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How To Correctly Write An Apartment Address (2024)

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Knowing how to write an apartment address is essential to ensure your mail gets delivered to your apartment. If you need to familiarize yourself with how to write an apartment address, getting the formatting right might take some practice and mistakes. However, if you know what information is needed, it’s a straightforward process.

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Let’s dive into some key points Roadway Moving picked to help you write your address perfectly on the first try.

Firstly, both parts of your address must be written in all capital letters. If your street name has a suffix, such as Rd or St., that should go after the street name. The two-letter state abbreviation should precede the postal code. And if there is no street name in your address, then the city name can be placed in the middle instead.

The Formula

You must write the name and address on the front side of the envelope only. Do not put any other information on the front, such as a return address or an indication that this is a gift. The rest of your mail can be sent to a post office box if you want to keep your home address private.

  • Write the recipient’s first and last legal name in capital letters on the first line. Even if you know them by a different name, the apartment probably doesn’t have their nickname, so they might not get the mail.
  • You’ll note the full street address followed by the apartment or suite number on the second line.
    Street Number → Street Name → Unit Designator Abbreviation → Unit Number
  • The formula for line three includes City, State Abbreviation, and Zip+4 code.

In the end, it should look something like this:

Peter Parker

123 Main St., Apartment 1A

Hollywood, CA 90210

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Apartment Address Abbreviations

  • Basement – BSMT
  • Front – FRNT
  • Lobby – LBBY
  • Building – BLDG
  • Floor – FL
  • Hanger – HNGR
  • Slip – SLIP
  • Lot – LOT
  • Pier – PIER
  • Rear – REAR
  • Side – SIDE
  • Front – FRNT
  • Lower – LOWR
  • Space – SPC
  • Room – RM
  • Suite – STE
  • Trailer – TRLR
  • Unit – UNIT
  • Apartment – APT
  • Key – KEY
  • Penthouse – PH
  • Department – DEPT
  • Office – OFC
  • Space – SPC

“C/O.” and “Attn.”

Sometimes, your message is intended for a specific person within a larger organization or household. For example, you might send a message to your boss at work. In these cases, it’s essential to be clear and concise so that the right person receives your message. In this instance, you would use “Attn.” (attention) and “C/O” (in care of) when addressing a letter. This will ensure that the letter gets to the intended recipient.

  • “C/O,” or “care of,” is used when addressing an individual who is being cared for by someone else.
    For example:
    Legal Name
    C/O Name of the person who the individual is in the care of
    Street Address
    City, State Abbreviation, Zip+4 Code
  • “Attention” or “attn.” should be used when your correspondence is for a specific person in a professional setting, such as a business or department.
    And it should look something like this:
    Attn: Individual’s Legal Name
    Organization Name/Company
    Street Address/P.O. Box
    City, State Abbreviation, Zip+4 Code

International Mail

If you are sending mail internationally, it is essential to remember that different formats are required for certain countries. For example, if you send mail to China or another Asian country, you must write your name and address in Chinese characters. When mailing items abroad, you should also consider using a bilingual sender’s name and address. This way, your mail will reach its intended recipient without problems.

Letter box
Green letter box in Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong

What happens if you don’t put the correct information?

In most cases, the post office will not be able to deliver your mail, and you may end up with a lot of undelivered mail. You need to include official abbreviations in your address so the mail carrier can identify where it should go. Another vital thing to remember when writing an apartment address is that it must include a state abbreviation. The post office uses these abbreviations to determine which part of the country your mail belongs to. You should also use your area’s correct postal code.

In conclusion, the best advice is always to write out all four lines of the address when sending mail to an apartment. Although it may be easier to just write ‘Suite #1234’ in the address section, this will not help your mail get delivered properly. This way, USPS employees can correctly identify and deliver your parcel.

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