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5 Ways to Use Garbage Bags When Moving


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An essential part of each move is packing. And no matter how many times you have moved, it just seems that it’s not possible to determine the amount of packing supplies you’ll need. Besides, you’re likely to look for ways to cut moving costs and avoid splashing on packing supplies. Then, the humble garbage bags come to your mind. And you are right, these are versatile and there are several ways to use garbage bags when moving. Apart from having them as an essential prop for your moving out cleaning spree, the litter sacks can be used as a supplement packing materials as well. When it comes to moving, efficient waste management is crucial to ensure a smooth transition. While garbage bags prove to be versatile allies in the packing process, it’s equally important to consider the disposal of unwanted items. So, unless you’re taking pro help with packing, these tips from Roadway Moving NYC will help you implement rubbish bags, and save up on fancy packing materials. So, learn the caveats and how to use bin bags for your move the right way below.  

 Use garbage bags when moving – how to choose the right ones? 

For one thing, garbage sacks are inexpensive and they come in handy on many occasions. Using garbage bags when moving is a clever hack to save a dollar on packing materials. However, swapping moving boxes for trash bags is wise only in the event of local moving. After all, a long journey surely requires you to pay more attention to the safety of your possessions, if you’re to receive them each in one peace.  

It goes without saying that you should always use clean litter bags. But, you should also pay attention to the quality and size of the bag you choose to use for your move. Here’s what to pay attention to:  

  • Choose heavy-duty bags. The generic plastic bags aren’t exactly durable or protective. Thus, purchase your stock of trash bags from a reputable brand and ensure they don’t tear as easily as their ordinary counterparts. Those thick and black bags are your best choice when you decide to use garbage bags when moving. 
  • Litter sacks for outdoor use are typically sturdier, so consider having these at hand.  
  • Use large size trash bags. Get the largest size available, so you’ll use fewer bags when packing.  
  • Pick rubbish bags with ties. Although they might come up a bit more expensive, the ties provide you with a seal, so your items remain inside the bag more effectively.  
Plastic bags in different colors
Trash sacks vary in quality and size, so choose durable, large bags for the purpose of your move 

Worthy precautions when using litter bags during moving 

So, if you make sure that the rubbish sacks you intend to use when moving aren’t flimsy, they will be great material in many ways. But before we proceed with the specific ways in which you can use garbage sacks when moving, do take note of the following. The best way to ensure optimal protection for your possessions in the transfer is taking pro packing services. And if you can’t stretch your budget that far, then be aware that the trash bags certainly have limitations.  

For one thing, don’t pack sharp objects in a rubbish bag. Obviously, it will pierce the plastic however sturdy you may think it is. And, label the sacks. So, this will prevent you from throwing out your clothes instead of the trash when you use garbage bags for moving. And with that of the way, here are the 5 most practical ways to use them you should take note of.  

Use garbage bags when moving for protection 

One of the most pragmatic uses of bin bags when moving is to use them as a protective material. So, here are several ways in which you could do that. 

  • Line up your moving boxes. Trash bags are an economical substitute for bubble wrap and packing paper. So, unless you already have a supply of these, use garbage bags. Cut them up, and layer the bottom and the sides of your cardboard boxes just as you would with a bubble wrap. You can use trash bags to wrap individual items such as plates, instead of packing paper.  
  • Protect the floors. Trash bags can provide great waterproof resistance when the weather outside is bad. However, be sure to secure them on the floor with masking tape, as they tend to be slippery.  
  • Add an extra layer of protection to your electronics. Trash bags keep moisture, dirt, and dampness away. So, cover your sensitive items such as flat-screen TV or computer monitor with them.  
A person holding a bag filled with water  
Garbage bags are great protection for your clothes.

Pack clothes and bedding in trash bags  

If anything, when it comes to packing, rubbish sacks are great for packing fabrics. As items such as clothes or linen cannot break, you can effectively package them in a trash bag. Of course, you’d like to use sturdier packing supplies if you’ve taken storage services and planning on retiring your wardrobe for a while. Otherwise, fold your clothes or linen neatly and place it in the sack. This is one of the best ways to use litter bags when moving. 

Protect your hanging clothes and garments with bin bags 

Now, even if you have a fancy wardrobe box on hand, garbage bins can still be of great use when moving. So, instead of removing your hanging clothes off the hangers, just slip the trash bag over as many as it can fit in. This way you’ll keep your garments free from moisture and wrinkling

Staffed animals
Garbage bags are suitable for packing staffed animals and fabrics  

Stuffed toys are safe in rubbish sacks during moving 

If you wonder how to pack your little one’s pile of non-breakable soft toys quickly, arm yourself with a rubbish sack. You can toss stuffed animals in without much effort, label the bag, and have it handy once you arrive at your new home. This is how to use garbage bags when moving and make at least part of your packing task easy.  

Use garbage bags when moving to transport your plants  

It’s usually in your own car that you’re shifting house plants during a move. So, trash bags come in handy in this regard too. Just place the pot of the plan in the garbage sack to prevent soiling the vehicle. Also, make sure to leave the top part of your plants outside the bags so they can breathe. And even if you have to cover them entirely, make sure you pierce a few holes in the plastic to allow some air in.  

To wrap it up, these are some of the most useful ways to use garbage bags when moving. Take note, and make good use of them.  

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