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How to Move Your Most Difficult Items

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If you were moving at least once in your lifetime, you know what to expect. Actually, the most mentally and physically demanding part of moving is preparation. You’ll have to check piles of items in your household. And to decide what to move, and what to leave behind. You’ll also have to find out how to move your most difficult items. Besides, finding a company that offers all kinds of services that you require, such as Roadway Moving, demands time and a lot of checking. Also, you’ll have to plan the entire process, inform the relevant state bodies on address change, and contact the utility suppliers. And, it will be up to you to purchase moving supplies. No matter what are the reasons behind your move, be ready to face a lot of demands.

Packing your most difficult items for a move

A lot of people are of opinion that by moving locally, you can easily DIY. And, they consider it a cost-effective option. But, regardless if you are moving long distance, or just across the city, moving some of your items can show difficult. For example, some items are too heavy, or too large. So they have to be disassembled before packing. And, to successfully pack some of your possessions, you will need certain skills. For instance, packing grandma’s china is theoretically an easy job. In practice, you may realize that you are not sure if you can use the self-adhesive wrapping. Or, will the newspapers leave stains on your precious possessions? To avoid accidental damage to valuables, it is better to leave this job to packing services NYC.


Professional movers -
To move your most difficult items, it is best to hire moving professionals.

The use of the moving equipment will make a difference

Some tricky, and odd-shaped items, you can find in every household. Or, the items with uneven distribution of weight. Such items are difficult for carrying, regardless of how many helpers you have. Luckily, with the right equipment, moving such items can be much easier. And more safe for the items and those carrying them.

This is yet another reason to hire a moving company. Most of them have moving equipment and tools that will facilitate the transfer of your demanding items. And they also have skilled workers, who know exactly how to deal with each item.

How to move your most difficult items will depend on their type

How to define what are the most difficult items for moving? To answer this question, we can consider the items in the household by type. So, we will have to divide them into:

  • those who have a small chance to survive relocation (such as house plants, and some pets)
  • extremely fragile items (crystal glasses, artwork, or a big plasma TV)
  • items of great weight (heavy and bulky furniture and appliances)
  • items demanding specific treatment and permits (ammunition, wine collections, or perishable food)
  • things that have great sentimental value

Now, you know the types of difficult things to move. With this, you can more easily determine individual items, as well as the conditions that each of them requires for a successful transfer. And, if you contact the long-distance moving companies, they will give you valuable advice on how to handle such items.

A piano is one of the most difficult items to move

When you discuss moving of piano, the movers will probably ask you about its type. Namely, there are several types of pianos:

  • baby grand piano
  • concert grand piano
  • upright piano
  • spinet
  • consol
  • digital piano (synthesizer)

Depending on the type, they will have to apply different tools and moving techniques. The easiest one for moving will be a digital piano. The upright piano, spinet, and console are similar. Many are even considering them as one piano type. However, their shape and weight are different. So, the piano movers will have to take this into consideration. In most cases, the upright pianos can be moved in one piece. Even then, the movers need to know how to properly wrap and carry them.


 Movers are surrounded by moving boxes - how to move your most difficult items.
Professional movers will know how to move your most difficult items.

Moving Grand piano

A baby grand piano is a type usually kept in houses. And, their average weight is 750 pounds. On the other hand, grand pianos are much bigger and heavier. Such a model can weigh up to 1,400 pounds. And, they can usually be seen in the concert halls. Although, this is not excluding the possibility of finding them in some homes too.

However, both types, besides the big weight, have odd shapes. So, moving them in one peace is not possible. That is why you always have to check if the mover is offering a specialized service of piano moving. Disassembling, packing, and moving pianos requires expertise and proper equipment. And, investing in the proper moving of the piano is a much better option than losing such a precious piece. Namely, piano prices range from $3,000 to almost $200,000!

Among the most difficult items for moving is a hot bath tube

In case you are moving a hot bath tube, here are some things you should know. Most of the owners are usually not aware of how heavy and delicate the job is moving and transporting them. So, in case you need to move such an item, make sure to hire professionals. They will have the knowledge and the right equipment to complete lifting the tube, placing it onto a moving truck, and installing it at your new location. And all that without causing any damage to the tube or other of your property.

In case you still decide to DIY, here are the steps to follow for moving the hot bath tube:

  • Get proper moving supplies for hot bath tube moving
  • Rent a truck big enough to move the hot tube
  • Getter your friends and family to help you
  • Check the surroundings and decide about the best way to approach the hot tube with the moving truck
  • Disconnect the hot tube and drain the water from it
  • Use the plywood pieces to lift it and place the furniture dollies underneath
  • Use the ramp to roll the hot tube onto the moving truck

Or, you can simply hire residential moving companies to do these hard and delicate tasks.


Roadway sign on the truck.
The Roadway is the right company for moving your difficult items.

Moving a Pool Table is not so easy

A pool table is one more thing which is heavy for moving. And, it is a rather complex task. As it is one of the heaviest pieces that you have in the household, you can’t move it without disassembling it. Also, remember that this task requires knowledge and the right tools. Besides, there are various types of pool tables. And each type requires a different approach. So, don’t try to move it on your own, unless you know how. Still, hiring pool table movers would be a much better idea.

Here is a short overview of how the pool table should be disassembled and packed. This illustration can help you to better understand the difficulty of the task:

  • remove the staples which are holding the pockets
  • take out the screws and remove the side rails
  • remove the felt
  • remove the slate
  • in the end, remove the pool table legs

Once disassembled, you will have to wrap the parts properly. And take care not to lose the smaller parts. Once packed, the parts are ready for loading and transportation.

How to move some of your most difficult items, such as a fish tank?

Aquariums or fish tanks are among the most difficult items to move. They are usually large and heavy. And, you shouldn’t forget that moving the fish tank will be very stressful for your fish. Also, the decorative aquatic plants inside the tank could be easily destroyed.

However, by moving the fish tanks carefully, you can help your pets to survive. So, a fish tank is another item that needs a lot of extra care during the moving process. And the help of white glove moving NYC could be needed in this case. They will know exactly how to handle such a delicate task.

Here is some advice in case you decide to move the fish tank on your own

In case you decide to move a fish tank on your own, you should follow certain steps. The first one is to empty the tank, living just a small amount of water at the bottom. That will keep alive the aquatic plants and bacteria colony, which must be present in the fish tank. So, after arriving at your new place, you will simply refill the tank. At the same time, place the fish in small containers or bags filled up with your tank water. That way, the fish will not suffer the temperature change. Or the change in the water quality. Both things can easily kill your pets.

The next step is to wrap your fish tank. But, be careful. Although it is almost empty, the tank can be very heavy. So, you will certainly need some help to move it. Also, when loading it onto the moving truck, do it carefully. Rushing, you can damage or even break its glass walls.


Roadway truck on the road.
With Roadway, your relocation will be fast and safe.

Moving heavy office furniture

In case you need to move an office, you will soon realize that it has a lot of heavy furniture in it. It can have some massive desks. For example, the desk in the meeting room.  And, you can be sure that moving such a piece will not be easy. And, for sure, you will need someone to disassemble it before packing. Besides, you can expect some more heavy items in the office, such as a big copy machine.

Instead of trying to figure out how to move such demanding items, there is a much easier solution. By hiring commercial movers NYC, your office will be relocated much faster. And all your furniture will remain in a good condition.

Moving your artwork

Not all artwork pieces are heavy, or oddly shaped. But, some of them are. They can, for example, be framed. Or they can be very fragile. And, some of your pieces can be very expensive. Damaging them during the move is not an option. No insurance will be able to replace them. So, before you consider moving them on your own, think about the risks.

Do you know enough about the artwork moving? Do you know what type of moving wrap you are allowed to put on their surface? For example, a part of the moving tape you can by chance sticks on the gilded frame. Or you can use the self-adhesive wrap directly on the soft marble surface of a statue. The damage is inevitable. Also, in case you want to first arrange your new home, and then move the artwork in, you will need a good place to keep it. If so, the climate-controlled storage NYC is the right place for you. There, your artwork will be sure of any kind of temperature-inflicted damage. And the storage has the optimal protection for your belongings.

Modern flat-screen TVs are sensitive and fragile

Moving a flat-screen TV, especially if it has a large screen, can be a real challenge. It would be excellent if you have their original boxes. But, people are rarely keeping such things, especially if they don’t have enough space in the apartment. So, if you are facing the problem of how to move such a difficult item, small apartment movers NYC is the right solution for you. You can trust that they will find the best packing solution. And that your precious TV will reach your new apartment in perfect condition.


Roadway crew packing items.
All your items must be properly packed before the move.

The question of how to move your most difficult items is not ending here

Namely, we have already presented a number of items that are difficult to move. And which needs special attention. But, they are not the only ones. There are some more items that are difficult for moving. So, if you have such items, always consider professional help when you need to move them. Some of those items are:

  • potted plants
  • firearms and sharp objects
  • sports equipment/home gym
  • musical equipment
  • fragile items

Are you considering moving soon?

If you have such plans, we hope that you will follow the advice given here. Moving some of your possessions will be easy. On the other hand, you will also face the question of how to move your most difficult items.  So, besides the already explained situations related to specific items, you can also find some more things in the household that can show as difficult for moving. In such a case, don’t wait. Give a call to your reliable movers. They will give you additional advice about items that are difficult to move. Or, you can simply hire them, and treat yourself with an easy and carefree move.


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