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Moving Day is one of the most emotionally stressful days of your life, and the last thing you need is excessive physical stress to add to the mix. Between lifting heavy boxes and moving Moving Day Safety Tips New Yorkfurniture, nothing can destroy the smooth flow of your move like a sudden back injury that sends a family member to the hospital.

Whether you are moving from one floor to another or from the Bronx to Manhattan, moving safety should be your top priority! There are so many unexpected problems that can happen during a move, and even the smallest amount of carelessness can result in an injury that might have permanent repercussions.

You Should Follow These Critical Moving Day Safety Tips:

1. Make Sure to Stretch

  • Like sports, moving is a strenuous physical activity that requires vigorous stretching to help prevent muscle cramps and other signs of inadequate physical preparation. For moves involving stairs or long walks while carrying heavy items, it is especially important to stretch your legs.

2. Don’t Over-stuff

  • Ensure that all items are packed in boxes that can handle the weight and pressure of the item. This helps avoid not only damage to your belongings but also painful injuries in case the box breaks mid-move.

3. Use Your Legs

  • Always lift with your legs and not your back. Squatting and maintaining posture while lifting a heavy object protects the spine from unnecessary stress, thereby preventing injury.

4. Watch Your Form

  • Keep your arms close to your body. A move is no time to dispute the laws of physics, which clearly state that proximity results in easier lifting.

5. Don’t Rush

  • As with most things in life, patience is key. This means taking the move one step at a time and ensuring that every item is lifted and transported properly – including problematic items that are difficult to grip.

6. Stay Alert

  • Anticipate potential obstacles that may stand in the way of proper moving safety. Hazards such as boxes, packing tape, slippery floors, uneven walkways, etc. can all lead to a slip and fall accident.

7. Be Prepared

  • Have a first aid kit available for immediate access. Some of the minor injuries, like scrapes or bruises, can be easily brought under control with the right equipment and prevent you from losing precious work time.

8. Get Help

  • Hire a team of professional movers, who are specially trained to navigate the home environment while moving and avoid common mistakes that cause injury. Furthermore, a synchronized team performing the work as one helps the move proceed more smoothly.

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Tom Philips

Thomas Philips is a writer and content marketer with a keen interest in the moving industry. As a travel enthusiast and logistics expert by training, Thomas has been working with various moving companies for the past 16 years. He currently writes for Roadway Moving and applies his expertise through his written works. Thomas makes it a point to give practical moving advice to both clients and readers to help transform their moving experience into an unforgettable one