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7 Facts About Eastchester to Know Before Moving

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Whether you are moving short or long distance to Eastchester in NYC, the relocation of your entire household is still a stressful event. This is why you must do everything you can to prepare for the move in the best possible way. One of the crucial things you need to do before hiring movers and packers NYC is to get to know your new neighborhood. Thus, we present you with the 7 facts about Eastchester to know before moving. Learning about your future home and its surrounding can greatly help you when it comes to settling in and getting used to the new area.


1. It’s a place that combines the best of two worlds

Let us start by telling you a little about Eastchester. This town is located 20 miles north of New York City, in Westchester County. It incorporates two villages, Bronxville and Tuckahoe, that give its 30,000+ residents the best of both worlds – urbanity and the calmness of nature. Eastchester has that urban sophistication of a grand city. There are paved sidewalks and a great variety of shops and restaurants. On the other hand, there is also the desired tranquility of the suburbs with their perfectly mowed lawns, quiet neighborhoods, and prestigious schools.

a parked moving truck
By moving to Eastchester, you will get the best of both worlds – the urban city feel and the tranquility of the suburbs.

What you need to look for regarding the facts about Eastchester to know before moving

So, when you are searching for available houses in Eastchester, make sure that this is something you truly want. There is nothing more important than to live in a place you will enjoy. In the long run, this will affect both your physical and mental health. Therefore, take the time to research houses and find one that will be in the perfect place. You can schedule a moving date with your Bronx moving company after you finish this important task. Take your needs into consideration. Make a list of things that you think a neighborhood should have in order for you to feel truly satisfied living there. Those could, for example, be:

  • Close to work – one of the most important facts about Eastchester to know before moving is whether your new home will be close to your workplace
  • Reasonable housing prices – it’s a good idea to research housing prices in Eastchester before moving since you need to know whether you have the budget for it
  • Quietness – if peace is something of utmost importance to you, make sure you find a house in a neighborhood that will provide plenty of it
  • Good schooling options – if you have school-age children, school options can be one of the most important things you will need to research before moving to Eastchester
  • Great selection of places to enjoy your hobbies in – Last but not least, you will need to make yourself happy as well by indulging in your favorite hobbies. That’s why it’s important to research places where you can practice any activity your heart desires.

2. It’s easy to get around Eastchester

If after your relocation to your new home in Eastchester, your car is still in storage Bronx, don’t worry since it won’t be difficult to get around. Crestwood Metro North, The Bronxville, and Tuckahoe stations are all in the Town of Eastchester and the Scarsdale stop is very close to the town’s border. If you prefer riding the bus, there are multiple Bee Line bus routes that run through Eastchester. Most residents take the train from the Crestwood Metro North train station if they need to go to New York City. It approximately takes 32 minutes from the Crestwood Metro North to New York’s Grand Central Terminal. From Tuckahoes Metro North train station, the same ride is 30 minutes and from Scarsdale Metro North it’s 34 minutes.

people walking on the street
If you didn’t take out your car from the storage after your relocation to Eastchester, you don’t need to worry since this town has great public transportation options.

However, it will certainly be more comfortable if you own a car. Most residents of Eastchester own a car. 39% of all households have one car, 39-2% of households own two cars and 14.5% of residents own three or more cars. Good luck finding a parking space if you don’t purchase the annual parking permit. If you plan to go to work by car, keep in mind that the average commute time for Eastchester residents is 38 minutes. Which is quite fast since the overall Westchester County commute time is 35 minutes.

Is there school bus transportation for your children?

If you have school-age children, you might be wondering whether you will have to drive them to school every they. The answer to that question is no, you won’t. There is an existing school bus transportation for students attending the Eastchester Union Free School district. Students who attend first grade in an Eastchester Public School are eligible to receive transportation if they live 0.25 of a mile or more from the school. As they get older, the necessary mileage will change. That means that students in grades 2-5 need to live 0.4 of a mile away from school in order to receive transport. And for 6-12 graders, the necessary mileage is 0.8 of a mile.

skyscrapers and a moving truck
If you move to Eastchester, you won’t have to drive your kids to school everyday since this town has a pretty great school transportation system.

3. Affordable housing is one of the most important facts about Eastchester for newcomers

people holding boxes
One of the most important facts about Eastchester to know before moving is that real estate is very affordable and you can find any type of home for a reasonable price.

One of the most important facts about Eastchester to know before moving is that the housing and rental prices are very affordable. But just as you will carefully choose a reliable moving company, you need to choose a home with the same attention. Eastchester is known to offer a variety of housing. From single and large family homes to co-op and rental units, you can find almost anything you are looking for. Some statistics show that 53% of housing units of Eastchester consist of single-family homes. The other 32% are co-ops and 15% are rentals. This means that you will find a suitable house for any stage of your life at a wide range of prices. To get a clearer picture of the budget you will need for a home in Eastchester, know that the median home price is $669,000. Professionals say that on average, Eastchester homes sell after 25 days on the market. In June 2022, there were 42 homes sold in Eastchester.

4. There’s a great variety of recreation activities

After your movers Eastchester NY help you to settle into your new home, it’s time to think about relaxation. You’ve gone through the stressful process of moving and you deserve some rest. And lucky for you, Eastchester can offer you plenty of ways to do that. Some of the finest parks of Westchester County can be found in your new hometown. There are five mini-parks that are perfect for taking a walk. While there, you can also have a small gathering with a picnic. And if nothing of this, it’s still perfect you want to quietly sit on a bench and read an interesting book.

a boy relaxing
If you are looking for relaxation options after the move, Eastchester can offer you some of the most beautiful natural parks in Westchester County.

On the other hand, the beautiful Lake Isle Park is a vast 116-acre piece of nature. Here you can find swimming pools, golf courses, and tennis courts to enjoy during the day. And with the Bronx River running through Eastchester as well, you can find many outdoor opportunities and water activities. If you brought some expensive sports equipment with you to the new house, you will certainly find a place to use it. That is, if you did everything you could in order to keep your fragile items safe during a move. We surely hope that you used professional packing services for your most precious possessions.

5. Eastchester has a rich history – see the facts about Eastchester to know before moving

If you are someone that appreciates history, you are in for a treat. You will be curious to find out that Eastchester was established in 1665. That makes it one of the oldest towns in Westchester County. Through the course of time, the boundaries of Eastchester have gone through several changes.  However, this small town remains the location of some of the most significant historical events. Events like the John Peter Zenger trial, Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton arguing before the Courts and many more happened right here in Eastchester.

man holding a blue heart advert
After the mover help you relocate to Eastchester, you can explore some of the town’s rich history if that is something you are interested in.

6. Eastchester has some of the best schools

There is nothing more important than getting a quality education. If you are moving to Eastchester with a family and you have school-age children, you will be interested to know that your new hometown has some of the best schools in Westchester County. As a resident of Eastchester, you are districted to the Eastchester Union Free school district. There are three elementary schools you can choose from, one middle school and one high school. About 3200 students are enrolled here. This means your children have a great opportunity for making new friends as well as getting a great education.

a man holding a baby
One of the crucial facts about Eastchester to know before moving is that it has the best schools in Westchester County.

It might be for the best if you helped your children make friends. The transition period can really be hard on children, especially if they changed schools. They left behind their small world of school and friends and that can be devastating. That’s why you need to act quickly. As soon as possible after the move, help them adjust to the new hometown and neighborhood. One of the best ways to do so is to host a house warming party. You can invite your close neighbors. It’s a great way of meeting them and getting familiar with their new surroundings. If you are lucky some of the may have children who can play with your kids. And who knows, maybe you will even end up making some new friends.

7. There are many options to enjoy arts and culture

An art and culture lover will never have to worry about things to do. Whether in Eastchester or a short drive away, there are many opportunities for art lovers. Westchester County can offer you a variety of entertainment to choose from. You can visit Capitol Theatre – a rock palace with state-of-the-art technology. And if you prefer something vintage, visit the Paramount Hudson Valley Theatre from the once-grand movie house. Make sure to schedule seeing Pink Floyd and Beatles tribute shows or renowned stand-up comedy shows. If you are someone that prefers visual arts like paintings and sculptures, there are also many options. You can see various beautiful collections if you visit the Neuberger Museum of Art, Hudson Valley MOCA, or Katonah Museum of Art.

a box and a painting
If you are an arts and culture lover, Eastchester and Westchester County can offer you plenty of events in theaters and museums.

7 Facts to know about Eastchester before moving – closing thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be familiar with the 7 facts to know about Eastchester before moving. If you are tired of living in New York City, Eastchester might be a perfect option for a new home. We hope our information about Eastchester drew your attention. And if it did, we are sure you will be more than happy living in such a community. This small town 25 miles away from the concrete jungle that is New York can offer many things. Most importantly, it can give you quiet neighborhoods with affordable real estate. And take the word of moving experts, many couples, families, and retirees are happy that they live in Eastchester. We hope you will be too.


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