie on the phone who was knowledgeable and so friendly and explained everything about how Roadway operates. I gave my inventory and got given a flat quote. No hourly nonsense and no extra surprises. The movers were MACHINES, absolute pros at every turn. The team of four I had help were all so helpful and friendly. They helped pack what we hadn't gotten around to, they dismantled my bed, they packed the furniture amazingly (it all made it to the other place in one piece, even the Ikea stuff!), and were unfazed by all the stairs. I even ended up with a few more boxes than I had anticipated, and it was no problem for these guys. They even bought up a bunch of spare boxes when I'd run out at no extra charge. I had a really, really positive experience, and would recommend to anyone. Thanks, guys!

Ian M.

Very happy with my move from the East Village to Park Slope in NYC yesterday. Jose, Enrique & Yadiel were fast, efficient, and friendly guys. Have no hesitation in recommending them!

Kristina Choi

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Moving in NYC is such a stressful undertaking, but Roadway made it so simple (and dare I say relaxing?!). They were responsive throughout the entire process, following up with me before and after the move. On moving day, all we had to do was have our boxes packed, and the moving crew did the rest. I was amazed at how quick and professional they were, and the care they took to ensure our items wouldn't get damaged. I think my favorite part of the service was that they disassembled AND reassembled our furniture pieces. The team did such a great job and all of my anxiety melted away once they started working. Highly recommend Roadway if you're moving in NYC!

Lisa M.

Roadway moved me from NYC to Denver Colorado and everything went so smoothly! I really appreciated the video walkthrough to confirm my quote, and the customer service team checking in at every step of the way to confirm I was satisfied. Both of the moving crews were very diligent, especially to pack up everything with wrap, foam, blankets, etc. Nothing was lost or damaged and the shipment even arrived two weeks early within the delivery window I was provided! It was a little more expensive than other quotes I received, but was worth it to have the great customer service!

Matthew P.

So great from pick up to drop off. NYC to LA. Everything delivered. Moving workers were great in both ends. Jeff, who took our quote in our apartment, was honest and worked with us throughout he process. I can't say enough how satisfied I was with choosing them. If you are moving long distance, this is your answer.

Mike C.

If you live in New York, even if you're moving next door, you should choose Roadway. Adrian and his team were better than any other movers I've had in my 10+ years of moving. The level of attention and service is well above other companies. It was a cold day for our cross country move to the Bay Area and I was called by Adrian telling me an estimation of arrival and that he would call me when they were about 10 minutes away. Everything was clearly explained and it came within the estimated amount, which was not the cheapest but i've actually had moves within a city that cost more. If you choose another moving company, you are doing yourself, and your family a disservice. Trust me.

Cynthia C.

They showed up when promised, immediately began loading truck. Wrapped up glass coffee table. Moved furniture from basement to first floor, heavy stuff. Very positive crew. Got it done in the 2 hours including time to new place. Didn't pay any extra. Costs were thoroughly explained. Great deal!

U K.

Alun, Pedro, Kimmy, John- are rockstar movers! It was always my husband's dream to watch movers handle everything, and his dream came true this morning with the help pf these rockstars. Big thank you! Moving, packing furniture , assembly, disassembled furniture- all in under 5 hrs. And oh yea- driving from Hoboken to Rutherford. Everything amazing.

Alexis Wolfe

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Service: In-state moving

I just had the most amazing experience using Roadway Moving. Everything went smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. To top it off, the movers were super nice and friendly. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to move!!!

Peter C Zessos

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Service: Interstate moving

I moved from NYC to Denver and used Roadway for my move. I'd never done a long distance move and wasn't sure what to expect. Roadway was fantastic. They made it simple, explained each step, gave a good quote, arrived on time. I'm glad I used them. What's important to know is they are not a broker. They transport your furniture end to end.

Dino Flintstone

White Glove Treatment Roadway movers did a fantastic job packing my house and moving my stuff..Prior to my move date, Adrian came to my house, promptly at our 12:00 appointment time, impeccably dressed in a suit and tie (what a nice way to present yourself and represent your company). Adrian went through my house room by room and made a detailed list of everything that I needed packed and moved and even pointed out some things that I had over-looked. He promised me a detailed price quote within 1 day and sure enough the quote was in my email box on time. The price was fair and very reasonable. The day of my move, Maurice and his crew came promptly at the designated time of 9:00 and even gave me a text when he was close to arriving. The entire crew worked so hard without pause or break to pack my entire home for a move of 126 miles. Some things I was hesitant about letting them pack but they assured me that they would take excellent care of them from a treasured antique book case all the way down to a ceramic salad bowl which I had carried back all the way from Italy, and a very delicate seashell collection. The crew bought everything to my new home and treated my stuff like gold. The only thing that broke was a ceramic lantern that I had packed and bought down myself because I felt it was too delicate to let some one else pack. I wish I had let them take it because not a single thing that they had packed and moved broke or was damaged. My friend had moved out of state a few years ago and raved about what a great job they did which is why I initially chose Roadway. It's great to see that they have maintained their high level of standards, service and excellence. Thank you Adrian and the entire Roadway moving crew for making moving day a wonderful experience

Kevin D.

We used Roadway moving for a last minute move and they were terrific. They gave us a very competitive price, showed up on time, moved within our parameters, and did so without breaking anything. Their employees were professional and accommodating. I would highly recommend them and would use them again.

Loralee T.

After researching movers here on Yelp, Roadway came up as a clear first choice. We were only moving about 10 blocks but had 50 stackable boxes and a number of large pieces of furniture. The online booking and contract were a time saver and they called twice to confirm our delivery time. Our crew arrived early but were super understanding of us needing a little extra time and even though we had more to move then we originally stated they packed everything quickly and efficiently. Despite it being a rainy and miserable day Adrian and his crew were a pleasure to work with. They worked quickly and efficiently without seeming surly or irritated. In fact when we arrived at the new place and I was trying to unwrap some items one of the men (I don't recall his name) asked me to stop, because it was his job to do that. They turned what could have been an 8 hour move on our own into a 4 hour move with them leaving us the rest of the day to unpack. Moving into a third floor walk up the crew managed to unload the truck very quickly without damaging our items or the walls of our new building. I unhesitatingly would recommend Roadway and specifically Adrian and his crew to any of my friends looking to move.


I cannot recommend this company enough! The Roadway team is absolutely incredible and very sweet. The team showed up right on time, packed up my apartment (very carefully), and moved everything into my new one only in about four hours. I even had class this day so I couldn’t be there while they moved everything but I was stress free since they were able to take care of everything while I was in class. I have moved three times now, and this was the best move I ever had. I will only be using Roadway for my future moves!

Kaitlynn P.

Our move isn't complete yet but I wanted to give a shoutout to Rich and his crew who came and picked up our stuff for a NYC to SF move yesterday. They came right one time, took care of our boxes right away, wrapped the big items and artwork extra carefully and never complained about the five flights of stairs once! They were were amazing and it was refreshing to see how much genuinely cared about us and our stuff. If you are moving, I would definitely recommend Roadway. If you aren't, you should consider moving just so you can hire them :)

Panasonic Y.

I recently moved from Queens to Chicago and was fortunate enough to use Roadway Moving. From the initial support when calling for a quote, to the final delivery of all my earthly possessions, every aspect of their service was 5 stars. They were also priced more competitively than other services that have earned very questionable reviews. I would use them again without question, and if you're currently searching for a moving company in NYC for a long distance move, look no further.

Melissa Y.

My furniture was delivered today and I had to write a review because it was the easiest moving experience I have ever had. I paid exactly what I was quoted, no hidden costs at all, and the job was done in under 1.5 hours. The two-person team that moved my furniture into my new place was extremely professional, kind and took great care with my items. Nothing was damaged at all, which really surprised me given the 3,000+ mile trip! Rodeway partners with Spartan Van Lines for moves from CA to NY (which was my situation), and I have to say that in comparison Rodeway is much better than Spartan. I am extremely impressed with the customer service and thoughtfulness that this company offers, and I am very happy with my moving experience. It was relatively painless!

Lawrence E.

Where do I start? In a city filled with moving companies there was an endless list of options. What separates one from the other I thought? In moving you'd think it's all the same right? Well I thought wrong. After calling around to the more common movers you see in the city I wasn't quite sold. There were additional costs, restrictions on time, insurance paperwork and the list goes on. I didn't really have the warmest feeling so I consulted with some friends and colleagues and it led me to roadway moving and storage. Hallelujah!! After looking at their reviews it was apparent this company set the standard for moving in NYC. It was painless from the start. After speaking with one of their representatives on the phone I knew I was in good hands. What you'd think was the most difficult and stressful process turned out to be a breeze. They provided me with a quote over the phone and assured me there were no hidden costs. Nowadays it's difficult to find anything that doesn't have surcharges or additional fees. Am I right? On the day of the move I couldn't have been happier. The movers showed up on time and packed my furniture safely to ensure it wouldn't be damaged. Everyone was pleasant to work with and had a smile on their face the entire time. I felt very comfortable in a time that was hectic. My furniture arrived safely and was unpacked in no time. It's hard to find a reliable, trustworthy and honest business today. Roadway exceeded my expectations. They were amazing and I can't say enough about them. Would highly recommend them to anyone moving in the NYC area.

Shai S.

I am In the real estate business and always looking for the best moving company. I found roadway moving while looking for a last minute move to clear one of my properties. This was by far the best experience I have ever had, with a short notice they came and clear my place like a storm, took it to storage and with out single damage or problem, price was great and on the money! The mover them self are so easy to work with so polite and professional. I found my moving company for life! Highly recommended.

Anthony M.

Bernardo's crew was the best. Such a great experience. Fast, professional with extreme care to not damage anything. Definitely would hire again.

Yvonne L.

This was an absolutely wonderful service. Joseph came out and looked at my apartment and gave me a quote. The men that came out to pick up my furniture were professional and very kind and patient with me. I had no issues with the move.

Geraldine W.

I couldn't have asked for a more courteous and considerate crew than the guys from RoadWay. Each man treated my things as if they were his own, from the largest piece of furniture right down to the smallest knick-knack which was meaningful only to me. I had over 300 boxes and was amazed at how carefully everything was handled, wrapped and loaded onto the truck. It was an out-of-state move (NY to VA), so delivery was not the same day. However, delivery was with the same cheerful, polite, courteous professionalism as with the pick-up, and everything I asked them to do they did willingly. As I said, over 300 boxes and nothing broken, cracked or lost. An exemplary squad, highly recommended.

Karen C.

these movers were excellent- very fast , efficient, and not a single thing broke! They completely packed me up and moved me into another apartment cross town . I had a lot of stuff including heavy art sculptures and they made it seem like it was the easiest job in the world- when clearly, it was not.

David M.

very professional, I would recommend Roadway to anyone with no reservations

Miguel Vega

Vivian D.

A year ago I moved from NYC to Montreal/QC. Roadway took care of everything for us. They packed and organized all my furniture really well, they took care of the papers I needed for this out of country move, and provided storage for a month, until we got a place in Montreal. It was a really smooth process, the costumer service and staff was polite and professional. The guys who came to pack and load the container were really efficient and had a good attitude. The team who made the delivery of my furniture in Montreal was from a Canadian company, but they were fine too. Definitely worth the cost!

Maxine F.

You hear so many bad things about interstate moving companies. Even though all my pre move communications with Roadway seemed good, I must admit, I was nervous. I have a number of valuable antiques and was worried that they might get damaged. As it turned out, there was no reason for me to have been concerned. The crew that came to our home to pack up our furniture did an amazing job wrapping everything up in such a way that there was no way that any of our furniture or any other belongings were in any danger of being damaged. In addition, everything, from furniture to boxes and individual shelves taken out of my china cabinet and break front, was labeled with my name, city of origin and final destination as well as bar coded so that nothing was in danger of being misplaced. When our belongings were delivered to NC, everything was unloaded, unwrapped and placed where we wanted it. There were lists of all our belongings that corresponded to their barcoded system. We were so happy with both the pick up and delivery crews, that we have requested them again when we make our final move in late June (we moved only half of our stuff this time). We also intend to use Roadway when we move my father-in-law down to live with us in the summer. I cannot say enough about the professionalism and quality we experienced in every aspect of our move. From my first conversation with Joseph Deshet about what we were planning to the wonderful crew that took such care in protecting and packing up our furniture (much of which is irreplaceable because of their being antiques) and finally to the wonderful crew who delivered everything and took such care to make sure everything was there and in perfect condition. We are moving from NJ to NC. If any of Angie's list members are planning a move, you couldn't do better than Roadway.


I used roadway for my small localoffice movie.they are professional company state of the art . I had one small office to move and they came on the time frame they gave me from 9-11 am. They crew of 3 member ,disassemble my all office furniture . All furniture were wrap in shrink wrap and blankets with no cost. I had some picture and they provide me with picture box. I had the boxes ready and I had some few loose item which they gave me a wardrobe box to put the item . My move was done with the time frame they quoted me over the phone for 5 hour since it was local and close by. i definitely satisfied with roadway moving service and recommend to any one by all mean.


It was good. There were extra charges from the Big Deal. They honored the service that they said they would do. It gets tricky with moving companies sometimes. They did exactly what they offered. They were quick, fast and professional.

Rayna G.

I have to say that from start to finish, this move was a fantastic experience. The initial support and the quote were tremendously helpful because I had no idea what to expect. The crew they sent couldn't have been faster, nicer or more professional. They made moving out & in the best experience that I could have imagined. They even went the extra mile of breaking down countless boxes and carrying out a ton of trash which was an incredible help to me. Augustin, Cristian & Iosif were awesome. Every aspect of this was 5 stars & I'd happily recommend Roadway to anyone who is moving.

Anne L.

I was really anxious about transferring my stuffs to my new apartment. I can?t imagine how much hassle it could cause me bringing all the tables, chairs and furniture, etc. Lucky for me, a friend told me about the excellent services of Roadway Moving. Indeed, I was really impressed. I have nothing but praises to all the crew, driver, and to everyone for a job well done. They really took care of my things and made my move totally trouble-free. They have notified me every step of transfer which assures me that my belongings are in good hands. Could not thank you enough for all the help in moving my things. It was overall a good experience dealing with the best. All the crew members were nice and friendly. Not to mention they?re very professional, on time and the PRICE IS RIGHT. I should have done this in my past transfers. I was more than satisfied with the services and will definitely recommend Roadway Moving to everyone. Just when I thought it was going to be a bad day, Roadway Moving saves the day, hoping i'm not going to move anytime soon LOL !!! Keep it up guys and more power!!!

Jennifer T.

The team arrived early and packed all my furniture which was above my expectations and put me at ease with my more fragile furnishing. The truck delivery only took a week and they stacked/filled my storage unit with quickness and ease.

Frank P.

Well worth the purchase - guys were fast and efficient. The only misleading part was the posting didn't say we had to pay for the cost of the movers to get back to the city (Didn't find out until after purchasing the coupon). $500 dollars including tip but well worth the price. Would recommend and use Roadway Movers in the future.

Slobodan Milutinovic

Morgan Jones

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

Services: In-state moving, Local moving

Roadway is the best moving company I have ever used - will never use another! I was downsizing apartments and happened to be traveling on my moving date so I hired Roadway to do my move for me and they were incredible. I have a lot of vintage and fragile furniture that I’ve collected over the years as well as tons of plants and I was really careful about who I chose to do my move. I found Roadway after a ton of research and after being referred by a few friends and could not be happier with the communication from them throughout the planning process, their responsiveness every time I reached out with questions, and their transparency with pricing.

They dropped off boxes a few days before my move based on the size of my apartment and on the actual moving day my boyfriend didn’t have to lift a finger. Besides their efficiency and professionalism, the team of 5 movers was so nice and charismatic which made a stressful time enjoyable.

I cannot recommend Roadway enough!! Thank you so much for making my move so easy and taking the heavy lifting - mentally and literally - out of my move 🙌🏽


I was scared about moving during COVID-19, but Roadway Moving was on top of it. From punctual, efficient consultations and quoting, to easy scheduling, they were so professional and easy to work with. After receiving a quote, they reassured me that their workers would be wearing masks and stay 6 ft apart from me. All I had to do was let them inside (all wearing masks, including myself), show them the belongings that needed to be moved, and then wait outside. What's even better is that they came with additional boxes, bubble wrap, and other packing material that I didn't even ask for. I had several pieces of bubble-wrapped art that they put in boxes to protect them even further (something I didn't ask for--they just did it, which is awesome!). They also boxed up all of my clothing (I had put my clothing into giant Ziplock bags). Once again, so nice of them. They were so professional, careful with my belongings, and got the job done fast. Moving my entire apartment into storage took 3.5 hours (yes, I timed it). I cannot recommend this moving company enough.

Madison B.

I used Roadway Moving for my out of state move from New York to TN and it was incredible!! The movers were on time, quick, and incredibly thorough with making sure everything was taken care of. I had a pretty last minute move in the middle of Covid-19 and they were quick to respond and answered any concerns I had. The movers came with masks and gloves and kept their distance the entire time. They kept me updated on when my things would arrive in TN and it actually came much quicker than I was expecting! This was by far the most seamless move I’ve ever had. Will definitely be using Roadway Moving again!

Will V.

Excellent service and worth the price. I carefully read reviews for several companies before contracting with Roadway and could not be happier with my choice. The service shined from the initial estimate call to the completion of the service. The movers were true professionals and the crew, led by Avihay, arrived promptly on the morning of the move. He was calm, clear, helpful, and efficient. My last move was with another company where the crew lead was a jerk who broke several of our plates and was unapologetic about it. Roadway's crew of three worked for five hours and took apart our Upper West Side one bedroom and put it back together in downtown Jersey City. Service was friendly and effective, nothing was broken, and no stress either (and for me, an intense New Yorker, that is really saying something!). Good job, Avi, Luis, and Emanuel and thank you!

Kathy H.

Possibly the best moving experience ever. The crew was professional, courteous, efficient and careful. They helped coordinate a move that involved moving out of one three story and one five story walk-up apartment, into a first floor apartment. They completed the move in less time than anticipated, there were no damages, everything was placed where indicated and there were no losses. They managed to schedule our move with very little notice and could not have been easier to work with in every aspect. The truck showed up earlier than anticipated and they finished ahead of schedule. We were so pleased and have already recommended this company to friends.

David Hu (Dave Hu)

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Mitchell and the crew rolled up 15 minutes early. After a brief meet and greet. We did walk through of the house and assessed what needed to be moved. The process was as smooth and seamless as it gets. When Mitchell was running the show. His nonchalant and professionalism shined like a rising star ⭐️. Just like the staff that was with him throughout this move. Looking forward to using their service in the near future!

Eryn Donaldson

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

WOW! Roadway Moving was absolutely a dream to work with. They arrived on time and got right to work! It was pretty amazing that they worked so quality yet handled our items with such great care. The team also wore masks and practiced social distancing the entire time- very appreciative of this :) ! The team was a joy to work with and I am so happy we chose this company to handle our move. We would recommend them to everyone!!

Corey G.

Roadway was absolutely incredible to work with. Where do I begin?? They made moving during a pandemic as easy and seamless as it could be with their contactless move. All movers wore protective gear the entire time and I felt totally safe. Richard and his team were SO fast - would highly recommend you request them for your own move :) I will use Roadway Moving for any moves going forward - by far the best moving experience I've had since I moved to NYC. THANK YOU ROADWAY!

Sahar S.

Awesome service. I recommend them %100. I called them on Thursday and they had opening on Saturday.They gave me an estimate over the phone and it was PERFECT ESTM. They called the day before and the day of the delivery. They were there before the time -DRESSED PROFESSIONALLY- ! I am very happy that I found them .

Wendy Y.

This review is not so much about the move but about the customer service I rec'd. I'm moving in from out of state to NYC & had contacted Roadway Moving to see what type of services they offer. Unfortunately, I'm in a state (I live in the Boonies!) that they do not service among other things. I was able to chat with Ken who was extremely patience and helpful in answering my questions. Even though, I'm not able to utilize this company (this time), the remarkable service I've experienced (& I've gotten my share of rude moving companies in this process) will have your company on top of my list the next time I need to move (or for a referral) within NYC/tri-state area.

Susan G.

I have moved more times than I care to admit and although I've never had a negative experience with any particular company, but have to say that ROADWAY would be my top choice if I had to pack it all up again! (Please no - I'm getting too old for this!!!) I'm single so when it comes to certain services (i.e. car mechanic) I am always on high alert for price gauging and/or that I'm going to be taken advantage of. The ROADWAY moving team was the complete opposite - they went out of their way, redefining the term "above & beyond". You know how in the beginning of packing, you've got everything placed neatly all OCD-like in boxes that are respectively labeled... and then on the day of you're just tossing all the last-minute !@#$% around like a lunatic?? Well my XXX pile was growing that morning and I told them I'd be happy to toss all that in my car since I hadn't included it in my original inventory and I didn't want to be sneaky. They -- ALEX, ANGELO & XAVIER -- INSISTED that they would handle every single item - pre-accounted for and otherwise - and they kept their word. Bonus... they didn't even charge for the boxes that said items were placed in. I could go on & on but as you can see from all the other reviews... this is a company that cares about their customers and in a city as cynical as this one, these rave reviews are a true testament to ROADWAY. Just a warning... There were places that were less inexpensive but when shopping around, be sure to read the fine print! For example... one company's disclaimer stated that they would NOT re-assemble any furniture. (Which conjured up images of my entertainment center and bed/headboard in small Lego-like pieces scattered around the floor - me thinking, "I guess I'll be sleeping on the floor for a few months!") I will say that during the email communication stage (pre-move), it seemed that my "account" was handed off from one rep to another and Associate #2 wasn't so helpful. He wasn't rude, but just didn't answer my questions. But my 'dream team' of movers deserves 5 stars again & again!

Sonny G.

I would never call a moving company again! No, seriously I will not call.... Not only that I found a great moving company that is the best moving company I have ever seen in my life, but also a moving company that gives you the option to book your move BY YOURSELF ONLINE! So I went online and insert my inventory , added some boxes and packing services and BOOM! Got my binding price and booked my move at my desired date and time. Their online system gives you prices base on the items you move so it was easy to see what items were the ones that I should leave behind instead of taking more useless stuff with me all the way to California... The day of the move the guys showed with a beautiful roadway truck just like the one in their advertisements, not some rental truck like the stories I hear... with roadway uniformed employees. The guys were extremely careful and professional , the price never changed! No BS fees or hidden charges; the same price I got when I booked myself online was the price I paid. I even had couple more boxes and they didn't mention or made a big deal.

Rosemarie C.

They showed up on time and delivered the furniture as contracted.

Marcel Floruss

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Once again, Roadway saved the day. This is my 4th move with the company and every time they exceed my expectations. We moved from a 4-bedroom in Los Angeles to two locations in NYC: an apartment and an office. Everything was packed with the utmost care, and they split up the boxes and furniture *as they were packing up* so that it could be two separate deliveries. The staff is friendly, professional and a breeze to work with, time and time again. I continue to highly recommend Roadway, whether it’s short or long distance.

Chloé L.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway has the BEST service ever. Moving is so stressful, esp in NYC, and I was very nervous before the Roadway team came. They made this experience SO seamless and stress-free. The team is extremely professional, friendly, and FAST. They made my moving experience easy. I HIGHLY recommend them. They really put you first and are very careful with all items.

Nic Bdk

Positive: Professionalism

Service: In-state moving

My experience with Roadway was excellent. Walter and his Team did an excellent job in packing our house and moving us the next day. The Team arrived in perfect time and were very professional and friendly all along the way. I would definitely use Roadway again and recommend the company, and Walter and his Team to my friends. Thank you Roadway ! You have a very happy client ! Nicole

Rishika Jikaria

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Best moving experience! Roadway movers are professional, kind, and efficient. The moving process was stress free and they handled my items with so much care. I would highly recommend using Roadway for your next move.

Patrick S.

Incredible customer service. We had a few issues with the movers that were immediately addressed, which really made us feel like the company actual cared. I don't think I have ever used or heard of a moving company that is as proactive and organized as Roadway. Remember when you see the price that you are paying for the whole package, which includes some of the best customer service I have ever received.

Jen T.

This was our first experience getting REAL movers for a long-distance move (NYC to MI), so we were very anxious about how we would be treated and how everything would go. From start to finish, Joselis and his awesome crew were professional, friendly, and efficient. They operated at a very high capacity the entire time--we were kind of shocked at their energy levels, especially given our move was towards the later end of the day. They wrapped all our belongings thoroughly and with great care. Joselis patiently walked us through all the paperwork and answered all our questions. His team did a stellar job, and we would recommend them to anyone planning a move.

Barbara S.

Jeffrey was great with coordination of job Juan was great as head mover would definitely recommend them

Jefferson Castillo

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway Moving did an astonishing job during our move from New Jersey to North Carolina. They arrived early, and loaded the truck efficiently. They laid down a rug so they didn't track dirt in or damage the floors. They stayed professional and friendly even when it was raining/snowing. Our items arrived in a timely matter, and they made sure to be extremely careful with our items. My wife and I were impressed with their loading/unloading expertise. I am grateful for Roadway Moving for making this moving experience stress free. Roadway Moving sure does make moving effortless. I highly recommend them if you are moving locally or across the United States!

Shan A.

My wife and I moved from NYC to SF in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic - perhaps the worst time in history to have a major life change afoot. Despite the very challenging operating environment - Roadway Moving delivered ON TIME and with no material damage to our belongings. I am happy to recommend Roadway to anyone moving near or far. They charge a slight premium to their peers but it is fully worth it for the piece of mind that their service provides. We had fairly nice belongings and I was beyond thrilled that NOTHING was really damaged. Roadway generally executes moves through three teams - shipment, transfer and delivery. The 6 person shipment team that came to pack us up in NYC was excellent - led by Jose. They took great pains to wrap everything and carefully box the items so as the minimize the risk of damage in transit. In watching them it was almost as if they were packing their own belongings. Over the course of 7 hours they packed up our 1,500 sq foot apartment - never compromising on quality of packing in favor of speed. Similarly the delivery team led by Mo showed up to SF in the throes of the COVID pandemic and carefully unpacked all our belongings. They only left when we were fully satisfied with the move. There was one particularly tricky piece of furniture from Design within Reach that we all struggled to reassemble. Mo and his team tried numerous times to piece it together and only left when we were happy with the result. Also after some initial hiccups (understandable during COVID given overall dislocation, staffing issues, work from home adjustments), the customer service team led by Chakira and Sharline did an excellent job of communicating with us on timeline and effectively managing our expectations. I would rate Roadway a 10/10 and will be using them for all my future moves.

Kristen T.

Superb experience start to finish! Prior to arrival on moving day, I received several emails and then a confirmation call to establish the best time to arrive. Marius introduced himself and let me know when to expect them and confirmed the details of the move. Upon arrival on site he introduced himself to our concierge and confirmed the buildings requirements. Next he came upstairs to take a tour of the apartment & logistics of the move to our landing area. He then went over what he saw as the best plan for our situation. An aspect that really stood out to me was that I demonstrated insecurity about my desk not being ready and Marius sensed that and offered to take care of it. I was working all day prior to their arrival & had a lot of important paperwork including stacks of business cards on my desk. He took the time to reassure me that I needn't worry and that they would take care of everything. He would label the box "top of desk" so I would know exactly where my important items were. This ability to understand and adapt to what was important to the client made me at ease instantly! From that moment forward his team engaged and took over for what was a completely efficient, impressive & careful move! A final point of note is that they adapt quickly to any scenario that occurs. We had several challenges come up along the way including pets, stairs & furniture that could not fit and upon every obstacle Marius came to us to discuss the situation and what the options were. This method of removing the stress of a move rings so true to their commitment that they 'know how fragile you can be' and they will handle you with absolute care!!

Tanya N.

Roadway is top notch start to finish. From the day they did our free in person estimate, to their clear communication and detailed pricing and contracts, but especially today, move day. Mitch was our foreman and he was fantastic as was his crew. They were fast, efficient, very careful and thorough, and super friendly. Not one complaint and we are on the 4th floor of a walk up! We are moving our stuff cross country and we feel so safe in their hands. Most pleasant move experience ever, I will never use anyone else!

Marlene R.

So far they moved all of my stuff into storage and it's gone really well!

Yvette G.

Roadway World Wide Movers packed up our apartment and moved it cross country to Texas. They arrived early, were completely professional and courteous. I highly recommend them.

Julianna Vezza

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

This was our second time moving with Roadway Moving and we were SO happy we did! They did an amazing job with all of our belongings and we really trusted them. They carefully packaged each and every one our valuables and everything was really secure. Overall, we highly recommend Roadway Moving if you're looking to move in the near future. The team is super professional, efficient and hard working!

M C.

I had a great experience with Roadway! I'd been carefully socially distancing for so long and wasn't sure what a move would look like in the heart of a global pandemic. From Ruth's virtual in-home estimate to Marius and his crew arriving punctually in full personal protective gear, I was really put at ease. They used all new boxes and materials and were so careful with my belongings. I've moved a few times before within NYC and no other crew was this friendly or well-orchestrated.

Mark G.

Moving is a horrible experience, but Roadway made it as pleasant as it could be. The gentleman who came and gave us the quote, the office personnel who dealt with billing and everyone of the movers (and there were many), were easy to deal with and as accommodating as they could be. We must have had 250 boxes or so and not one little thing was broken or damaged. I recommend them without hesitation, although I hope never to move again.

Jane C.

I want to include an update for the receiving end of our moving experience with Roadway. This time, Dakota was our main driver and foreman who called us throughout the week to update us on his team's arrival date. On the day of, he expertly wove his enormous freight truck through the winding roads of our new apartment complex and then directed his team as they hauled all of our goods onto our second story unit in the blistering summer Texas heat. They handled all items - whether fragile or non - with the utmost of care, even taking the time to wash their hands before setting up our bed and mattress. When I reconfigured the floor plan on the fly, they uncomplainingly heaved sofas and tables around and repeatedly asked with helpful cheeriness, "Is there anything else we can do for you?" Their willingness to lend a helping hand was so much so that Dakota actually seemed reluctant to step foot out of the door until we firmly convinced him that he and his team had truly gone above and beyond. Short of unboxing and organizing our underwear, they left little of the stressful work of unpacking for us. They even took care of carting away our many empty boxes and bags of packing material so that we wouldn't have to go through the trouble of disposing it ourselves! From beginning to end, our experience with Roadway has been phenomenal. Only a few things suffered water damage while on the truck and customer service compensated us well for the loss. To top things off, a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived at our doorstep the next day, congratulating us on our new home. I said it already but I'll say it again - if you're considering a move of any kind and want to relieve yourself of the stress and anxiety that typically accompanies the process, I would HIGHLY recommend Roadway as a company that is trustworthy, thoughtful, and reasonably priced (compared to competitors).

Daniel D.

This was the best moving service I have ever used. They were 30 minutes late, but that was completely forgivable since it could have been a miscommunication on my end. However, the service was so good that it did not effect my rating at all. |All 3 movers were the most polite, friendly, professional, and hard-working people I have ever met in the business. |The price was unbelievably reasonable. |I will use no other moving service in the future and I have told everyone I know about this positive experience.

Jerel Boza

They were an amazing company I originally thought it would take close to a month to get my things from Queens to Atlanta, I got them within 2 weeks. The price wasn't bad either most places wanted me to spend close to 3k to 4 1/2k. When they came in the put everything up I needed and they did everything really quick. If you ever need a long move or short one make sure to look at them.

Bogdan Lungu

Ndeye Peinda

I am so happy I moved with Roadway. They were efficient, communicated every step of the way, helped me pack some remaining items, and had me out of my apartment in 1 hour. The stress of the move was literally removed once they arrived. One of the movers named Andrew was amazing. He found $100 on the floor and gave it to me. He was kind and had great conversation. Can't say enough good things about Roadway!

Sara M.

It went waaaay faster, efficient and better than I was expecting! Roadway Moving was organized with which location my boxes needed to go to, and fast. They also packaged up all my large furniture much better than I would of packed it up if I did the move myself. So happy to of hired them and would definitely use again in my next move!

Jerry S.

Very good experience, well organized, on time, staff was professional and efficient. Price was reasonable and they took care of everything including packing the kitchen, moving storage and setting up the tables and bedroom furniture. Will use them again. Alun, Kimmy, Miguel and Salvador were excellent. Thank you !

Denise R.

moving job with a stop in between locations - very well done and prompt.

Tori Rubloff

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Steven, Krystal, and the movers (especially Joel and Bab) were incredible. This was my first time ever doing a long-distance move (South Florida to Washington D.C.), and I was doing it alone too, so I had nerves and lots of questions. Steven, Krystal, the pickup crew, and delivery crew were efficient, thoughtful, detail-oriented, and went above and beyond. The movers were especially courteous, friendly, polite, and gentle with my belongings. And Steven and Krystal always responded so quickly to any questions I had, and I felt very taken care of the whole time. And all of my furniture and boxes arrived in perfect condition!!!! I'm so glad that I chose Roadway Moving to be my movers for this whole journey!

Marcel F.

I booked Roadway last minute after a failed attempt to use U-Box. Very happy with the choice I made, opting for quality and professionalism over a customer service nightmare. It was a cross-country move of a 1-bedroom apartment from New York to California. The movers arrived on time, were efficient, friendly, and ultra careful with packaging all of our stuff. A short 10 days later everything arrived in Los Angeles and was unpacked with similar ease to the packing in NYC. Communication was easy and fast -- all of this during a global pandemic. Overall 10/10 will use again if I move back to New York 😅

Tiff A.

My family and I just moved from NYC to San Antonio, TX and we could not be happier with Roadway's service! Both the pick up and drop off crews were amazing and super efficient. We did run into a little hiccup where the price given to us on moving day was $4000 more than what we were quoted but once we spoke to a salesperson, they went back to the original pricing. Every step along the way was great and the driver even called multiple times in the days leading up to the drop off to give us updates. Some of the boxes were a little crushed but that's to be expected with an 1800 mile drive with stops along the way. Overall, super happy with the service and would definitely use them again if we move!

Jennifer H.

This is a little over due.. Moved last year during the holidays and it was the best part of my relocation from the east coast to the west coast. Everything was so fast - the speed and care they take is amazing to watch - really! Nothing was damaged and they were a week faster than expected. Thank you for the help and I am calling next week to see if you can help with my next move. DO NOT LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE- SERIOUSLY!

Jamie S.

Best movers ever! -prompt -careful -courteous -communicative A seamless experience from start to finish, and we ended up coming in under our quote!! Will absolutely use them again.

Khalil Q.

One of the best moving companies in New York, and I think they are number1 ,especially the way they treat their customers

Jessica Windle

(I partnered with Roadway for my move but all opinions are my own). This was my family's first big cross country move and Roadway made the experience a lot less stressful. The crew of 6 guys showed up on time and were very friendly and helpful. Our Foreman was especially kind and made us feel at ease with the whole process. I was also impressed with how they wrapped and packaged our items and furniture. Overall, we are very happy with the move. Our only complaints are that they forgot to pack up one of our small bathrooms. So we ended up having to get rid of all the items in there because we couldn't take them with us. Luckily, the items were not valuable or sentimental so it wasn't a huge deal. The movers also left one of their drills behind. I wish one of the guys had done a final check of the apartment to make sure they had packed up/cleaned up everything. But other than that I feel like the whole process went smoothly and that our items are secure in the truck.

Briana Thompson

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I am so impressed with the Roadway Moving team -- from the logistics of scheduling the pick-up to the care that was taken with my items, the Roadway Moving company has me sold. I loved how personable and professional the movers were. I highly recommend.

mariavittoria cusumano

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

They organized my moving in just 4 days, very punctual, great professionalism and care in packaging. Very patient with my dog ​​too. They made a stressful experience, like moving house, very light.

Wei H.

Their customer service is great. Great thanks to their consultant Ken! He was really helpful, gave me some advice and finished the insurance paper work very very quickly! Everything done professionally. Marcio and his team, Julio, Danny and Francisco arrived on time and did an efficient work. I used their city bin service also. This was my first moving experience and apparently it was a good one. Thank you guys!

Warren P.

I wish I could use this company more but I just don't move often enough. Look no further for the best in customer service from the person who answers the phone to the estimators to the movers. Nothing broken, damaged or lost. They showed up when expected and kept in touch with updates as to when the delivery would occur. They did everything they said they would do and more. Three weeks after the move they sent flowers! Most companies would do well to follow their service model. They are the only mover I will ever use again.

Debby P.

Professional, courteous, packed carefully and quickly. Highly recommend.

pat T.

Roadway Moving were awesome, on time, very professional & courteous, we were extremely pleased with our choice of movers down to Boynton Beach Florida. Every detail that we were told by Jeff their Relocation Consultant/On site Estimator was followed, they even gave us an re-quote when I alerted Roadway of some items from the original quote that we would not now be taking with us. The crew who came to remove all our items & furniture for shipping were beyond awesome.....came on time, very careful & respectful & very speedy, they even cleared any trash made from the shipping materials. They were a credit to their company! Roadway kept us informed when our goods actually started the journey down to Florida, with phone calls from the delivery crew on when to expect them,especially on the actual day. The delivery crew again were very professional & courteous, would not let us help, they got completely on with unloading,re-assembling our furniture & placing all items that was easy for us to manage, all we had to do the whole time was just tick off the inventory list as the numbered boxes etc. were brought into the house. Again, they like the packing & shipping crew were a credit to their company. Would we recommend or use Roadway again...you bet! The whole moving experience was effortless for us, Roadway completely had everything in hand, all our goods arrived safe & sound & we were very happy with the price which we will add was the quoted price no additional add-ons like some companies tend to do.

Dana E.

I contacted Roadway Moving last month to move my mother from NY to California. I moved few times in the past with different companies and had many problems, so I was ready for problems this time also. I have to say that this move was the best move we received. The moving guys showed up early and moved everything quickly. They were very gentle with the furniture and made sure everything was wrapped with many blankets. Their office called me few times to check that everything is ok. One dresser got a small scratch on the side, but it's really nothing and they offered to send me a check for the small damage. I really can't think about anything negative, which is truly spectacular. I highly recommend them.

Kenneth W.

Raz and his team were amazing in helping us move into our new condo that we purchased. I've moved four times in NYC before, and this was by far the best experience I've had. The team was extremely careful and detailed throughout the whole process, and we would highly recommend the team to anyone looking to move!

Diana Ossers

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Roadway is by far the best moving company. The entire experience was seamless from start to finish. Prior to the move, Roadway reached out numerous times to communicate the moving process, plus the steps they were going to take to ensure that we had a smooth move out. All of the team members are responsive, friendly, and helpful. Roadway has an immaculate process in place. On the move-out/move-in date - the crew arrived at 9 am, and once again, the captain of the team (Lucio) explained the steps and mapped out the day for us. Our package included full packing of every single item in our home, from bathrooms to pantry items. They had us leave for a few hours so that they could get right to work. During our free time, we were able to step away and have lunch, buy flowers, spend quality time as a family and tour our new apartment. At around 1 pm, we went back to meet the crew, had a final walk-through of the apartment, and ensured that all of the items were packed and ready to be delivered to the new apartment. Once we arrived at the new apartment, the crew unpacked and assembled all of our furniture, placed them in their designated areas + unpacked and hung our wardrobe. They even took the empty boxes with them, and offered to come pick up the remaining empty boxes the next day. The crew and the experience were EXCEPTIONAL (they were so good we even overtipped). One more thing, Roadway also provided us with an assistant for the day so that we could contact them with any questions we had - Michelle was responsive and answered every text message within seconds.

Liana Brown

Raz, Iuri and Juve from Roadway facilitated my move today and the service was beyond impeccable. They each took such care packing and moving my items. The move took them longer than usual because of their concern for my precious items. It was a seem less move not to mention they were very professional and knowledgeable. I’m very pleased with my service today and will recommend this company to family and friends.

J S.

I did a long distance move from NY to FL. Both moving crews were the absolute best!!! They arrived on time, packing, loading and unloading were meticulous, crew was professional. I could not have asked for better than Luis Mesa, Adrian and their men! They made a stressful experience so much more pleasant. Thank you again!!!

Hagu C.

As a business owner myself, I can appreciate how Ross runs his business. The way he handles any issues and concerns is second to none in my business dealings. I would wish all business owners hold themselves accountable as he does. No business or service is ever perfect. Thumbs up on how he and his business handles complications along the way.


Just the best. A little pricey, but if you can afford it is worth the money. Ask for Ruth Sullivan, she is great and will explain everything to you.

Scott H.

Simply excellent. I moved from NYC to SF. David on the quotes team came by and gave me a fair custom quote and answered my many questions. I chose to go with a flat rate quote which included packing and unpacking, all of the boxes, and the move itself to CA. The crew came exactly when they said they would. I have their names written down somewhere and liked them so much I will edit my review when I find the paper. My things arrived at the beginning of the window and were expertly unpacked. They even put my glasses and plates up on shelves to make things more manageable. I can't recommend Roadway highly enough, and would suggest their good pricing on a flat rate move. There was absolutely nothing stressful or surprising about my experience - Everything was better than expected, fair, clean, easy. Their service is impeccable, and they even called me after to ensure I was satisfied. EXCELLENT in every way.

Tiffany M.

The company could not accomodate the timing I needed, but they were nice on the phone.

Lore Guilmartin

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

Services: Moving-related packing, Interstate moving

I hired Roadway to pack and move my two bedroom apartment from Brooklyn to Virginia. I was consistently impressed with them, from the estimate process (done via video due to COVID), to scheduling, packing, moving, and unloading.

Their crew chief was highly professional and took great care with every item he handled. They were able to pack and load my entire apartment in seven hours, then unloaded at the destination in about four and a half.

Because I hired them to do all my packing, the move wasn’t cheap! But it was worth every penny thanks to their efficiency, care, and professionalism. And the final charge was slightly under the estimate!

Based on this experience I would recommend Roadway to anyone making an interstate move.

Mark T.

Roadway moved me from midtown to the upper west side. The move was flawless. Everything happened as they said. The movers showed up on time. Nothing was broken. They packed everything, took apart my bed and IKEA bookcases and put them back together. The movers were super friendly and helpful. And it was all done for one fixed price. There were no extra charges. I could not have been happier and highly recommend Roadway movers.

Palee S.

This is the second time i have hired Roadway moving because of their quality of work. They always strive for "The best" customer service. Ken is excellent logistic consultant who is very open and suggest you different options that fits your budget. The staffs who come for packing are very polite and do not waste any time talking over phone while working. The packing is very professional and they also cover for accidental damage using standard liability coverage. Would be happy to work with them for any future moves.

Jennifer Berger

Roadway moving provided an incredible, clean, efficient, organized, and professional moving experience for me. The staff (3 movers) arrived literally right on time that the move was scheduled for which was a great surprise based on my past experiences with other companies. The movers were friendly and professional, they said they would handle everything and I didn't have to worry about anything. They were quick and did a very thorough job. They were extremely careful with all my glassware, TVs, mirrors, and other objects that I had that were fragile. When everything was loaded into the truck it took them less than 30 minutes to get to my new apartment (From Soho NYC to the East Village NYC). They unloaded the truck and placed all of the boxes carefully in the places that I asked throughout my new apartment. I would HIGHLY recommend Roadway Moving for anyone and will definitely be using them for my next move.

Andrea L.

Roadway moving was amazing! This was our first time having movers and it is so worth it. They were very efficient, timely, and communicative during the whole process. They picked up boxes and furniture from two locations, dropped everything off at our new home and even rebuilt furniture that was taken apart. They also had floor protection to ensure minimal to no damage to our home and they packaged our clothes and even put them up in our new closet! This was such a stress free experience for us!

Jacqueline F.

We were dreading moving from an apartment in New York to a house in New Jersey but Jesus and the guys made it basically effortless. They honestly lived up to their slogan...it was definitely the nicer way to move. They were courteous and was very careful with our things. They packed and unpacked everything. If you're asking is it worth it? It DEFINITELY is. Just not having to worry about how to break down elaborate heavy furniture, bringing them down floors, and unpacking them again...Hiring these guys was the best thing ever and saved us from a whole lot of stress (mentally and physically).

Holly D.

We had 3 movers help us move furniture and boxes from our city apartment to the suburbs. These guys were great! They were on time, accommodating and really hard working. If I could rate them higher than an A I would!!

Vicky T.

My experience was awful. Sat on hold for ten minutes then had to repeat myself 10x to a self-important fool who acted like he was too high and mighty to be concerned with me. In the end, he quoted me SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS to move three pieces of furniture FIVE miles. I don't know how these crooks are still in business. Update: management contacted me to rectify the shortcomings of my first experience

Mateo Palacio

Positive: Professionalism

Moving in NYC is stressful, overwhelming and all the above. Fortunetly for me I had Roadway Moving help me have the easiest most hassle free move I have ever had, not only was the support team on the phone super knowledgable of what I needed but the movers that helped me were super cool. I will 100% be using them again and think everyone should too.

Madison Brill

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Literally the best moving experience I've ever had and I hate moving!! Roadway made our move super easy, fast, and effortless. They took us from NYC to LA in 10 days without a hitch. Their movers were very kind and attentive. They were careful with our items and made sure everything was in good shape. It was truly seamless! 10/10 would recommend and use them again without a doubt!!

Ang W.

I was very apprehensive about my move because I had a few furniture items that were a bit expensive and needed to get disassembled and reassembled. They guys came on the earlier side of the time slot the company indicated and they were very professional and nice. I think I started to feel at ease right away because they worked fast and always asked for directions where it was necessary. The supervisor or team leader was Joselin. Mike, Alex and Bryan made up the rest of the team. They were very helpful and I was happy with their care of all of my boxes and furniture etc. Everything with the move went without any problems except that they had trouble reassembling my table and were unable to rebuild it before they left. However, about two weeks after my move, one of their expert carpenters, Richard, came to the apartment and was able to fix the table and get it upright. The table weighs a ton and is made of reclaimed wood. I was happy that I did not get charged an additional fee for fixing the table and gave him a nice tip for his work. I can without hesitation recommend the company and although I do not plan to move anytime soon (hopefully), I would definitely use them again. Although the amount charged overall is a bit expensive, I think the piece of mind and the care provided may be worth it.

Kieran W.

Recently completed a move from Danbury to Stamford, CT. If I could post more than 5 stars for the entire Roadway organization, I would. I can't say enough about their organization-from sales to customer service to the phenomenal crew that managed my move. I found their rates to be very reasonable (even coming from NYC). The customer service team was diligent about the preparation for the move, from scheduling to contacting me during the move to tell me I would not be charged for an elevator snafu that forced the crew to wait 90 minutes during my scheduled move-in time (an apartment house mix up on reservation time). The crew deserves 10 stars if that's possible. Aaron, Ishmael and Francisco were phenomenal-so incredibly organized, polite and efficient. They really could have done this move in about 2/3rds the time were it not for the elevator mixup. They made up a lot of the time on the back end but didn't sacrifice one ounce of attention to detail. I'm not sure if they always work together as a team. But if they do and they're available for your move, trust me you can't find a better crew. Roadway Moving is deserving of their rating as one of the truly best in the business. I hope I don't have to relocate for a long while, but if I do, I would never consider anyone else to handle my move.

Aaron C.

It turned out pretty good. They moved everything without breaking anything. They were also punctual and it was a good moving experience. I would use them again.

Mary Kotulak

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

Best moving company we have ever used! We recently moved from NJ to Seattle and it was a breeze with Roadway. They let us know when they were roughly 5 days out so we could book flights and again 48 hours before. They arrived earlier than expected and we weren't quite ready for them so they came the following day no questions asked. I also love that they use their own trucks and movers and do not outsource like most other moving companies do. All of their movers were extremely friendly, prompt, and reliable. They handled our things with the utmost care. Will be using them again in the future!

Taylor Mills

I have nothing but GREAT things to say about my move with Roadway. The movers that came were extremely professional and experts on all our different items that needed attention. We didn't worry once about anything breaking or going missing - they were very diligent and considerate to the high stress situation surrounding a move! I would recommend Roadway to any of my friends and family looking for a seamless, reasonable and reliable move!

Kenya King

Susan T.

It could not have been a better experience. I'm only sorry it took so long to write the review. The salesman I worked with was Adrian and he was amazing. He was quick to respond to any question I had before and after I booked the job. I'm sorry I do not remember the names of my teams. They were great, They made what could have been a very stressful experience as easy as possible. I had them pack me and they did a great job. Everything got there in one piece. They used more boxes than originally estimated. My original estimate was for me to pack all but the fragiles. I think they estimate fewer boxes when you are packing yourself. They used more so they were not as heavy and it was easier for the team to move them They honored the estimate they gave me. They were prompt, neat, polite and very professional. I do not plan on moving again but if I did I would use them again in a heartbeat. Moving and relocating is stressful. The actual move was not. Thank you Roadway!!!

Boyoung S.

Awesome customer service. Very reliable and punctual. Mitch and his crew were simply amazing and made our move from NYC to PA very easy. They even sent us flowers after our move in!!!!!

Dina T.

After mixed experiences with other movers in the past, I was very apprehensive about entrusting all of our belongings for a cross country move to essentially strangers. However, George and his team did a great job packing and loading all of our boxes and furniture. They protected and packed all of the furniture with great care and let me take my time reading all of the documents. They did not try to nickel and dime me at the last minute like I know many other movers do and held firm to their price quote. We'll have to see how transportation and delivery goes but so far I am a satisfied customer.

Daniela Eichner

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Jorge, Julio and Sofia helped me move from Long Island to a three flight walk up in Manhattan and they were absolutely amazing! I could not have asked for a better moving team ever and I have moved over 15 times all around the world. Very professional, very careful with my furniture, exceptionally friendly, fast, reliable, a total dream team! Ask for these three and you will get the best of the best movers around NY!

Jestine Ovalles

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Would highly recommend Roadway to anyone that is looking to make their moving process as simple as possible ! They were quick, efficient & made us feel so at ease! Beyond exceeded my expectations !

Muneer A.

A professional, high-quality move. With the Angie's List coupon, they beat all other quotes by about $300. Everything arrived in great shape, including a large painting that they packed incredibly well.

Evan S.

I decided to go with Roadway based on Yelp reviews, and I am happy with my decision. My move from New York City to Washington, D.C. was smooth, and everyone that I spoke with from Roadway was helpful and professional. There were only 2 hiccups in the whole process: 1. My pick-up window was schedule to be between 8-11am. They arrived at around 11:20. 2. There was a small issue with the delivery time. I received a voice message from Mario saying they were confirming my delivery for the following day, and that they would call when they were 30 min away. The message didn't say to call back to confirm. I did, however, call customer service after receiving the message to make sure I could pay for the delivery with a credit card when my delivery arrives the following day. Then about 2 hours later I received another voice message from Mario saying they need me to call back to confirm the delivery for the following day or they would have to move it a day later. When I called Mario back, no one answered so I left a message confirming the delivery day/time. Then I got a call, which I was able to answer, saying that because I didn't call back to confirm quickly enough, my delivery was now going to be a day later. I called Mario again to see what happened, but no one answered, and no one called me back for an explanation. Other than those two things, it was a good experience. Make sure you stay by your phone, keep the volume up high, and whether or not they say to call back to confirm your delivery time, call back to confirm your delivery time!

Elisa T

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Who's ever heard of an out-of-state move that is quick, easy, and painless?! And yet, Roadway Moving made my move exactly that! Allen was my initial contact, and my contact all the way through - thorough, friendly, professional, knowledgable, so very patient, with great follow up! Absolutely wonderful!! Also, I was so lucky to have Shaka, Horris and Kevin as my movers! They're skilled, have great ideas about how put way too much stuff into small apartments, and in general, they were kind, calm, and clearly very experienced dealing with people who are stressed out about a move! :) So glad we found you, Roadway Moving - and if I move out of state again, you'll be the people I call. Two thumbs up, and 10 stars (if I could)! :)

Di Carolina

We recently moved from Manhattan to England and chose Roadway Moving as our moving company. We have moved around (due to work) to 9 countries and this has been one of our easiest moves! The guys, Alon, Kimmy, Mandel and Ralph, were polite, efficient, very careful packing our stuff, and very fast. Ben and our admin contacts made all the paperwork hassle free (even with a demanding and complicated building). Being 5 months pregnant and with a little toddler running around, ease and efficiency was paramount. Highly recommend them!

Greg J.

Roadway moved me from NYC to Chicago. All of my things arrived intact and the movers were very courteous and professional. Chakira and Brandy (in customer service) were very responsive and helpful in resolving a few issues that came up.

Cecilia Kim

Roadway Moving is absolutely the best!! This was my first time using movers, and I was very worried, but Roadway made this entire process SO MUCH less stressful.

They were extremely responsive from the very start- we went over all the details and what I will be bringing via FaceTime. Leading up to the move, whenever I had a question, I got a comprehensive and prompt answer back.

On the day of the move, they even arrived early, and the move was so fast and efficient- I was amazed. The movers themselves (shout out to the team leader Raz!) were so friendly and kind, and never hesitating to go the extra mile to help us out. They even came earlier than the expected time frame the next day to make sure that there wouldn’t be a problem with undocking all the boxes in the new apartment, and everything went seamlessly. Even more, upon arrival, they also assembled my new bed frame!

Moving can be extremely stressful for anyone, but Roadway made this entire process so much more enjoyable. The customer service here is top-notch. Will definitely be contacting them again for my next move!


I can't say enough about this company. they did everything that they said they would do. Very professional in all aspects in dealing with this company. I would definitely hire them again


After years of DIY/janky moves, I treated myself to Roadway’s moving services last August & had the most amazing experience. 10/10, would recommend! From scheduling to move-day, they are incredibly organized & communicative. I especially appreciated Gabriel’s patience with me as I get incredibly anxious when planning moves. The movers were VERY efficient—I think they managed to pack everything from my 800 sqft apartment in roughly an hour or so. They even discarded my AC units for me. All of my boxes & furniture were delivered with the utmost care, & the staff were respectful & on-time.

Communication: 5/5
Customer service: 5/5
Efficiency: 6/5
Quality: 5/5
Timeliness: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

I’m never going back to janky moves; Roadway set the bar incredibly high!

Lauren Caruso

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I cannot possibly recommend Roadway enough. I used them to pack and move about two miles across LA. The entire team was responsive, fast, friendly, and beyond careful with all my items. I truly can't recommend having them pack for you enough -- they made my move so much less stressful!

Kim G.

I recently just moved from NYC to Los Angeles. I can't say enough about how great this company was - great customer service in quoting rates, very competitive in price, letting me move a couple of additional pieces in my order at no extra charge, they were professional, courteous, we on time arriving to my apartment and took great care to wrap and move my things. Everyone arrived in great shape, absolutely no damage and again, great service and very courteous. The only issue was that the shipment was 2 days late after my delivery window but they compensated me over what was contractual for those additional two days taking $100 off my bill. They called me twice to make sure I knew when my things were coming apologizing for the 2 day delay. I hear horror stories of companies making promises and delivery a terrible experience, damage etc.. I would only ever use this company again. I can't say enough about what a fantastic experience it was. Kim

Bethel A.

This review is long overdue but I really have to give credit where credit is due. Last April we moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles and we had such a great experience with Roadway that I owe their staff and crew this review. They were on time when they picked up our stuff in Jersey and did a fantastic job packing everything. My best friend who was present during the pick up did a FaceTime with me (cuz I was already in L.A.) and I saw how they meticulously packed everything. The movers arrived in L.A on the day they promised since I was in touch with the driver. Unpacking was done by their crew in L.A and my daughter and I was really happy with the work they did. Thank you so much Roadway Moving ! You're the best!

Christine D.

To give them 5 stars is almost understating how good of a job they did. I moved recently from a 2 bedroom to a house-- both on Long Island. My moving crew included Avi, Manuel, Alejandro, and Ben. They were the nicest guys. Polite, clean, respectful. My moving day was the most painless process. I would recommend this company again and again. The cost was on par to other companies however this company competed for my business at locking in the rate with unlimited hours. The truck was spotless. They mark everything to where it returns. They packaged and sometimes even repackaged my boxes. They shrink wrapped everything from the couch to the smallest of items. At my new house they rolled out a walkway to not damage or dirty the floors. They unpacked and rearranged my furniture. The list is endless. On both ends I appreciated the walk thrus because I actually heard of items being left behind in previous moves. These guys were awesome. I will be using them again and requesting the same 4 guys! :)

Trina L.

Diego was the head of his crew and did an amazing job. The crew was respectful and extremely careful with our possessions. I highly recommend them and would definitely hire them again.

Meg Levv

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

This is the easiest move I have ever gone through. The team was so kind and diligent in making sure everything was wrapped properly and safely transported. Of course I was super frazzled day of and managed to leave a lot of my valuables lying around, and every time they came across something valuable they would bring it to me to hold onto for safe keeping, knowing that it was something that I would prefer to have on my personal rather than in a truck. They moved my entire apartment in under 6 hours!!!! If you’re thinking about whether or not it’s worth it, let me just tell you to go ahead and book them.

Victor E.

the NY crew was 6 guys the wrapped and packed everything ,, everything was clearly labeled and numbered ,, the CA crew was just 2 guys but they where great ,, things that had to be unpacked and put back together went without a hitch ,, everything got here the way it left NY ,, you might pay a little more for Roadway but they are worth it ,, they'd get an A plus from me!

Frankie E.

I used roadway based on the glowing yelp reviews and I have to say they make the most nerve wracking part of my long distance move from Newark, NJ to Austin, TX absolutely seamless! They picked up my things on the 06/07 and delivered them 06/13, which is a pretty speedy turnaround considering the distance. Their employees were always courteous and professional and checked in to ensure we were all on the same page. The service was on the pricey side but for the peace of mind they provided, I would use them again and would definitely recommend them.

Kristen McAtee

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Such efficient and quick movers! (and they cleaned up their mess!) I am moving across the country and have been so stressed. The weight that Roadway has taken off my shoulders was AMAZING. I did the whole packing and loading service and they were out of my house in 6 hours! I had the rest of my afternoon and was so relieved :) I will 10000% use them again.

Marylena M.

It went very well. They were very professional in both ends. There was only 1 item damaged but they processed the claim very quickly and gave me a refund in less than 3 working days.

Wilhelmina H.

WOW, WOW, WOW! I moved from NYC>LA amidst a global pandemic and given all parameters I thought this might be the worst time to move. Roadway proved me wrong as they took all precautions necessary and made everything so seamless. I didn’t have any room to stress and they took care of everything. Their team was so responsive and it felt like I was talking to a friend over the phone. The movers that came were so professional and punctual. They were in and out of my 1 bedroom apartment in under 2 hours! I have never moved cross country before with full moving trucks and I was in awe of the professionalism. They marked every box with a scan code and full itemized list and when they arrived in LA I was able to physically mark off every box that came off the truck from the itemized box list. This made me feel 100000% comfortable and confident that my 9 years of “stuff” was handled with care and nothing was missing. I can’t vouch for this company enough. Beyond grateful, if I ever have to move again I will definitely be using this team again. THANK YOU!!!

Brett Wilson

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

George’s team - George and Giovanni doing a great job! Super professional, fast movers who are super hard working. I have lots of stairs and heavy furniture and they are absolutely outstanding.

Shayla Quinn

Positive: Professionalism

My move from Los Angeles to NYC was not without a few minor bumps (nothing major, it basically just took longer than I expected) but I'm giving Roadway 5 stars for the incredible movers who packed up and delivered my items, and for the way customer service handled the minor bumps. They did a full pack which went off without a hitch, every mover who was in my old apartment and new apartment was super kind, careful, clean and professional. No broken or damaged items and everything they packed up arrived to my new home and I'm super grateful for that!

Parker Quinlan

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I HIGHLY recommend roadway. I am doing a cross country move and wanted to make sure I found a reliable company to trust with my things! From start to finish they took such good care of my things and even going the extra mile to put down protective carpet to protect my wood floors. They were some of the most friendly movers I’ve ever met and would make sure everything was to my satisfactory level! I would only use them in the future because they are the best of the best and you can always trust them with your move! They also were super safe and all wore protective gear the whole time. Thank you roadway!!

Jane D.

They were friendly, efficient, and gentle with my hanging-together-by-a-thread Ikea furniture. From the first (they showed up EARLY and WAITED) to the last (helped fold my Uhaul moving blankets) moments, I appreciated having this part of my cross-country relocation go off without a hitch. They preserved my sanity in what would have otherwise been one of the most stressful days of my life. Strong business ethics and follow-through...can't ask for anything else from a moving company. Thank you again!

The Magic Crasher

Honestly the best experience I’ve ever had with a moving company. The prep they put into my move was incredible. The movers showed up on time and moved out of my old place in record time. The best part is they placed the boxes according to the room and it made unpacking 100% smooth. I recommend roadway to anyone that is thinking about moving because they truly are easy to work with.

Abby Campbell

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I worked in furniture logistics for years and have seen it all when it comes to movers and Roadway Moving is the BEST of the best. I know how scary it can be when putting your valuables in the hands of strangers. I'm a vintage collector, so nearly all of my pieces are one of a kind and worth quite a bit of money, so this move was something I was dreading. Roadway took so much care in packing every single piece for my move from Brooklyn to Miami. I've just finished unpacking everything and not a single casualty—that's something to celebrate. Both teams (packing / unpacking) were so helpful and had the best attitudes. Everyone was super organized and the delivery team made sure all pieces and boxes were accounted for and furniture was unwrapped, reassembled, and positioned before heading off. If I ever have to move again, there's no one else I would trust with my pieces.

Kathleen F.

Courteous and terrific movers. They were very well mannered and professional.

Steve Rosenthal

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Vladimir and his team member came early, prepared me for the moving experience, and with a minimum of fuss cataloged all, assessed the load, and then worked non-stop until everything was safely loaded. Both were attentive, ultra careful, communicative and the job was completed without worry or care. Thoroughly professional, kind and pleasant.

Omar Colon


Kris Fortney

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Service: Interstate moving

The crew that packed up my apartment was professional, careful, and detail oriented. They put me at ease and instilled confidence that my furnishings and belongings were in great hands. In particular, Richard the lead mover was friendly and caring and was wonderful to work with. I have done a few interstate moves with varying results. This team was by far the best team I have ever worked with. I will definitely choose Roadway for any future moves. Worth the price.

Brenda B.

Perfect experience! I moved a 1 bedroom apartment from Hell's Kitchen to the Financial District. It could not have been more easy. Ionut and his team were fast, efficient and careful with my stuff. They packed all my boxes and individually wrapped each item. They packed and loaded everything in less than 3 hours! They also offered to unpack some of my boxes even though I didn't pay for unpacking services. They were professional, respectful and careful with all my furniture. Moving has never been this easy. I was almost getting bored playing with my phone while they did all the hard work! Would definitely use them again!

Grier H.

Great great service. from the customer service calls to our amazing team on the ground. We had the best moving crew I have ever had- big move from Brooklyn - suburbs. OSVALDO MARTINEZ and his team made our entire day lovely. Hard working, friendly , did not complain ,answered all our questions and went above and beyond. I thank road away but especially this team for helping us into our new home. Thank you again !


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

When I first reached out to get a quote it was from NYC to Florida, just a few weeks after booking my appointment with them I decided to stay in the city instead. I was nervous that I was going to be charged a fee or something but as soon as I let them know they instantly made the change and adjusted the price. I was sooooo impressed by the ease and quality of the service. Naturally I accumulated a lot of things living in the same building for over three years. My apartment was just over 700sqft. Roadway movers came and packed every last thing up and dropped off all of my belongings to my new place before the sun went down. All I took was my doggie and toothbrush. They are such an amazing company to work with from start to finish! No random upcharges, weird fees or hidden costs.

I know for my next move I won’t be stressed or worried bc I’m going to be using them again 😂

Thank you to Gabriel & Valerie who were my point of contact throughout the whole process

Lisa DiCicco Cahue

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Services: Interstate moving, Furniture assembly

The team at Roadway was such a pleasure to work with. Everyone was super helpful, responsive and extremely helpful. Moving can be so stressful and they made the process so much easier. The estimate I received was quick, accurate and informative. A week before my move they dropped off boxes with plenty of tape and supplies. On the day of my move, the moving team was clean and professional, they all wore masks the entire time and wrapped up all my belongings with care; they handled all my fragile items with extreme care too. They disassembled my furniture and wrapped everything better than when it was delivered when I bought it. On the receiving end in FL the delivery team updated me with their scheduled arrival and kept the lines of communication open. They showed up on time and immediately got to work and they left everything clean and in place. They took all the empty boxes with them and unloaded many of my boxes at an off-site storage facility neat and organized. I'd definitely recommend Roadway to all my friends & family and will use them again on my next move. Thanks again!

L. N. Houston, TX

Today is Thursday and I was scheduled to move this coming Saturday. The movers were going to come on Friday (the day before the move) to pack up the kitchen and other breakables. Unfortunately, my husband had a work emergency which has resulted in a delay to our move. I called Roadway to reschedule and Ben was really understanding and accommodating. He switched my move with no problem. He suggested we still have the guys come pack up the breakables (minus the kitchen) on our previously scheduled day (tomorrow) this way we could get some things out of the way prior the new move date. I am really impressed with their customer service to date. I called them about scheduling the move less than 2 weeks prior to our move date, they came over to do an in-home estimate right away, they delivered the boxes the afternoon of the day I hired them, and in the last few days I have called about our inventory list and COIs and they have been very helpful. To date, they have been excellent so I am giving them 5 stars but I will reserve my final judgement and update my review once the move actually takes place.

Jess T.

Francisco and his crew were awesome moving the contents of my 2400SF Classic 7. They were quiet, professional, and respectful of my belongings. I've moved 10x in last 15 years and used many different movers - from budget to premium. Roadway was middle of the road in price. Not the cheapest and not the most expensive. But in terms of service, they have been the best. I'm impressed. Things were packed with care. They disassembled two bunk beds and put them back together without a complaint. There was no drama whatsoever (priceless!). When they cracked an old desk top (cheap pressure board), Francisco came to me immediately and showed it to me. That honesty is refreshing. They unpacked and worked until 7:30pm again without a complaint. The icing on the cake was that the final price was 15% lower than the "binding estimate". They did "mention" that the average tip was 15-20% but almost every moving crew I've ever used has done the same. When I tipped only 10% (still a hefty amount), they were graciously appreciative. Also, nothing "disappeared" during the move. That's another first. So to summarize: Great service Honest Respectful Priced fairly Highly recommended Stop shopping around and just call them...

Jainyn Wood

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

The 72 truck came and the entire experience was great. I had extra boxes that were not in my contract that they were willing to move for me. They protected all of my furniture and were gentile with moving every box. They were even willing to move my dresser for me without me emptying the drawers. They were extremely fast, careful, professional, and friendly

Kate S.

Had another great move with Roadway. It started with getting my quote from Ken on the phone, who was accommodating and helpful. The day of my move Danny and his crew were on time, efficient and professional. As stress free as a move can get.

Farah T.

I don't even know where to start. I had to immediately move from one week to another and didn't know where to start. I've been seeing roadway moving cars and trucks everywhere and decided to give them a call for a quote. They earned my business and trust because of how great the customer service is and to top it off the owner makes sure he calls you to re assure the moving experience and transition wouldn't be stressful at all. Him and his employees kept their promises. I literally didn't have to worry about anything. Thank You Roadway for helping me in every step of the way ! And thank you Ross! I would deff recommend to all my colleagues and family without a doubt.

J L.

Adding on to my review. It's kind of ridiculous how amazing this company is. Like I mentioned before, Ken who I booked this move with is over the top amazing. Even called me the evening that the movers picked up my stuff to make sure all was OK and to tell me that since my stuff was going to be in transit soon that I would be dealing mostly with a different department. I really wasn't concerned every. single. person I have spoken with is above amazing. The movers came and George was the foreman. He is awesome as well as his team!!! They worked fast and hard and took extra time to make sure my stuff was packed well and secure- even retaped boxes for security. It's my nature to help but George didn't let me move a muscle. They barcoded and inventoried everything- which many companies don't offer. He had 2 people with him- it was hot and I gave them water and a cash tip individually so I could thank them each for all the hard work. I had a smaller tip and ran to the bodega to get more cash when they were working. No joke. My items made it across the country from NY to AZ in RECORD TIME. Before me in fact. My boyfriend was there to receive everything. I had spoken with the driver who kept my boyfriend updated on arrival time. My BF had no problems! Delivery was also successful and my items were in great condition. Again... I cannot stress enough. This company is superb- over the top. A cross-country move is stressful and there is a lot of moving scams out there. This company has great reviews on Yelp and Angie's list and is legit. Communication is key and every person from booking, to delivery to customer service is amazing. Yes... They may be a tad more then other companies but I will over and over pay more for real customer service. USE THIS COMPANY PEOPLE. I spent a great deal of time researching other companies and these guys are 5 stars. (I'd give them more if I could)

Benjamin W.

Great! Roadway did an excellent job!


Truly the best moving company! Did a cross country move from LA to NYC and the crew was amazing. Did a full service packing and they handled everything so efficiently and professionally! Highly recommend

Madelyn M.

The team over at Roadway is efficient, communicative and thorough! I have moved across the country several times and each time, I feel more and more daunted knowing the deep work that is involved. This time, though, I wanted to find a team who could handle everything from packing to moving to unpacking. Roadway moving did EVERYTHING including disposing of the boxes so that my home was tidy the minute they left. I am grateful for how kind, supportive and sweet the movers were from beginning until end. Book them, book them!

Lindsay Sheehan

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Our move with Roadway (Muuv team) could not have gone more smoothly! Our move took place during the Pride Parade, which led to our road being blocked off - the crew had to carry all of our belongings a number of blocks down the street to their truck, and easily could have canceled the move, but instead did the entire move with a positive attitude. They were also so careful with all of our items, packing everything to ensure they would be extremely secure in storage. And not only were they careful - they were also very efficient. The last thing I’ll mention is that the team was able to accommodate our move on very short notice, due to another moving company canceling on us last minute. My roommates and I are so grateful for the Roadway team’s kindness, flexibility, and attention to detail. We will only be using Roadway going forward!!

Teryn Cleary

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

From the video walk thru, to the actual move - it was a great experience! The team was great - and the guys were so fast and professional. Extremely helpful and very friendly. This is my 3rd move with them and will definitely use them again.

Cory B.

I like to be honest. I'll own up to it. I was skeptical when my on-site estimator said, "If you choose us, you will understand why people say we're the best." I mean, don't they all say that? Well. She was telling the damn truth. Roadway is incredible. I've done two cross-country moves in the past 5 years. Thankfully, I've had two good experiences. Roadway was 20% better than any move I've ever done. The pickup crew was so efficient and fast, we were able to leave a day early. They finished several hours before we had planned. When Jose the foreman said, "Are you ready? Because we are going to come in like a hurricane" --- He was telling the damn truth. I blinked and the kitchen was packed with care and securely boxed! I expected it to take a week to get our stuff. They loaded on Wednesday, and I had a call over the weekend scheduling delivery on Monday. It didn't seem possible! The unload crew prepped with floor coverings and quickly unloaded the boxes and re-assembled the furniture. Every crew member was a treat to work with (even though they didn't all the hard work). I'd highly recommend Roadway for cross-city or cross-country moves.

Diana N.

Absolutely fantastic service! I had a great crew who take good care of my belonging, they were efficient and very careful. Made this move absolutely stress free

Kristine B.

Javier and his team moved us from our apartment in NYC to NJ including packing in about 10 hours. Javier called me the morning of the move with an approximate arrival time and he arrived according to schedule. His team packed all of our belongings and our storage unit which was no small task. Upon arrival in NJ they placed my furniture and boxes in the requested rooms throughout the home. His team was professional and worked incredibly h****** one of the hottest days of the summer. I'd highly recommend Javier and his crew.

Cory Sarrett

I was dreading moving because it is so stressful, but Roadway made moving so easy and painless. They dropped off a moving kit of boxes and tape, communicated with me on multiple occasions to confirm every detail about my move, and were so speedy and efficient on moving day. I highly recommend!!!

Ian B.

Using roadway moving for my move to Chicago was one of the best decisions I ever made! I was looking for a professional, well reviewed and well priced mover knowing that a lot could potentially go wrong when transporting all of my belongings across the country. Ross was very professional and helpful with getting me a quote on their services and helping me prepare for my move. The movers showed up on time, were so friendly, and helped us pack up and move our stuff out of midtown manhattan so quickly! We were anxious about some of our more fragile items, and not one piece of furniture or packed item was scratched or dinged. I was very pleased with my movers and have recommended roadway moving to everyone I know in need. The price was VERY reasonable, the employees and staff were helpful and honest, and the move was done efficiently and most importantly, on time!

Phong P.

The experience I had with them was awesome. It’s the best moving experience I ever had. They were super personal and super fast. Everything went fine. I will recommend them.

Annie Jorgensen

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I can't recommend Roadway enough! From start to finish, the experience was top tier. The scheduling team was communicative, friendly, and so easy to work with. I heard back from my initial request to schedule a move within the hour. On moving day, the movers were early (never happens!!) and were efficient, positive, and so fast. They took great care of packing my belongings and gently transporting large and breakable items. I had just started a new job, and the Roadway team was so great, I didn't even have to take a day off of work to move. Will only be using Roadway for any of my future moves!

Jonathan Darnell

Positive: Quality, Responsiveness

We had an excellent experience with Roadway. Everybody we worked with, from the first contact we received when we requested a quote, to the incredibly hardworking movers on the day of the move, were helpful, caring and friendly, making it a very pleasant moving day. Definitely recommend!

Gabriella E.

I cannot explain how incredibly amazing the movers from Roadway are! From setting up the move dates on the phone to the seamless stress-free process of the move, I am gobsmacked. They were so caring with myself and my stuff and didn't let me lift a finger throughout the entire process of packing up my whole life after 8 years and moving me to my new spot. They even unpacked and hung up my clothes!!! Just wow! Incredible service, I will be using them again 100% for my next move. Highly recommend!

Curryface P.

I moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn recently, and roadway was perfect with communication and timing up to the very minute of the move. The movers were kind, extremely hard working, and deserving of all praise. They went above and beyond the call of duty. I've used flatrate twice prior over the past 10 years, and these guys did an even better job. For my next big move, I'll likely use them again.

Rochelle S.

5 stars is not enough it shout be 10 stars a great company who cares for it customers . OREN A depatrment manger was great in customers service and really cared that the move was done right great job keep up the great work

Taryn Delanie Smith

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I can’t imagine moving without Roadway now! They made it so easy. Packing all of our things, wrapping fragile items, and carefully managing large paintings. They got me moved out of my apartment and into my new one in record time. Meanwhile I was able to run errands! This service is worth every penny. Such a nice team too. Thank you Roadway!

Alexander DeLeon

Could not have had a better experience. The movers were kind, fast, and efficient. After having nightmare moves with other companies.. I think I have finally found my go-to company for every move from now on. Would give 6 stars if I could.

Michael F.

My second time using Roadway (the first was with their Veteran Movers brand) and it won't be the last. I've now used them for a long-distance move (Boston to NYC, 2 days) and a short-haul move (Brooklyn to Brooklyn, 4 hours) and each time they've been prompt, professional, and friendly. On top of that, I had to move a lot of filming gear and studio decor on each move, some of it quite fragile. They packed everything with care and even disassembled and reassembled my sound booth - a huge undertaking that, trust me, isn't easy ... especially when wearing masks. And they still finished on time. Disclosure: I received a discount on my move in exchange for sharing the experience on social media, but the company wasn't allowed to read this review beforehand. These are my genuine experiences. In fact I shopped other companies first, and *could* have gotten a cheaper move - but Veterans / Roadway has proved itself so reliable, and their movers are so friendly and effective, that I chose them instead ... and I will again, when it's time for my next move!

Jessica B.

AMAZING!!! i cant say enough about how amazing these guys were. It started with a professional and thorough estimate, and they were able to answer all of my questions to make me comfortable with the cost. On the day of the move, the team of 6 were at my house bright and early, and right away came in and took over. All they would say is, don't worry, we'll take care of it. I had many things that either weren't packed correctly or weren't packed, and they took care of it all. The packing took a lot longer than any of us anticipated, and then we all sat in traffic for hours (going from NY to NJ). The guys arrived at my new house at 8pm, and in the rain. I cant imagine how exhausted they were - but they didn't skip a beat. I didn't have to lift a finger - they brought everything in and put it exactly where i asked - even moving things a few times. They didn't leave my new house until after 1am. They worked so hard, and were so nice about it all. And not a thing was broken from the move! I cant say enough about how wonderful, professional and just hard working they were. I also got follow up calls to make sure that i was happy with the service. I hope i never have to move again, but if i do, i am ONLY calling roadway.

Joan G.

I was very pleased. My things arrived in my new home within 24 hours. Everyone was professional and helpful. Everything arrived in its original condition.

Spencer W.

Konstantin and Victor in Seattle were great. They communicated their arrival well, and we're fast, professional, and thorough in their packing and loading. Additionally, Ken in New York was helpful and knowledgable in the move process. He was quick to reply to any calls or emails.

David P.

Roadway is a wonderful company. It was super easy and fast to get a quote and the guys are really responsive and fast. The price was reasonable, especially in comparison to other moving companies in New York. As for the actual move, the guys were on time, great attitude and clearly cares about getting me all moved in Definitely choosing them for my next move

Lindsay Hubbard

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Services: Oversized-item moving, In-state moving

Roadway Moving was one of the best moving companies I've ever used. They were right on time and disassembled my furniture, and put it back together without a scratch or dirt mark, and in the matter of just a couple of hours. They made moving feel stress-free and easy. I would highly recommend them to anyone moving!

Peggy M.

WARNER'S VANLINES.... AMAZING MOVERS. I personally dealt with Chris Buck...So reliable,patient,informative. CHRIS did everything he promised to get my stuff picked up for a move from Long Island,NY to Maryland. On July 3rd.. Nobody else does that..no body. They even came early and his crew was awesome.. You movingly? CALL WARNER'S VANLINES.. Ask for Chris Buck. You'll be in good hands.

Meredith D.

Dependable, personable, professional, honest, efficient, timely, responsive, and well priced. I could not be happier with how my cross country move was handled on both ends. I would highly recommend Roadway to anyone looking for an pain and worry free move. Thank you!

Nicole Creegan

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Roadway Moving. I had 2 pick up locations + the final destination, which ended up spanning across 3 states. I had several large items (Peloton, upright piano, ping pong table, etc) and Roadway Moving was able to move everything in great condition. My movers were professional and kind (thank you Andrew, Salamanca, Juan & Melvin--you guys are awesome!) and everyone on the sales side was responsive and put my mind at ease (thanks, Scott!) I've moved around many times in recent years and this was by far my easiest and smoothest move. I'm recommending them to all my family & friends. Thanks again!

Tess Gatof

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Hands down the best moving experience I have ever had!!!! Osvaldo and his crew treated our home as if it were their own. They paid attention to every detail, went above and beyond to over communicate every step of the way. We have moved now 6 times in NYC, which if you're from here, you know can be insanely stressful unlike any other place. Thanks to Osvaldo and the team, it was completely stress free. From fragile family heirlooms, to heavy artwork and electronic, everything went perfectly and we cannot thank you all enough!!

Pushpa H.

The move went off without a hitch. Aaron and his team arrived ahead of time, and packed everything up very efficiently. They were very professional and courteous. I am planning to use Roadway for future moves.

Krishnan V.

I used Roadway for my move from Ann Arbor, MI to NYC. Pick up was delayed a few hours and delivery was about a week later than I had anticipated (due to heavy moving season in July). In spite of that, they took very good care of my belongings and got everythign to me in tact. I would say that they could do a better job with their customer service line... you usually get put in to a voicemail unless you adamantly say to the person who answers the phone that you want to speak with a live person.

Denise L.

Fantastic from the phone contact person to the sales person to the moving crew.

Justin L.

Roadway did the move to our new Co-Op, and were very happy with how everything turned out. We initially spoke to Jose by phone who was comprehensive and got back to us quickly with a quote. We opted to do packing and moving given that the price point was good; terms/conditions were good, and there was no mad dash to sign contracts even thoguh our move date was just a week away. Ralphie and his team (William and Raldy) did our move and they were awesome. They worked fast, were courteous, and consulted us whenever they had questions. We had a lot of shit, so the pack took 4 hours. After a quick lunch break, the move itself took maybe another 2 hours (only 7 blocks up). They took great care of our items and set everything up just how we wanted it. Couldn't have asked for a better experience overall.

Kate H.

I used Roadway to move from Brooklyn, NY to Austin, TX. The whole process was seamless and transparent. Terrance came to my apartment to give me a quote, which was more competitive than other companies I spoke to, and quickly sent me an inventory and pricing. Once I confirmed I would be using them, customer service called me to establish a payment method. The guys who packed up my apartment showed up early (which was awesome) and were quick and efficient. Shout out to Mike, Diego & Lucio. I chose to pack up most of my things but the larger things like my full length mirror, TV, couch, dresser, dining chairs and artwork they packed up with great care. I was amazed at how well they wrapped everything in plastic and blankets and more plastic - which as a New Yorker with a total fear of bed bugs, made me really happy. Unlike other reviews I saw, they were not weird about tips or anything, and as I said it they were nice, funny and super transparent about the process. After the guys took my stuff I got another call from customer service to make sure everything went well and to answer any questions. I was given a delivery window of 5 - 20 days. My stuff showed up on the morning of the 10th day. The driver called me 24 hours in advance and confirmed all of the details. Also, I wasn't sure if I would need a shuttle service or if the big truck would fit, so I paid for the shuttle. Since I didn't need it they reimbursed me for that cost, no problem. The delivery guys were as nice, professional and efficient as the guys who packed up my stuff. Assaf, Jose, Juan and Chui were the guys who delivered my things. They put everything back together and in the right place, and helped clear all of the boxes. Again, pricing and paperwork was super transparent and I was very comfortable with the whole process. Overall, this being my first time doing a long distance move I was so nervous, but I really didn't have to be. The process was easy, clear and priced competitively. Also none of my stuff was broken or misplaced. Most importantly though, the guys I worked with were so nice, and didn't pressure me about tipping or anything (which of course I did anyway). All in all a great experience, and I will absolutely recommend Roadway to friends and family! I have the names of the guys I worked with written down at home and will add them to this review later today! THANK YOU, ROADWAY!

Tatiana M.

Roadway Worls Wide Moving went above and beyond what was expected of them to provide top notch level service to us, and actually they made the most stressing part of our long distance move a breeze. We purchased The Big Deal package offered by them through Angie's list, but not before I made my extensive research f their company, their rating, reviews and customer satisfaction. We were getting quotes by various from right and left, and we felt overwhelmed by all that. We did not know with what company to go, and all rates we were getting seemed to be high in the sky for the amount of boxes / items that we actually had to transport. We even considered U-Hall for a while hoping to get a cheaper solution, but ended up looking at even more expensive rate than some of the most expensive moving companies that contacted us. After all that messngetting in touch with Roadway Movin, getting an instant phone quote from them, buying a deal from Angie's list and scheduling the pickup was a no-brainer. We had not had our inventory list at a time of booking their services, so we had to go with a price estimate. They told us we will need to call them a couple of days before the pickup to give them the list,and that stressed me out a bit because I was afraidbI wil still not have it all ready by then. But when I called them 2 days before the scheduled pickup date and said I am still not sure how many boxes we will end up with they said it's not a problem and they will give it a count when they come to ick it up and will adjust the price based on that. I was given a courtesy call from the company office to confirm the date and time window for the pickup, and also received a call from the driver once they were on their way to our house. The pickup team was wonderful, highly professional and just a pleasure to deal with. A couple of large furniture items we had to send were safely and securely packed by them, and the entire pickup time was no more than half hour top, including the required paperwork. The final price was calculated after all the items were picked up and put up in the track, and the team supervisor had given us a discount since we had more boxes than we first estimated, but overall it did not take up much more space in a track than was designated to our items based on previous calculations. The discount we were given set off the price difference between what was first calculated and what it came to at the final count. We were given 10 days window for our items to arrive, but we also were asked what is our first desired date that we will be ready to get the delivery here in TX. We ended up receiving the delivery on that very same date we chose, that happened to be the very next day after our arrival in TX!!! We couldn't be more happy with such time efficiency. Track drivers were in touch with us the day before the delivery to give us the time window, and they were right in time when they said they will. The delivery team was also a pleasure to work with (different team, driver and a different truck than the one at the pick up). Altogether it did not take more than Hal hour for them to unload and bring everything in. They take the heavy bed and the mattress up the second floor bedroom, and it had to be assembled back. None of that had been charged separately, everything was already included in the price we paid. Payment was split in half, one half at the pickup, and the second half at the delivery. We had a couple of small items we did not know how to pack, so following the pickup the team packed all these items in their own company boxes, and did so wonderfully. Aver all, it was a wonderful experience, and we couldn't be more happy with Roadway Moving services. With no hesitation we will use them again, if needed be.

Horace Moye


Richard W.


David B.

These guys operate like a well oiled machine! The move could not have gone better, I'm very impressed with the service I was given. The moving teams in CA and in NY were excellent. They treated my antique China cabinet as if it were a newborn baby! They wrapped my sofa's in so many blankets that you could not have damaged them if you tried to. They packed and unpacked all of my boxes as promised. I can't thank the movers enough for their work. The delivery arrived within the timeframe that was promised to me by the salesperson who set up my move. My biggest fear was that they were going to call me while I was at work and say the truck is outside my building which would have resulted in me running like a maniac from work to meet them. That was not the case at all. The dispatcher and the customer service reps called me quite a few times while the truck was on the road and let me know where the truck was and he kept making the delivery window shorter and shorter until it boiled down to an exact date/time. The price that the salesperson gave me was the price I paid- there were not any hidden fees (this was not the case when I have moved with other companies in the past). I highly recommend Roadway- it's a very well run organization.

Michelle K.

The prices were reasonable and didn't change. The guys were all very respectful and pleasant to work with. They cheerfully moved my furniture around when I changed my mind about where it should go. The packing was was variable. Some of the guys packed with great care. Other boxes were packed haphazardly, and subsequently, some of my things were broken or damaged. They took great care with my large furniture, so nothing of value was damaged. I made a mistake and asked them to move my washer and dryer. My realtor informed me that the w & d were in the contract to stay with the house. I talked to them about my mistake. They delivered them back to my old house at no charge. I was very pleased by that.

Kerri K.

I used Roadway for a move from NYC to Chicago. Finding decent, reliable movers is a total pain. I have no complaints with this company. What they quoted me was what I was charged, No hidden fees, no add ons last minute. They were professional, punctual (both on pick up and drop off). Moving is never easy, but they made it as smooth as moving can be. One tip - be sure to monitor your boxes as they come in to make sure nothing is missing. Your stuff will be placed on a truck with others, so check each box on your inventory sheet as it arrives into your new place.

Micaela E.

I couldn’t have done it without roadway movers! I’ve used them 7 times over the years and they are the best! Punctual, professional, reliable, CAREFUL, and respectful of our belongings. They are the best and i won’t use any other mover again! The entire experience was stress free!

Caley-Rae Pavillard

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I lived on the 4th floor of a walkup in NYC! My stairs we're very narrow and steep which made me nervous about having to move my valuable furniture out of there. Roadway was a life saver!!! Request Diego and his team if you live on the east coast- they created custom fitting protections for all my odd shaped items, put protective edging on all corners and sides of mirrors, dressers, bookshelves etc. They were efficient, cautious, meticulous and so knowledgeable. They also protected my apartment as to not scratch the floor or bang up any of the walls! It looked brand new when they left. My items are on a truck headed 3,000 miles across the country and I'm confident that everything will arrive safe and sound with the level of care they used while packing.

Chandler Isaac

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

We used Roadway for our local move in LA and had the pleasure of working with Carlos and his amazing team. Roadway Moving is hands down the best movers we have ever used. The staff was friendly, professional, careful and overall just so nice to work with. They made the move so easy and were so excited for us it made for an actual fun moving day! They bring all the supplies and make sure your home is well protected from floors to walls. They worked efficiently and handled all of our things with such care.

Melinda Berry

Positive: Quality

I don’t even know where to start this was my first time u with Roadway moving and I am absolutely blown away with their professionalism and how quick and fast they were with moving my things from one apartment to the next. it was the smoothest transition I’ve ever seen.

I cannot get over how great they were and how they make sure that everything was taken care of and I didn’t have to lift one finger they even placed all my things and the correct spots

Forever a roadway moving fan!!!

Troy Williams

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

Services: Moving-related packing, Furniture assembly, In-state moving, Moving-related storage, Oversized-item moving

My family had a great time moving with Roadway Moving from Los Angeles down to Orange County. This was our 7th move in the past 8 years and we wish we had found them way back for our move #1. This wasn't an easy move going from the steep hills and many steps of Laurel Canyon down to Orange County and a brand new 3 story home making sure not to ding any of the new walls and railings. All which was a success!!

Gary, Carlos, Felipe & Luis worked so hard and diligently the entire day and late into the night and even returned a few days later for more items that didn't fit into the truck.

They were kind and pleasant to be around during the whole experience. As you know, moving is exhausting and will put you at your wit's end, but having nice guys like the Roadway Moving team helping you every step of the way made the experience so much smoother.

Also, the Roadway Moving team made sure to provide clear communication and checked in before and after the move to make sure everything was done correctly and assist with any final questions if needed.

Thank you again Roadway Moving and now we are gladly looking forward to staying put for the next few years, but whenever that next move presents itself in a few years then we know who we will be calling to do the job.

Simply Grateful for the whole team.