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Moving with pets can be difficult. A professional moving company like Roadway Moving will safely handle your pet’s possessions, but you will be responsible for getting your fur-babies to their new home. Below are some tips for moving with pets:

Prepare a “suitcase” for your pets

Depending on whether you are planning a local move or a long-distance move, you will need to pack an overnight kit to sustain your pet for a few days. This kit should include all of their necessary food, medication, water bottle or bowl, and of course their favorite toys. Moving is stressful, especially for our pets, and packing anything that will keep them calm and preoccupied will benefit everyone in transit.

Contact your vet and update their credentials

Before you move with pets, you will need to contact your veterinarian and have your pet’s veterinary records transferred to your new vet. It is best to do this before you move so your new vet will be prepared with all the necessary information before your pet’s first visit with them.

You will also want to update your pet’s credentials with their new address. You can easily have a new dog tag or cat’s collar made at your local pet store.

Make sure your new home is pet-proof

In general, when you are “pet-proofing” your new home, you should check the same things that you would if you have a small child. Here are a few basic things you should do before letting your pets move into their new home:

  • Make sure no electrical outlets or cords are exposed.
  • Secure any holes or nooks they may crawl into and get stuck.
  • Make sure no plants or vegetation is poisonous in your new yard.
  • Make sure your pet cannot escape through a window or doorway.

Doing these things will give you and your pets peace of mind as you move into your new home.

Moving Day

Moving day involves a lot of stress and commotion that can make your pets uncomfortable. It can be a good idea to arrange to have your pets stay at a friend’s house or at a boarding house for a day or two while you move. Otherwise, you can keep them in a quiet, familiar room while the movers are working. The goal is to keep your pets calm and happy during your move.

Allow your pets to “settle in”

Your family will need time to settle into their new home and so will your pets. Allow them to walk around all the rooms and the yard so that they can get acquainted with the new space. Don’t be alarmed if it takes them a few days to feel comfortable in their new home. This is normal behavior for both pets and humans when they move.

If you need help planning your next local move or long-distance move, then contact Roadway Moving today for a free quote.

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