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Using the right boxes for your move

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Moving home is one of the most exciting things you can ever do. However, your dreams could quickly turn into a nightmare if you choose the wrong moving boxes.
Imagine this: you arrive at the new house and open the moving boxes to start the process of making the house a home, only to discover broken plates, ornaments, and furniture. Given the costs of moving, it’s the last thing you need at this time.
Thankfully, a little planning goes a long way and you can prevent this situation by choosing the right moving boxes for your assets. Here are some questions to help you with those preparations.

Should I use recycled boxes?

If you are an environmentally conscious homeowner, reducing your carbon footprint during the move is high on the agenda. Therefore, recycled moving boxes are a very attractive feature. However, you must take care to only use them in the right situations.

Recycled boxes can potentially be used for light and inexpensive items, such as blankets. But they should be avoided for heavy items as their durability is less reliable. Likewise,you may regret selecting them when travelling interstate or other long distances.

If you are concerned about your impact on the environment, learning what to do with the boxes once you’ve finished is the smarter solution. Whether taking the DIY route or using a moving company, getting this step right should leave you feeling guilt-free.

What packing boxes should be used for books and heavy items?

When packing small but heavy items like books or food, you don’t want to cause yourself pain by lifting too much weight.

Avoid overfilling cardboard boxes as the weight will cause them to tear and items to fall out of the bottom like something out of a comedy sketch.
If you are planning to use cardboard boxes, you may want to opt for smaller boxes and only pack a small number of products in them. Taping the bottom for extra stability is advised. You could also make good use of any plastic or wooden storage boxes that you already possess.
When packing boxes onto the moving van, these boxes should be at the bottom. Otherwise, they could topple and crash..

What boxes should be used for packing fragile items like glassware?

Fragile items are naturally one of your biggest concerns when moving as they will be very vulnerable to damage should they fall.

Heavy-duty boxes made from thicker cardboard may help you sidestep this potential problem. You should be able to source them online.
When packing crockery and glassware, you can wrap items individually inside the box with brown paper or something similar.

This prevents them from scratching or cracking while providing less room for them to move once stacked inside the main moving boxes.
Meanwhile, wine bottles can be packed in cardboard wine boxes that include separations. If you buy them wholesale, the original wine boxes will work just fine.

When stacking onto the moving van, be sure that the fragile items cannot be smashed. Secure them in place and consider using blankets for added protection.

How can I successfully pack large valuables like TVs, artwork, and vases?

Whether expensive or sentimental, your valuables must be carefully protected. If you have the original box that your TV or gaming console came in, you’ll want to use them.

Styrofoam can prevent products from rattling inside the box while a screen cover can be useful too.
When packing artwork, marble, vases, and similar valuables, you should cover them with foam and wraps to prevent cosmetic damage during transit. Wooden crates are often the best type of container.

They can be stacked and allow airflow for items that need it.
When moving furniture with glass gestures, you can protect them with cardboard and moving pads. If the glass parts are removable, such as shelves, you could take them out of the furniture piece and reassemble it once you arrive for an even safer solution.

What moving boxes should be used for furniture and clothes?

Large furniture pieces like wardrobes, sideboards, and tables will be packed depending on their style. For example, if the legs of a table can be removed, they can be packed in boxes while the table itself is covered with a cloth and fixed in place on the van.

Otherwise, the table may be covered to prevent scratches and then stored upside down. Meanwhile, mattresses should be covered using a bag and then placed into a large box to prevent any threat of becoming misshapen.

Clothes can be stored with a wardrobe box and hanger, which is designed specifically for transporting clothes. Aside from protecting your assets, this move will make it easier to put your clothes away once you arrive at your new home.

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