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7 items you should leave behind when moving

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Moving is almost always stressful. Packing your whole home and your whole life can easily feel overwhelming. Deciding on what you should keep and what you should throw away or donate can feel hard. Over the years we all tend to gather a lot of belongs and naturally we wanna take them with us. But there are certain items you should leave behind when moving. That way, your relocation will be easier and faster, but also cheaper. Making those decisions will be hard, but in the end, it will help you feel lighter and ready for a new beginning in your new home.

Should you leave clothing behind?

If we are being honest, we all tend to buy a lot of clothes. And of course, we keep them even after we stop wearing them. We hope that we might need them again or that we will find them another purpose. The best thing that you could do before calling local movers NYC to help you relocate is to go through your closet. Declutter your closet, choose what you will keep and what you will donate or throw away. Also, you can even send lightly used clothes. It can be a great way to boost your moving budget. And the best part is that your relocation will be much easier. Simply clothes are one of the things you should leave behind when moving. And the best part is that packing will go fast as well!

roadway packer
Go through your clothes and linens and decide on what you should keep.

Old electronics should be left behind when moving

If you lived in your home for a longer period of time there is a great chance that you have several old and unused electronics. People often have some old computers, smartphones, and other electronics just laying around. Either they are broken or you simply don’t use them. And when you start packing, you will quickly realize they will take a lot of your time and space in the moving truck. Donating them or recycling them will make your relocation easier, and our new home cleaner. Also with fewer items, you can hire professional packers NYC to help you pack the rest of your home. Especially if you are moving on short notice.

CDs and DVDs

If you have a big collection of CDs and DVDs you should consider leaving them behind. It is nice to have them, but if you are moving a long distance and you plan to take them with you, be prepared that you will pay much more money for your relocation. Try narrowing down your collection before long distance movers NYC arrive. Which ones are really important? Did you use them in the last year? If some of your CDs and DVDs have emotional value – keep them. But you should donate or sell the rest. There are a lot of digital services that you can use.

pile of CD's
CDs and DVDs should be left behind when moving

Old papers, and bills are items that you should leave behind when moving

People tend to keep old papers, bills, bank statements, etc. And over the years it can accumulate a lot. And when you are moving you can actually declutter all of this. Go through your old paper stuff and see what yous should keep. Since everything is digital these days there is a great chance you won’t need a lot of the papers that you have. And in case you really want to keep some important papers or papers that you might need one dau renting a storage NYC is a much wiser idea. That way your papers will be much safer, and you will have them all in one safe place.

Bathroom clutter

The bathroom is one of those places that easily get cluttered. Clutter builds up rather fast, but it seems to stay there for a long time. Different cosmetic products, brushes, combs, medicine – they all end up in our bathrooms. Unfortunately, they expire pretty fast, so there is a great chance that a lot of items in your bathroom have expired. It is much wiser to leave behind these items when moving. They will take up your space and you can not use them. So they really don’t have any value. Go through your bathroom and throw away everything you don’t need and that is expired. Keep in mind that some medicines require special ways to dispose of them. So make sure to gather all the information. Your new bathroom will be much cleaner!

Surprisingly, one of the items you should leave behind is bedding

Just like the bathroom, bedding can easily create clutter in your home. We end to accumulate bedding rather fast because we almost never get rid of the old items once we get new ones. And sheets, pillows, and covers take a lot of space when moving. Although Roadway Moving will always offer you the best price – these items affect the total cost. Decluttering them is a great way to save money and have a fresh start. There are different ways to use them – you can donate them or you can use them for packing fragile items. That way you will save money on packing supplies as well.

roadway packer on the job
We easily end up with a lot of unnecessary stuff that we don’t use anymore.

Items that are broken or you haven’t used in the last 2 years

Items that you should leave behind when moving can vary. But the best criteria for deciding is simple. If some of your belongings are broken – leave them behind when relocating. If you still have items that are broken for years but you plan to fix them and never get to that – now is the time to get rid of them. This can be a great moment to declutter your whole home, to get rid of everything that you don’t use but keep saving it. Not only your packing will be lighter but your relocation will be easier. And your free moving quote will be better! Fewer items to relocate means that you will get a better offer.


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