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Moving Day Safety Tips

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As any NYC moving company will tell you, it’s never easy to relocate. It can be tedious, emotionally draining, and even dangerous. This is especially true if you’re doing it for the first time and don’t have any prior experience. Hiring local professional movers would be the best option. However, if you plan on moving or preparing some objects on your own, you should familiarize yourself with a few pointers. Moving day safety should be your priority. Many unforeseeable issues might arise during a relocation, and even the tiniest amount of negligence can result in an accident with long-term consequences. So, prepare well before proceeding with your moving plan.


Ensure moving day safety with a good plan

Planning your relocation well in advance is essential. The best way to start your planning is by writing down all the tasks ahead of you. Even if the task seems small and irrelevant – write it down! The start of every moving plan should be to determine an approximate moving date. After that, you can start searching for residential moving companies that can help you relocate. Professional moving companies have a lot of experience, and they can ensure that all of your belongings arrive safely at your new home.

Moving Day Safety Tips

Create a checklist

If you are unsure how to approach your relocation – the best way to start is by creating a checklist. That way, you can ensure that all of the moving day safety precautions are in place and that there won’t be anything you left behind or unattended. This is especially important if you are moving to another state. Hiring reliable interstate movers to handle the logistic of everything will make your relocation much easier. Your checklist should be simple and clear, you can maybe even color-code it so you can keep up with priority tasks.

Stretching is important for moving day safety

Moving is a rigorous physical activity like some sports. Therefore, it necessitates proper stretching to avoid muscle cramps and other indicators of insufficient physical preparation. Tense muscles and limbs can cause injuries. Stretch your body throughout the day, focusing on trouble areas like your knees and shoulders. This will assist you in easing any stress or discomfort you may experience and keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Stretching your legs is especially crucial for actions involving stairs or long routes while carrying heavy goods or driving for hours.

Dress properly

When moving, you should wear clothes that are comfortable and light. You need to be able to move freely, although you should avoid wearing oversized clothes. Wearing baggy and oversized clothes you are risking a lot of potential injuries. Wear something that is light, breathable, and flexible. Wearing clothes that help you feel comfy will help you a lot during your relocation day. Of course, don’t forget about your shoes. Wear shoes that provide you with an optimal level of support. Avoid wearing flip-flops or heels. You need to be stable and you need to have a good balance throughout the day. Having quality moving equipment is important, but it is much more important to have flexible clothes and good shoes that will ensure your safety on a moving day.

person with a dog
Make sure to wear comfortable clothes on your moving day

Pack Properly and Avoid Overpacking

Make sure that all things are packed in boxes that can withstand the item’s weight and pressure. Moving boxes are designed to hold a specific amount of weight, and if you exceed that weight, your back, knees, and other joints may be strained or injured. You also run the risk of the box collapsing and the contents within being broken. The advantage of the box is that it protects not only your stuff but also your body from painful injury in case of breaking. Now, whether you purchased brand-new cardboard boxes for your move or obtained free boxes in good shape, the finest moving safety standards recommend that you secure those cardboard containers one more time for added security.

High-quality moving boxes will ensure moving day safety

Using sturdy moving boxes is essential for any relocation. People often try to save money on moving boxes and end up with broken items. Making sure that your boxes are sturdy and of good quality is essential. In case you are using old moving boxes inspect them before starting to pack. Check if there are any signs of damage and make sure that they can withhold everything you will pack into them. Even if you are in a hurry and moving at the last minute make sure to check your boxes. It might save you a little time while you rush to get everything done, but it can cost you a lot when your items get damaged.

And once your relocation is done and you plan to reuse your moving boxes make sure to store them properly. They need to be in a dry place, without direct sun exposure.

Lift the Boxes Safely

Follow proper heavy lifting protocol to stay safe and avoid harm. Maintain as neutral a spine alignment as possible. Lift with your legs rather than your back. Squatting and keeping proper posture when lifting a large object relieves needless stress on the spine, reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, bend at the knees rather than the waist when carrying up boxes and furniture. To maintain proper balance, keep heavy weights close to your center. Avoid twisting your body while lifting or carrying anything.

Here are a few more pointers to help you lift the boxes properly:

  • Wear quality gloves to ensure that you have a good grasp on the hefty object.
  • When lifting heavy objects, maintain your back straight and lift with your knees rather than your back.
  • To preserve your balance, keep heavy things centered in proportion to your body – that is, close to your waist.
  • When turning around while carrying heavy objects, don’t twist your back; instead, move your feet together with the burden.

mover on the job

Don’t lift too much is the golden rule of moving day safety

We know that you will probably be tempted to get as much as you can in one go, but don’t do it. Think about it like this – moving is a marathon rather than a sprint race. You will need your stamina throughout the day so making sure that you don’t lift too much is moving day safety priority number one. Rather than doing everything on your own – ask for help. If you are moving on your own ask your friends, family, or neighbors to assist you. Or you can hire a New York moving company that can help you with everything. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. It is much safer than handling everything on your own.

Using a dolly will ensure moving day safety

A dolly can make every relocation much easier and much faster. Transporting your belongings with a dolly will be safer for your belongings as well. If you don’t have one consider renting it. You can usually rent a dolly from your local hardware store or from a moving company. Carrying all the heavy items with a dolly will help you to stay safe on your moving day and it can prevent a lot of back injuries.

Pathways should be clear

When relocating, one of the important moving day safety precautions is to make sure that all the pathways are clear. When you start decluttering and packing your belongings remember that you should leave yourself a clear path so you can move around your home without any issues. Clear away all the clutter and make sure that the p[pathway from your home to the moving truck is clear as well. Tripping and falling are one of the most common moving injuries. Naturally, making sure that you can move freely during your relocation is one of your top priorities for the moving day’s safety.

moving crew carrying items
Make sure that pathways are clear

Stay Calm

You sure have many boxes to lift and a lot to do. The goal is to finish loading the truck as soon as possible, but it should not cost you your health. Don’t pick multiple items at a time and try to load them. You might hurt your back, or you will end up damaging the item. Hence, it is best to be patient throughout the process. Take one step at a time while moving. Additionally, you should ensure that each item is correctly lifted and moved. Working in a patient manner is not so difficult. It might be a slow process, but it surely will be a safe and successful one.

Stay Alert

While packing up your entire place, you know there will be a mess. You won’t be able to do the packaging and cleaning at the same time. Therefore, it is best to stay alert and ensure that all the objects that can topple you over or make you lose your balance are kept aside. Also, staying alert will help you through the process and not just in your home. The entire truck will be loaded with items worth thousands of dollars. Hence, it is best to be vigilant all the time.

Sleep well before your moving date

It is natural to feel anxious and overwhelmed as your moving day is approaching, so sleeping well is essential. You will be tempted to stay late packing and clearing your old home – but do your best to avoid that. It is much better to get up early the next day than to stay up late. You will need a lot of energy on your moving day, so make sure to get enough rest the night before. Being smart and efficient is the best way to stay safe on your moving day.

Make sure you stay hydrated and eat well

We all know that when we are busy with something, we often forget to drink water or to eat. Make sure that you have some high-energy snacks on hand like protein bars, nuts, whole grain crackers, etc. Also, having regular breaks is also essential to maintain your energy level. Drink water regularly, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Staying hydrated is essential. If you don’t drink enough water or eat you are risking weakness, headaches, exhaustion, and all that can lead to injuries.

Listening to your body will ensure moving day safety

You will be eager to get everything done as fast as possible, but listening to your body is essential. Your body will tell you what it needs, and you need to listen to it very carefully. If you feel that you are slowing down – take a break. Don’t ignore the clear signs of pain, stress, or exhaustion. Taking on more than you are capable to handle will only lead to a lot of potential injuries. It is okay to ask for a break, and the right and reliable moving company will tell you the same.

moving crew taking a break
Listen to your body and take a break – be open with your movers

Get Prepared

Moving is not a simple task, and you should be prepared for any risks at any time. Your preparations start from the time you start packing the first box. There are a lot of things that you should remain prepared for. Here is a list that might help-

  • Have a first-aid kit on hand for quick access. Minor injuries, such as scrapes or bruises, can be quickly controlled with the correct aid at hand, allowing you to avoid losing valuable work time. It will also help you in case of an accident.
  • Keep packets of ready-to-eat food items handy. If you are moving across the country, you will have to ensure that you have enough food. It is because there might be times when you won’t find any outlet around for hours.
  • Wear comfortable clothes to have an easy and relaxed moving experience.

To Conclude

Moving can turn into a deadly experience and leave you in terrible pain if you don’t do it correctly. You cannot predict what can happen next, and it is best to stay prepared. Therefore, follow the moving safety tips above to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to prevent accidents and injuries.

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