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Roadway Supports Israel

United together to send help and resources to people affected by war in Israel.
Every life matters.

Roadway Supports Israel

United together to send help and resources to people affected by war in Israel. Every life matters.


Striving to assist people in need, striving to end the sorrow


Protection and Safety

Our mission is mobilizing all the resources to to support the IDF, and raising $1.2 million to secure 4,000 Level 4 vests from a reputable Armor equipment distributor in Iowa.

The IDF plays a vital role in safeguarding Israel’s security and ensuring peace in the region. They work tirelessly to protect the homeland and its people. A ceramic vest can save a life of soldier. Help us to help them, donate now.


Access to health care

Thousand of people in pain need medications and drugs to survive. That is why we are striving to secure as many Medical Kits as possible, all of which will be promptly delivered to the warehouse for immediate shipping.


In motion to facilitate the transportation

Our trucks will make sure that all the much-needed equipment is quickly transported from Iowa to El Al Airlines in New York.

To show our unwavering support, we are launching a special fundraising campaign.


Join us in making a positive impact

Together, we can strengthen the bonds that tie us to this incredible nation and its defenders. You can donate and show your support to people in Israel. Donate now!

Donate now or ship your items to our warehouse and stand with Israel.

Please find below all the information for the wire transfer. For small donations, please visit

Israel needs our support.

International Wire Transfers / Non-Profit Organization (501c)

Please use this account for general donations from $1,001.00 to $24,999.00

  • Receiver Bank Name: Valley National Bank
  • Receiver Bank Address: 350 Madison Ave, New York, NY, 10017
  • ABA / Routing Number: 026002794
  • CFI Acct. #: 8608411900
  • Swift code: LIMIUS3N
  • Beneficiary Name: GDS Advisers Inc.
  • Beneficiary Address:  Huntington, NY ; [email protected]
  • Tax ID: 85-0500393
  • Memo: IDF VESTS

Thank you!

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