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Helpful guidelines for office movers

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Moving an office can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be when you have the most talented professional office moving service on hand to help. But there are many other things to consider when looking at how you’ll move your office. Here are some valuable points to follow when finding a way to handle your move the right way, with many of these focusing on how you’ll work with a moving team:

  1. Be sure you back up whatever essential bits of data are on your computers.

You can back up the content before moving your computers to ensure your items are safe and will not be lost in the moving process. You can find many online cloud storage services, or you can use separate physical drives. But any physical items you use for backup purposes should remain in your possession during the move for your safety.

  1. Dispose of whatever pieces of equipment you don’t require anymore.

It is easier to move when you get rid of the stuff you don’t need. You’ll also have an easier time organizing your office when you remove excess waste. You can donate old items to other parties, or you can recycle anything that may be obsolete and no longer helpful. It may be easier to operate your business will you get rid of all the excess contents at your property.

  1. Provide your new contact info to your internet, telecom, and utility vendors.

Make sure these vendors activate your services at your new spot on time. You can also contact an office mover for help with setting up the equipment in your new space and ensure everything is installed well.

  1. Order and print new business cards that feature your new address, phone number, and anything else you’ve changed.
  2. Provide your new contact info to your clients and vendors.

These two tips are more for ensuring you can keep your communications with people intact. Be sure you can confirm your new contact data before moving to prevent any interruptions in service. You can also list the approximate time for when you’ll be at your new location.

  1. Complete all the necessary legal documents and certificates for your move beforehand.

Some of the documents you’ll need include an order for service, an inventory documentation sheet, and an explanation of all liabilities involved with the work. You can use these documents to record what you are moving and confirm possible losses if they occur while moving.

  1. Review whether you require storage services alongside your moving and packing services.

Storage services are necessary when you have lots of content, or if you will need some time to sort things out in your new office space. You may also have specific storage needs for some items. These include points like securing them in a climate-controlled environment where they will not be impacted by outside concerns.

  1. Be sure you receive a quote for all the services you hire.

Your quote should include details on what it will cost to move your items. The quote will vary based on how many things you have, the distance for a move, and whether you require additional storage services. A provider should be direct about the price and also disclose any possible extras necessary for the work at hand.

The office relocation process can be rough and challenging, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. You can contact us at Roadway Movers NYC for all your office moving needs today. We will ensure your move runs well and that you won’t risk work interruption.

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