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How To Move a Peloton


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Moving a Peloton, yourself

Moving a Peloton by yourself isn’t impossible but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you start.

To prevent any damage, make sure you fully disassemble the individual components and package them separately.

This includes your touchscreen, the paddles, sweat guard, water bottle holder, and even weight holders.
Set the handlebars and seat post to the lowest position to prevent them from moving around when in transit.

Make sure all adjustment levers are fully tightened

If you’re only moving your Peloton a short distance and know that your vehicle won’t be moving around a lot, then it’s possible to tape things down then transport the entire Peloton as one piece.
However, if you will be moving it a fair distance and want to ensure it’s not damaged in transit, then we’ve included a few disassembly tips below.

Peloton Bearing assembly & disassembly video

video by Bernie

Preparing For Disassembly

Before you attempt to take apart your Peloton, there are a few tips that you should understand first.

Have some boxes ready to keep parts organized. You don’t want to lose or mix up screws and other small pieces during disassembly because it’ll make putting it back together a lot harder.

Since you’re disassembling your Peloton, it’s a good chance to get it cleaned properly before you decide to put it back together again. Wipe it down and sanitize all of the parts (especially if you use it a lot) as you disassemble it.

If you’re disassembling and transporting the screen, then make sure you have some kind of padding material to keep it safe during transportation. This can be anything from bubble wrap to a blanket.

If you plan to slide move your Peloton around the home then make sure you’re protecting your floors. A Peloton can be rather heavy and will cause scratch marks and scuffs on your floors if you’re not careful when moving it around. We suggest using furniture slides or pieces of cardboard to prevent damaging your floors.

Once you’ve followed these tips, you should be ready to start assembling the Peloton to get it ready for transport.

Disassembling a Peloton

Here are some basic steps on how to disassemble a Peloton bike and store away separate components.


Power down the device by pressing and holding the power button until the on-screen prompt shows. Unplug the power cable and store it safely in another container.

Open the plastic clip on the back of the touchscreen and remove the monitor cable. Keep these packed away as well.

Remove any cables attached to the Peloton. This is usually a network cable or audio cable.

Remove the back panel on the rear of the touchscreen. This gives you access to the four mounting screws and plate which can be removed.

Ask someone to hold the touchscreen as you remove the four screws. Then remove the touchscreen and store it safely.


Turn the resistance knob all the way to the right.

Use a 15mm wrench to remove the pedals by untightening the nut.

Store the pedals and the nut safely in a container.

Weight holders

Unscrew the four screws that are attached to the weight holder. You’ll need a 3mm Allen wrench which should be supplied with the Peloton toolkit.

Water bottle holder

Turn the resistance knob all the way to the right.

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws that attach the water bottle holder to the frame.

Pull the water bottle holder down and forward to remove it from the bike.

Remember these instructions so that when the bike has been transported, you can easily replace these components and put the bike back together.

Transporting your Peloton

In most cases, we’d suggest hiring a moving service to help you move your Peloton and transport it. Even when disassembled, it can be quite heavy.
Otherwise, it’s important to keep it safely secured in your moving vehicle so that it doesn’t tip over or slide around in transit.

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