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Moving from NYC to Northern NJ


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Although New Jersey is just across the Hudson River, it has always been a rival to New York City. Namely, NYC is considered to have a unique sensational vibe that New Jersey lacks. And not many people would actually admit that they would move from NJ to NYC. One would think that the Moving from NYC to Northern NJ rivalry goes so deep, but the truth is different. Moving from NYC to NJ, especially Northern NJ, has secretly become popular among New Yorkers. Especially after the Covid-19 crisis wreaked havoc and lockdown measures were introduced. So, many city dwellers were desperate to escape the urban streets. Wonder what is moving from NYC to Northern NJ like? Do you need stronger reasons to move there? Or how to prepare for the move? Well, you are in the right place at the right time. Roadway Moving NYC is here to guide you. So, let’s explore all your options.

Movers loading the truck before moving from NYC to Northern NJ
NYC to NJ move is a venture of its own worth experiencing.

Meet Northern New Jersey and all of its perks

The first step in our guide is definitely the one that will define your relocation. Namely, in order to even decide whether to leave The Big Apple and move to The Garden State, you should meet it first. And believe us, it’s not easy to describe New Jersey and its Northern part in a few sentences. Northern New Jersey offers endless opportunities to live, work, and enjoy outdoor activities. Moving to North NJ is not a huge change since it has proximity to New York City metropolitan area. It consists of eight counties, the most notable ones being Bergen County, Essex County, and Hudson County. Besides, two of the six tourist regions are located in North NJ. If you want to check why we’re New Jersey’s favorite mover, contact us now! Roadway Moving NYC will provide you with the best movers in NJ.


There are numerous fantastic places to live in Northern New Jersey

The best thing about moving from NYC to Northern New Jersey is that you have plenty of options. Whether you want to live in an urban or suburban area, North NJ will offer you both. Allow us to introduce you to some of the best places to live in:

  • North Bergen: A vibrant and lively atmosphere is what attracts New Yorkers to move to North Bergen. There are plenty of things to do and, most importantly, it’s very convenient for those commuting to work. Besides, the area is very affordable, and if you buy or rent a home there, it’s likely that you’ll have the best view of Manhattan, so you won’t feel nostalgic about NYC. So, if you’ve considered North Bergen to be your new home, hire our North Bergen movers and check why we’re the best movers in Bergen County.
  • Hoboken: If you are looking for a vibrant and culturally diverse place, Hoboken should be your choice. It also has proximity to New York, and many professionals love living here. Plus, schooling is excellent.
  • Jersey City: Excellent for those who work in New York but don’t want to pay much for rent. Proximity to NYC is just a short train ride.

    Three people carrying boxes
    There are plenty of reasons for moving from NYC to Northern NJ nowadays.

Various reasons why people move from NYC to Northern NJ

Pandemic’s brought significant changes that are still present. One of the most significant changes brought about by the pandemic is the number of people working remotely. Studies suggest that around 88% of the global workforce were working at least one day per week at home during 2020. Moreover, 76% would prefer to continue working from home once the crisis is over. Remote working offers flexibility for employees who would usually be based at an office. Additionally, it opens up opportunities to move their home office anywhere. New Jersey’s Northern suburbs are ideally located for quick, hassle-free journeys into the city, giving employees the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds. Flexible working is a trend that will continue to grow, and homeowners may decide that moving out of the city is the best option.

Rapid changes in the economy have inspired people to relocate

Besides the working flexibility, there are other reasons for moving from NYC to Northern NJ. Real estate agencies experienced a boom in sales, and properties in suburban locations in Northern NJ attracted huge crowds. When talking about employment options, New Jersey had an unemployment rate of 4.2%. Job growth is anticipated over the next decade. And if you don’t want to leave your NYC job, you can always commute to NJ. Some of the top industries to work for are: life sciences, financial services, IT, transportation, tourism, etc. However, it’s hard to find a place more expensive than NYC. So, moving to North NJ is a good decision when it comes to your budget. The State has a median home price of about $350,000, and the median rental prices are nearly $2,000. Although the cost of living is above the national average, North NJ is still more affordable than NYC.

Crowded NYC street
By moving to North NJ, you’ll avoid crowded streets and the everyday hustle.

Tranquility and mesmerizing nature motivate people to raise their families in NJ

You may see a lot of New Jersey’s breathtaking countryside by taking a short road trip from NYC. There are some lovely mountains in North Jersey, and they provide residents with amazing views all year long. Skiing, hiking, camping, and fishing are all popular activities that may be done in the mountains. There are lots of state and neighborhood parks that locals can enjoy. They can choose from mountain biking, running, bird viewing, horseback riding, and other activities. In order to enjoy the state’s stunning beaches, residents swarm to South Jersey throughout the summer. It will be much closer than going from NYC. A lot of people move here with their families looking for a more quiet life. If you have already moved to NYC with a baby, consider raising your child in a more peaceful environment. There are numerous educational opportunities as well as beautiful places to spend days.

What are the main benefits of moving from NYC to Northern NJ?

Restrictions imposed due to the spread of Covid-19 have undoubtedly triggered a desire to move out of the city. Some people have concerns about the impact of living in a busy city on their physical and mental health. Many prospective buyers have expressed an interest in relocating to take advantage of more space. For some, moving from NYC to New Jersey opens up possibilities to swap an apartment for a house with its own grounds and the chance to be part of a community. Besides housing options, there are other benefits of settling down in North NJ:

  • a thriving job market,
  • excellent education opportunities,
  • relaxed lifestyle,
  • the excellent transportation system,
  • affordability, etc.

If these are reasons enough for you to leave NYC and start a new life in North NJ, use the best moving services including White Glove moving NYC. Have a smooth relocation experience and choose some of the best movers in NYC.

Professional movers packing boxes
Use professional moving services for a stress-free and smooth relocation to NJ.

Reach out to your new job quickly and start fresh in New Jersey

Thanks to the abundance of businesses with offices or headquarters in New Jersey, finding a job isn’t tough here. Actually, the state employs almost 4.5 million people. If you’ve always wanted to launch your own business, the state is full of potential clients. No matter where you reside in New Jersey, bus and train routes provide convenient commute options if you like to read or catch up on your emails during rush hour. You won’t have to put in hours of driving time to go to a far-off airport, whether you’re going out of town for business or finally taking that long-awaited holiday. Many New Jersey residences are within an hour or two of the Newark International Airport, JFK, LaGuardia, and Philadelphia International Airports. Make sure to hire one of the best cross country movers and start your relocation on time. Start your life fresh even today!

Give your children the best possible education

Schools in New Jersey frequently rank among the best in the country. The state has the second-highest graduation rate in the nation and several highly regarded public education systems. A number of schools and universities, including the esteemed Princeton University, are also located there. Before the start of each school year, some other states impose per-pupil registration fees. The costs, particularly if you have many kids, can quickly break your bank. Thankfully, New Jersey does not have that problem. When your child enrolls in a New Jersey public school, you won’t have to worry about registration or book costs.

A woman packing to move
Don’t hesitate any more and start packing for your new home in Northern New Jersey.

What to know about moving from NYC to Northern NJ

Moving to North New Jersey is easy when you have the right moving company, such as Roadway Moving NYC.  Being one of the best residential moving companies to perform the move, you may rely on them completely. The organization plays a key role in a successful relocation. This is why you need to make a strong and efficient moving plan to streamline the process. Don’t let the proximity make you relaxed. Despite being near NYC, North NJ relocation can be complex if you don’t have the exact moving plan. You should start packing at least three weeks before the move date. The earlier you begin packing, the simpler it will be when the moving date gets closer. Don’t hesitate to ask for professional help, even though you think you have everything under control. There is a number of things to take care of, so start on time.

How to organize your move from NYC to Northern NJ

Since planning is a must-step for a successful move, start with it as soon as possible. Wonder how to prepare for the move? No worries, our movers and packers NYC are here to help you make your moving experience a comfortable one. Here’s what to do:

  • Obtain the necessary paperwork to avoid potential issues
  • Make a moving timeline: With it, you’ll streamline your move.
  • Create an inventory list: It will help you keep track of your belongings.
  • Contact your movers NYC: Find reliable movers.
  • Get your quote based on the list of your inventories: Choose the type of move and services you’ll need and book the movers.
  • Schedule your NYC movers: Agree with movers upon the best moving date for you.
  • Writhe down what king of packing supplies you’ll need based on your inventory list, or use professional packing services NYC and let your movers handle that.
  • Pack your essential box first: It is necessary for staying organized during the first days after the move.
  • Pack room by room: This will make your moving organization easier. Decide which room is your main priority and start packing according to the timeline. Our recommendation is to start from utility rooms since they are daunting to pack and require much more time and effort.
  • Downsize as you pack: Organize a garage sale or give away things you don’t need.
  • Decide what to do with your car: Sell it, or check it and repair it if necessary before moving or shipping.
  • Don’t forget to relax between moving tasks and stay hydrated. Also, take some time to spend with your family and friends that you are leaving behind.

What to do before you book your movers

  • Start packing if you haven’t booked packing services. Begin with the items you won’t need in the days before you relocate.
  • Create piles of stuff that you don’t want to keep and donate or throw these items away.
  • Mark each box clearly. Write “fragile” or “handle with care.” This way, your movers will know how to handle your belongings.
  • Keep valuable, fragile items with you and take them by car if possible.
  • Change your address and ensure that all your bills and payments are tied up before you move.

    Movers packing boxes
    The main step towards a successful relocation is organizing your move in detail.

Declutter your home so you can pack less stuff and speed up the process

Making sure you don’t move anything you no longer need is an important packing tip. Before you start packing, organize your space by deciding what to throw, keep, sell, or donate. This will reduce your stress and workload. Get rid of any furniture that won’t fit or that you know you won’t use after going to your new home. A thorough decluttering before relocating can help you save money as well as time and effort on both ends of your relocation. Why? If you have many items, it will cost more to relocate them. You don’t want to end up moving items you will throw away in Northern NJ the second you unpack.

Use storage when moving to reduce the costs of moving

No matter how distant you are moving, using storage space is advice for which you will thank us later. If you are using temporary housing or arrive before or after your moving truck, you’ll need some space to store your belongings. The best way is to use professional storage services NYC. Why use professional storage units? Well, the answer is simple. Professional storage works under certain rules and is often climate-controlled. When storing your belongings in such storage, you can be sure they’ll stay unchanged. This way, you’ll avoid a lot of issues and, most importantly, you’ll save money and nerves. So, analyze your relocation and think about using temporary or long-term storage. This is very important if you possess some fragile and antique items that you wish to protect. You can choose a storage unit depending on the number of your items or their condition.

A movin van with boxes
Try to declutter and get rid of unnecessary items before you load the moving van.

If you are on a busy schedule, use professional packing services

One of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of relocating is packing, but it doesn’t have to be. You may always choose packing services and engage experts. They will carefully box up your possessions in a small amount of time compared to if you were to do it yourself. Additionally, they’ll be able to carefully and securely box away fragile goods like glass and artwork. Trust the experts with the heavy lifting. Hire the best movers who will pack your home and put everything securely into the truck, including any appliances you’re bringing with you. They’ll also unload the truck when you get to your new house in Northern NJ.

Commercial moves from NYC to North NJ can go smoothly with the right team of professionals

Moving from NYC to Northern NJ is a great decision, especially if you are moving your business. Due to a less competitive job market than the one in NYC, North NJ is a perfect match. However, moving your business is not an easy endeavor at all. It requires utmost care and devotion since most businesses cannot fully stop during the transition period. That’s why it’s very important to have trustworthy movers by your side. And whom better to rely upon than our commercial movers NYC. They’ll make an efficient moving plan and will ensure you can continue running your business swimmingly. Besides, they use specialized moving equipment for moving your office. This way, your belongings will stay safe and free from any potential damage. Remember, commercial moves are almost impossible without the help of moving professionals.

A box with items and a picture
Be careful if you possess fragile items such as art so you don’t damage them during relocation.


Planning a seamless move can be challenging if you don’t have the right information

Moving house to North New Jersey can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you choose fantastic moving companies. Experienced, reputable, trustworthy NYC and New Jersey movers can help you minimize stress and enjoy a hassle-free move. Once you have a date in mind, it’s a great idea to follow the said steps to plan ahead and make the process of relocating as enjoyable as possible. Research moving companies, read reviews, and get some quotes. Decide which services you want. Are you looking for a company that offers packing and unpacking services, or do you just need help to move your belongings? The choice is up to you. The best thing to do is to talk to your movers and ask for advice. They have done this numerous times and know all the tricks. If you are not sure about something, make sure to reach out to them.

Professional equipment and experience are essential when relocating to NJ

It is important to mention that moving belongings from one place to another can be dangerous. Even if it is a small distance like moving from NYC to NJ. Your things may become damaged as a result. Realizing that you are missing some of your favorite things can also be very upsetting. It’s essential to work with a moving company that has the experience and proper equipment. This can be accomplished by employing qualified and experienced movers. Pay close attention to supplying high-quality tools to help you move if you decide to do it on your own. Nevertheless, we recommend hiring professional movers to take care of everything in no time.

Three movers before moving from NYC to Northern NJ
Choose Roadway moving NYC and move like a pro without worrying during the entire relocation process.

Hire Roadway Moving NYC and move without any stress

Moving from NYC to Northern NJ can be an enjoyable experience. Hire some of the best movers in New York City and Northern New JerseyRoadway Movers. Our team of professionals will take care of your relocation most devotedly and professionally. Whichever services you choose, you can be sure that your belongings are in safe hands. So, contact us today, get your moving quote, and have a stress-free relocation. And remember, your wish is our command. Have a safe relocation!

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