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14 Best Websites and Apps to Find Apartments in NYC

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Searching for an apartment in NYC can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and resources, it becomes much more manageable.

In this article, we’ll explore the 14 best websites and apps to help you find your dream apartment in NYC. By utilizing these platforms, you can streamline your apartment search and discover the perfect place to call home.

Screenshot of Zillow website
Screenshot of Zillow website. At the time of writing this article (July 19, 2023), Zillow had 4,582 listings in Manhattan.

Popular Websites and Apps for Apartment Hunting in NYC

When it comes to finding apartments in NYC, these websites and apps are at the top of the list:

  1. StreetEasy: Known for its comprehensive listings and user-friendly interface, StreetEasy is a go-to platform for apartment seekers in NYC.
  2. Zillow: With a vast database of apartment listings, Zillow offers a range of search filters and informative property details to simplify your search.
  3. Featuring a user-friendly website and mobile app, provides a wide range of apartment options, including verified listings.
  4. RentHop: RentHop’s unique feature, the “HopScore,” rates apartment listings based on quality and freshness, allowing you to find the best options quickly. RentHop also provides verified listings and exclusive search features like “RentPerks” to help you find your ideal apartment within your budget.
  5. Naked Apartments: Known for its no-fee listings, Naked Apartments offers a wide selection of apartments and useful search filters.
  6. Trulia: Trulia offers a comprehensive platform for apartment hunting, complete with detailed neighborhood information and a user-friendly interface.
  7. Realty Hop: Realty Hop focuses on providing valuable insights into the NYC real estate market, offering a variety of listings and price history data.
  8. With a simple and intuitive interface, provides a wide selection of apartment listings and helpful search tools.
  9. provides a simple and intuitive platform to search for apartments, save your preferences, and connect with landlords.
  10. HotPads: Offering interactive maps and real-time updates, the HotPads app lets you search for apartments and filter by specific amenities and features.

Specialized Websites and Apps for Unique Apartment Needs

For specific apartment needs in NYC, consider these specialized websites or apps:

  1. Leasebreak: Ideal for finding short-term or lease-takeover options, Leasebreak offers a range of flexible listings to suit your needs.
  2. Airbnb: Known for its short-term rentals and sublets, Airbnb provides a wide range of temporary stays and unique accommodations for your temporary needs.
  3. Listings Project: Curated for artists and creative individuals, Listings Project features unique and artistic spaces that cater to creative lifestyles.
  4. Roomi: If you’re looking for roommates or shared living situations, Roomi offers a platform to connect with potential roommates and find shared apartments.

Tips for Maximizing the Apartment Search Experience

To make the most of your apartment search, consider these tips:

  • Set clear search criteria and preferences to narrow down your options.
  • Act quickly and be prepared to submit applications promptly, as apartments in NYC can go quickly.
  • Use filters and alerts on the websites and apps to narrow down options and stay updated on new listings that match your criteria.
  • Don’t overlook off-peak seasons, as they may offer better deals and less competition for apartments.
  • Utilize Real Estate Agents and Brokers. Working with real estate agents and brokers can offer additional benefits. Real estate agents have expertise in the NYC market and can help you navigate the apartment search process. Research and find reputable agents who specialize in the areas and types of apartments you’re interested in.

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By utilizing the 14 best websites and apps mentioned above, you can simplify your apartment search and find your ideal home in NYC.

Good luck in your apartment hunting journey, and remember that you can count on Roadway Moving for any moving, packing, and storage needs you may have once you find the new apartment.

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