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Moving Out: Moving Season Infographic

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Breaking Down The Moving Season

Did you know that 53.15 million people shift residences within the USA? People move for careers, schools, retirement purposes, or by personal choice. Each time you move, you need a plan, strategy for packing and transporting to your destination.

You might want to know some facts and tips regarding the moving season, isn’t it? read on to know some interesting facts about moving. Additionally, you’ll know some kickass tips to ace your moving day.

So, read on to know everything about the moving season.


Why And When Do People Move?

In the USA, at least 1 in 6 people change their residence each year. This means that 35.7 million people change their residence every year.

People who stay in rented homes are the most likely group to keep moving. At least 33% of renters keep moving each year. Young adults striving to make their career and having numerous life changes are the largest group of movers.

On average, an American moves at least 11.7 times in a lifetime, according to the ACS’s Migration Expectancy data.

Did you know that June 30th, July 31st, and August 1st are the busiest days in the moving season? Plus, almost 61.56% of the moves happen between May and September due to it being the summer months.

18.95% of people prefer to move or shift residences on a Friday!

Where And Why Do People Move?

People in the USA move a lot due to various reasons. Two of the busiest moving routes are between New York and Florida, plus New York and California. The busiest and largest city of New York has the highest amount of local shifting.

You must wonder why people move so much. Here are the three major reasons why people move:

  • People are dissatisfied with their current residence
  • Most people want a larger home
  • Unfortunately, life events like death and divorce are also a cause for moving

An interesting fact is that at least a quarter-million people move to New York every year. This is because New York is a happening city with plenty of opportunities career-wise and more.

How To Move?

Have you decided on your dream destination and dream house? You might be wondering how to make a move happen. While it can be an overwhelming and daunting process, you can follow the moving tips given below to prepare for your move.

Organize Your Moving Documents

Before beginning the move, you need to have all your documents in place for moving. You might consider having a binder or a separate file for moving.

This will enable you to have your moving checklist, paperwork, receipts, contractual documents, and more, safe. You need to ensure all your personal documents are handy and organized. Documents like passports, financial documents, social security cards, loan agreements, and more must be handy.

Take Stock of What You Need To Move

You need to take stock of everything you own and decide what you are going to move. Keep a list of all the things you need to move along with the cost of moving them.

This is an extremely crucial step. Taking inventory or stock of things you plan to move helps you estimate the cost of moving. Plus, it will help you when you need to shop for insurance. It will also enable you to instruct professional movers and packers easily.

Fix Your Budget

It is important to know and fix your budget for moving. You need to include the cost of moving, the cost of any repairs, furniture moving, and more.

If you hire professionals, you need to include its cost too to estimate a budget. When you estimate your budget, you’ll be able to answer questions like what you can afford, whether you need a loan to move or can you hire a professional, and many more.

Schedule The Time To Move

While preparing for the move, you also need to schedule your move. Decide the best day to make the move and make contingency plans for it. Even if you have everything planned, there will be some issues, so set aside time for those too.

If you schedule 1 week for the move, include some extra days for contingencies.

Hire A Professional

Suppose you are a busy professional or merely need help to pack and move. You might consider hiring a professional like Roadway Moving.

Find trustworthy and the best professionals for your move. Then understand their terms and conditions thoroughly before you make the move. Ensure you ask many questions before you sign any contract.

Discuss your expectations and clarify what you need from the professionals. Keep records of all that you discuss after you sign a contract.

Tips On Packing Moving Truck Rentals

Suppose you haven’t hired professionals and you want to do the move yourself. You’ll want to hire a truck rental and pack it. Here are some tips on packing and loading moving truck rentals.

Choosing The Truck Rental

You need to choose the right moving truck rental to have a successful move. There are various sizes of moving trucks. You need to choose the one that works for you economically.

Choose a moving truck rental that lets you finish the move in one trip. You’ll need to decide the size of the truck based on the size of your home and the number of things you need to move.

Ideally, for a huge home with 3-4 rooms, a 26 feet truck is recommended. For a studio apartment, an 8-foot truck is sufficient.

Packing The Moving Truck

You also need to ensure you pack your moving truck properly. Here are some tips on packing your moving truck rental:

  • Ensure you make your items as compact as possible
  • Try to disassemble all large pieces of furniture, if possible
  • Ensure you wrap your things in plastic wrap, especially the things that cannot go inside boxes. This is to minimize damage to your belongings.
  • Cover your mattresses and upholstered furniture to prevent dust
  • Group your things based on size and the room it belongs to. This will make it easier for loading.

Loading The Moving Truck

Once you are done packing your belongings, it’s time to load your moving truck rental. Follow the tips given below to have an efficient loading:

  • Allot plenty of time to load your truck to ensure you can finish the move in one trip.
  • Ensure you have a dolly for ease of loading your belongings
  • Load heavy items first and ensure they are upright
  • Then get the boxes inside
  • In the end, get your suitcases inside.
  • Ensure you do not load food items, liquids, and overnight bags in the truck. You’ll need those immediately, and it’s better to bring them with you.

Wrapping Up

Moving can be a daunting task. However, it is something that 53.15 million people do quite seamlessly. They do it to change residences, move to larger homes, or any other reason. You needn’t worry about moving woes if you follow the tips given in this article.

You might want to hire a professional like Roadway Moving to make your moving day easier and smooth. They offer you practical and valuable moving services and ensures a memorable moving experience for you. You can get free estimates from them to help you decide.

So, have a joyful moving season should you need to move.

Key Moving Out Takeaways:

  • 1 in 6 Americans move each year (35.7 million)
  • 33% of renters move each year
  • The average adult moves 11.7 times in their lifetime
  • June 30, July 31, and August 1 are the busiest moving days of the year
  • Over 60% of moves occur between May-September
  • Friday is the preferred day to move
  • New York has the 5th highest amount of local moves in the United States
  • Nearly 1 in 10 households are not happy with their current place and want to move
  • The biggest reason for moving is wanting a bigger home
  • About 250,000 people move to New York each year
  • NYC offers an abundance of opportunities, so get moving!

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