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Ready to trade in those snow storms for sunshine? Can’t wait to leave the subways in your rearview mirror as you zoom away to freedom in your car? Even traffic’s better than dealing with MTA delays, right?

Then you might be one of those long-time New Yorkers considering a move from NYC to LA. And it’s no illusion that more NYC residents are starting to move out west. Last year, New Yorkers moved to Los Angeles in more significant numbers than any other place in the U.S!

If the palms trees are calling your name, follow Roadway Moving’s top tips for making the big leap to Los Angeles from New York City as easy as possible.

Hire Local, NYC Movers With Long Distance Experience

You’re (at least currently) a New Yorker. We don’t have to tell you that moving in NYC comes with its own set of challenges filled with rules, regulations—and a LOT of stairs. Add a cross-country move to the mix and your relocation becomes even more complicated.

That’s why it’s essential to not only choose a mover who understands the complexities of an NYC move, but also has years of proven experience moving long-distance. Read the reviews and do plenty of research. Due dilligence is the best way to ensure potential movers know how to move your precious items safely, securely and efficiently.

Moving from NYC to LA

Downsize Your Stuff

Unlike moving to New York City, there’s a decent chance that moving from NYC to LA will actually mean more living space for you. Still, even if you don’t have to downsize, any move creates an excellent opportunity to reorganize your belongings and live life with less clutter.

Also, with an entirely different climate in Southern California, will you really need all of those winter clothes? Hold onto a couple of coats, scarves, gloves, etc., for travel or those rare chilly days, and donate or sell the rest.

Lastly, consider the hassle and added expenses of moving large items across the U.S. Even if your new apartment or house can phyisically fit your couch, is it really worth lugging it 3,000 miles cross-country to Los Angeles?

Consider Your New Commute

Goodbye subway! Hello freeway! If you’re like most New Yorkers and are currently living without a car, that likely means transitioning to car culture. Or if you’re determined to stay car-free, you’ll have to live somewhere convenient to public transportation, which is not always a given in LA.

Los Angeles does have an often ignored metro system that’s continually improving. But don’t expect anywhere close to the same amount of coverage. Today, the MTA claims 665 miles of mainline track. The LA Metro has just 105 miles.

We all know commuting in LA vs. NYC differs, but don’t underestimate that vast difference. Before even considering where to live in LA, you should know how exactly how you plan to get around the city, and how long it’ll take to commute to important locations in your life.

Movers from NYC to LA

Research The Neighborhoods

Now that you’ve figured out how you’ll be commuting around Los Angeles, it’s time to chose where to live—a decision that’s especially tricky in this sprawling metropolis. In fact, it’s over twice as big as the Greater NYC area at a whopping 33,954 square miles.

Also, what many people simply call LA actually comprises of 88 separate cities (including Los Angeles), with hundreds of unique neighborhoods within each one. That means plenty of fantastic options and opportunities to find the perfect place you’ll love calling home.

Looking for the suburban life filled with single-family homes, great schools and even that ample living space you’ve been dreaming of? Try Sherman Oaks or Mar Vista. Or want to bring that urban vibe with you from NYC, just with more sunshine? Check out super hip Los Feliz or booming Downtown LA. Whatever you’re looking for, Los Angeles is sure to have it.

Enjoy a Cross-Country Roadtrip!

Especially if you’re hiring a moving service, enjoy this opportunity to experience the freedom of the open road! You’ve got to get from NYC to LA somehow. Why not drive it? Stay the night in small towns. Visit brand-new cities. Camp out in the wilderness. After all, how often do you have an excuse to explore our fascinating, diverse country? Take advantage!

Ready to make the move from the Hudson banks to the Pacific shores? Trust Movers NYC – based Roadway Moving! With years of exceptional moving experience within New York City and for long-distance moves, the Roadway team provides commercial and residential customers an incredible, professional moving service. Call us at 212-812-5240 or request a free online quote anytime. We can’t wait to move you.

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