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How To Pack Glassware Safely

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Packing is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks whenever moving. Regardless if you’re moving within the same state, another country or hiring NYC movers for help, you will still need to pack all of your valuables. This task will require time and effort from you, especially if you’re eyeing to bring a lot of things to your new home. And while you can simply pack your clothes with boxes and tape, the same might not be true when you’re packing glassware. These are fragile pieces which will demand careful attention and planning from you. This task can be challenging, but it can always be done. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure that you’re using the right packing supplies.As mentioned, glassware is fragile. You need to be careful on how you handle and pack it because if you won’t, it will break and shatter. This is one thing you should try to avoid whenever moving as this can result in more expenses and stress. You can achieve this goal simply by using the right packing supplies for your glassware. For starters, you should have medium-sized boxes, towels, and packing papers. Medium-sized boxes are easier to move around, and towels and packing papers can be used to wrap your glassware before placing them inside the boxes.
  1. Prepare the box first.The box which you will be using plays a vital role in the success of your move. It can contribute to the condition of your glassware. This is the reason why your moving boxes should be filled with crumpled paper or newsprint. This technique will create a cushion, preventing your glassware from moving during transport. This is a simple and cheap way of protecting your glassware from any scratches and breaking.
  1. Each glass should be wrapped individually.Unlike packing your clothes or linens where you can simply throw everything in one box, packing your glassware doesn’t work the same way. You need to wrap each glass in newsprint or crumpled paper while placing the heaviest ones in the bottom of the box. The lighter glasses should be on top so it won’t have to support so much weight during the move.There are a lot of packing strategies which can be used for your glassware so make sure you pick the ones which are suitable to your needs and preferences.
  1. Properly box your glassware.After you’ve wrapped all of your glassware with different kinds of paper, carefully seal your moving boxes. You can do this by folding over the ends at the bottom of the glass which can help you create a nice tight package. During this stage, you shouldn’t feel any edges of your glass. If you can still feel your glasses, you might need to add another layer of paper to protect your glassware.
  1. Always leave a room at the top of the moving boxes.Packing doesn’t end the moment you place your glassware inside the moving boxes; in fact, there are several things which you should do to ensure that these are transported securely and safely. When placing your glassware inside the moving boxes, don’t forget to leave a room at the top of the moving boxes. You should use this space to place more crumpled paper or newsprint, just like what you did in the bottom of the boxes. Your glassware won’t wobble or move around when these are secured inside the moving boxes.

Use The Right Strategies

Moving from one house to another isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You’ll have to accomplish several tasks before, during and after your scheduled moving date. These tasks can be too overwhelming especially if you already have a lot on your plate. Fortunately, using the right packing strategies can make all the difference. Use the information from this article so your upcoming move will be as smooth as possible – even if it involves packing your glassware!

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