“Hire movers or move yourself” is a dilemma as old as time, as one of the many headaches that comes with moving is deciding how you will actually move to your new place. You might prefer to pack and move yourself. Rent a truck and hire movers. Hire a moving company to do all the work. You have many options when to comes to relocating.

Using a moving company for the first time might can be daunting, and yet this is an important option to consider when you seek a cost-effective solution. To ensure that you make the right decision, below you will find common costs of moving yourself versus hiring a moving company.

Moving Yourself

How Much Does Moving Yourself Really Cost?

Studies show that the cost of moving within the U.S. can range anywhere from $1,300 to $12,000, a range that varies by factors such as mileage, location, family size and house size.

Homeowners planning a move must consider costs of packing materials, transportation, shipping, gas and insurance plus the time spent packing and moving. Furthermore, a DIY move can cause major stress before you even begin packing, and significantly increase your risk of property damage and injury due to incorrect packing and lifting techniques.

In short, moving is not cheap!

Reasons Why to Hire a Mover vs. Moving Yourself

If you are wondering when to hire a moving company, we recommend that you consider the following elements:

Type of Move

Moving costs vary greatly based on where you are relocating, as local moves or those within the same state are considerably cheaper than long-distance moves. A typical breakdown as is follows:

Long distance move – With a moving company, the average interstate move costs approximately $5,630.

– When moving yourself, the average cost varies from $4,000 to $7,000.

Local move – With a moving company, the average intrastate move costs approximately $1,170.

– When moving yourself, the average cost is $1,325.

If you plan to move yourself, you will have to consider truck rental costs, moving supplies, gas, and truck rental insurance in your total cost of moving. Long-distance moves may involve hotel costs and/or plane tickets.

On the other hand, hiring a moving company means that all costs except the latter are included in the overall price. Added costs with a moving company would include tips plus the cost of additional services, such as packing up household goods. Basically, you are paying for less hassle and more time to focus on other things pertaining to your move.


Moving Yourself vs. Hiring Movers
local moving


Moving Supplies

Moving supplies can add up and affect your total moving cost. The average cost for a one-bedroom apartment moving kit is $80, a two-bedroom apartment moving kit is more than double at $188, whereas a four-bedroom house moving kit is $357.

This does not include other moving necessities, such as dolly rentals ($8) to load up a truck and quilted pads to prevent scratches on furniture ($60). On the flip side, moving companies include packing supplies with their overall price.


Hire a Mover vs. Moving Yourself



Packing and cleaning your old place is only half the battle. Another major cost to consider is how you are going to transport all of your household items to your new place. A typical breakdown as is follows:

Moving company

– The average cost of 2 movers and a truck in NYC $145 per hour + $55 for additional services and tips.

Moving yourself

– 10 or 11 day 14-ft. truck (1 or 2-bedroom apartment) costs $190 per day.

– 10 or 11 day 24-ft. truck (4-bedroom house) costs $240 per day.

* Added costs are a trailer hitch or rental truck at an average cost of $150 and truck

– rental insurance cost of up to $150.

When moving yourself, truck costs to consider are gas, mileage, insurance, time of year, location, and number of days needed. The vehicle size you need will vary greatly in price. After finding a truck, you must consider where to park it and who will be responsible driving it around town or across the country.

If you hire a moving company, you can often hire two movers to help pack up the truck and drive it to your new place. Total cost will vary, plus you will have to pay and tip your additional moving help (if any). By having movers drive the truck, it allows you the time to drive your own vehicle(s) to your new home. Once again, a moving company can help make the transportation of your goods proceed much more smoothly.


Is Hiring a Mover in NYC Worth It


Time Spent Moving

Lastly, moving yourself can take up vast amounts of precious time. According to Movers.com, packing a home under 1,000 sq. ft. in size can take two people 4 to 8 hours, while packing a house over 2,000 sq. ft. can take two people 2 to 7 days – with no breaks included. As you get ready to move, plan for extra time to spend packing up your items.

On the other hand, a team of 3 professional movers can easily pack a 2,000-sq. ft. house in 13 to 16 hours – less than half the time! These moving experts can also pack fragile items safely and cause less damage to your overall haul.


Hire a moving company vs. Moving Yourself


Bottom Line: Should I Hire Movers or Do It Myself?

As you can see, moving yourself does not automatically mean saving money, and there are numerous benefits of hiring movers that are well worth a second look. Unless you are moving a single-room apartment within the same building and you do not have many large and/or fragile items, hiring movers is always the wiser option.

Is hiring movers expensive? Perhaps, especially if you are hiring movers to move out of state. However, it is not nearly as expensive when you consider the total costs of moving yourself, as well as the additional costs of time, stress, and unforeseen circumstances that would be minimized or eliminated by professional movers.

If you are planning on hiring a mover in NYC, we welcome you to learn more about what Roadway Moving can do to help alleviate the stress of moving and provide you with a cost-efficient moving experience.