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When you’ve decided on moving to a new state or city often times you find yourself vacillating between the decision of moving and staying. The ambivalence and the confusion is even more so when you are living in the New York City, the best city on the earth. Most of the people you know would be suggesting you that you will commit the worst mistake of your life if you decide to move from New York. However, for a New Yorker moving to Connecticut can be beneficial in many ways if you properly weigh the pros and cons. This article can present a good case for moving to CT from NYC.

Connecticut is neither completely country, nor completely city. Which makes it a very affordable place to live. The real estate price is cheaper than New York especially in the towns which are not on the train line. Connecticut is a beautiful place to live and raise your kids. Even if you buy a house surrounded by woods there will be towns close by. Connecticut is full of small towns and small communities. It is said that in Connecticut your neighbors are like your relatives.

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Connecticut to New York City

Many parts of Connecticut is in the close proximity of New York City. Many New York City to Connecticut movers choose the areas close to New York City while keeping their current jobs. You can easily commute between New York City and Connecticut within half an hour to 45 minutes. If you choose a town on the Interstate 95 corridor you can take the train to the New York City. Checking out Metro North train schedules and maps can be very helpful in deciding a desired town if you are planning to move to Connecticut and want to take a train to New York City.

Interestingly, until the early nineties many of The New Yorker magazine covers seems to show Westport, CT as part of the New York City. In fact, according to an article in The New Yorker magazine many of the New York artists such as Helen Hokinson, Garrett Price, Perry Barlow, Edna Eicke, Arthur Getz, and Charles Saxon choose to leave New York and moved to Westport after the Second World War. It is a fancy area and one can easily reach New York City from Westport within half an hour. This phenomenon shows that you can move to a less expensive area in Connecticut and still get in touch with your beloved NYC.

Moving anywhere is a cumbersome job. So, you should think and plan thoroughly before committing to any decision of moving. Even though modern and professional moving companies such as Roadway Moving can lessen this hassle greatly, moving away from your near and loved ones who can take an emotional toll. However, if you think on the brighter side, the New York City is not going anywhere. You can always return to New York if you feel that you cannot adjust with the new place and perhaps that too with some extra money in your pocket.

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