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14 Best Places To Move From NYC: Where To Move From New York City


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Although New York is already a big city to live in, there are still some things that are nonexistent in the area. If you have been living in New York City all of your life, you might want to get away from the hustles and bustles and live a quieter life. The cost of living in New York might already be too much for you that’s why you’re considering leaving New York. Let this article help you choose the best places to move from NYC.

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There are many great places to move from NYC on our list

Deciding where to move from New York is an important decision to make. You want this move to become the reason why the quality of your life will improve, and not produce negative results. To help you out, here are some of the best places to move from NYC:

Seattle, Washington
View of downtown Seattle skyline in Seattle Washington

1. Seattle, Washington

If you’re leaving New York because you want to get a better job and make a career, consider moving to Seattle, Washington. Unlike other areas and countries in the world, the migration rate of Seattle continues to soar, with more and more jobs offered to its locals. Business tycoons from different parts of the world such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Microsoft have their headquarters in this city. No matter what your passions and interests are, you’ll surely find a suitable job here in Seattle.

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For people that love spending time outdoors moving to Seattle is the best decision they can make. There are many walking trails close to the city whose scenery will leave you breathless. Moreover, you can go mountain biking if that is more your thing, or just choose to go kayaking with your friends over the weekend. You will have plenty of time to spend some quality time outdoors after long distance movers NYC offers help you relocate to Emerald City.   

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis Minnesota on the Mississippi river

2. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Whenever people move from New York, Minneapolis is usually one of their top choices to move to – and there are a lot of reasons why. If you loved living in a metro area such as New York but can no longer afford to live in this city, Minneapolis is the perfect option for you. This city provides the same ambiance and architecture as New York City but within a reasonable price point.

When you move to Minneapolis, you can still enjoy the culture and entertainment of the city (similar to what you can experience in New York), without compromising your budget for your monthly rent. Unlike New York City, the commodities in Minneapolis aren’t high-priced, allowing you to live comfortably even if you only earn $3,000 a month.

Public transportation is great and you do not have to own a car if you plan on moving to Minneapolis. However, 60% of the residents use their car to commute, this is the case, especially during the winter. Winter temperatures can be harsh, and because of this many choose to drive to their workplace rather than use public transportation.  

Afternoon sunset aerial view above the growing Austin Texas Skyline

3. Austin, Texas

Some people decide to stay in New York because of how lively the city is. The locals in New York will have a wide variety of options to choose from whenever they want to entertain themselves. You can still experience the same (or even better) once you move from New York and decide to buy or rent a real estate property in Austin, Texas. This city is very similar to New York, that’s why ex-new Yorkers love moving here.

Because living in Austin is affordable compared to New York, moving here might help you in buying a home that fits your budget. Aside from the affordability of the commodities, Austin, Texas often has excellent weather. It’s usually warm and sunny in this city.

Austin is a very popular city for New Yorkers to move to. The city has great job opportunities. Many big companies like Apple and Dell offer high-paying jobs that attract people from all over the country. You get great quality of life, great food, and music. Therefore, schedule your move to this charming city with the cross country movers New York has to offer and start a new chapter of your life.  

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA skyline at night

4. Cincinnati, Ohio

Finding a job in another city is one thing, and making sure that your entire family has a comfortable place to live in is another. When moving from New York, you might be able to land a job in a new city but struggle to find an affordable home for your family or vice versa. Not having the best of both worlds can be stressful and can even delay your plans of moving. Living in Cincinnati, Ohio, can be the solution to these problems.

a woman packing ready to tell you about the places to move from NYC
If you are looking for affordable housing start packing and get ready to move to Cincinnati.

Although the cost of living in this city is higher compared to Austin, it still offers affordable accommodation compared to New York. You’ll be able to find a good home even when you only have $2000 in your pocket. And for your job, don’t worry – Cincinnati, Ohio is a great place to work as it’s one of the best cities to find a job in the US.

Florida Downtown Tampa
Downtown Tampa, Florida Skyline at night

5. Tampa, Florida

The neighborhood you live in can make or break the quality of your life long-term. If you get to live in a noisy environment, you won’t be able to sleep for hours which can create adverse effects on your health, personality, and behavior. If you’re a mover who is very keen on the neighborhood around you, move to Tampa, Florida. This city has a lot of neighborhoods for you to choose from.

Due to the high demand in the last couple of years, home prices are constantly raising. However, you will pay less for a single-family home in Tampa than in New York. Moreover, the job market in Tampa is great. Many Fortune 1000 companies are based there, therefore you will have many job options. You will have a nice life since the average salary in Tampa is $3,300.  

LA Skyline
Los Angeles downtown skyline from Griffith Park

6. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles may be on the other end of the country, but it is still a worthwhile place for living. This is one of the best places to move from NYC. LA has grown over the years as a tech hub that offers many employment opportunities. You’ll also find a vast culture in the city, as you’ll find dozens of art events & neighborhoods around the region.

You can also enjoy many outdoor activities in the area, including surfing on the shoreline or hiking up the Santa Monica and San Gabriel mountains. The city is also famous for its vast entertainment industry, with many theaters, museums, and galleries scattered throughout the area. So don’t wait up and schedule your relocation. Consider hiring white glove movers for the job, a positive moving experience is a guarantee with them!

moving truck parked on the side of the road
There are many outdoor activities in LA that you can choose from once you relocate there.
Downtown Miami
Sunshine Miami. Located in Downtown Miami, Florida, USA.

7. Miami, Florida

The city of Miami is another place to move to that features a fun culture and vibrant lifestyle. The city is famous for its nightlife, beaches, and culture.

Much of Miami’s vibrant and unique character was formed by immigrants from Cuba, Haiti, and other Central American countries who call Miami home today. You’ll also enjoy how affordable it can be for you to live in the area.

The state of Florida doesn’t charge income taxes, meaning the only due you’d pay every year are federal taxes. Miami is also popular among retirees since they don’t have to pay taxes on their retirement or Social Security.

If you would like to learn more about moving to Florida, you may check out our NY to FL moving FAQ.

Living in Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon

8. Portland, Oregon

With 664,605 residents, Portland is the largest city in Oregon! Portland is a little further south of Seattle and features one of the best living experiences around. The city is bike-friendly with plenty of lanes available for daily commuting. The parks are filled with roses and other beautiful flowers throughout the year. when moving to Portland you will also get to enjoy one of the most vibrant foods and art scenes in the country. Many restaurants propose excellent dishes! Eating out in Portland is going to be an adventure. New places are always opening and the existing ones are always improving in order to provide nothing but the best dishes!  

The city is perfect for people that love spending their free time outdoors. There are many large parks in the city where you can go for a walk, a bike ride or a picnic. If you are into hiking, near the city you will find some of the best hiking trails in the country.  

Raleigh, NC
View on city of Raleigh, the capital of the state of North Carolina

9. Raleigh, NC

You can also move to Raleigh NC if you’re looking for educational opportunities. Raleigh is a growing city with many job opportunities and recreational sites, but it’s also noteworthy for its many schools. You can study at North Carolina State University, or you can go west to Duke University or the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Raleigh is on the list of the best places to live in North Carolina in 2022/2023! Therefore when you know it’s time to move out of NYC you should consider choosing Raleigh.  

The cost of living is affordable. The living score is higher than the national average by 3%! Moreover; housing prices are lower than the national average by 30%, plus the property taxes are low. This makes buying a home here a good investment. The affordable cost of living and great quality of life make Raleigh one of the top places to raise a family. 

a moving truck parked in front of the building
Raleigh is a place where you want to move to if you want to start a family.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas Nevada, panoramic view of the Las Vegas Strip

10. Las Vegas, Nevada

Like Florida, Nevada also does not charge a state income tax. But that’s not the only reason why Las Vegas is a great city for moving. Las Vegas has many job opportunities for everyone, from jobs at startups and tech companies in the region to the endless hospitality positions at the city’s resorts, casinos, and entertainment venues.

You can also enjoy living in one of many master-planned communities in the city, plus there are dozens of golf courses to enjoy around here. Don’t forget about the city’s massive entertainment scene. You will certainly enjoy it here. Just find reliable movers and packers and start organizing your move to Las Vegas!

Cleveland, Ohio

11. Cleveland, Ohio 

Cleveland has a population of 381,009 residents. If you are looking for an affordable place to move to this, is it! The housing prices are significantly lower than the national average, and the cost of living is lower by 24 percent than the national average. There are many great job opportunities in the health, manufacturing, and food industry, as well as in the financial and IT sectors.  

You will find everything you need in Cleveland, just like you would in NYC minus the congested traffic and the pollution. You get the best of both worlds; small-town feel but with all the amenities that you need for a great life!  

Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee Skyline at night

12. Nashville, Tennessee

The population of Music City is constantly growing. This is all due to the great quality of life and affordable cost of living. People of all ages come here to start a new life; the city is quite diverse.  Since this is a music city you will be able to attend many festivals. Great music and great food are a must here during any event. Coming from a place where people are not that friendly and are constantly in a rush you will be surprised at how friendly and welcoming everyone is. 

Nashville is famous for being a major hub for country music. You’ll find the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, plus you can catch a show at the Ryman Auditorium or another venue near Broadway. The city is also a great place to live, a city featuring affordable housing rates and easy-to-navigate roads.

Roadway movers next to the moving truck ready to tell you about the places to move from NYC
Hit the road and move to the Music City for some good music and food!

You can find great jobs with companies like Bridgestone, Dollar General, and Hospital Corporation of America while in Nashville. You could also search for employment at the nearby Nissan plant, the country’s most massive auto manufacturing site.

Atlanta, Georgia
Skyline of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA

13. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta has grown into one of the country’s best business centers, with many top-name companies having major offices in the region. The ATL is also a very hospitable place for living, with the city providing a friendly atmosphere that makes every day in the city enjoyable. This makes it one of the best places to move from NYC.

You’ll love relaxing at Piedmont Park or Olympic Centennial Park while visiting downtown, or you can travel east to Stone Mountain to get a brilliant view of the city from afar. The southern hospitality is real. In Atlanta, people are laid back and very friendly. Meeting new people is going to be simple once you relocate here.  Moreover, the city offers both urban and suburban lifestyles. You just need to decide which one you prefer and pick the neighborhood that suits you the most. Hiring movers from NYC to Atlanta to move you to your new place will be the best decision you have ever made. They know the area very well, which will help you have a smooth move.

Prepare to spend a lot of time in traffic. Atlanta is known for having one of the busiest traffic in the country. Public transportation is not the best, which is why the majority of people use their cars to commute. However, as long as you avoid peak hours you will be just fine.  

Salt Lake City, Utah
Snowpack in the Wasatch Mountains behind the downtown Salt Lake City skyline, Utah.

14. Salt Lake City, Utah

And last, but not least on our list of the best places to move from NYC is Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City is a historic place with a vast community that will welcome you when you move here. The SLC area is home to many noteworthy Mormon sites, but it’s also home to growing food and drink culture. You’ll also enjoy heading to one of the many national parks located near the SLC region. You can go east to the Ashley Forest or Uinta-Wasatch-Cache Forest, or you can tour the wildlife regions on the Great Salt Lake.

The weather in Salt Lake City is perfect for those that enjoy spending their free time outside in the sunshine. The city has 222 sunny days per year! Moreover, there are not as many rainy days. You only get 20 inches per year which is not much compared to the national average of 38 inches per year. However, we hope you like snow because Salt Lake City gets 54 inches of snow per year! There are many ski resorts nearby where you can spend your weekend skiing and snowboarding. 

Roadway moving truck
Move to Slat Lake City and experience 222 of sunshine!

Make sound decisions

All of these spots are worthwhile places to explore when planning on moving from the NYC area. Be sure to consider these spots if you’re looking for a new home that is less expensive for living and still features a quality lifestyle with plenty of job opportunities all around.

And yes, Living in the city that never sleeps can provide a lot of opportunities for people – but not everyone who lives in New York is super successful and sometimes well, this town can wear you down. so If you’re one of the latter, carefully assess your options as to where should you move. The more informed you are about your options, the easier it’ll be for you to choose your next home! Hopefully, our list of the best places to move from NYC will help you decide where you will start your new life.


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