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Beyond Limits: Roadway’s Support of the Prevailers’ Journey

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It was a sunny morning of May 6th, and the clock struck 6 am. Roadway Moving trucks parked and unloaded a unique cargo – not the typical household belongings, but a fleet of handcycles.  These were no ordinary bicycles; they were symbols of determination, strength, and a resolute spirit. This marked the beginning of an awe-inspiring story – the story of the Prevailers.

Brooklyn, the cradle of a dream

In the heart of Brooklyn, a group of individuals with unwavering spirits had come together.

Led by Peneliope, affectionately known as Penny, they are the Prevailers – a team that shatters boundaries, transcends limitations, and turns dreams into reality. 

These individuals, each facing their own set of challenges, unite with a shared vision: to push beyond their constraints and conquer the unattainable.

“One of the foundations of what our team is in terms of, like, teamwork and collaboration and leaving nobody behind. That’s just kind of what we stand for in a sense. We show up for each other”, Peneliope, the captain of the Prevailers, shared with heartfelt passion.

Their journey is not merely about physical accomplishments; it is about the power of community, leadership, and never giving up on themselves.

Steve, a devoted volunteer, expressed his admiration for the Prevailers: “They’re a group that has an unbelievable amount of perseverance, personal strength, willpower…they still find a way to come out and perform and do something that brings them another sense of freedom
and joy to their lives.” 

This sentiment echoes through the entire team – an unbreakable spirit that forges ahead, regardless of the obstacles.

Maurice, an athlete and a testament to the Prevailers’ resilience, shared his own experience, “It gives me inspiration. It gives me strength… I can complete a marathon just like they can
complete it. It’s hard work, but it sure is fun.”

The Prevailers were redefining limitations, demonstrating that determination and passion can carry one beyond the boundaries they once thought were insurmountable, from start to finish “We finish. That’s what that means. We finish”.

A Leader who believed

At the heart of their journey is Peneliope, a force of nature who refuses to be defined by her disability.

“My name is Peneliope. I’m from Brooklyn, New York. I have cerebral palsy… Once I was able to use a hand cycle, I realized that my childhood goal of completing a marathon was possible, and it’s history from there.”

Her discovery of hand cycling became the catalyst for her vision, driving her and her team to conquer marathons and races that seemed impossible.

The importance of the community

Roadway Moving is a company that shares the Prevailers’ ethos of breaking barriers and surpassing limits. The partnership between the Prevailers and Roadway Moving is one of shared values – a belief in going beyond, in moving with purpose.

“The Prevailers needed a place to store their custom-made bicycles. They need to move it from race to race… we will help that community and that group to find joy and fulfillment,” shared Ross, the President of Roadway Moving.

The handcycles, weighing between 25 and 30 lbs each (compared to a regular bike that weighs on average 17 lbs) aren’t as easily maneuverable as regular bicycles, making transportation a logistical challenge. 

The team at Roadway ensures their bikes are stored between use, and transported with care on practice and race days.

With determination, unity, and the support of your people, even the heaviest of burdens can be carried.

A Partner along the Journey

The Prevailers found in Roadway Moving a partner who understands the importance of safe transportation for their handcycles – vehicles of empowerment for the Prevailers. 

As Peneliope expressed, “Without them, we couldn’t even get to the start line, let alone the finish line.” 

This partnership exemplifies the strength that emerges when two entities unite with a shared vision and determination.

Obstacles, not Limits

From the challenging terrain to the anxiety of technical adjustments, the Prevailers encounter numerous roadblocks. ” I’m kind of anxious right now with the whole strap situation…with my hand cycle or with my wheelchair”, Peneliope shared before a race. But their indomitable spirit perseveres. 

They believe that success is not just in the destination, but in the journey – a journey that challenges, empowers, and transforms.

Prevailers Sports emerged from this journey as a beacon of hope for the disability community. Focused on enabling people to participate in adaptive sports without financial concerns, Prevailers Sports is a manifestation of Peneliope’s belief that limitations are meant to be transcended.

“The ability to be able to overcome, is great. Being able to prevail is awesome”, she shared, capturing the essence of their mission.

A Mission that Resonates with Everyone’s life

The Prevailers’ mission resonates far beyond the physical accomplishments. It’s about inspiring others to dream, to move, and to finish what they start. Their story is a testament to the power of perseverance, community, and leadership. 

As they set their sights on conquering marathons and races across the world, they exemplify the spirit of going beyond limits.

Their journey is an invitation to embrace challenges, to move past setbacks, and to prevail in the face of adversity.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a physical condition, mental or another type of difficulty, if you can’t go right, then try left. If you can’t take the easy way, then try the road less traveled.

A Symbol of Hope

In a world that sometimes seems confined by barriers, the Prevailers and Roadway Moving stand as symbols of hope. Their partnership speaks of unity, shared vision, and a commitment to breaking down walls.

As they continue to race, inspire, and prove that no limit is insurmountable, they extend a message to all: Dream. Move. Finish. Going beyond your limits.

So, let the Prevailers be a beacon, illuminating a path of determination and triumph. Let their story remind us that every roadblock is a chance to pivot, to persevere, and to prevail.

For in the midst of challenges, amidst the warmth of a sunny morning or the shadows of adversity, the Prevailers show us that we are capable of overcoming, of achieving, and of finding the joy that lies beyond.

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