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What Can a Moving Company Move?

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Understanding what is and what isn’t allowed to be moved on moving is not something you should wait to find out when the truck arrives. Planning in advance is crucial for a stress-free day. Here are some of the most often asked questions regarding moving specific items. Keep in mind that Roadway Moving, as the #1 Yelp-rated moving company in NYC, is the leader in being able to answer “Yes” when other companies say “No”. So, be sure to get in touch with us today for your specific needs and a free quote.

Can moving companies move ammo, guns, firearms?

According to law, moving companies are allowed to transport guns and firearms, but not ammo or ammunition. The most important thing is to be completely up front with your movers about your items so that everyone can remain safe and follow gun transport legal requirements fully. Make sure every piece of ammunition is cleared from all of your guns and then double, even triple check. Ensure the safety for each gun is on. Remember, some items for transport need to have ATF clearance so provide a full inventory during your consultation or quoting process. Provide the make, model, and serial number for every gun you have. As experienced firearms transporters, we can assist you with making sure you follow all regulations and protect your valuable investments.

Can moving companies move cleaning supplies?

Unfortunately, the majority of moving companies will not transport any items which are deemed flammable, toxic or corrosive. Cleaning supplies such as bleach are considered a flammable product. This is because during transit there is a risk of falling over, popping open, or springing a leak. If a spillage did occur, it could then lead to further damage to any of your household items in the van. Before you begin your moving journey, you should dispose of such items. One option is that you can drop them off at a nearby collection point. You could also call an online directory such as Earth911, who will advise you on how to safely recycle in your community. Or simply plan on using up your cleaning solutions at your old location, and getting a fresh, new supply for your new home. After all, cleaning is one of the first things most new homeowners and renters want to do. Another option you may consider is hiring a cleaning service to do a move out/move in cleaning to help you avoid the hassle. Roadway Moving offers cleaning as part of our white glove moving services.

Can moving companies move food?

Perishable foods such as refrigerated, frozen or perishable pantry items will not be transported by almost all moving companies. The reason behind this decision is any that foods with an expiration date have the risk of rotting or becoming spoiled. There is also the risk of damage. However, there are some exceptions that are made. For example, food that is sealed and packaged correctly such as canned foods, boxed cereals or jarred spices can be in transit. If you have it delivered within 24 hours of pickup some other perishable foods may also be considered. Please go over any food items for possible transport with your Roadway Moving mover for clarification.

Can moving companies move liquor?

Moving company policies vary when it comes to liquor. Although it is considered a flammable product there are companies who will transport your liquor if well-packed and bottled. Roadway Moving specifically offers white glove moving service for handling these types of items. However, most other movers will not. If you plan to move your liquor on your own, leading up to moving day it is essential that you check the laws regarding transporting liquor. If, like many of us, you possess a collection of liquor a more experienced moving company such as Roadway Moving is a better choice. This will reduce the risk of damage or spilling during transit.

Can moving companies move plants?

If plants are carefully boxed up, there are companies who will consider transporting them short distances. You could consider Roadway Moving white glove service in this case. However, the majority of companies will not touch plants due to the fragility of the leaves, flowers, and roots. Also, plants are considered perishable items, so there is the possibility of your cherished plant dying or suffering damages during transit. This is due to the temperature changes in the van. It is also illegal on longer journeys (over 150 miles) for companies to transport your plants. You should also check with the US Department of Agriculture before bringing your plant into a new state.

Can moving companies move plastic bins?

Plastic bins can be transported via a moving van if wrapped in shipping tape to ensure they are securely sealed. If they are packed properly, you will reduce the risk of damage to your items as well as the product itself. You should also check with your specific moving company about what their policies are. Most companies may to make sure there are no hazardous items or illegal items in the bins prior to sealing.

Can moving companies move safes?

In regard to personal items such as safes, most movers are reluctant to have them in transit, especially if they are full. Unless the company specializes in personal effect transportation like Roadway Moving and their white glove service,  the answer you will hear will be “no”. Often safes are used to store irreplaceable items. These products are not easily replaceable if damages were to occur during transit. The moving company could also suffer as a result of an accident.

Can moving companies move wine?

Like the policy for liquor, it is often the same case for wine. You’ll want a specialty mover to transport your wine collection in a temperature-regulated truck. Wine is considered a hazardous item and there are federal laws banning companies from transporting such items in the traditional way. As a result, most moving companies will not transport wine. It can also be difficult as there is a risk of breakage or damage to other household items. You should speak to your moving company before packing any wine into boxes. The important thing to remember is that sometimes, each moving scenario is taken on a case-by-case basis. Where you are moving to and from, what time of the year of it is, how long your move with take and other considerations could affect what can and cannot be moved. Check with Roadway Moving and share your unique details to get a custom, free quote.

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