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Are you hiring the right moving & storage services?


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There might be times when moving that you need to hire a storage service that can assist you with keeping your belongings secure. You will require a storage solution for when you’re going to be a few days late when getting to your new location or if you’re trying to manage certain tasks at your old place before you move. You might even need a storage spot for when you’re trying to finalize your agreement to move to your new area.

But you should also look at how you’re going to find a quality storage service. A helpful service provider will ensure all your items in your home or business will stay safe. Whether it’s your furniture, appliances, office equipment, or anything else you need to move, you’ll need to find a trustworthy team that will care for everything as necessary.

You can use a few points when looking for a storage service provider. You’ve got a full assortment of choices to consider when looking for someone, so make sure you find something sensible.

How Much Room?

Look at the amount of room a team will provide when looking for a storage service. All storage providers can include different terms for what will work during a move.

The amount of storage you’ll have available in your space is traditionally measured by square feet. You can calculate the square footage you’ll need for storage before figuring out what you should be using for your work needs.

It costs more to rent a unit that can handle more content. The cost will be based on the physical space you rent and not on anything you place in the area. But the charge per square foot could drop if you choose something larger for your rental needs.

Plan a Timeframe

You can rent a spot for your items for a few days or weeks. Every facility will have terms for how long you can use a space. Some might require you to use it for at least a week. Others may offer monthly contracts for when you have long-term needs.

Don’t forget about the special discounts some places might provide and whatever terms come with everything. You could get your first week of storage for free, for example. But that discount may require you to reserve the location for a few weeks or months.

Look at the terms of the contract, and be sure they are easy to follow and that you know you’ll have a need for the service for that long. Be aware of any cancellation fees, as they might be more expensive than if you were to have a unit and not use it for a while. Some contracts may include hidden details that will try and take more of your money than what you can afford.

Security Is Necessary

Your storage spot should be secure and easy to manage. Look for how safe your new space will be and that your belongings won’t be at risk of harm:

1 – A site should be staffed twenty-four hours a day. A team member can log you in when you arrive to review your items.

2 – A coded entry system may work in some cases. You will use a code that works in your space to access your items. The code can be reset after you are finished using the unit, ensuring no one else can get access to what’s inside the spot.

3 – Some places will offer multiple stories of storage space. You can request a second or third floor storage unit if the option is available, as it provides extra protection from people trying to access your items. But you might pay extra for this convenience.

How Can You Load and Unload Items?

Look at what you’ll get out of your storage plans based on the amount of room you can use for your items. There are a few things to see when looking at how you can move your items:

4 – Some facilities may offer hand trucks and other equipment to help you move items to and from a spot.

5 – Elevator access can be available at some sites. You can use the elevator for managing heavy items, especially when you’re working with a unit on a second floor or higher.

6 – You could also use a loading bay at one end of a building. You can take a truck and back it up to that spot. The area should have enough room to let you move items from the building into or out of the truck.

Insurance Protection

A storage service should have a suitable insurance policy for your belongings. It can provide compensation or replacements for anything that is lost or damaged in the move.

But watch for how the storage team will create a value for your insurance policy. The company should review the values of all the items you’re trying to store. The group can plan an insurance rate based on what they calculate here.

Review the Contract

The storage company’s contract might say that it will protect all your items. But there might be various terms and rules in your contract that might be overly complicated or confusing. They might hide some extra fees and charges in the agreement.

Take a close look at everything in your agreement with a storage team. Be sure whatever you find here is sensible and that you know what you’re entering into when working with someone. The terms should be reasonable and easy to manage. Ask the service provider about anything in a contract that you don’t understand, but make sure anything you find is simple and that there’s nothing overly complex in the work.

Check Reviews on a Storage Provider

You can find reviews on many storage companies online. You’ve got a full array of sources to consider when looking for information on a storage team. Check what prior clients have to say about the service, how simple things were, and how their items were protected.

Look for both positive and negative reviews alike. While good news about your business is always useful, you should also look at any concerns people have about the business. You can learn more from prior customers than what the company itself might tell you.

Ask For People Who Send Representatives

One sign that a storage service will care about your items is that it might send a representative to your property to review your items. It is always best to have someone come to your place to review your belongings than if you went there yourself. The team will have time to see what you want to move and then plan an effort for how you’re going to get these items out.

Visit the Location

Your last tip for work is to get to the physical site you could hire for your storage plans. An on-hand review lets you see what you will expect and what you can find in any place of value to you. Take note of such things as:

7 – How everything is locked up, including if a key or a passcode is needed for accessing things

8  – Whether you need to check in at a desk to access your contents

9 – The climate controls at your site

10 – How you can adjust the lights at your storage site; this point is essential for light-sensitive items

A direct look at your place of interest can make a difference. Look at how the site you want to use is designed, and be sure it has enough features that you’re comfortable using.

You’ve got many choices to spot when finding a company that can keep your items safe when you’re moving. Watch for whoever you might contact for support, and be sure you find someone that will keep everything in your spot safe and free from potential harm.

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