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Moving with children is stressful. Kids rely on their daily routine to help them through the day and moving is the ultimate disruption to that routine. It can be difficult for children to understand why they are moving and what is involved. That is why it is important to begin discussing the move with children as soon as possible, so that they can become comfortable with process.

As a top-rated moving company in New York City, Roadway Moving has completed thousands of moves with children. Here are some tips that will help when moving with children:

1. Explain to kids that they are moving

Let children know that they are moving as soon as you possibly can. They will need time to process the information and the emotions that go along with a transfer. Depending on their age, you may have to explain to them what moving means. It is important that you give children all of the details of the move and ask them how they are feeling along the way.

At first, kids may be sad or afraid of the prospect of leaving the only house they have ever known. It is your job to speak about the move in a positive way. Children might need to be convinced that this is an exciting time, full of new opportunities. It may help to frame the move as an adventure, one that stars them as the most important character.

2. Start planning for moving with children earlier than you think

It is important when planning a move with children to be prepared for moving week, not moving day. Stick to daily routines as closely as possible each day so that children can feel comfortable as you prepare them for moving.

Involving kids in the moving process can be helpful. It keeps them occupied and makes them feel important. Here are some ways you can involve children in the move:

• Talk to them about their new room
• Help them to plan the layout
• Get them excited by talking about how much you are looking forward to moving
• Make moving like a game with a reward system if they behave

3. How to pack with children

Children might have difficulty understanding that packing up their possessions is only temporary. Sometimes kids treat their stuffed animals as real, so putting them in a box and closing it with tape can be traumatic. That is why you should turn moving into a game that everyone in their room is participating in.

Let kids help with the packing of their room and toys. Reassure them by talking to their stuffed animals and letting them know that everything is going to be ok. And, involve children in the labeling of boxes, maybe with fun colors or stickers.

4. Prepare kids for moving day

Pack a bag for your child with essentials to help them get through moving day and a few days after that. On the morning of your move, you may be stressed out and worried about the transfer. It is important that you stay positive and explain to children what is going to happen when the movers arrive.

Keep kids occupied with toys, iPads, and activities throughout moving day. If a relative or friend can take them for a few hours, it might be helpful for everyone during the move. If they must be at the house, keep them busy with tasks or involve them in the moving process. Daily routines should still be kept as unchanged as possible on moving day.

5. Settle children into their new home

It takes everyone a few weeks to get used to new surroundings after a move. This is especially true for children. They will need some time to get comfortable in their new room and with their new routine.

It is important to be patient with children after moving. Ask them regularly how they are feeling and how much they like their new home.

Remind kids about what a good job they did during the move and how proud you are of them. And, ask kids how their toys and stuffed animals are liking their new room and living space. This will connect them to their new home and help them to become emotionally invested in it.

Preparing children for moving can be difficult and requires time, especially if the move is long distance or international. But the actual move should be seamless and stress-free. That is why it is important to hire a company like Roadway Moving, who puts customer satisfaction before anything else.

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