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13 Tips to Declutter Your House

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Springtime means one thing- decluttering! It is time to downsize all the clutter you kept close to your heart. Rethink your lifestyle and be ruthless; your price will be less stuff to clean afterward! You don’t need a life full of so-so’s but a life filled with items you actually use and love!

Roadway Moving declutter your house
Downtown New York with a Roadway Moving truck and lovely spring flowers

Whether moving or just clearing up your house, Roadway Moving has prepared 13 tips for fun and easy decluttering. Since we are talking about houses, there are many areas to cover, so we’ll talk about it room by room. Follow this, and you’ll grow to love decluttering!

Step 1: Write down the critical areas that need decluttering.

Get your pen and paper, and write that list down. Start with the worst cluttered space in your house and end it with the cleanest one. You can write down a list of areas and smaller lists of storage spaces (drawers, boxes, pantry).

Now you have a better feel of what waits for you.

Every room has its critical space or corner, so start with those and throw out the apparent trash. Once you are in the room, break it down into smaller chunks and sections and get going!

Get a big garbage bag and go through room number 1. Don’t think much, but just start filling it up. You will be surprised how fast the bag will fill out!

Check list
A list of rooms and smaller lists of storage areas can be made.

Step 2: Put some music on!

You won’t get a long way if you don’t have the tiniest bit of fun. Make it a fun ritual, and play your favorite music album on speakers. Now we are talking! It will be fun and that way more productive! If other residents are around, put your earphones on- it will feel like you’re at a concert, and decluttering part will just be something in the background.

Now let’s get going area by area.

Step 3: The bathroom.

In the bathroom, we shower, we wash our face and teeth. That is why it needs to be the cleanest part of our house! Your evening routine will be much more enjoyable once you take care of your bathroom.

The first thing is to take your time and read out product dates. What is expired and what is not? After you finish the garbage bag, it’s time for organizing! Set a space for medicine, another one for shower products, and another one for perfumes and makeup. Our tip is to buy containers and label them; it will make your life easier!

Once you have done this, clean it and light a scented stick!

Clean bathroom
Freshly cleaned bathroom

Step 4: The bedroom.

Here we sleep, dream, and relax. The dream bedroom is minimalistic and serves as a place for clearing out our heads. Make it a reality.

The red flag spaces are your nightstands- the tops and the inner parts. Get that garbage bag and throw out all that needs throwing out. Don’t overthink it; trust us, you won’t even remember what you threw.

If there is a book you’ve read or a cream you brought from the bathroom, put it in its original place. Wipe out the dust and vacuum the floors.

Do the same thing with your vanity, other drawers, and tables.

The ultimate step 5: The closet.

Take a deep breath- it’s the closet time!

Think about your lifestyle- what clothes best fits it? You don’t need 10 sheer maxi dresses if you are a casual sports type. If you don’t plan on having an office career, what do you need all those professional outfits for?

You may have one closet, or you may have your children’s wardrobe as well. The system is the same.

Closet Clothes
Place clothing on these piles so that it may be washed, ironed, donated, thrown away, and stored.

Make a pile of stuff:

  • ready to wash,
  • ready to iron,
  • torn and ready to be thrown,
  • torn and needs repair,
  • too big, too small, don’t want it -ready to be donated,
  • everything else.

Then you pull out by sections:

  • jackets,
  • shoes,
  • denim,
  • pants,
  • t-shirts,
  • accessorize.

Once you go through the jackets, for example, organize them in those piles for washing, ironing, donating, throwing away, and keeping.

After the process, make a system in your wardrobe by creating sections: gym, everyday, fancy, or by tops and bottoms, whatever suits you.

Extra tip:

Did you know that most people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time? Think about it. You really don’t need that many clothes!

Put all your hangers to face the wall, and every time you wear something, turn it the other way around. This way, you’ll see what you’re wearing and what you’re not!

Step 6: The office space

It is time to handle those papers! You don’t know when or how those got there, but there are piles and piles of paper wherever you look.

Get two boxes: one for throwing away and one for keeping. Take care that all those letters and expired documents don’t have your information on them. If they do- shred it! All the other documents, printouts, and essential papers must be in labeled folders. This way, you will save time and space in the future!

Extra tip:

Put a ‘no junk mail’ sign on your letter box. This way, you’ll save yourself from a bunch of coupons and marketing flyers. You have those online anyway!

Office Space
Modern home office setting with wooden table and laptop

Step 7: The entryway.

No matter how small your entryway is, it is time to clean it once and for all! The first impression is important.

Declutter any table or top you have there. Suppose you have jackets and shoes blocking the space-it is time to organize it and put them back into the closet. You will feel much better once you enter your home and the entryway is clear and bright!

Do this regularly and decide what you are keeping there in the first place. Maybe just the keys and a jacket you wear every day? Keep it that way!

Step 8: The kitchen.

Oh, this is a tricky one. Why? Well, here you cook and meal prep, wash the dishes, and keep all the food! Heavy traffic is on since you and your family use it a couple of times a day! It is easy to lose track of it.

Here are some tips.

  • Make a special place for all the kitchen appliances and gadgets. Clean it at least once a week.
  • Check for duplicates, and try to use the maximum out of pots, pans, and dishes. The fewer of those, the less cleaning and clutter!
  • Cover cabinets and pantry need to be completely emptied out. After that, you need to get that garbage bag and throw everything expired.
  • Get containers and jars, label them, and organize your kitchen once and for all!

Kitchen Cleaning
A White-Shirted Woman Cleaning an Elegant Plate

Step 9: The living room.

Before the busiest area in the house, take a walk. You need to clear out your head and breath. Now that you’re back, it’s time to declutter the living room. This one needs regular decluttering!

That is why a pro tip is to make everything have a home. Your remote controller needs to have a place, as well as everything else.

The thing that transforms it’s hiding your electronics! Buy a box designed especially for the cables and chargers, and your living room will instantly feel aesthetically pleasing!

Get that garbage bag again and ask yourself: would I notice if this item went missing? If your answer is no, you know what to do.

Step 10: The garden.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, we suppose you want to spend maximum time in it! If you have children or a dog, those are additional reasons to try harder.

First- take care of the rubbish,

After that, clean out the garden furniture,

Then grass and plants are waiting for you. A trim and a mow are needed and crucial!

If you have a garage or any storage space near the garden, empty it. Organize it in a throw-away, donate and keep boxes and then put items away in their small storage spaces.

Now you have a clean and lovely green space for your springtime lunches and playdates!

Mowing Lawns
On a sunny day, men are using a lawnmower.

Step 11: Rethink your storage habits.

There are many ways to store stuff, depending on the area.

Don’t wait for stuff to pile up for 365 days. Make decluttering your everyday effortless routine. Put two bins in a convenient space: one for a 100% sure donation and the other for the stuff you’re unsure about. This way, you won’t clutter your area but have two boxes full of it. Once they get packed to the top, you can donate, throw them away, give them as a gift, or sell them.

Step 12: Don’t forget about the digital clutter!

Well, this one is abstract, but we all know it. Suppose your computer folders must be more organized and full of documents you don’t need. Delete everything you don’t need, make a space for new things, and do a little clean out of all the viruses.

It is the same as decluttering anything else and will keep your mind clear!

Step 13: Have a little decorating party afterward!

Okay, so now that you’ve thrown out the extra stuff and made a system for the future, it is time to celebrate! Clean out the floors and make them sparkly! Put on some music, light a candle, make a meal, and get used to living in a clear space. From now on, you won’t be in a situation to do a decluttering project that is this overwhelming!

Cheers to the micro storage spaces!


We hope this list has helped you feel more in control of your space.

New York Roadway Truck

The saying says that space projects our minds, but we believe the other way around! We are sure your everyday routines will affect you more positively once you have decluttered all that burden.

For those who are moving, we are ready when you are! Roadway Moving is happy to be a part of your lifestyle change! It is all about progress, and we are proud of you for making a big step: to just declutter for your pleasure or move!

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