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Roadway Moving isn’t NYC’s #1 rated mover for no reason! We have developed the right formula to give you the best move. Don’t believe us just yet? That’s okay. See what our customers have said about us so far.

Shan A., Pleasant Valley, NY 7/12/2020

My wife and I moved from NYC to SF in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic – perhaps the worst time in history to have a major life change afoot. Despite the very challenging operating environment – Roadway Moving delivered ON TIME and with no material damage to our belongings. I am happy to recommend Roadway to anyone moving near or far. They charge a slight premium to their peers but it is fully worth it for the piece of mind that their service provides. We had fairly nice belongings and I was beyond thrilled that NOTHING was really damaged.Roadway generally executes moves through three teams – shipment, transfer and delivery. The 6 person shipment team that came to pack us up in NYC was excellent – led by Jose. They took great pains to wrap everything and carefully box the items so as the minimize the risk of damage in transit. In watching them it was almost as if they were packing their own belongings. Over the course of 7 hours they packed up our 1,500 sq foot apartment – never compromising on quality of packing in favor of speed.

Similarly the delivery team led by Mo showed up to SF in the throes of the COVID pandemic and carefully unpacked all our belongings. They only left when we were fully satisfied with the move. There was one particularly tricky piece of furniture from Design within Reach that we all struggled to reassemble. Mo and his team tried numerous times to piece it together and only left when we were happy with the result.

Also after some initial hiccups (understandable during COVID given overall dislocation, staffing issues, work from home adjustments), the customer service team led by Chakira and Sharline did an excellent job of communicating with us on timeline and effectively managing our expectations.

I would rate Roadway a 10/10 and will be using them for all my future moves.

Casey Gilbert A month ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality
Services: Packing/unpacking, Out-of-county removals
We just used Roadway Moving to fully pack our NYC apartment for our move across the country. It was so amazing! A crew of 5 super friendly guys showed up right on time and assessed what we had. Very quickly, they had everything packed securely and well organized. You’ll get a bunch of barcodes on each box that identify that it’s your stuff. Quick and easy! Now we are heading west and will meet them out there! I would highly recommend this service, especially the full pack. It is so worth it!

Steve G. 12/11/2020

Hands down the best movers. Great customer service by Steven B*****, good communication with the moving team – efficient, helpful and friendly – could not have gone more smoothly!!

Neil Y 06/18/2021

I am leaving a review so far of the picking up experience since that is all that has happened so far. Our team was led by Christian and they did an excellent job. They were professional towards me and my family during the whole process. As part of our arrangement, they packed our big screen TV, mirrors, and other fragiles. They created custom boxes on the fly and even made special box rims for things like our coffee table to try and buffer it more for interstate shipping. We would be more than happy to refer friends to this company. We will leave a post delivery review when time comes.

Dabney Rauh A month ago

Positive:Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Services:In-county removals, Packing/unpacking, Oversized item removals, Local removals
This was my 3rd NYC move and my 12th overall move and I have never had such an easy experience. I was absolutely blown away by the responsiveness, professionalism, and careful work done by Roadway Moving. They moved my 1BR apartment in NYC with ease. They were early, efficient, and fast/hard workers. The men who completed my move were thoroughly kind, friendly, and respectful! And Roadway even called during my move to check-in and make sure it went smoothly. The whole team was attentive and helpful and I couldn’t have asked for a better moving team.

Ariel Oz 4 weeks ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Roadway was the best movers I have ever had! Not only did they protect all our valuables, but they fixed our furniture for us along the way! The movers were super friendly and efficient. Cannot recommend them enough!

Anita S 10/17/2020

Just had my one bedroom packed up by Richard and his colleague. They were INCREDIBLE and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The men were friendly, professional, and efficient. Richard has years of experience in the industry, and spoke highly of the company and the way they treat their employees (which says volumes). I highly recommend this moving company – put your money where it matters!

Troy Williams 4 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value
Services: In-county removals, Storage, Packing/unpacking, Oversized item removals, Assemble furniture

My family had a great time moving with Roadway Moving from Los Angeles down to Orange County. This was our 7th move in the past 8 years and we wish we had found them way back for our move #1. This wasn’t an easy move going from the steep hills and many steps of Laurel Canyon down to Orange County and a brand new 3 story home making sure not to ding any of the new walls and railings. All which was a success!!

Gary, Carlos, Felipe & Luis worked so hard and diligently the entire day and late into the night and even returned a few days later for more items that didn’t fit into the truck.

They were kind and pleasant to be around during the whole experience. As you know, moving is exhausting and will put you at your wit’s end, but having nice guys like the Roadway Moving team helping you every step of the way made the experience so much smoother.

Also, the Roadway Moving team made sure to provide clear communication and checked in before and after the move to make sure everything was done correctly and assist with any final questions if needed.

Thank you again Roadway Moving and now we are gladly looking forward to staying put for the next few years, but whenever that next move presents itself in a few years then we know who we will be calling to do the job.

Simply Grateful for the whole team.

Anna K. 01/25/2021

I had such an amazing experience working with Roadway this past month! I had to move several boxes from NYC to Ohio, and working with this company made the experience effortless and easy, especially as moving can be very stressful. Throughout planning and organizing the move, Juan who was helping me was so friendly and professional. When the movers picked up my boxes and started driving to Ohio, they were in constant communication with me and always alerting me when they were getting closer! Despite the fact that the move was right before Christmas (one of the busiest times of the year), Roadway was super flexible when I needed to adjust dates and ensure that everything could be delivered in time (it even came a few days earlier than expected which was perfect). Also, with regards to safety and Covid, the team was top-notch!!! All the movers who picked up and delivered my boxes were wearing masks and gloves at all times. Everything was super clean and felt very safe. Thank you so, so much Roadway for making this experience absolutely perfect, I will definitely be using you again in the future and would 100% recommend this company to anyone who needs help with moving!

Julianna Vezza A month ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value
This was our second time moving with Roadway Moving and we were SO happy we did! They did an amazing job with all of our belongings and we really trusted them. They carefully packaged each and every one our valuables and everything was really secure. Overall, we highly recommend Roadway Moving if you’re looking to move in the near future. The team is super professional, efficient and hard working!

Ashley Klinger 5 months ago

I cannot say enough great things about this moving company! My Roadway team was awesome! They were on time, prepared with FIVE guys to pack my entire apartment, and were so thorough and caring with my belongings. I have an incredibly large wardrobe of clothes and shoes, and they packed it all perfectly like the experts they are! By the end of the day I was calling them My Wardrobe Gurus 🙂 Thanks again for a stress free move and a lovely experience!

Emily T. , New York, NY 3/29/2021

I first heard about Roadway Moving through social media and when it was time for me to move, Roadway was the first company that came to mind. From the very first conversations up til move day, everyone on the team was communicative, friendly, and efficient. Richard and his team helped me pack everything in my apartment, moved it all, and reassembled our furniture in under 5 hours! Best of all, everyone was super friendly. If you’re looking for a moving company, do not hesitate with this one. I highly recommend Roadway Moving!

Shannon B 10/13/2020

A bit expensive but worth it – they moved our second floor walk-up two bedroom apartment including so many heavy boxes filled with books and toys and bulky furniture during a torrential downpour and a pandemic. They took things apart, they put things back together, they did it efficiently and with a positive attitude. They moved a piece of furniture to a different spot upon request and reassembled a bed that had been put together incorrectly. Five stars.

Daniela Salazar a day ago NEW

This company was very professional, everything was done in a timely manner, and they assisted me with understanding what a COI ( certificate of insurance ) was and helped me in every step of the moving process in New York City. From delivering boxes, to setting up my furniture, to moving me stress FREE. I highly recommend them and would hire them again.

Melinda M 04/21/2021

Would highly recommend! The team was very professional, extremely efficient, and pleasant to work with. They took the utmost protection of wrapping and boxing up my belongings. I was very nervous about moving in NYC and the team made it seamless. I can not say enough good things about my experience.

Brittany Ball 5 days ago NEW

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
They were on time, so fast, and handled my entire move with such care! They had my entire apartment boxed up and on the truck within a couple hours and swiftly delivered my belongings to my new home! All in all I would definitely recommend Roadway Movers to anyone looking to move and needing an efficient/capable team to get the job done!

Carly Tumen 2 weeks ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
When I first inquired about my July move, the team called me right away! They weren’t pushy and allowed me to ask questions and totally understood that I was still shopping around. When it came to making my decision of moving Roadway, the team was absolutely on it, they had all my information so nothing had to be repeated. Everyone was extremely kind over the phone. 2 days before the move, a team member had called to ask if I had any questions and also walked me through the moving timeline, which was wonderful. The movers showed up on time and worked SO fast, being BEYOND careful of my artwork, furniture, and fragile household items. I was blown away. The movers arrived to the new location quickly, OF COURSE rolled out the ROADWAY CARPET, unloaded everything, put my couch together, screwed my TV stands on, and completed the move with big smiles and high fives. I will 1000000% use them again, without a doubt!

David L., Manhattan NY 07/13/2021

Roadway has a very professional process, from start to finish. They have moving down to a science.

They begin by doing a virtual walkthrough, so they can get a good idea of what you have to be moved. I believe this is what allows them to offer (and honor) a price guarantee; they see for themselves what you are moving. The salesperson I worked with, John, was responsive and reassuring — which I appreciated, because I find moving very stressful.

On the day of our move, Osvaldo and his team did a great job. The four men (counting Osvaldo) and one woman — Osvaldo’s wife, actually, who did the packing — arrived early and worked efficiently. They took three hours (9 a.m. to 12 p.m.) to pack up our kitchen, which was the one room we asked them to pack, and to load all the rest of our belongings and furniture into their truck. Because I’m a bit of a pack rat, we had a LOT of stuff, even though we were moving from just a two-bedroom apartment, so this could have taken much longer. The kitchen items were packed safely; nothing broke in transit, even though there was a lot of glassware. (In hindsight, maybe we should have asked them to pack more, since they did it so quickly and securely.)

In the middle of the move, Shari, who I believe works in customer relations, called to make sure that everything was going smoothly, which I appreciated. They are very committed to good customer service.

This was a local move. It took Osvaldo and his team maybe an hour or so to drive from Manhattan to our new town in suburban New Jersey (only slightly longer than it took us to travel the same distance by car).

At our new home, Osvaldo and his three colleagues (his wife didn’t come for the unloading, since she just does packing) unloaded everything quickly but carefully, reassembling the things that needed to be reassembled. Throughout the move, they were very courteous and worked without complaint — even though the heat was brutal that day, and the air conditioning on the second floor of our home was not working. They finished at around 4:30 p.m. (We had refreshments for them at both our old and new homes, which I think they appreciated; happy movers are better movers.)

To be honest, I was a little paranoid about the moving process, having heard so many moving “horror stories” from friends, but we had no issues whatsoever with Roadway. Osvaldo and his team did not damage our items, hold our belongings hostage, claim that we needed to pay more, or demand an extortionate tip (but we tipped generously because we were very happy with the service). Everything was handled cheerfully and professionally.

If you can afford them — because they are not the lowest-cost provider, as others have noted — you should definitely consider Roadway Moving for your move!

Diana G 11/04/2020

Roadway has been amazing. From Scott in sales to dispatch and the load crew lead by Richard took great care with everything. Furniture wrapping was top notch. Great choice with Roadway!

Andrew W., New York, NY 11/20/2020

We just moved with Roadway last week and it was awesome. We went with the full-pack, and moving has never been easier.The last time we moved 5 years ago, we did a self-pack and for an entire week we were packing. This time, Roadway packed and moved us all in one day.

The team wore their masks and kept their distance, I only wish I had mapped out where to put the boxes in our new house better

Ana S 04/14/2021

Roadway helped me feel secure about my long distance move! They wore masks, were thorough yet efficient, and helped me with junk removal. All-in-all great experience!

Raeann Langas 4 months ago

Positive: Professionalism
I have worked with a few moving companies and I was very impressed with Roadway’s attention to detail in making sure they moved my belongings quickly and safely. The crew was incredibly friendly and took great care of my apartment and furniture. They made moving way less stressful! Thank you, Roadway!

Jordan S 02/04/2021

We made a 20-block move in Manhattan from the 80s to the 60s (**** ****). Chris and the crew of seven were great, professional, attentive and fast. They communicated with us the whole time. Worth every penny. The only thing they broke was a lightbulb in a fixture in the closet. Still unpacking boxes, but glassware, fragile antiques and other delicate items were packed with care and arrived unbroken. One small complaint: the main office was slow to fill out forms required by building management when we moved out.

Oli W. 11/01/2020

This is our second time using roadway to move and once again our wildest expectations have been surpassed. Chris and his entire team made the experience from start to finish an absolute pleasure. Which is words rarely used in moving. The attention to detail, thoroughness and overall efficiency of Chris and his team made our year. You all are, without a doubt the best movers in nyc and we have tried them all at this point. Seriously amazing experience and We are fans for life. Thank you Chris’s and Eric and Jose!

Melany Cecilia 3 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Services: Local removals, Packing/unpacking
My experience with roadway moving was like no other, they were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. The movers were very courteous and were sure to follow all COV-19 safety precautions. They arrived on time to both the pick up and drop off locations, handled all my furniture including frames and mirrors with great care, and even helped us pack a few last minute things. I cant imagine ever moving without roadway movers and will be sure to use them again on my next move!

Phoebe Z. , New York, NY 5/6/2021

I am still blown away at how professional the movers are. They all came wearing masks of course due to COVID. The movers arrived at 1:30pm and and finished moving by 4:30pm from my old apartment to new apartment. I’ve never seen people move this fast before. They made sure to pad everything for extra protection and for the bigger furniture they help you unassemble and reassemble it which made the whole move more stress free. Highly recommend!

Ana D 01/18/2021

So far I used their services twice and both times the service was excellent. Both office and field staff were patient with my requests and very professional. When I asked the movers if they liked working for Roadway, they said definitely because Roadway treats them much better in comparison to their previous moving company employer. I know the movers work extremely hard lifting and maneuvering furniture and endless boxes, and risk getting injured, so hearing that this employer treats them well is important to me and gratifying. I will be using Roadway for my next move and strongly recommend them to my friends.

Alyssa P 04/15/2021

I highly recommend Roadway. I have now used them on two occasions to move in NYC, which can be an incredibly stressful process. This time, I utilized both their packing and moving service, and it was an absolute dream. The packing and the moving crew were the same, and they were absolutely delightful, kind people. Moving is always exhausting, but their method for packing made unpacking simple. We got the entire move done and the new apartment organized in one day (two if you count the day the crew came to pack up the old apartment). They also assisted with unpacking and put all of the furniture back together for us. I absolutely LOVE Roadway, and I will use them every, single time I move.

Annie W., New York, NY 06/23/2021

I used Roadway for my apartment move for the first weekend in June 2021. While Roadway is one of the more expensive moving companies they were worth every penny.

With the other moving companies I reach out to for a quote you have to list every item in your home including how many boxes you will be moving. Those companies came back with lower quotes but I often forgot to add all my belongings to the list. I was worried that they wouldn’t move the items I forgot. Roadway instead does a virtual walkthrough of you apartment. I didn’t have to send in any lists because their account rep, John, took note of everything. I was confident that everything was accounted for. John took his time explaining the entire process to me. The phone calls and the virtual walkthrough really put me at ease.

A few days before the move I was contacted by Shari. She confirmed the move date, answered a few questions I had.

Now on to the move. The movers showed up about 15-10 minutes early. The foreman, Diego, did a walkthrough of my apartment and even helped me track down my super to get access to the freight elevator. Diego and his team were amazing! They took were swift and efficient taking care of packing our items. My husband is a fine art handler who deals with artwork with millions on a regular basis. He knows how things should be packed and handled. For me to be impressed is one thing but my husband was equally impressed. From the first knock on my door to the movers placing the last box in my new apartment it took 5 hours (yes I timed it). This included travel time from the Bronx to Queens.

After my move Shari contacted me to follow up to make sure everything went smoothly. I went on vacation so it took me some tome to get back to her. Shari continued to follow up until we spoke to ensure I had a perfect move.

Thank you John, Shari, Diego and the entire team of movers. If I ever need to move again I will defiantly use Roadway.

PS. All you potential clients out there, whether you use Roadway or not, be kind to your movers; give them water, for goodness sake let them use your bathroom and tip well.

Kate Supple 2 weeks ago NEW

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Our Roadway moving crew set an incredibly high standard for moving. Chris and his team went above and beyond in every way possible to make sure our move was smooth and efficient, and were friendly and communicative during the entire process. I can’t describe how different the move with Roadway was from every single other moving experience we’ve had. I will never, ever use another company and would recommend Roadway (and specifically Chris and team) to anyone/everyone.

Molly D 02/22/2021

I recently made the big move from NYC to LA and I couldn’t speak more highly of Roadway. They expressed professionalism, cleanliness, were always quick to respond. I have already recommended them to several of my friends who are moving in the near future. My one concern re a move was Covid – however Roadway made me feel so incredibly safe (their drivers + movers wore masks + gloves and always kept their distance). I would definitely use them again!

Darcy W. ,Manhattan, New York, NY 3/19/2021

I was blown away by the professionalism of this company. The attention to detail, follow-up and customer service I encountered was seriously better than other business has ever provided. I’m not just comparing Roadway Moving to other moving companies. I’m comparing them to all businesses as a whole. They were impeccable to work with. The owner has created something special, especially in an industry that isn’t known for its customer service. I hired Roadway to pack up my entire apartment and move everything into storage. I did not lift one finger. They took inventory of everything and had photos to back it up. The movers arrived an hour early and were waiting outside patiently until I asked them to come in. They made the moving process actually pleasurable and enjoyable. Thank you Roadway!!

Erica R. 09/23/2020

Chris and his team were outstanding! They arrived on time and were extremely efficient! They took great care in handling our stuff and were so polite. HIGHLY recommend them!

Marla F. , New York, NY 6/28/2020

Okay little weird that I’m leaving 5 Stars even though I ultimately didn’t decide to hire Roadway Moving… Why you ask? I’m compelled to write an excellent review for them after a phone conversation I had with an employee yesterday afternoon.I’ll be moving from Gramercy to the UES (about 45 blocks away) within the month. I found Roadway Moving on Yelp after searching the hella saturated market for a few days. I used the Request A Quote feature which was effortless. My move is a bit niche because I’m not moving any furniture except a standing mirror, small end table and medium sized bench– so I really just need someone to help transport maybe 10-15 boxes.

Rewind to yesterday when I got the call from them asking for more details of the move. I WAS SO IMPRESSED WITH HOW THIS EMPLOYEE CONDUCTED HIMSELF! I’ve been speaking with several NYC movers trying to find the right business to help me with my very minimal moving needs with no luck and a bad taste in my mouth. Lots of high pressure, some harassing by back calling nonstop, etc.

The quote I received from them was around $900 which I immediately explained was way out of my budget due to the minimal nature of my move. The male employee was so professional, kind and courteous. We agreed it wasn’t the right fit and he proceeded to give me some helpful moving tips by recommending renting a U-Haul instead since it’s such a small move (they really specialize in giving more economical prices for larger moves). He gave me the best city to pick up a truck because they’re pretty scarce in Manhattan at the moment.

The point is– he could’ve easily hung up but instead he chatted with me for a few minutes just to help me out. This is important! Every other NYC moving company please take note: Although they weren’t the right mover for me at this time, based on how genuine, professional with no hard pressure, you bet I’m going to blast this company to all my friends and family for when they move.

This is how you win referrals and scale your business organically, these guys truly have their priorities in check by focusing on the customer’s needs first.

So with that, bravo! And to whoever I spoke with yesterday– thank you for your help. It was a breath of fresh air to speak to someone who wasn’t hammering me with pressure into paying for more than what I really need.

Libby M 12/13/2020

Roadway made every step in this process easy & stress free. Avi was very thorough with the inventory & specifics of our move & it went off without a single problem. The movers were on time, professional & courteous. I would use them again in a heartbeat & recommend highly.

Christine A., MD, MD 11/25/2020

This company was the only good thing about our move from Monterey, CA to North Bethesda, MD. We made a poor choice to use US Standard Moving company (look at their 75 complaints in 1 year on the BBB if you are even considering US Standard) not knowing they were a broker. They used 2 subsidiaries not of our choosing to complete our moving including Best Moving Van Lines (a 1 star rated company, check out their BBB complaints) to pack our items and “store” them for nearly a month without informing us this was their process. Roadway Moving was given the job to complete the move from a storage facility in CA to its destination in MD. Best Moving was the company that loaded our items into the truck so I can’t complain about Roadway Moving losing my an entire wardrobe box containing my WEDDING DRESS, every formal dress I own, and 2 floor lamps, a queen sized bed frame, and other items. The 2 Roadway Moving employees were courteous, professional and efficient. They wore their masks the entire time during the move and they did their best to muddle through the mess Best Moving made of our items to attempt to provide white glove service. They even drove an hour away to unload more items to another household in Maryland and discovered Best Moving had loaded some of our items with this other drop off. Roadway Moving DROVE BACK to our house to deliver the items they found loaded with the other drop off! They could have easily left them on the side of the road and no one would have known. We have so many missing items that it is devastating, but I know Roadway Moving did their best to make lemonade out of a steaming pile of you-know-what that Best Moving Van Lines gave them. At least there was one shining light in this horrible moving experience we had.

I considered deducting 1 star because they use the broker US Standard Moving for jobs. US Standard did not present itself to us as a broker and they told us they were a family owned company that had been in business many years. The truth is they have been in business 1 year and have 75 complaints on the BBB against them. But ultimately none of the bad experience we had was Roadway Moving’s fault. They did a great job.

Michael F. , Somerville, MA 10/26/2020

My second time using Roadway (the first was with their Veteran Movers brand) and it won’t be the last. I’ve now used them for a long-distance move (Boston to NYC, 2 days) and a short-haul move (Brooklyn to Brooklyn, 4 hours) and each time they’ve been prompt, professional, and friendly.On top of that, I had to move a lot of filming gear and studio decor on each move, some of it quite fragile. They packed everything with care and even disassembled and reassembled my sound booth – a huge undertaking that, trust me, isn’t easy … especially when wearing masks. And they still finished on time.

Disclosure: I received a discount on my move in exchange for sharing the experience on social media, but the company wasn’t allowed to read this review beforehand. These are my genuine experiences. In fact I shopped other companies first, and *could* have gotten a cheaper move – but Veterans / Roadway has proved itself so reliable, and their movers are so friendly and effective, that I chose them instead … and I will again, when it’s time for my next move!

Tara Brot 3 days ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Waldina Zepeda and her crew were absolutely fantastic. She was head of the team and they were all extremely professional and delightful as well as super easy to work with. She communicated professionally and never stopped working hard throughout the move. In addition, she has such positive attitude and took the time to wrap the items to insure everything was perfection. Her confidence and calm-natured, reassured me the entire time which made the whole experience stress free as possible!

She was on time, worked straight through and went out of her way to make sure that our moving experience was of the utmost high quality. I give five stars and the highest praise to her and her team-thank you for your excellent service, patience, extreme kindness, and overall incredible moving experience. Book her today!!! You wont be sorry.

Rachel Y., Bronx, NY 4/21/2021

I hired this company for a move from New York to Michigan in Spring of 2021 and am very happy I did! I had researched a few companies at first, looking for a cheap solution, but that comes at a cost of care and reliability. Then I found this company through the BBB website. I packed the majority of the items myself and had them pack my kitchen (since I dont trust my skills with wrapping that many breakable things, lol!). What could have been a stressful time has been alleviated by having this company help me! Jose Rivera and his team have been friendly, and its clear this ain’t their first move! Highly recommend! Don’t do it all yourself, get the professionals to help with your move

Harry M 01/22/2021

Excellent services, both before and during the move. On time; efficient. No damage to anything. Very friendly employees. Very responsive to our requests. I would highly recommend Roadway Moving.

Anisa M. , New York, NY 4/5/2021

I’ve moved several times from coast to coast. This is by far the BEST moving company!! Moving can be stressful but roadway moving makes the process so easy. They communicate with you throughout the process. My boxes arrived on time and nothing was damaged.

Robert F 11/13/2020

The service was excellent in all respects. The crew was on time. Worked extremely hard and efficiently and too great care with our possessions. They were extremely careful to make sure they did not dirty the floors. They were pleasant always, including when we changed our minds about where to locate furniture. I cannot say enough good things about them. I would happily and enthusiastically recommend them.

Patricia C 02/02/2021

Everything about my experience with Roadway Moving was excellent. The salesperson who helped create my estimate was kind and thoughtful and gave me a number of moving tips. They called ME to confirm a few days before! Usually I need to call and confirm. The movers showed up 45 minutes early, which was great for me and they were excellent. Professional and worked quickly. Highly recommend Roadway Moving!

Mary C. , San Francisco, CA 7/23/2020

I ultimately didn’t use Roadway (long story, not their fault) but Ruth was patient and very responsive when I thought I’d need an emergency mover when the original mover was flaking out.
The price was fair and I wish I could have used Roadway but the original mover did finally finish the job.
I’ll definitely be calling Ruth if I ever have to move cross country again.

Stacey O 03/28/2021

I highly recommend Roadway moving for a stress free moving experience. Everyone was professional and communicative from the first call to moving day. Masks were worn correctly the entire time. They moved quickly, but carefully. I can’t imagine trusting any other company after such a wonderful experience with Roadway!

Stefan T. , New York, NY 6/29/2019

Marius called us up the day off to let us know he’s on his way and gave us an estimated time of arrival. As we all know, moving can be very stressful so having someone call you to let you know that they are on their way is a big help.Upon arrival he went over the plan, very professionally, which was very calming on this stressful day. After going over everything, he and his friendly team packed up my apartment in no time, I mean these guys know how to move fast and taking care of the delicate things doing so. Obviously not their first move!

After a short drive to our new apartment the unloading began. It all went smooth and nothing got damaged as the crew took great precautions bringing all the stuff into my new home.

Thank you Roadway Moving for being a part of a new chapter in my life. You made the whole moving experience so much better!

Ed M 06/22/2021

Very good movers who move me from NYC to Hingham MA. The movers were very friendly and professional. Moved me within hours in NYC and about 2 hours to move into my new place in MA

Jackie G 08/09/2021

Roadway moving was wonderful! ******* lead the team and everyone was very professional and friendly. They were right on time and competed a tough move to a 4 story walk up. I would use them again and highly recommend them to a friend. Thank you!

Olivia P 02/03/2021

I am very pleased with how professional and efficient our move with Roadway Movers went. I appreciate how precautious the movers were as they prioritized safety by wearing protective gear, practicing social distancing and using clean trucks and equipment. Our virtual in-home estimate worked out perfectly. We received a call immediately and was guided through the process of our move. The whole team was really nice and so much fun to work with!

Maddie Tsang 4 weeks ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness
Service: Local removals

I’ve moved a lot in the past several years, but my move a couple of days ago with Roadway Moving was by far the smoothest. Richard + the team were right on time at 9am in the morning, and got all of my boxes and furniture out of my old apartment in the East Village within an hour and a half. From there, I met them at my new apartment in Kips Bay, and they had everything there within the next hour and a half.

All of my furniture and boxes were transferred safely with no breakages, and Richard + team also helped me to break down and re-place my furniture. The team was extremely friendly and helpful and I felt super comfortable having them handle all of my things. Also, the team wore masks the entire time, as an extra COVID precaution.

I would absolutely use Roadway Moving again in the future, and can’t recommend them enough!

Steve G. 02/01/2021

From beginning to end, using Roadway Moving across NYC was super easy. They understood the components of the move and took it from there. The initial house visit, followed by the packing and the actual move were impeccable. Nothing was broken or missing, no walls were damaged. The crew was diligent and professional and everything went smoothly.

Elena Bukowski A month ago

Positive:Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Services:In-county removals, Packing/unpacking, Assemble furniture
Roadway is the absolute BEST moving company in the NY area. This is my second time using them in 2 years. We have a little one, and were leaving our apartment in the city to move to the burbs. Without any time to pack ourselves, we enlisted the help of our Roadway team. They were on time, professional, and managed to be INCREDIBLY efficient while also taking great care of our belongings. They brought a team of 6 rockstars, and made our move seamless and stress free. We probably wont have to move anytime soon, but if we do, we know who to call!

Adam E 12/10/2020

Just completed an NYC to NJ move of a heavily furnished two-bedroom apartment with crew chief Christain, and his four-person team: Chris, Ishmael and two Alexes. Can’t say enough good about how well they managed a complex load in the City with tight serviceways and distribution of furniture and 60+ boxes to multi-level home in icy conditions after freak snow! All of this with absolutely not a scratch on anything due to astonishingly careful and skillful wrapping and crating and consistent extra care, particularly of items identified as valuable monetarily or sentimentally. No rushing, slamming, thumping, bumping or cursing. Just quiet, courteous, efficient and complete professionalism from all 5 team members. Have done lots of moves; this one absolute best, hands down. Not incidentally, all wore masks consistently and correctly, maintained distance whenever physically possible and used lots of sanitizer. Back office support and estimation process was great too, as was management accessibility for routine questions and last minute adjustments top the move. Hire ’em. Period.

Romina R., New York, NY 2/21/2019

I just completed my move yesterday and everything was EXCELLENT. I cannot express how happy I am with all aspects of the process.I will start by saying I did a ton of research before selecting my movers. Roadway had the most transparent pricing and best customer service. I had about 50 questions all of which my sales rep, Tony, helped me with.

I opted for the full move with packing service (highly recommend). The day of my move I literally did nothing and just sat there while 3 men efficiently and carefully packed every single item in my 1 bedroom NYC apartment.

Fast forward to the destination — all my stuff arrived undamaged. The team made sure I was happy with the location of items, opened boxes, and even hung up my clothes.

I am not an easy client to deal with as I am extremely picky and attentive to detail but roadway was exceptional and I am so happy.

Michele W 12/23/2020

Roadway made every step in this process easy & stress free. Avi was very thorough with the inventory & specifics of our move & it went off without a single problem. The movers were on time, professional & courteous. I would use them again in a heartbeat & recommend highly.

Alberto B. 12/05/2020

Absolute amazing service. Team leader Christian went the extra mile to ensure a stressfree experience. Highly recommended!

Elizabeth W 11/11/2020

Roadway was amazing! I hired them for my cross-country move from NYC to LA, and they could not have made the process any easier. I was so stressed about my move, and once Roadway arrived, I was so relieved — they were amazing. Friendly, trustworthy, careful. Everything was seamless!

Maeve K 10/27/2020

Fast, efficient, professional, and careful – they were the best moving experience I could have hoped for!

Dominek T., New York, NY 4/16/2021

Can we talk about moving? It is stressful and I am past the age of inviting some friends to help us move and the payment in the form of a pizza and soda.

My husband and I recently found an apartment three blocks away from our apartment and our busy work schedules would not allow for us to rent a truck and move our own items. Roadway came recommended by a friend and it was the second-best decision I made this month next to picking our fab apartment.

The movers arrived on time, wore masks, and practiced social distancing the entire time. We opted to pack our items but we had several miscellaneous items when the Roadway team came and they quickly boxed those items in a SUFFICIENT amount of padding to protect our values. We have a two-bedroom apartment and they were able to pack up the whole apartment in under two hours. The team took about an hour to move our belongings into our new apartment and even offered to take some of the boxes we broke down during the delivery.

Using Roadway allowed me to have a stress-less day so I could focus on the larger tasks associated with moving.

Thanks to Diego and his team for moving us this week and putting us at ease!

John S 10/09/2020

This outfit is legit. True professionals and 110% accommodating. This is the second time using them in 3 years. I will certainly recommend them to anyone in need. They arrived early. Carefully and professionally removed my items from a 10′ x 20′ storage unit. Stopped at my residence for a bedroom set. Delivered the items to our new home. Placed boxes in desired locations. Set up furniture pieces in desired places. Put together pieces that were disassembled. I only wish I had used more of their services! If ever needed in the future I would inquire about them also packing my items to be moved. The professionalism and efficiency they work with is worth every cent! Thank you Veteran Movers & Roadway Moving! Semper Fi. I wish I could remember each of their names and mention them personally. We had 5 outstanding gents!

Corinna W., Queens, NY

Roadway Moving is amazing and highly recommended!Usually when I move to a new apartment, I rent out a U-Haul or my friends will help me move things in their cars/vans; it’s a crap ton of heavy lifting. This year I was pressed for time because I only had 2 weeks to move, work was hectic, and my friends were busy – timing was not in my favor. I researched various moving companies and the thing that stood out most about Roadway was the fact that they also disassemble AND reassemble your furniture! While I love IKEA and those puzzle furniture pieces, I was not having it this year.

I filled out a form that listed all types of furniture and various household items and sent it over to Milos, the rep who reached out to me, who then provided a quote based on what I checked off. Type of living accommodations, start and end location/distance (in my case, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and Queens to Manhattan) was also factored in, as well as whether the building is a walk-up or has a freight elevator. Through the entire process, my rep was always in communication with me, and I never felt pressured or rushed. I asked so many questions since this was my first time using a moving service of any kind and he answered everything in a friendly manner. He assured me that I would be taken care of and he was absolutely right.

Day of the move, I literally did nothing. The movers were very efficient, professional and organized. They worked as a team and clearly loved their job; we had a lot of witty banter going on. They wrapped some items in moving blankets, plastic wrapped other items, packed my clothes straight from the closet into wardrobe boxes, and took apart my bed frame with storage, loaded everything into their truck and when everything was in, they headed towards the new apartment. I Uber’d and got there right before they did. They then proceeded to load everything out and put my couch and bed frame back together. The guys even gave me their thoughts on how to arrange things into my smaller *cries* apartment.

Total time took about 5 hours; cost was a little over $1000, including tip, which they definitely deserve (I didn’t have that many large/heavy items and had already packed some boxes of my my own). Admittedly, Roadway is on the expensive side, but it was so worth it for not having to do anything strenuous, nor having to put furniture back together after a long day moving.

The day was completely stress-free… until I ran out of closet space, but that is another story. I will be using Roadway again in the future!

Justin L., New York, NY

Roadway did the move to our new Co-Op, and were very happy with how everything turned out. We initially spoke to Jose by phone who was comprehensive and got back to us quickly with a quote. We opted to do packing and moving given that the price point was good; terms/conditions were good, and there was no mad dash to sign contracts even thoguh our move date was just a week away.Ralphie and his team (William and Raldy) did our move and they were awesome. They worked fast, were courteous, and consulted us whenever they had questions. We had a lot of shit, so the pack took 4 hours. After a quick lunch break, the move itself took maybe another 2 hours (only 7 blocks up). They took great care of our items and set everything up just how we wanted it. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience overall.

Pamela R., New York, NY

Competitive price, very responsive sales team and good moving crew. Highly recommend.

C D., New York, NY 5/31/2021

Highly impressed! This company came recommended by a friend (and the reviews are amazing), but I was skeptical when I heard the high price quoted. After searching other companies there were too many variables and truly negative reviews that I didn’t want to chance it. The higher price is worth the assurance that everything is included/covered, and will go smoothly! Tons of communication throughout and an easy contract process, and I ended up buying boxes from them too which were delivered a few weeks before so that I could pack up. Day-of, 6 men arrived promptly to move our stuff from a 1-bed in midtown to a 2-bed uptown. They had everything loaded within 2 hours (with meticulous attention to detail and padding etc – they bring the wardrobe and TV boxes which are specialized) and they had everything unloaded within 1.5 hours, including putting all my furniture back together again. The Supers at BOTH apts were in awe and said it was the best they’ve ever seen. The crew was Jonathan (foreman), Franklin, Ray, Bell, Enrique, Oswaldo, and Miguel, and they were truly fantastic.

Evin C., Los Angeles, CA 2/28/2021

We hired Roadway to pack our apartment and complete our local NYC move. They were exceptional – they arrived 10 minutes early, surveyed the apartment, and immediately started bringing packing supplies in. The team of five packed our apartment (including a ton of fragile kitchen ware), loaded the truck, and unloaded at our new place in 3 hours flat. Hands down the easiest and best moving experience my husband and I have ever had, and not a single item was broken or damaged… they even individually wrapped our set of shot glasses lol Their admin team is great too – kept in close contact leading up to the move, and were super accommodating with a date change, and adding / removing items to our moving list. Our movers were Franklin, Alex , Daniel, Eugenio, and Nico – extremely friendly, and professional. highly highly recommend!

Lu H., New York, NY

Maybe another update is too much, but I just wanted to document the move. Francisco and the team came in the day prior to pack most of the things. On the day of, they contacted me sharp at 8am and came up half an hour later to start the actual move. It did take them awhile to go from Dumbo to UWS, left the old apartment around 11am and didn’t show up at the new apartment till 2pm. I get that they ate lunch somewhere and there were traffic, but I would’ve appreciated a little heads up because I reserved the freight elevator from 12-4pm per their instruction, so I was a little worried they couldn’t finish before the elevator time.Anyways, other than that, everything went smoothly. Nothing broken nothing missing. They dissembled and assembled the couch and bed, and were even able to haul my two IKEA dressers in two complete pieces from the old apartment to the new apartment. We all know how flimsy IKEA furniture can be, so I told them if those two were damaged, no worries. I was really surprised to see the dressers standing in our new apartment in good condition so kudos to them.

Hopefully we won’t move any time soon, but when we do I will reach out again.

Emmanuel R.

With a very short notice this great company guaranteed me a stress free move and they did. Wow, amazing the moving team showed up on time and were great from the beginning to the end of the my move from NJ to NY.

Rachel D., Charlotte, NC

I have nothing but amazing things to say about my recent move with Roadway (and I never write reviews). I was seriously traumatized from using a different company in NYC (Katz moving) for my last move and was so nervous. However, Diego and his team absolutely went above and beyond. I moved from Brooklyn to Weehawken (2 bed, 2 bath) and they started at 9 am and were done by 2:30 pm. I was completely shocked and cannot recommend them enough, esp Diego’s team. Our last experience took over 12 hours because the movers continuously disappeared…moving is stressful enough without worrying about the reliability of the crew. Also, our move cost was exactly what we were quoted, they didn’t add any additional fees on at the end. Cannot recommend Roadway enough!!

Katie P., Long Island City, Queens, NY

Roadway moved our family from Hell’s Kitchen to Long Island City in December 2018, and — from start to finish — it was one of the best moving experiences I’ve ever had (I’m a military brat, so I’ve moved a lot).Avi Ohana, their Onsite Relocation Consultant, was professional, punctual and accurate with the flat rate quoted, the manpower required and the job timing estimated. The crew was friendly and meticulous with their care of our items. The reassembly of our furniture upon arrival at our new home was prompt and precise.

We recently relocated again — within Long Island City — and we went with another company who provided us with a much lower quote this go-around. Upon receipt of our decision, Avi, of course, was the epitome of professionalism and grace.

“I am so sorry to hear that! But I understand where you are coming from, and I certainly wish you a successful move and lots of joy and happiness in your new place,” he wrote in response. He also offered his “pro tips.” Go over my list and their list and make sure it’s apple-to-apple, so you have no surprises, he said. Read the company’s bad reviews, not the good ones; it will tell you if there is a pattern that you may or may not tolerate during the move, he said.

Well, you get what you pay for, and I would name-drop in anger, but the company we used recently reached out to rectify all the grievances from our last move. Pending the outcome of their efforts to make good, there may be no reason to blast them further here.

If you want to be well taken care of — from start to finish — request Avi Ohana when you contact Roadway for your next move. Knowing what we know now, his quote for our last move was more than fair (even with our initial hopes to significantly cut costs).

Luke C.

Who knew moving can be this easy, mover arrived on time in the morning, 3 gentlemans politely introduce themselves and they wrapped my furniture in a way I have never seen before (I used to hire cheap movers that breaks my stuff, this is the first time having some real mover because my building needs someone with insurance) in less than 3 hours than loaded my 1 bedroom into their truck and even picked up the empty rolls of tape on their way out and didn’t leave a mess at my old place .

Sarah C.

I have probably moved a dozen times in my adult life, and I have to say that the experience I had with Roadway Moving tops every other relocation I’ve ever had. Not only was their estimate the best price amongst other NYC movers, but their speed at communication and quality of customer service was top notch. I had the inconvenient moving date of December 30th, but the team didn’t bat an eye, and when I mentioned I was moving out of a 5th floor walk-up to another 5th floor walk-up, it didn’t seem to bother them at all. When the moving day came, their estimated time of arrival was 100% accurate, and upon greeting them, they were so pleasant and friendly, and yet they were eager to get started. I brought up to my unit, showed them everything that had to go, and within minutes, they started. I offered to help, but they refused and instead told me to make myself a margarita. 🙂 When they loaded up the truck and I locked up my old unit, I walked over to my new apartment to meet them there (I was only moving 2 avenues and 8 streets away), and they were there within minutes of my own arrival. I showed them the new place, and again, they got started right away. Not only did they disassemble my bed for me, but they set it up for me in my new place. I allowed them the liberty to set up my furniture however they saw fit layout-wise, and a month and a half later, my place is still set up the way they laid it out for me. 🙂 From the time they got to my first apartment to the time they left my second apartment, the whole process only took TWO HOURS. I was expecting this to be an all-day process and to be incredibly sore and physically tired, but in fact, I had HOURS to spare and I did practically nothing. The guys were friendly, patient, never once complained, careful, attentive, quick, and efficient. Not one piece of my furniture was damaged, and I’m not missing one piece of my belongings. The greatest and most touching part of this whole process was that I came home yesterday to flowers from the movers congratulating me on my new home. I have never, ever received such wonderful customer service and appreciation from any other company. I’ve sang this company’s praises to everyone I know, and when the time comes for me to move in the future, I will absolutely be using their services again. Joe Deshet, Mike, Alex, Rolando, and Miguel–thank you for making my moving experience a breeze instead of stressful and full of anxiety. You guys saved my life!

Amanda O., Manhattan, NY

I just moved from NYC to Nashville and can’t say enough amazing things about Roadway Moving. They packed all of my items with care and delivered them halfway across the country in under 2 weeks. They used all the COVID-19 safety precautions, gloves, masks, shoe coverings, no reusable boxes, all while practicing social distancing the entire time. I highly recommend this company, they made this huge life change so easy for me, and did it in the middle of a pandemic no less! A huge thanks to them and their amazing team!!

Michelle R., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Avi came to our apartment in NYC to give us an estimate. After researching many different long-distance moving companies, I decided to go with Roadway, although pricier due to their unbelievable reviews and feedback I was given. Avi was straightforward with me comparing prices to see what I was getting and assured me I would not go wrong when choosing Roadway.It was worth EVERY penny. When Jose and his team came in NYC to pack me up, I sat on the couch, literally. They handled my building, moving everything from my apartment to the truck. I did not have to lift a finger. They numbered, scanned, and tracked every item, which I was then emailed upon leaving, and reaching the storage unit.

My furniture was in storage for 3 months, due to transition time moving states. I did not have to worry. They handled everything, including changing credit cards on file multiple times due to fraud. They were responsive, communicative, and helped in every way.

For our delivery, I was initially given a 17 day window, due to the distance down to Florida. I was then called back, stating it would be a 12 day window. I got an email when it was loaded onto the truck and en route, before the delivery window even started. Julian – was amazing. He called me every step of the way, as they made progress to Florida. They even arrived a day EARLY. They came to my building on time, unloaded everything, put it all together, and cleaned up! I could have not have been more impressed with Roadway from start to finish. I again, got to check every item by number to make sure I received everything, and nothing was missing or broken. Everything was perfect!

I had them pack up my valuables, as I am a very nervous person and wasn’t sure I should do it. Not one thing was broken, including my china, crystal wine glasses, everything…. I was amazed at how well it was done, handled, and delivered.

Roadway – THANK YOU for the best customer service and moving job. I am so beyond pleased and want to thank you all for helping a stressful move feel much easier!!

Vanessa L.

Roadway’s professionalism is what makes me comfortable with hiring them. They answer all of my questions and that helps relieve some anxiety about my move. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.


Booked Roadway last minute after a failed attempt to use U-Box. Very happy with the choice I made, opting for quality and professionalism over a customer service nightmare. It was a cross-country move of a 1-bedroom apartment from New York to California. The movers arrived on time, were efficient, friendly, and ultra careful with packaging all of our stuff. A short 10 days later everything arrived in Los Angeles and was unpacked with similar ease to the packing in NYC. Communication was easy and fast — all of this during a global pandemic. Overall 10/10 will use again if I move back to New York 😅
Cross Country Move of a 1-bedroom
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Beth K. , Sandia Park, NM

I just used them for a move from nyc- New Mexico. I was very nervous. The movers on both ends were very professional. They took very good care of my furniture. Everything arrived perfectly. I highly recommend this company. And please tip well they work really hard.

Shermaine P.

Long Distance Move A++++ service from start to finish. I must say, from the moment Ken contacted me, I knew this was the right moving company. Not only were they professional. but, they very caring. More importantly they were very affordable and generous. They offered so many item from my inventory to go free. (Extra TV,Picture Frames, boxes) On pick up day , They even packed several small and large items I forgot to mentioned on my Quote for free. They went above beyond in every way. I highly recommend them . Roadway made this stressful situation so seamless. Thank you everyone! Definitely will use Roadway again if I decided to move. Packers and movers were great. Treated every items as if it was gold. Lol, thank you guys.


Excellent team. Sales agent answered all questions promptly and professionally. Great communication. Richard Solano’s crew of 4 arrived promptly, worked carefully and efficiently. All were helpful and polite. I would definitely recommend.
Packing and moving 1 BR apt from NY to FL
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Nita M., Manhattan, New York, NY

I’ve moved with Roadway Moving twice so far and both times have been great! We moved from LA to NY and then NY to TX and they were always so willing to accommodate and work with me even on short notice. They provided me a code (Nita10) for 10% of local moves and 5% off long distance moves for those interested.On the day of our move, Roadway Moving came right at 9am and stayed till about 5pm and worked so hard to pack all our breakable items (mirrors, TVs, lighting equipment, kitchen items) + our furniture. They worked to ensure all our furniture and fragile items were packed properly so they were secure during the move.
I opted in for them to deliver boxes which was SO convenient being in New York. It was nice not having to order anything or pick up any boxes and just have them delivered to our apartment a couple of weeks prior to our move.I have yet to unpack all our boxes (being in my third trimester, it may take a month or so to get everything out) but the boxes that we have unpacked so far are in tact and good to go.
The movers wore masks the entire time and I did request them to wear shoe covers + gloves too once arrival in our new home. We felt safe the entire time!If you are interested, they offer virtual estimates during this time to price out your move which I found super helpful as I’m currently pregnant and need to take all the safety precautions more than ever. Hope this review was helpful!!Disclaimer: I received a discount on the services provided in exchange for me posting my experience and reviews. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Max C.

Roadway was great! I hired them for a long distance move. They have excellent customer service and communication. The movers were on time for pickup and delivery. Packing, loading and unloading services were efficient and high quality. Would recommend.

Adam P

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Chris and his team were punctual, professional, efficient and went above and beyond. I can’t tell you how stressed I was anticipating the move, especially in the current climate. The three Roadway staff who showed up made this a painless process and I would absolutely recommend this company and this team today.

Prasath S., Frisco, TX

Wife & I recently moved to Dallas, TX from our Upper East side 1BR apartment. After talking to several other moving companies that show up when you search on yelp, we were so glad we went ahead with Roadway. Beth our on-site consultant was honest, transparent and knew what she was doing. Despite being a bit more “premium” priced, we were so glad we went these guys. Our stuff came much earlier during the promised window which was an added bonus and didn’t cost us anything extra. Also nothing was broken during and after the move and the staff were so helpful
In helping us get furniture reassembled etc. Moving is a stressful experience and for us finding a trustworthy mover was extremely important, I’m glad we went with Roadway Moving !

Gary P., Austin, TX

After posting the below review, I was contacted by a Roadway rep and the company’s owner/founder. We’ve spoken and discussed our experience, which was A+ overall, and the owner (Ross) apologized for the difficult communication process we experienced and vowed to dig deeper to avoid this issue for future clients.Ross is very committed to making this company the best there is, and it shows in many ways. We would use Roadway again if we were in need of movers – their employees are happy (check Glassdoor), their skills and products are unparalleled, and their service will continue to improve. It’s also rare to move long-distance and have one company handle every aspect, which truly does pay off in the end.

Jen Y.

These men are everything that a mover should be…..They are efficient, punctual care about the work they are doing and just all around a delight to work with.


Roadway moving is the absolute best! I have now used Roadway Moving three times for three major moves, the most recent being my biggest move to date leaving NYC (in the midst of a pandemic!) and moving to Texas. Each time I have worked with Roadway their team of men have been extraordinary, incredibly professional, efficient and friendly. They have taken some of the most stressful days of my life and made them easier – these guys are genuinely wonderful people who are there to help take the stress out of moving. Their efficiency is unbelievable, they packed my entire one bedroom apartment and loaded it in under 3 hours – that is absolutely incredible. Not to mention they hand wrapped all of my breakable items to ensure their safety (and yes they arrived with all of the materials to pack me up!) and labled my boxes so that I could easily access what was a “priority” when they arrived at my new home in Texas. I’ve said it now for over two years and will continue to say it, these guys are the best and the Roadway Moving team does incredible work.
Cross Country Move was amazing!
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Ouistiti M., Brooklyn, NY

Would have been five stars, but they lost a box.This is about a cross country move.

From the start, the salesperson on the phone was great. He gave me tips on how to pack my stuff and so far, nothing that I packed is broken. Thanks, Ken.

The guys who picked up my stuff were amazing. They wrapped my furniture so well and really made me feel at ease with the move. I felt great after they left. The truck was well packed and I wished they were taking my stuff all the way. I knew it would change hands though.

The salesperson told me the move would probably take five days but it was actually 11. Still well within the window they told me. But I had been sleeping on the floor for days by this point. The emails I got said that I would first get a call to tell me the arrival date 3-7 days in advance and then another one 24 hours before. I only got the 24 hour call so I had to scramble. I asked them if they could come earlier in the day because I needed to be somewhere by 2. They said they would try.

The next day, they did arrive earlier than they had told me which I appreciated. They started to move in the stuff and their scanner didn’t work so I had to check off each box number as they brought it in. Fine. One of the guys was kind of throwing my stuff onto the top landing of the stairs, which was really fraying my nerves. I tried to keep it cool and told myself it was all well packed. They did come earlier than expected and probably stayed up late trying to drive a couple hours ahead of schedule. So I got it.

Then came the missing box. The way these moves work is one sticker with a barcode, one item. But a box came in with two stickers. So I had a certain number of items on my inventory, but that number minus one came into my house. The mover tried to tell me that two stickers had originally been placed on one box at my old house, but I don’t buy that. These stickers can be peeled off in one piece – not like some price stickers that cannot be peeled off without ripping. Plus, the description for the two numbers was different in the inventory list. So it was obviously two different items. He told me customer service would call. Move in continued. They unpacked some of the furniture too quickly, carving slices into it in places with the knives they were using to get the tape and blankets off. But they cleaned up the tape and wrap and were pleasant enough based on how tired they probably were.

Customer service called me the second they left and they said they would look for the missing box but if they didn’t find it, they would reimburse me 60 cents per pound. I am pretty unhappy about that.

But overall, it was a great move which is why I still give it four stars.

Susan J.

Being out of state, I was concerned about hiring a mover via online. Hoped for the best and got it. Movers were prompt, careful, really hustled, and got it all done in half the time I was expecting. Very impressed.

Jessica P., Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

Jackson Heights, Queens, NYI moved from another state and needed movers to unpack my pods at the U-Haul location and bring my stuff up to my third floor apartment. I requested the quote from out of state and I had to make several changes to my request and they were very professional and helpful through out the process. The movers that delivered my stuff, were very professional and super helpful. I would definitely use them again!

Ashlee P.

Wow! What can I say. We had a complicated multifaceted move that needed lots of organization and care. These guys did the job and did it WELL. I can’t say enough about how satisfied I am with everyone during this process. From the original project manager, Danny, to both our moving crews and the customer service staff – we were impressed. We had one move out of our house, moving all of our stuff into storage. Then two months later out of storage and into our new house 6 hours away. They were on time and so helpful and nice every time. Now that we’ve finally finished unpacking, I can say that nothing was damaged in moving our stuff (technically) 4 times in and out of the trucks. USE THIS MOVING COMPANY for anything big or small!!!!

Rebecca C.

My daughter moved from NYC to Dallas. This company was excellent from start to finish. Very professional employees, great communication, and quality service. I highly recommend this company.

Vikki L Lujano

The men were fast, friendly & safe under this current environment I would highly recommend. All of my inventory was handled with great care & they were all very respectful.


Amazingly seamless. The entire team from their on call representatives to the drivers to the movers – were all so very professional and kind. I was very concerned about moving during a pandemic however Roadway made me feel safe and their team kept their distance, wore correct masks/gloves, and really made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know needing to do a big move w a lot of valuables.
Moving from NYC to LA
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Harold S.

So far the experience has been great. The representative who estimated our move , the office staff that helped and the signing procedure all were easy to deal with and efficient.

Nykia J.

This was my third time moving across country, and Roadway is far better than any other long-distance company I’ve used. The movers arrived on time. They were incredibly professional and thorough. Each box was coded at pick-up, and matched upon arrival to my new home, to ensure that no boxes were missing. While their prices were a little higher than some of their competitors, they were worth the price.

Brian N., Pleasantville, NY

I Used Roadway for a big ass office move back in 2016. I was impressed with their communication as they came over next day to quote my office and were in touch with anything needed whether it was breaking down furniture, last minute add-ons or moving certain items with care. I was very pleased with the team. I used to work for a moving company so I know the kind of crazy shit that can happen during a move and how hard it can be on your body. These guys were all professional with no complaints. I stayed throughout the move and witnessed how quiet, fast, and functional they were. They asked me anytime they weren’t sure about a piece and were honest and hard working throughout the 2 day move. I tipped them well, and fed them and bought them beers. Please don’t forget to TIP your movers and feed them if you can too. It’s not an easy, nor fun job. Oh, also stayed loyal to the estimate even after I added missed misc items, the price stayed the same. Cheers to Roadway!


I’m happy I trust the @roadwaymoving team for making my moving process from Nyc to LA so smooth, especially during Covid. They did it respecting the propers safety precautions & all my belongings arrived here. Now I can unpack & really start settling into my new LA apt.
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Christopher S.

The team, a word I don’t use loosely, efficiently moved our entire business from midtown west to Soho in a few short hours. Great care was taken while moving our delicate equipment. All members communicated well and acted in a professional manner the entire time. For any type of move I highly recommend using Roadway Moving.

Samir S

Great crew – efficient, professional and very helpful. Would highly recommend


Our experience with Roadway was amazing–and it was the second time we used them and didn’t lift a finger either time. I was (and am currently) pregnant both times we moved and it was so stress-free, I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful we were to work with them and have them move us. I’d hire them 1,000 times over and over again! They were so reliable (they arrived early!) efficient, careful when packing up our items, and worked so hard throughout the day to get us into our new home safely. We love Roadway and always suggest them when anyone asks who to use to move!
We moved from the city to the country up north.
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