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It can be difficult to broach the subject of downsizing and moving with senior citizens. They may have lived in the same home for many years and understandably do not want to leave it behind.

Whether the senior citizen or a family member is orchestrating this move, it is important to plan well in advance so the move goes smoothly. Hiring a company like Roadway Moving helps because they make moving senior citizens a specialty.

Below is a guide to moving senior citizens:

  1. Involve the senior citizen in the planning

Each senior citizen is an individual who has a right to have a say in where they move. It is important to involve them in the planning process from start to finish.

  • They might need help, but they have a right to decide where they relocate
  • Allow them time to ask questions and voice concerns before any decision is final
  • Help them plan their new space

Planning their new space is an important step when moving senior citizens. They should start by looking at a floor plan of their new home, apartment, or assisted living space. Then, they should use that floor plan to decide how they want their new home to be arranged. This will also help the senior realize that downsizing is necessary because their new space is limited.

  1. Help the senior organize and downsize

Now that the senior citizen’s new home has been chosen and the interior has been designed, it is time to organize their possessions and help them to downsize.

  • Downsizing is a necessary step when moving senior citizens
  • It can be difficult emotionally and physically, so be patient with them
  • Help them decide what they no longer use and how to get rid of items
  • Help them organize what they are giving away to family, charity, or throwing out

Downsizing can be rewarding for senior citizens. It gives them an opportunity to pass their possessions on to family members and to make charitable donations. Depending on how much stuff they need to get rid of, this step can take a long time, so it should be started months before their move.

If the senior citizen has items that they refuse to get rid of, but that doesn’t fit in their new home, then storage is an option. Many moving companies offer storage along with their moving services.

  1. Senior citizens should prepare for moving day

The best way senior citizens can prevent a stressful moving experience is by preparing for moving day. Here are a few questions that should be addressed with senior citizens preparing to move:

  • Have you found a moving company that specializes in moving senior citizens?
  • Do you need help packing boxes?
  • Can you drive yourself to your new home or will you need transportation?
  • Have you packed a bag with clothes for a few days, all necessary medication, snacks, and any other comforts?
  • Are you feeling exceedingly overwhelmed by the moving process?

Those last few questions are important because it can be easy for senior citizens to forget to arrange their own transportation to their new home. This is great opportunity for family members to volunteer to drive them. Familiar faces will help to ease the stress and tension of moving day.

It is also important that senior citizens prepare for moving day by packing an overnight bag with all of their necessary clothes and medications. They do not want to be digging through boxes to find something that they need.

  1. Welcome senior citizens to their new home

After all of the planning, downsizing, packing, and moving, now it is time to welcome your senior citizen to their new home. It takes everyone a few days to get used to a new home. This is especially true for seniors.

  • Help senior citizens establish a daily routine in their new space
  • Make sure they know where everything is
  • Make sure that they are satisfied with the arrangement of things
  • Introduce them to their neighbors
  • Take them around to places they frequent like the grocery store and the doctor’s office so they can get used to their new commute
  • Check in on them from time to time to see how they are doing in their new home

Involving senior citizens in every step of downsizing and moving is the key to a successful transfer. It is also important to hire a moving company that can handle the added requirements of moving senior citizens. The professionals at Roadway Moving take pride in their customer service. They will guide senior citizens through every step of the moving process, including packing, moving, and unpacking their possessions with thoughtful care.

To schedule a consultation with Roadway Moving, fill out the form on their website and receive a free quote.

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