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Moving to a new house or apartment can be fun and exciting, but there is also a lot to remember throughout the process. Learning how to plan, purge, and pack is only part of the problem: Knowing the perfect time for each part of the move can overwhelm even the most seasoned home relocation veteran. That is why we at Roadway Moving have created “The Ultimate Moving Checklist” to serve as your moving guide.

Having our FREE printable moving checklist on hand throughout your move will not only keep you on track but also create a well-organized, stress-free moving experience!

Free printable moving checklist

Free Moving Checklist New York

Moving Checklist: As Soon As Possible

1. Collect estimates from at least 3 moving companies – As soon as you know that you are moving, it is time to book the movers.
2. Budget for moving expenses – Speak with your accountant and insurance agent to determine what expenses might be tax-deductible and/or covered by insurance.
3. Open up a “moving file” – Whether it is an actual physical file of documents, a file saved to the cloud, or both, it is important to have on hand all of your important moving details.
4. Compile research on your new area – You will need to find new doctors, school(s) for your kids, dentists, vets if you have pets, grocery stores, and other essential amenities.
5. Transfer all important records to your new location – Why risk the headache of your new dentist or child’s school not knowing who you are when you need their services?

Moving Checklist: Six Weeks Before Moving

1. Start consolidating your possessions – Go through your house from room to room and get rid of things that you no longer use, wear, or that are not working anymore.
2. Hold a yard sale and try donating any unsold items – If you need to ease your guilt over getting rid of things, this will help you feel like you are doing some good at the same time.
3. Establish a relocation plan for pets, plants, and other valuable and/or irreplaceable items – You might consider hand-carrying the former on moving day or using certified mail for the latter.
4. Begin using items that cannot be shipped or can pose a threat to your move – These include perishable foods as well as flammable, corrosive, or poisonous materials.
5. Fill out a change of address form at the U.S. Postal Service – This can take time, so make sure that you are on top of it to avoid losing any important mail.

Moving Checklist: Four Weeks Before Moving

1. Collect and buy packing materialsStart collecting early, which will allow you to spread out the burden of packing over a few weeks rather than doing it all the night before you move!
2. Notify all utility companies of the address change – These include,
o Cable and internet
o Phones
o Electric
o Water
o Trash collection
3. Measure your new place – Knowing these dimensions will let you know exactly how much space you have and what will fit where. It will also help when you direct the movers.
4. Arrange time off from work – You will probably need at least a day or two to get settled, so if you are planning on keeping your current job, make sure that you arrange some time off in advance.
5. Have your vehicle serviced – You do not want any surprises to detract you from your moving day schedule.

Moving Checklist: One to Two Weeks Before Moving

1. Notify government offices and professional services of your move – These include,
o State/Federal Tax Bureau (IRS)
o Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
o Healthcare providers
o Schools
o Credit card companies
o Health/fitness clubs
o And more.
2. Review moving arrangements with your movers – This is a good time to ask any questions you may have, as well as confirm parking for the moving truck.
3. Begin emptying your refrigerator – Creating meal plans is the perfect solution, as you can always eat out if you run out of food right before moving day.
4. Drain gas from all power equipment – These include lawn mowers, grills, heaters, etc.
5. Fill any prescriptions you may need – There is nothing more important than your health, and an already stressful move is no time to forget to take your medications!

Moving Checklist: Moving Day

1. Take an overnight bag – Once everything is moved, you are not going to want to rummage through all of your boxes in search of your toothbrush or a set of clothes!
2. Remember to eat – You will become even more stressed and irritable if you are hungry while moving.
3. Check your new place – Especially if you are renting, make sure that there are no damages for which you will be blamed upon moving out, and clean anything that will be difficult to reach once it is filled with furniture.
4. Confirm all the details with your movers – Sign the inventory forms, and provide your new address and contact number to the moving truck driver.
5. Do a final run-through – Before you leave your old residence for good, make sure you do a final, thorough evaluation to make sure that you have not left anything behind.

Although our printable moving checklist cannot predict every snag along the way, it will certainly free up your time – and keep your mind clear – so that you can easily deal with any problem that you might encounter. Furthermore, you can count on the dedicated moving experts from Roadway Moving to help you every step of the way!

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