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Deep-cleaning your new home after moving: how and why?


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When you move into a new house or apartment, there are endless possibilities of how you will sort and decorate things. This is a perfect chance to go deep into clearing things up before you start filling your new space. In addition, this may be the only time when you will have bare walls and an empty space in front of you. It would be wise to use this opportunity and deep-clean your new home. Whether it’s preparing for a fresh start or simply maintaining a pristine space, prioritizing a thorough clean sets the stage for a harmonious and inviting home atmosphere.

When one of the best moving companies brings all your boxes into your new home, wait before opening them. It would be much easier to clear all the rooms without unboxing unnecessary items. Instead, unbox only cleansers, mops, and a vacuum cleaner and get down to cleaning. In addition, read this useful guide and learn all about deep-cleaning your new home after moving. You can make your cleaning routine even more eco-friendly, consider using a reusable bamboo towel. These sustainable alternatives to traditional paper towels offer a green solution for wiping surfaces and maintaining a fresh, clean environment in your new home. Incorporating reusable bamboo towels into your cleaning arsenal aligns with the ethos of a fresh start, making your move not only organized but also environmentally conscious.

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closed boxes ready to be opened after deep-cleaning new home after moving
Do not rush with unboxing

Why deep-cleaning your new home after moving?

When you were preparing your possessions for packing, you most likely wiped all the dust and dirt before putting anything in moving boxes. Before you start unboxing and enjoying home decorating, it is better to do it in a fresh and clean home. Whoever lived there before you probably cleared the surfaces after moving out. But let us face it- they did not go into detailed cleaning. Now that your piano movers NYC brought your piano to your new home, you need to clean the space before assembling it. There is no way that you will do it properly afterward due to its size and shape. In addition, both you and your movers brought a lot of dirt and dust from the outside when bringing in boxes. To protect your and the health of your entire family, make sure to give it a proper scrub.

Start by cleaning high

Cleaning a house before you unpack your goods will speed cleaning up and provide better results. You will not have to work around your sensitive items, go under the bed, or lift heavy furniture. Most of the dust and dirt is invisible as it covers, walls, ceilings, fans, and high shelving. Therefore, the best would be to start from the top. You will probably need some lathers to reach the most unavailable parts. Cleaning will prevent damage when moving appliances to your new home. You will instantly notice some cracks or stains on the ceiling. These might fall off and cause damage to your items. Therefore, start by softly touching your ceiling with the vacuum cleaner pipe.  Collect as much dust as possible. vacuum clean the fans since most dust collects there and this is something people rarely clean since it is not that easy to reach.

Post-move cleaning

Now that you have cleaned the hardest-to-reach territories, there is probably even more dust on the floors and other lower surfaces. Therefore, make sure to vacuum clean all the floors. This way you will prevent taking the dust into every corner of your house. As you embark on the comprehensive journey of cleaning, attention to the lower surfaces opens the door to a holistic approach. Beyond the floors, ensuring that all surfaces are meticulously cleaned contributes to the overall hygiene and aesthetic appeal of your home. Surface cleaning goes beyond mere dust removal; it involves the meticulous attention to various materials and textures that constitute your living environment. From countertops to tables, each surface requires specific care, and professional services can provide the expertise needed to ensure that every nook and cranny is spotless.

roadway packers
When you were preparing your possessions for packing, you most likely wiped all the dust and dirt before putting anything in moving boxes.

Then, make sure to take care of your perishables. But first, you need a clean fridge. Take this opportunity when the fridge is empty, and spray both the inside and the outside with a cleanser. Make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry off all the surfaces. Now you can start consulting your first night moving checklist and start unboxing perishables and other necessary items. Do the rest of the kitchen since this is the place you will need immediately after moving. Start from the top of the cabinets and move down. Remove all the sticky grime from the tiles before putting appliances in their place.

Move to bathroom and bedroom

Deep-cleaning your new home after moving means making the space look like nobody ever lived there. Since the bathroom is the second most used room in a household, it is time to move your cleaning equipment there. Apply the same rule to the tiles by spraying them with a cleanser and leaving them for a while. In the meantime, make sure to remove the old toilet seat and install the new one. Thoroughly scrub all the surfaces, including a tub or shower cabin, and rinse them with lots of water. Now get to your bedroom. Make sure to have a plan of what to do with boxes after the move. Vacuum clean the walls and wipe off thoroughly the big bedroom closet. Mop all the floors before assembling the bed and also put the carpet on the floor. Leave unpacking clothes for the very end.

Other tips for deep-cleaning your new home after moving

Now that all the main rooms are shiny and clean you tackle the rest of the space. It is time to go further into details. Therefore, anything you take from the box, make sure to wipe properly before putting it in its place.

two man holding a white duvet
Clean thoroughly your bedroom before setting up your sleeping bed

Also, other places that people easily forget to clean are the door and window tops, or light switches. Leave halls and hallways for the end since you will go over it millions of times. Now your home is full of packing paper, moving boxes, and pieces of duct tape. We are all aware of the fact that recycling is important. Therefore, once you finish opening all the boxes, make sure to collect every single piece of it. Then you can take this packing material to recycle. In addition, you might use some good moving boxes to store away some items.

There are many reasons for deep-cleaning your new home after moving. The most important is to stay healthy and start your new life in a clean and refreshed space. In addition, you will enjoy more setting up and decorating your new home knowing that every surface is clean. Removing the old dust, grease, grim,e and germs of previous tenants will make the space healthier for living. With a little bit of soap, bleach and a couple of pairs of magic hands you will soon start a new chapter of your life filled with fresh and beautifully fragrant.

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