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When Is The Best Time To Leave NYC?


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Moving to New York City can be one of the most challenging events in one’s life. That’s because finding a new home in a crowded market and city can bring too much stress. If you’re looking for more options, great deals, and reduced pressure, the best time to relocate to New York City would be during the winter months. While summer is usually the preferred time to relocate for most people, moving in the winter has great advantages, such as being able to afford some of the finest packing services NYC has to offer. This article will detail exactly why you may want to consider winter as the best time to move to NYC.

Why is winter the best time to move to NYC?

Here are some of the most important reasons why moving in the winter is so favorable:

  • Opportunity to negotiate rent
  • Lower broker fees
  • Lower prices
  • Lease flexibility
  • Incentives
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Rent negotiation

This is one of the perks of moving to NYC during winter. Due to the slower market, most management companies and even landlords are desperate to get people to occupy their empty apartments. Having this desperation in mind, you may find negotiating rent an easier task to do to get a place to live in NYC. Furthermore, most long distance moving companies have far less work throughout the winter, allowing for better deals all around. Thus, if you’re on a tight budget, wait until winter before you move in.

Lower broker fees

In addition to the opportunity to negotiate rent, the winter is also a great time to find places with lower broker fees. During this time, most apartment owners and brokers decide to lower prices to get people to occupy their properties. They have to offer their apartments to those people who are looking for low-fee apartments or they would not be able to rent their property in time. Therefore, winter is the best time to check for great listings. You can utilize the savings to get additional moving services, such as white glove moving NYC services, or you can simply bank the money. Either way, the main reason why winter is the best time to move to NYC is the fact that moving in the winter is more affordable than moving in any other season.

moving bills, symbolizing the best time to move to NYC
Moving in the winter allows you to hire more moving services.

Lower prices mean that winter is the best time to move to NYC

There’s a considerable price difference between the summer and winter months. While some students who finish their school in the middle of the year move in December or January, there will be a sufficient number of apartment availabilities. That said, the prices for apartment units during the winter season are significantly lower than those offered in summer. Hence, it’s best to lock yourself into an apartment lease from December to March. That way, you will be able to save several thousands of dollars annually on your housing costs. Furthermore, most of the residential moving companies that operate within the city limits will be amenable to provide you with a great deal on their services. Not many people choose to relocate in winter, after all, which means that movers will “fight” for your business.

Lease flexibility

If you’re moving to New York City in May, June, July, August, or September, your final move-in date will have to start the moment you sign the lease. However, in most cases, you’ll not be ready to relocate the day after the signing of the lease contract, which is why you might end up paying for two units at the same time. On the other hand, relocations that are carried out outside the peak moving season (from December to March), provide you with more flexibility in terms of your accommodations. Furthermore, if you choose Roadway Moving NYC to be your moving partner, you can expect great deals during that timeframe. We always have something special in store for people who choose to relocate in the winter!

For instance, if you get a deal on December 11, with many prospective tenants on the market, then you can be able to push your move-in schedule to January 1. Consequently, you’ll save yourself from paying for an apartment that you don’t occupy yet. Some buildings will even allow you to have your commercial movers NYC bring in your belongings but not start the lease at that time. If you relocate in the summer, it is all but impossible to get such a deal.

You may be able to relocate your commercial equipment before starting the lease.

More incentives

With New York City’s fast economic growth, apartment owners don’t have to work harder to look for tenants. Except during winter. At this time of the year, they need to be more creative to get more occupants. For instance, they will offer incentives from December to March to entice those people who are finding a place to live in. These incentives might include a gift card for Home Depot or flat-screen television, and these will be used to compensate for the cost of purchasing a new piece of furniture or for decorating your new home. Also, some of the small apartment movers NYC has on offer may include additional services at no additional cost. It’s all about supply and demand, after all. If you move in the winter, you are simply on the better end of the deal.

A few things to consider when moving in the winter

Holidays usually fall during the winter months. If you plan to move on a holiday such as on January 1, finding professional movers who are ready and willing to handle a relocation on New Year’s Day in the city of New York might be difficult. Not only that but some buildings like high-rise apartment buildings don’t accommodate moves on statutory holidays. If you also relocate in late December, January or February, the weather might be a big issue. That’s because looking for parking spaces for the moving van during a snowstorm and moving mattresses and sofas at this time will be impossible. Lastly, if there’s snow during your move, get ready as you might pay for the additional time it might take to accomplish the entire moving process.

All that said, we believe that winter is still the best time to move to NYC. Most of the abovementioned issues can be sorted by simply renting a climate controlled storage NYC unit for a short period of time. The savings that you get from a winter relocation will more than cover all the other issues.

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