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Things To Consider When Identifying Fake Moving Reviews Online

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Unfortunately, the moving industry isn’t excused from people or companies trying to steal money and scam you regularly. You assume that you get a top-rated moving company, but you find out on a moving day that they’re incompetent and that the customers who guaranteed their exceptional service were actually paid. While fake online reviews are common nowadays, they’re not that difficult to discover. If you’re looking to avoid scams and hire your reputable moving company, here’s how to identify fake moving reviews online.

  1. The review is overly positive

There’s no such thing as perfect movers because even the best companies are still bound to improve. So if you notice some reviews that are overly complimentary, beware as they’re usually fake. Plus, when the review vouches that a moving company is the cheapest out there, it should raise a red flag right away. Remember, even the experienced and reliable professionals like Movers NYC perform an excellent job, not all companies are basically equipped to fulfill each customer’s satisfaction.

  1. The review is overly negative

In some cases, customer reviews that are way too negative can also be fake. Some people working for other dishonest moving companies give negative comments to ruin their competition. Thus, it’s important to watch out for reviews with offensive language that are designed to belittle other companies.

  1. The review is too descriptive

A real moving review doesn’t have to be excessively descriptive to convince people regarding the excellent service of a moving company. A brief summary of the good and bad points highlighting those essential facts of the moving service is enough to tell people that they’re a reliable mover. However, when you read reviews, and you notice some too good to be true descriptions that go into the smallest details, that’s a sign that it’s more likely fabricated.

  1. A review receives much more starts and ratings

There’s nothing wrong if customers give out a full five-rating to excellent moving companies NYC. However, no usual reviews provide so much of likes and stars. If you see a particular review that gets a 5-star rating and is liked by the people, that may be a fake one.

  1. A review is too general

Fake reviews online are too general in the sense that they don’t provide specifics about the move. This usually happens when the relocation didn’t happen in the first place. Hence, be on a lookout when the review lacks substantial information that can guide you in making the right hiring decision. If you don’t want to become a victim of moving scam, don’t focus too much on the number of wow’s, best’s, and great’s in the reviews.

  1. Reviews were published almost all at once

Another way of spotting a fake moving review is to check the publication time and date. In other words, when similarly structured online reviews have the same publication time and date, then there may be something wrong going on.

  1. The names and addresses are fictitious

Sometimes, fake reviews are posted by people who don’t actually exist. Dishonest moving companies tend to provide fake names for their reviews. If you want to know whether the posted one is fake or not, verify it by checking the address of the person who gave it. Make sure the reviews you’re seeing come from real persons who exist in real time.

  1. A review uses an uncommon language

Real moving reviews use natural language. It means they’re written by ordinary people who had actual moving experiences. On the other hand, fabricated reviews sound like they’re using specific jargon words and uncommon language to impress readers. Moreover, watch out for reviews that use weird punctuations and all caps style of writing.


As mentioned earlier, detecting fake moving reviews online don’t need to be hard. Just follow this simple guide to determine the difference between genuine and fake reviews you’ll not end up being scammed by a moving company. And if you’re having a difficult time searching for a legitimate moving company in your area, check with your local business bureau if they are legally registered or not.

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