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Choosing a Reliable Commercial Moving Company


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The moving process can often be challenging, whether you are moving long or short distance or relocating your entire household or office. However, relocating a business might prove to be slightly more difficult. Commercial moving is a process that requires plenty of planning and support to ensure everything moves forward without harming your business. Proper planning is necessary for your move to be a success. You need to review many points when searching for a commercial moving company in the NYC area that you can trust. This is the reason more and more businesses seek the help of Roadway Moving since many think it’s the most reliable commercial moving company.

Changing your business’ address gives you many new possibilities. But before you can enjoy the benefits it will bring, you have to take care of the moving process properly. If not, there is a danger your business might not run as smoothly as you would wish. Therefore, finding the best available movers is crucial! Luckily, we are going to help you to choose the best commercial moving company there is. You just have to follow the advice and ensure you check everything off the list.

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Preparations before choosing a commercial moving company to help you relocate your office

a purple moving truck
Before making arrangements with the moving company, you need to prepare for moving!

A great deal of moving companies won’t make it easy for you choose. A lot of them won’t deserve that you entrust them with your business. Since moving an office is a big project that involves a lot of people, thorough research is more than necessary. So, before you start searching for available commercial movers NYC, you might want to take a couple of things into consideration. In order to have a successful move you will have to think in advance about the following important things:

  • Your moving budget – if you don’t go into details when it comes to funding your relocation, things might not go as smoothly as you wish
  • Organizing within the company – employees need to be involved in the moving process

How to conduct the preparations

The best way you can form a moving budget is to make a moving checklist. Put everything that you need to do during your moving process on it. It can serve as your guide list for the entire relocation but is also a helpful way to form a moving budget. When you have the total of what a move includes on a piece of paper, circle everything that you need to pay for. That will give you the picture of what you need to calculate in order to form a moving budget.

But keep in mind that you won’t have to take every service a commercial moving company offers. There are some that you have to consider while calculating your moving budget. For example, you must pay for the services of loading, transporting and unloading. But if your moving budget is tight, you won’t have to pay for additional services like packing service, furniture assembly and other similar services. So, if your moving budget is very tight, we advise that you focus only on the moving essentials.

moving truck on the road
It’s best to select a few moving companies to compare the prices of their services and select the most reliable commercial moving company.

Organization within the company

As for the organizing within the company, first and foremost, you need to inform your employees about the move. If you own a large company, sending a memo will be enough. But if you work in a small firm with a few employees, it would be best to have a staff meeting. That way you can assign tasks to each employee that they need to perform to help with the moving process. It’s best that each employee clears out their desk and prepare their equipment for packing.

Another great way to organize within the company is to assign a moving manager. If you run a large business, this can come quite in handy. For example, you can appoint the manager of each department to supervise the moving preparations of employees. He or she can assign tasks to people in order to help with the moving process. It would be of great help if each employee could perform even a simple task of clearing out their desk. It’s also a good idea for each department to pack their own equipment. For example, the IT sector could be in charge of unplugging their equipment and packing the cables. They could sort them to make it easier to know which cable goes with which device. The employees are more likely to perform this task better than the professionals, so it’s best to leave it to them.

Start researching available commercial moving companies in your area

The fastest and easiest way to find eligible movers for your relocation is to conduct your research online. Experts highly recommend you pick out a few moving companies that caught your interest so you can compare their prices and services. But what should your selection be based upon?

a person holding a heart shaped advert
Look for evidence that your movers are quality and professional moving company.

First of all, look for proof of how experienced a company is before hiring them. A team should have experience in managing moves like the one you will plan. Nowadays, there are many websites you can search in order to find user reviews. Look for references surrounding commercial moves and how the team can handle these moves. Or you can ask for references from the company itself. This will help you find a company with the best reviews and highest recommendations. Reliability is critical when it comes to hiring a commercial moving company. Be sure whoever you hire is easy to contact at the right time.

Aim for accountability, dedication and experience. A moving company should value the client’s opinion above all; they should believe in the statement “if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.” The criteria upon which they choose their employees is also of great importance. Ensure that your moving company chooses their employees based on talent, dedication, professional performance and experience. If the moving company claims to have experts, they should demonstrate excellence in every aspect. Inquire about the staff training and ask for proof of their education, reliability and knowledge on professional commercial moving.

Get a free estimate from moving companies

Serious and reliable local movers NYC often offer free moving estimates. The team should offer an estimate to give a more accurate look at what you might spend on services. This means that the moving company will send experts to calculate the moving price for you based upon certain factors like the number of your company’s belongings, accessibility to the building, etc. It is the best and the most certain way to find out whether the price of the relocation will fit into your moving budget.

a pink moving truck
A lot of moving companies offer free estimates. Don’t miss the opportunity to get one!

But make sure to review when the company is open to serve you. Some providers may not be available during the proper time when you need support. They may have busy schedules that make it hard for them to serve you. The movers should be open to visiting you in person. While you can contact someone through a video call, a physical visit is better for providing a greater review of your moving effort.

Another crucial thing is to check the building requirements at your site before a mover comes to your place to review your moving needs. The effort helps you get a more accurate and sensible price from the movers. After having a representative from the moving company visit your property to provide an estimate for services, check the payment process for your move. Avoid companies that ask for the full amount of money before moving, as such entities might be scams.

Asking a reliable commercial moving company for additional services

Since residential and commercial moving have a significant difference, you need to ensure that the moving company of your choice can accommodate to your needs. They should have the necessary equipment and extensive knowledge in the commercial moving field so they are able to give you a perfect moving outcome. The services they provide should be applicable to any kind of moving situation. And regardless if you are moving downtown or across the nation, your moving company should provide you with a swift and smooth relocation.

Besides basic services like loading, transporting and unloading, many companies provide additional services. Contact them and see what a mover will charge for services. You can plan your budget based on the costs for packing your items, transporting the goods, storing them and installing your items in your new location. So, if your moving budget allows it, ask whether the company can provide you with some of the best moving services such as:

moving truck on the street, representing a reliable commercial moving company
A lot of moving companies offer additional services. Don’t forget to check them out.
  • Long-distance moving – be sure your mover can support your move based on its length and anything else you wish to plan
  • Packing/Unpacking – many companies can send professionals to pack your things properly and unpack and install them at your new place as well
  • Storage service – if certain items need to be kept safe for a shorter or longer period, you may want to think about getting this service
  • White glove service – an exceptional and luxurious full service that can relieve you from worrying about moving entirely

A service based upon your destination

Depending on your needs, many moving companies can offer you local or long-distance moving services. If you are relocating your business a long way from your current location, you must ensure the moving company you picked out will be able to meet your requirements. They should have the proper equipment and experts to do so.

A commercial moving company should understand that you can feel a bit overwhelmed if you are relocating your office long distance. And there should be no reason for stress if you have the best commercial movers money can buy. They should be able to ensure you that your belongings will be safe whether you are moving within the state or across the ocean. The most quality commercial moving companies should have temperature-regulated trucks. The company should be able to guarantee that there will be minimal possibilities that your office material gets damaged even if have the most sensitive equipment.

city at night
A reliable commercial moving company should be able to offer you both local and long-distance moving services.

Packing services from a commercial moving company

When it comes to packing up the equipment, it is best to leave this task to the professionals. You and your employees might be able to do this yourselves, but you might not be able to pack up correctly. But professionals are. Moving companies have professionals trained to pack your belongings and use quality moving equipment to minimize the risks of damage.

Since a company’s equipment is essential in conducting work, you should ask the team of movers about how they will safeguard your fragile equipment. Many teams use bubble wrap and packing peanuts, but others can use moving blankets and more items that offer more insulation. Some may also use separate containers for individual items, especially if they are high-value things that are highly fragile.

a cardboard box
If you can afford it, it’s best to leave packing to the professionals.

If you wish, you can even ask the movers to use moving supplies of your choice. For example, use plastic bins when handling your items. The mover should label each bin to ensure the workers can distinguish between whatever items you want them to handle. It might be a good idea for movers to label the desk for each employee. Be sure each worker’s belongings are kept as close to each desk as possible.

Unpacking and assembly service

If you take up packing service from the reliable commercial moving company of your choice, it’s best to include the unpacking as well. Some commercial movers can assist you in setting up your office equipment at your new site while others may help in installing telecommunications systems or other setups. But be sure whoever you hire has experience installing items and can assist you with the process without harming your equipment.

Allow the movers to review the job based on whatever wiring or furniture items need to be disassembled and reassembled. It’s of great importance since a company may hire an outside carpenter or handyman to care for the move. It’s best to review in advance whether the commercial mover includes disassembly and reassembly of your equipment in the moving price.

Storage service

A number of moving companies can provide storage of your belongings as an additional service. Usually, you may choose between larger or smaller units, but a company might have available units for your belongings that require special conditions. But before you ask for storage service, make sure you need it since it might cost a few more dollars.

If you are storing valuable equipment, make sure to follow this piece of advice. Every mover should have an action plan for how the move works. It includes a listing of everything the mover will do when handling your goods. It’s your right to ask a company to provide information on how they will handle your items to ensure everything stays protected.

moving boxes, representing a reliable commercial moving company
A moving company should be able to give you the information on how they will store your belongings.

And just to be on the safe side, review the insurance policies a mover holds. The mover should have enough insurance to prevent you from being liable for any losses, damages, or injuries during the moving process. If the conditions are not suitable for you, you can always find other ways of obtaining moving insurance. Whatever the case may be, you should always have one, especially when relocating your business.

White glove service

This is a top-notch luxury service. If you hire professionals for this type of service, you won’t have to worry about anything regarding moving. The team of experts will take care of everything and you will be moving like a VIP. This is the easiest type of move you can have. It is an exclusive and luxurious service that will provide you with the possibility to leave the entire moving process to the experts. You won’t have to lift a finger. Plus, your possessions will be treated extra carefully and you won’t have to worry about even the most expensive and fragile equipment.

A good and reliable commercial moving company should be prepared to handle relocating different types of businesses and moving scenarios. Luckily, white glove service means that your movers will pay meticulous attention to details. Of course, followed by technical capacity for doing that and adequate experience. This service takes moving up a notch since it is the highest level of moving professionalism and artistry.

Additional tips and tricks to apply when choosing your movers

  • Look at the license the company holds when finding someone you can hire. The license should include details on the team’s operations and liability coverage.
  • Review whether the moving company will be legally allowed to enter your building. Some landlords may have a “union employees only” policy.
  • Reserve the elevator in your building before the move. The movers will need to access it when handling your items.
  • Try to schedule your commercial move outside of business hours. Scheduling the move when the building isn’t that busy will minimize disruptions to your operation.
  • Ask about the certificate of insurance requirement from your building management. The COI can include the amount of money that is applicable for liability.
  • Make sure whoever you hire owns its trucks for use instead of needing to rent ones. A team that owns its trucks is easier to work with.
  • Ask about whether there’s a loading or unloading dock at your business site. You may be allowed to let your movers use this dock for easy loading.
  • Let the movers know how long it takes to go from the loading dock and the office location at the destination and origin.


Relocating your business is a major step, and needles to say, you deserve to have the best commercial moving company. Therefore, it’s crucial that you make the best decision when it comes to choosing a company. Your business relocation should be done as smoothly and as possible, with expertise and professionalism.

All these tips will ensure you find the best and most reliable commercial moving company in the NYC area. Your commercial goods are essential to your business operation, so make sure that whichever company you hire is of the highest quality. By choosing a professional moving company you will ensure your commercial move is seamless to the integrity of your business operation.

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