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4 Tips When Hiring Movers From NYC To Atlanta

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Moving to Atlanta can open a lot of opportunities to your life. This is especially true if you currently live in a small town and planning to move to Atlanta soon. This place might offer a job or career which is currently inexistent to your current residence. However, before you can experience all of these things, you should create a plan to help you have a stress-free move. 

There are a lot of moving companies operating in different parts of the world. Regardless if you’re from New York City, you’ll surely have access to professionals who can make your move a lot easier. To help you narrow down your search and end up hiring the best movers from NYC to Atlanta, consider the tips below:

1. Ask for recommendations from friends and family. 

You’ll have a lot of options when hiring movers from NYC to Atlanta. There might even be a handful of movers operating within your neighborhood. To help you narrow down your search, ask for recommendations from your friends and family. They can provide valuable information, especially if they recently moved. Ask as many questions as you can like the price and quality of the services offered by movers. While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask which movers you should avoid. You want the movers you’ll hire help with the success of your move, not become the reason for your stress.

2. Check the internet for reviews and feedback. 

The internet can be a powerful tool to help you decide which mover to hire. When you use the internet, you’ll have access to millions of customers who experienced hiring movers in the past. Check the website of the moving company and look for any customers’ review section. Read through the comments left by the customers and assess if this mover can meet your expectations. 

You can also check other online platforms to help you decide. Aside from the mover’s website, visit several online forums or social media groups which talk about this topic. Since these platforms have members from different parts of the world, expect that you’ll know a lot of things about a particular mover – both the good and bad side. 

3. Get an estimate from at least three moving companies. 

Getting estimates from at least three moving companies is a good way to compare your options. If you already have the names of the moving company you’re eyeing to hire, reach out to them and ask for estimates. This means asking for the list of moving services that they offer and knowing the price of each. If you’re going to have a long-distance move, it’s best to ask if there are any additional costs or fees you should pay. You should be informed about the price you’re going to pay so you can budget easily. 

4. Schedule a consultation with the moving companies.

Knowing your movers before the actual move is always a good idea to put your mind at ease. When you know who you’ll be working with, you’ll be able to predict the outcome of your move. If you want to know your movers better, schedule a consultation with them. If possible, prepare a list of questions before meeting with them, too. You should inquire about their experience and longevity in the business arena. You should also ask documents such as license and certification in order to check the legitimacy of the movers. 

The Bottom Line

Aside from following the tips presented in this article, don’t forget to have fun when moving. No matter how prepared you are, there will be factors which can make your move challenging. But instead of stressing over these things, learn to embrace them and use these as your learning curves.


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