Relocating an office is a big ordeal and usually stems from the need to expand or contract or a lease expiry. It is important to assess your current situation and realize why exactly are you moving and what exactly are you looking for. You should carefully evaluate the space you need, the location that would best suit you day to day operational activities and interaction with clients and also the lease length. Make a competent moving team who are flexible and contingent and select a good project leader.

How to Make your Office Move Stress Free

Your team will comprise of external members as well who could relieve you of basic duties. There are many commercial moving companies available who would give you top notch service. They will move your furniture and their professionals will install a complete office layout including partitions and storage. Most of them offer services such as electricians, plumbing, painting and decoration. Their IT and support technicians will handle all the installation of your computers and other equipment. These are all skilled professionals who would ensure great synergy in working together and reduce any disruption in your day to day business operations that may occur during the relocation. Full office cleaning is also provided at very affordable rates. The office movers today will survey the office buildings and floor space to form a floor plan and install the air conditioning, telephone, fire devices and security devices. The firm will send a representative to your office to examine how many men might be needed and eventually the total cost. You should contact at least three office moving companies to arrive at an affordable price and your needs properly met.

The furniture arrangement should be thought out in advance including any new purchases that you may need to make including network equipment in case any electrical changes are required at your new site. It is best to schedule a move on a no-work day and usually during a slow business phase when attention can be diverted to moving without hampering the productivity. If your moving company does not offer maintenance service then then contact vendors because some equipment require special processing for safe relocation. Provide your employees with guidelines and give them a heads up about your move. Redundant or obsolete materials should be eliminated to reduce any extra burden while moving. The other files should be packed in boxes with labels clearly indicating their names. If you have security concerns then just mark the boxes in numbers with a sheet listing down the contents. The labels should also contain a color or sign which would help the movers to identify their designated location to be place in at the new location.

A few weeks before the move, contact all your clients, customers and associates to inform them about the move and the new location. You should set the date of when you will be last operating at your old location and when you will star your business activities at your new

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