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There’s nothing more stressful than moving to an unfamiliar place. The people, environment, weather, lifestyle, and all other things may be different from what you’re used to experiencing in your previous hometown. Thus, if you consider relocating to a place like Raleigh, NC, you need to think about many things before making a significant life decision.

Although Raleigh can be an ideal place to live in, here are a few things you should know before moving to that place.

1. It’s Raleigh and not Raleigh – Durham

Before you relocate, you need to know that Raleigh Durham isn’t the same with Raleigh. That’s because Durham and Raleigh are two distinct and separate cities. To avoid misunderstanding with the residents there, refrain yourself from using the term Raleigh Durham once you move in.

2. Homes For Sale Are Affordable

Moving to Raleigh means you have access to affordable and family-friendly homes and other real estate properties for sale within the area. Whether you want to live in the north, suburb, or downtown Raleigh, you can see fairly-priced homes intended to improve the quality of life of anyone who plans to move there. This is one of the reasons why the costs of living in the Raleigh area is lower than that of New York City.

3. The People Are Friendly

Another good thing about living in Raleigh is the kind of community they have. Raleigh, NC, for instance, is a city where the community is family-friendly. It’s a place where people know your face and greet you although they don’t know your name. Because of the city’s small town feel, people living there enjoy a feeling of familiarity and comfortability around one another. As you move there, you’ll meet new friends even if you reside in small towns like Garner, Wake Forest, Apex, and many more.

4. Finding Job Is Easy There

If you’re looking for a happy and productive work environment, then moving to Raleigh can be a good idea. There, you can find a job much easier than you expect. There are thousands of job openings, and the salary base is also much higher than in other cities in America. Above all, Raleigh has a high job satisfaction rating, making it the best place for employment opportunities.

5. You Can Enjoy All Four Weather Seasons

The weather in Raleigh can also be one of the great reasons for relocating there. Unlike other cities, Raleigh enjoys four weather seasons such as winter, spring, summer, and fall. For instance, January can be the coldest month while July can be the warmest month of the year.

6. College Sports Are Awesome

If you love sports, Raleigh, NC, can also be a perfect place for relocation. The city, for example, is known for its support for college sports. Anyone who loves the college basketball there sees the rivalry between The University of North Carolina Tar Heels and The Duke Blue Devils. When it comes to a professional sports team, Raleigh has the Carolina Hurricanes to be proud of. However, some local residents also follow Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, and many others.

7. It Offers Quality Education

When it comes to education, Raleigh is one of the best in the United States. Due to the proximity of different universities like Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina, no question if the city aims to offer quality education to its students.

8. Attractions

Raleigh has beautiful attractions that anyone can experience. You can see a lot of amazing places anywhere else in the city. Below are the attractions you can enjoy once you move in Raleigh, NC:

  • High Mountains – You can find several mountains around the city of Raleigh. These may include the Snowshoe, Winterplace, and many more. Because of these picturesque mountains, anyone can enjoy skiing or snowboarding.
  • Beautiful Beaches – Raleigh is also the home of excellent beaches. If you’re a beach lover, you can visit Wrightsville Beach when the weather is good. It’s one of the favorite beaches in the city of Raleigh.
  • Enjoyable Night-Time Entertainment – The city offers a great nightlife music jamming. With plenty of bar-restaurants around Raleigh, you can experience a fantastic night time entertainment.
  • Attractive Museums and Parks – Raleigh is also famous for its museum and park attractions. If you’re fond of natural sciences, you can visit the North Carolina Museum where you’ll witness some exhibits and events. If you want to spend time with the whole family, Pullen Park can be the best place to visit. The area is surrounded by trees, flowers, and different playgrounds for children. On the other hand, the Research Triangle Park in Raleigh isn’t the typical park you know. It’s an office park that houses more than a hundred companies such as IBM, Cisco, and many more.


If you think about moving to Raleigh NC from NYC, that can be the best decision you can make in your life. With the information mentioned above, it’s clear that the city has many good things to offer to improve your quality of life. As you’re excited to live there soon, don’t forget to hire professional movers who can make your NYC-Raleigh move a great success.