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An essential practice of living in NYC is to walk. Walking is good for your health and it will do wonders to your wallet as we. Cab is really expensive and all New York dweller have been walking whenever they have enough time to cover the distance. NYC is the place of possibilities and no matter whether the economy is booming or is in a recession people keep coming to NYC no matter what the added premium is of the move. NYC makes one feel as if any moment by some magnificent twist of fate one’s whole life will be changed.

The market is always inefficient and you have to know where to shop to squeeze the best price out of your purchase. A Christmas tree in Greenwich Village may cost you $150 and in Tribeca a second-rate tree may cost $200. New York in one of the most expensive cities in the world but there are other cities which are more expensive- London for example. The rent in NYC will change according to the location that you will choose. You should check with your landlord whether there is rent stabilization. This is an agreement that in a year the rent can only be increased to a predefined limit.

You can choose to live in Brooklyn or Queens if Manhattan is too expensive for you. These cities are growing profoundly and have also become more colorful and lively due to the rise in the young population in the city. Brooklyn and Queens are flooded with young professionals and students because they are able to find really good accommodations at low prices.

New York is a strange city in the sense that the city can change significantly if you just walk for 10 to 15 minutes. It can feel very eerie yet pretty wonderful. The search for an apartment can be the most important part of your move because you have a chance to get severely ripped off or land a very great deal. So you have to keep checking the websites and keep walking the neighborhoods. Walking the neighborhoods can give you a perfect assumption of where you would want to live. You can also take a bicycle for faster getting around a neighborhood.

Another thing you have to be wary of is that whether or not you would want to hire an agency. If it gets really hard to find an apartment by yourself then it would be best if you just hired an agency. Try to negotiate and take as much information as you can. The agencies charge 1 month fee per 6 months rental or a percentage of 10% to 15% of 1year rental. Once you have fixed your apartment check the rooms rigorously. Ask the super intendant whether gas, electricity and lighting are part of the rent. Check the bathroom apparels and windows for any prior damage done to them. If you need assistance with your move you can find all the best movers in NYC in the industry in the internet.

Tom Philips

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